How to write a retail manager resume?

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Aspiring for the best retail resume, but facing difficulties? Don't fret over it!

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Our experts have perfected the art of resume writing, and in this guide, we'll be sharing this information with you.

Before we begin, here's a retail resume sample that we have built using our Online Resume Builder. It illustrates the ideal retail resume.

Retail Manager
5+ years experienced Retail Manager highly skilled in communicating with the customers in different languages including Spanish & Chinese. Proficient in providing exceptional service that ensures 98% client satisfaction and customer retention. Adept at increasing sales by designing & developing marketing strategies to deliver bottom-line profitability.
• Sales Generation • Product Management • Product Recommendation • Client Building
• Merchandising • Team Management • Marketing & Advertising
• Client Relationship Management • Inventory Management
Technical Skills Square | Shopify POS| uniCenta | Quickbooks POS | Oracle Micros | Erply | Loyverse POS | Netsuite
Orange Sea Retail
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    New York-based retail company with 1,000+ employees servicing 500+ clients across 10+ countries
    Client Relationship Management & Customer Satisfaction
    • Handled customer-service including POS, inventory management, and sales with 93% performance ratio
    • Gained expert-level product information & deployed high-level communications leading to 98% customer satisfaction
    Promotional Strategies & Team Management
    • Spearheaded a team of 30 retail clerks & assisted them with inventories to improve performance by 90%
    • Implemented better methods for store promotion with 10+ marketing strategies to increase sales figures by 60%
    Key Achievements
    • Received 98% positive response in customer surveys for conveying product features and benefits
    Giant Retailing
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      Retail company based in New York servicing 200+ clients across 5+ countries
      Client Relationship Management & Inventory Management
      • Recommended products to ~40 customers daily and helped them shop items with 100% satisfaction
      • Increased Chinese and Spanish speaking customers by 20% due to proficiency in both the languages
      • Organized inventory with 100% accuracy and completed tasks 15% faster than other associates
      • Provided outstanding customer service and received 98% in customer service feedback surveys
      Bachelors in Retail Management
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        A private university with a student base of over 2k students
        • Top 10 percentile of the class
        • Certified Retail Management Professionals | Upskill Institute | May ’18 - May ‘20
        • Languages: English, Chinese, and Spanish

        With this guide, you will be able to compose a shortlist-worthy retail
        resume from scratch. All you have to do is follow the guidelines that we have mentioned in this blog and you're ready to get that retail job that you've always wanted!

        Here's a summary of our Retail Resume 2021 Blog:

        • Your resume should be one page long. At most, it should not exceed 2 pages unless you have a total work experience of 10+ years.
        • Make a resume summary section if you have professional experience of 3 years and above. But if you are an entry-level retailer, write a resume objective.
        • Compose your retail job resume using one-liner points. Do not use paragraphs as it makes your resume unnecessarily bulky and hard to comprehend.
        • Fill your contact details accurately. One spelling mistake in your mobile number or email ID can cost you your dream job as blunders like these would keep a recruiter from getting in touch with you.
        • Do not use jazzy nicknames as your email ID. You should write your email ID as professionally as possible as it is the official mode of communication between you and the recruiter.

        This blog shall clear all your doubts by revealing the top strategies that will make your retail resume the best resume in a pool full of resumes.

        By the end of this blog, you will be aware of the following things:

        ... all so you can land your dream job in retail!

        If this seems like too much work, head right over to our Online Resume Builder to write an ATS-targeted retail resume (more about it later) that will enhance your chances of getting shortlisted.

        If you prefer to write your retail job resume by yourself, read on!

        This blog is so exhaustive, that you won't need to look elsewhere for resume writing tips.

        We will now begin this blog. It covers the topics that we have listed below:

        What is a Retail Resume and why do you need it?

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        A retail resume is a document of 1 or 2 pages that comprises all the information related to you, that is, your career, education, skills, achievements, and interests.

        Your retail resume is your opportunity to communicate important career-centric information to a potential recruiter. Based on the information you present and how you present it, your resume gets shortlisted.

