How much do senior business analysts get paid?

Well, business analysis is one of the highest-paid career options in marketing and management domains.

According to a report by, the average senior business analyst salary in the United States is USD 95,656, and the salary range falls between USD 86,960 & USD 105,647.

The sr business analyst salary varies depending upon multiple factors like education level, technical skills, job location, certifications, company size, and work experience.

Hence, you might get a different salary compared to another senior business analyst with the same experience. This intuitive guide is focused on clarifying all the doubts related to salary differences of senior business analysts in the United States.

Let us start with the summary points of this reference guide:

  • Business analysts get a salary hike based on their work experience and skillset
  • Company size and location plays a great role in determining a sr business analyst salary
  • Proficiency in using the latest digital analysis tools can benefit you a lot in your business analyst career

Considering the factors that affect a senior business analyst salary, we are answering the following fundamental questions regarding the sr. business analyst salary in the United States:

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Hourly Wages for Senior Business Analyst Salary in the United States

To give you better insights into a lead business analyst salary, we have curated the average hourly wages of a senior business analyst. A recent report by states that a business analyst earns USD 46 on an average in the United States. However, the range of hourly wages falls between USD 42 & USD 51 in general.

City-Wise Senior Business Analyst Salary in the United States

The location of a company also affects the senior IT business analyst salary. For example, you can check out the difference between average business analyst salaries in different cities of the United States below:

City Name Average Senior Business Analyst Salary
Chicago, IL USD 95,487
Denver, CO USD 94,228
Dallas, TX USD 92,549
Houston, TX USD 91,076
Atlanta, GA USD 88,421
Orlando, FL USD 82,114
Tampa, FL USD 74,496
New York, NY USD 68,603

Similar Business Analyst Jobs With Salary Details

Business analysis is a methodology that focuses on analyzing business assets and helping company managers refine business processes. Business analysts wear different caps as per the company requirements and their skill set.

Pondering that, we are listing six popular business analyst job titles with their average annual and hourly salaries in the United States:

Senior Business Operations Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 78,664
Hourly Salary- USD 30

Senior Business Data Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 97,590
Hourly Salary- USD 29

Senior Business System Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 94,930
Hourly Salary- USD 46

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 100,457
Hourly Salary- USD 48

Senior Technical Business Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 137,615
Hourly Salary- USD 44

Senior Business Process Analyst Salary

Annual Salary- USD 78,137
Hourly Salary- USD 33

Average Data of Analyst Salaries in the United States

You can have a deep overview on the analyst salaries at different positions in the United States by the below given table:

Syntax Description
Junior Data Analyst $61,439
Data Analyst $78,092
Business Analyst $82,712
Business Intelligence Analyst $87,595
Junior Data Scientist $88,314
Senior Data Scientist $97,797
Senior Business Analyst $100,339
Business Intelligence Developer $100,582
Analytics Manager $115,427
Data Engineer $121,011
Data Scientist $123,397
Business Intelligence Manager $124,513
Database Administrator $131,034
Senior Data Engineer $131,504
Senior Data Scientist $143,131
Data Architect $143,573
Director of Analytics $157,279
Data Engineering Manager $158,916
Engineering Manager $162,415
Information Officer $215,812
Chief Information Officer $224,581

Key Areas of Responsibilities for Senior Business Analyst

Business analysts play a vital role in improving business performance and maintaining the exponential growth of a company. Being a senior business analyst, you should also have leadership and managerial qualities along with modern business analysis skills.

Take a look at some real-time responsibilities of a senior business analyst:

  • Lead ETL process as well as data integration/conversion and customer data mapping initiatives.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional business leaders to develop, document, and implement scalable processes with a continuous improvement mindset.
  • Prototype dashboards and reports to get users engaged and excited about Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions.
  • Perform quality analysis to validate requirements are being met through data model verification, front-end solutions, and source to target mapping.
  • Develop and maintain data infrastructure that can be used by other cross-functional teams and growth consultants/analysts.
  • Communicate modifications, changes, and enhancements of business requirements – verbally or via written documentation – to sponsors, stakeholders, and project managers to understand the issues and solutions.
  • Collect, analyze and present information about the long-term planning and strategic goals of the department.
  • Work cross-functionally with the company’s partners in Marketing, Finance, Data Science, Operations, Sales, Renewals, and Services teams to support business initiatives.

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Skills Required to Improve Your Senior Business Analyst Salary

Today, every IT company expects proficiency in diverse skills from a senior business analyst. Hence, you should learn and master all the latest business analysis skills to experience a hassle-free professional journey as a senior business analyst.

Below-given are some popular and essential skills for a senior business analyst in this techno-centric world. You can expect a salary hike after learning these skills & tools as a senior business analyst:

Sr Business Analyst Skills Sr. Business Analyst Skills
Project Management Script Testing
Data Analysis Scrum
User Acceptance Testing Software Development Life Cycle
Quality Assurance Jira
Subject Matter Expertise SQL
Customer Relationship Management Visio
Business Analysis Agile Development

Most Common Business Analyst Salary Benefits

According to a study by Zippia, Business Analysts generally start their career with an annual salary of USD 50,000. However, these individuals grow professionally by learning new skills and getting suitable certifications.

You can have a glance at the below-given table of a business analyst journey from a beginner to the director of a company:

Position Average Salary
Entry Level Business Systems Analyst USD 56,043
Intermediate Level Business Systems Analyst USD 71,865
Senior Business Systems Analyst USD 86,635
Expert Systems Business Analyst USD 100,312
Business Systems Analyst- Consultant USD 113,202
Entry Level Business Data Analyst USD 54,272
Intermediate Level Business Data Analyst USD 70,123
Senior Business Data Analyst USD 87,713
Business Process Consultant USD 106,234
Business Development Director USD 170,307

Major Areas of Responsibilities for a Senior Business Analyst

As a senior business analyst, you will deal with different business issues and manage a team of business analysts to achieve organizational goals. Here we are listing the major areas of responsibilities as a Senior Business Analyst across the America in 2022:

  • Tackle Complex Projects
  • Own Strategic Analysis
  • Understand and Improve Business Process
  • Explore New Business Domains
  • Lead a Team of Business Analysts
  • Consult for Internal Stakeholders

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Key Takeaways

You can check out the key takeaways of this reference guide listed below:

  • The senior business analyst salary is determined by company size & location, your work experience, and skills.
  • To increase your senior business analyst salary, you need to comprehend the latest business analysis skills and tools like Jira & Scrum.
  • Having leadership and managing qualities will make you experience a flawless career path as a senior business analyst.

We hope that this blog has cleared most of your doubts related to a senior business analyst salary. Still, if you need any business analyst career assistance, feel free to reach us at

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