        If you think that you can get away with writing an average resume to bring your ideal job home, think again.

        The ATS, also known as the applicant tracking system is a big game-changer. It is increasingly used by major companies to revolutionize their shortlisting needs.

        The higher you rank in the ATS, the higher is your chances of getting shortlisted.

        This is why you need to write an ATS-compliant retail resume today.

        If you don't know how to write it, don't worry!

        This blog has got you covered and we are just getting started.

        Read on to learn how to write a shortlist-worthy resume from scratch!

        While you're at it, read Hiration's Resume Guide to DOs and DONTs to learn what to do and what not to do while crafting your resume.

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        Salary of a Retail Professional

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        Various websites have cited the below-mentioned figures for a retail professional:

        • Glassdoor: $25k - 78.8k per year for a retail professional.
        • Payscale: $8.38 - 15k per hour for a Retail Sales Associate.
        • $17.8k - 38.7k per year for retail sales staff - full time.

        Retail Resume Sections

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        When it comes to writing a resume, knowing what to put in your resume is important.

        To make your resume more objective, resume experts have divided your resume into various sections. You need to include these in your resume.

        We have mentioned these resume sections below:

        1. Header
        2. Personal Information
        3. Profile Title
        4. Summary/Objective
        5. Key Skills
        6. Professional Experience
        7. Education
        8. Certifications (if any)
        9. Additional Information (if any)

        To learn more about resume sections, read Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume.

        In the meanwhile, you can use our Online Resume Builder to write a perfect resume for retail.

        Read on to learn the 3 stages of resume writing.

        How to write a Retail Resume

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        When it comes to writing a retail resume, there are 3 stages that you should follow. We have listed them below:

        1. Stage 1: Master Retail Resume
        2. Stage 2: First Draft of Retail Resume
        3. Stage 3: Final Retail Resume

        Master Retail Resume

        The first stage of resume-writing includes making the master resume.

        Simply put, a master resume is a treasure chest in which you store all your information such as:

        • Details of your professional experience
        • Internship details (if any)
        • Volunteering details (if any)

        In this stage, all you have to do is compile all your career-centric information in one place. Doing this eliminates the need to explicitly look for information which in turn, simplifies the process of composing your resume in the present and updating it in the future.

        First Draft of Retail Resume

        In the second stage of resume-writing i.e. the master stage, you have to fill out the sections that we have mentioned below:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Professional Experience
        • Education
        • Certifications (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Kindly observe that you should not write the key skills section and the resume summary/objective section in this stage. This is only done in the final stage.

        Read the next stage to find out why these are composed at the end.

        Final Retail Resume

        As part of this stage, you have to compose the key skills section and the summary section. The reasons are cited below:

        • The key skills section is composed towards the second last. The reason is simple. Doing this helps you objectively pinpoint your retail resume skills, which helps you easily draft your retail job resume. The best part? the scope of missing a point gets dramatically reduced.
        • The summary or objective section is the last thing that you should get to when writing your resume. The reason this is composed towards the end is that your resume is a conclusion of your entire resume. You cannot write it without erecting your resume first! Moreover, composing this at the end has the added advantage of helping you pick the key highlights of your career, which goes into the making of a vibrant resume!

        How to write a Retail resume: Conclusion

        Following the 3 stages of resume-writing that we have mentioned above helps you approach resume-writing the right way.

        Doing this will see to it that you don't end up unnecessarily spending too much time on one section or compose one section just to go back and edit it again.

        For a more detailed explanation, refer to Hiration's Guide on how to write a Resume. It is an in-depth guide on resume-writing with multiple retail resume examples that will show you how a perfect resume for retail should be concocted.

        In the meanwhile, feel free to use our Online Resume Builder to revolutionize your resume-writing experience. It comes with 100+ content templates and 25+ design templates that can be easily modified to suit your needs.

        Retail Resume: Professional Experience

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        The professional experience section of your resume is of utmost relevance to your job application. After all, a recruiter takes a judgment call on your suitability for the job based on the details you provide in this section.

        Your goal here is to curate an impeccable professional experience section that is embedded with all the relevant information about you.

        You also have to be extra sure that this information is presented effectively.

        Here are 3 easy steps that can help you accomplish these twin-goals:

        • Use the STAR Format
        • Frame one-liner points
        • Use Bucketing & Bolding

        We will now discuss these points in detail.

        STAR Format

        STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

        Situation- The situation under which you were assigned a given task/tasks
        Task- The assigned task
        Action- The tools/techniques/strategies you applied to complete that task
        Result- The outcome of your hard work, your contributions or achievements

        The STAR format makes use of the cause-effect relationship in your resume which further helps you write a thoughtful achievement-driven resume.

        Using the STAR format, you can endorse your professional contributions objectively using performance figures.

        This helps you present and prove your skills impactully.

        Eg: Kickstarted an in-house retail workshop program leading to a 30% increase in brand awareness and sales.

        In the example cited above, we have quantified the retail professional's responsibilities which have made his/her roles & responsibilities more relevant to the recruiter.

        Framing Points

        The hallmark of a good resume is great readability.

        It needs to encourage the recruiter to read your resume, not ignore it.

        This is why using paragraphs is considered a big NO while composing your resume. A great alternative to using paragraphs is one-liner points.

        Here are two examples to prove our statement:

        Retail Resume Example 1:

        "As part of my role as a Retail Manager at Company X, I was in-charge of handling customer service which included greeting customers, briefing them about the products, and playing the part of a shop assistant if they wanted further assistance. I was able to do this with 100% success. My effort to personally connect with clients led to better client relations and satisfaction. My instinctive skills in marketing strategy and its implementation increased the sales by 50%. Outside of my marketing & client facing responsibilities, I was also responsible for training and managing a team of 30 retail clerks. My training methods led to 90% improvement in performance which led to an overall improvement in the company's marketing & sales initiatives".

        Retail Resume Example 2:

        • Handled customer-service with 100% success
        • Implemented marketing strategies leading to a 50% increase in sales
        • Deployed high-level communications leading to 98% customer satisfaction
        • Led a team of 30 retail clerks leading to 90% performance improvement

        Framing Points: Analysis

        • Retail example 1 uses paragraphs and retail example 2 uses one-liner points. They are both communicating the same thing.
        • You are more likely to read example 2 over example 1 as using points makes your retail resume easier to read and comprehend.
        • The biggest factor that discourages a recruiter from reading example 1 in its entirety is the bulky nature of the paragraph. It looks cluttered and messy and thus makes it hard for a recruiter to go through the resume.
        • Framing points make your resume easy to read. It is reader-friendly and therefore satisfies the readability aspect which is a hallmark of a good resume.
        • Thus, you should use points as illustrated in retail example 2 as opposed to paragraphs, as illustrated in retail example 1 while composing your resume.

        Bucketing & Bolding

        To reach the pinnacle of resume perfection, good readability is not enough. Your resume needs to objectively articulate information and endorse the best highlights of your career in the most optimal way.

        While framing points does an excellent job of enhancing the readability of your resume, it does nothing to enhance the effectiveness.

        This is why Bucketing & Bolding has proven to be an excellent choice for composing resumes.

        Here are two examples to prove this point.

        Retail Resume Example 1:

        • Organized inventory and completed tasks with 100% accuracy
        • Recruited and trained 10+ retail associates in company practices
        • Assisted ~50 customers daily & recommended the best items in the store
        • Increased Spanish-speaking customers by 50% due to my proficiency in Spanish
        • Achieved 98% customer satisfaction as per customer service feedback surveys

        Retail Resume Example 2:

        Customer Assistance & Client Building

        • Assisted ~50 customers daily & recommended the best items in the store
        • Increased spanish-speaking customers by 50% due to my proficiency in spanish

        Recruitment, Inventory Management & Best Practices

        • Organized inventory and completed tasks with 100% accuracy
        • Recruited and trained 10+ retail associates in company practices

        Key Achievements

        • Achieved 98% customer satisfaction as per customer service feedback surveys

        Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

        • Example 1 uses one-liner points while example 2 uses bucketing & bolding alongside one-liner points.
        • Bucketing is the practice of grouping similar points under unique subheadings. Bolding is the practice of highlighting two-three relevant words, generally your career highlights and performance figures by marking them in bold.
        • Using bucketing, you can distinguish your key roles & responsibilities. This helps the recruiter identify your main roles in one glance. Using bolding, you are directing the recruiter's attention to the key highlights of your career as they stand out like tar on white snow.
        • To conclude, you should use bucketing & bolding to enhance the vibrancy of your retail resume and maximize the impact of your resume.

        Retail Resume Sample for Professional Experience

        To learn more about this section and how to optimize it, read Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

        Given below is an impeccable retail resume sample illustrating the perfect professional experience which uses bucketing & bolding of one-liner points and organization of these points using the STAR format.

        This is built using our Online Resume Builder.

        Experience Section in a Retail Resume

        Retail Resume: Header

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        Your resume header is one of the most important aspects of your resume.

        Here's a couple of fun facts that you should know to write your resume header with perfection:

        • Your real full name is the de-factor resume header of your resume.
        • You should always write your real name as your resume header. This gives your resume an individual identity of its own. Moreover, it also helps the recruiter identify in one glance that it is your resume that they're reading.
        • For example, if your name is Lenny Kravitz, You should write your resume header as "Lenny Kravitz" in the top-most part of your retail resume.
        • If you have a middle name (Lenny Mary Kravitz), write your header as "Lenny M. Kravitz".

        To learn more about resume headers, read Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

        Given below is a retail resume sample illustrating the ideal resume header of your resume.

        Head Section in a Retail Resume

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        Retail Resume: Personal Information

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        Most people tend to fill unnecessary information in this section.

        This should not be the case as the personal information section is a space that is assigned for your contact information. Using this information, a recruiter gets in touch with you.

        For example, it should include details such as:

        • Your functional mobile number
        • Your professional email ID
        • Your location

        Hiration Pro Tip: Do your research on the resume guidelines for the country that you're targeting and customize your resume accordingly. Try to avoid highly personal details such as your political views and religious beliefs as this might lead to biased hiring.

        Mobile Number

        The mobile number you provide on your resume should be correctly filled as the recruiter will contact you if he/she finds you suitable for the job profile.

        Here's some things you can do to perfect this:

        • Add the country code as a prefix before your mobile number.
        • Example: +1 28372 29101.

        Hiration Pro-Tip - Add only that number in your resume on which you are active 24X7 and make sure that this is accurately presented in your resume. Doing this will see to it that no opportunity is missed due to something as simple as a typo.

        Email Address

        Your email ID is important as it is the official mode of communication between you and the recruiter. This is why your email ID should look "professional" too.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Using childish nicknames as your email ID communicates unprofessionalism. Try to avoid it and keep it strictly professional. The best way to do this is to use your name followed by the domain name. Eg:


        Your location can make an impact on the way a recruiter evaluates your resume because it tells the recruiter about your city of residence.

        Using this information, a recruiter gets in touch with you.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Mention only your city name and state code in the location. Do not mention your complete residential address as it is not needed.

        Retail Resume Sample for Personal Information

        To learn more about this section, read Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information.

        The retail resume sample that we have mentioned below illustrates the ideal personal information section.

        Personal Information Section in a Retail Resume

        Retail Resume: Profile Title

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        Your profile title is a skill statement that you make to the recruiter.

        It communicates important career-centric information about you such as:

        • Your most recent job title
        • Your functional industry
        • Your level of seniority

        Most people tend to exaggerate their profile titles in their resume. If you do it, stop right away!

        Hiration Pro Tip: Any exaggeration of your profile title is likely to be seen as a deliberate fabrication on your part to be considered eligible for a more senior role. Thus, you should not exaggerate your profile title but instead truthfully compose it.

        In the meanwhile, take a look at the retail resume sample that we have mentioned below. It demonstrates the ideal profile title for your retail resume.

        Profile Title Section in a Retail Resume

        Do you want the perfect retail resume but don't have the time to write one?

        Our Online Resume Builder can help!

        Retail Resume: Education

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        Your educational background is an important part of your professional identity.

        While professional experience transcends in importance over your educational background, your degree still carries weight especially when you're an entry-level worker.

        This section consists of important details such as:

        • The courses you have pursued
        • Name of your university
        • Your percentage in the courses pursued

        For an in-depth guide on the education section of your resume, refer to Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume.

        Get a better understanding of this section and how to compose it by referring to the retail resume sample we have attached below. This is a snapshot of a retail resume that we have built using our Online Resume Builder.

        Education Section in a Retail Resume

        Retail Resume: Certifications

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        Certifications play an important role when it comes to a retail resume.

        If you do not have a glorified degree or a master's to your name, you don't have to worry. This section has got you covered!

        Moreover, in situations where you're competing head-to-head with someone who has the same skill-set and professional expertise as you, having a certification gives you a winner's advantage!

        So if you have relevant certifications, add a Certifications section in your retail resume because that can do wonders for you.

        You should mention the following details in your resume:

        • Certification name
        • Name of the certifying body
        • Location of the certifying body
        • Date of enrolment & graduation

        This information is to be presented in a horizontal line in the format we have mentioned below:

        {Name of the Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Enrolment & Graduation date} (in month & year format)

        Does this seem too vague? Would you like to learn more?

        If the answer is yes, head straight over to Hiration's Guide on listing certifications on a resume.

        In the meanwhile, take a look at the retail resume sample that we have mentioned below to get a better understanding of this section and what it looks like in your resume.

        Certifications Section in a Retail Resume

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        Retail Resume: Additional Information

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        Where do information about you such as your hobbies go?

        Where do you pin down your multilingual abilities?

        The above-cited information finds a home in the additional information section of your resume for retail.

        Being multilingual is a major plus point in the retail industry because this industry is a client-facing industry and having an upper hand at speaking multiple languages can help you persuade non-native customers to buy a product - all because you could communicate with them!

        The retail resume example below illustrates the ideal additional information section for your resume for retail.

        Additional Information Section in a Retail Resume

        Retail Resume Key Sections

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        Retail Resume: Key Skills

        [Back to Table of Content]

        You should compose the key skills section at the second end when you make your resume for retail.

        This approach is followed because after writing all the other sections, it becomes easy for you to curate this section effectively.

        All you have to do is to objectively scrutinize your retail resume, identify your most relevant retail resume skills, and then replicate them in this section.

        It's THAT easy.

        Moreover, you can also manipulate this section to enhance your ranking in any ATS.

        All you have to do is look for keywords in your target job listing. Once you identify them, list the relevant keywords in this section.

        The trick here is to not blatantly cut-copy-paste the keywords, but organically incorporate only those keywords that you can justify using in your resume.

        Hiration Pro Tip: Make a separate technical skills section. This will help you differentiate your core retail resume skills from your technical or computer-based retail resume skills. Doing this also makes your resume more presentable and organized.

        For example, you should include the below-cited skills in the "key skills" section:

        • Sales
        • Tech Savvy
        • Product Knowledge
        • Merchandising
        • Cashier Experience
        • Inventory Management

        ...... and include the following skills under the "technical skills" section:

        • Square
        • Shopify POS
        • Unicenta
        • Quickbooks
        • Epicor

        Hiration Pro-Tip: You don't need to add supporting phrases or prefix to your skills. For example, avoid using 'Good Understanding of', 'Expert in', 'Experienced in', etc. while listing your skills.

        To learn more about this section and how to perfect it, read Hiration's Guide on what skills to put on a resume. With this, you will get a better understanding of how to effectively curate this section.

        Take a look at the retail resume examples below to learn what an ideal key skills section should ideally look like:

        Skills Section in a Retail Resume

        In the meanwhile, feel free to use our Online Resume Builder for a hassle-free resume writing experience!

        Retail Resume Summary

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        Now here comes the last section of your resume.

        The resume summary is one of the most celebrated sections of your resume for retail, and it should be composed at the end.

        Doing this helps you write a well-written and highly informative retail resume for the retail job that you're targeting.

        The importance of this section lies in its capacity to conclude your resume by summing it up. Your goal here is to communicate your competence and suitability for the job in your resume.

        When done perfectly, your resume summary has the potential to get you on the winning side of the recruiter's books.

        Hiration Pro Tip: Your retail resume summary should be a compendium of your career highlights. It should effectively articulate the utility of your skills in a 3-5 lines paragraph.

        In the meanwhile, read Hiration's Resume Summary Guide to learn the art of fashioning impactful summaries from the 10+ retail resume examples that are mentioned in this blog.

        Given below is a retail resume sample showcasing the perfect resume summary:

        Summary Section in a Retail Resume

        Resume Objective for Retail Resume

        [Back to Table of Content]

        A resume objective for retail job should be written by those people who fall in the following categories:

        • You are an entry-level retail professional with no experience
        • You have less than 3 years of work experience in a retail job
        • You are a fresh graduate looking for retailsales jobs

        This section should not be a shopping list of the perks that you're looking for in the organization. Instead, it should be centered on your career expertise. You need to talk about how you can benefit the organization that you're seeking employment in.

        Would you like to write an on-point resume objective for retail?

        If it's a yes, read Hiration's Guide on Resume Objectives. It has a huge library of retail resume examples and retail resume samples that will help you write a stellar objective for your resume!

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        All you have to do is fill your details and you're good to go. It's THAT easy!

        Resume Review & Free Retail Resume Templates

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        With our review service, your resume will be professionally reviewed according to the below-mentioned parameters:

        • Compliance with industry norms
        • Content Relevance
        • Recruiter Friendliness
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • ATS Compliance
        • Global Compatibility
        • Performance Assessment
        • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)
        • And here's the best part:

        And here's the catch:

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        Online Resume Builder for Retail Resume

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        You will join the ivy league of premium resume writers with Hiration's Online Resume Builder. It comes with the below-mentioned resources:

        • Option to save unlimited resumes
        • 25+ resume designs
        • Full rich-text editor
        • Unlimited PDF downloads
        • 100+ resume templates
        • 1-click design change
        • A sharable link
        • Live resume editor

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        Retail Resume Key Takeaways

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        • In the retail resume skills section, make a separate heading for 'Technical Skills' and 'Key Skills' to illustrate your skills objectively. Doing this will also enhance the readability of your resume.

        • Use the month & year format for dates across all sections of your retail resume.

        • Write a one-line description of the company you have worked in/working in so that the recruiter will get an idea about your previous company. For this, you can include figures around the number of employees, geographic presence, revenue, etc.

        • Your retail resume should ideally be achievement-centric. So try to keep the spirit of your resume centered on your quantifiable achievements instead of getting into the explicit detail of your roles & responsibilities.

        • Use performance figures wherever possible. This makes your resume more relevant to a recruiter and helps you dramatically elevate your chances of getting shortlisted.

        • Begin all the bullet points in the professional experience section with a power verb. Avoid usage of weak verbs such as 'Worked/Working'.

        • For present profiles, use action verbs in the present continuous tense. For past profiles, use action verbs in the past tense.

        • A resume is either 1 page or 2 pages long. Do not write over one-page of summary if you have less than 10 years of work experience. But if your professional experience transcends the 10-year mark, you can write a two-page summary.

        • Use reverse chronological order throughout your retail resume. This means you should write your current profile on the top and then the previous profiles. Always mention the month and year when writing your profiles.

        • Keep your retail resume summary or your resume objective for retail limited to a 3-5 lines paragraph.

        This brings us to the end of this blog.

        If you have pending queries, get in touch with us at