How much do business analysts make in the United States?

Business analysts are driving modern products and services to an exponentially progressive path globally.

According to a report by Statista, the big data analytics market in the world will reach up to USD 68 billion in 2025 from nearly USD 15 billion in 2019.

Considering the figures, we can forecast a great increment in IT Business Analyst jobs soon. So, if you are considering this field as a career option, you must focus on upgrading your analytical skills to excel in the professional journey.

A report by Statista also states that the United States is leading the big data and business analytics market with nearly 51% market share. Hence, it is clear that business analytics job applicants in the US have higher chances of getting a role than applicants in the rest of the world.

Many business analysis professionals, mostly the entry level business analysts, struggle with a question i.e., ‘how much does a business analyst make?’. We are here to answer that with the help of some latest statistics and demographics on business analyst salaries in the United States.

Let’s get started with a summary of this intuitive guide:

  • Certain factors such as work experience, company size, and job location affect a business analyst salary the most
  • Improve your business analysis skill set to increase the range of your business analysis salary
  • Business analysis certifications and work experience can also uplift your business analyst salary

Here we have categorized business analyst salaries at every aspect by answering the following questions:

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How Can You Become a Business Analyst?

To become a business analyst, you must have a graduate degree in business analytics. You can improve your salary package with the help of additional certifications or a master’s degree.

The core functionality of a business analyst in an organization is to predict, analyze, and deploy the required transformations in information systems, business processes, and policies.

Business Analyst Roles & Responsibilities

To give you an in-depth business analyst career insight, we have listed some real-time business analyst roles and responsibilities here:

  • Create Post Promotional analysis reports for the customer and sales team and send the analytical re-cap on a routine basis
  • Assist in some forecast and scenario planning. Ability to identify and understand patterns and interconnectivity of relevant data
  • Maintain and communicate the Joint Business Planning reconciliation data file for Annual Business Plan with key customers
  • Use customer portal sales forecast, Nielsen, and Matrix to provide analysis for management of annual business plan (BP) and rolling estimate (re) processes

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The Average Business Analyst Salary in the US

Business analysis is one of the most trending and highest paying career options in the United States. A recent report by Indeed states that the average business and analytics salary in the US is USD 74,143.

The salary of a business analyst depends upon multiple factors that can be seen below:

Business Analyst Average Salary by Experience Level

Job experience is the most influential factor that has a major impact on the business and IT analyst salary. Like any other profession, you would be paid less if you are an entry level business analyst but with more experience you can expect a higher salary package.

So, if you are looking for a business analyst starting salary details in the United States, you can check out the data collected from PayScale in the table given below.

Experience Level Average Business Analyst Salary
Less than one year USD 59,712
1-4 years USD 65,707
5-9 years USD 76,667
10-19 years USD 86,004
20+ years USD 90,873

Business Analysts Hourly Salary in The US

According to, the average business analyst salary per hour in the US id USD USD 30 and the salary range falls between USD 26 and USD 34. Hourly wages can vary based on different factors like certifications, education, work experience, and additional skills.

Top Business Analyst Salary Providers in the US

You can take a look at the top companies in the United States offering the best in market IT Business Analyst salaries across the country.

The data has been accumulated via one of the most trusted career platforms named Indeed:

Company Name Average Business Analytics Salary
Fannie Mae USD 126,763
EY USD 112,790
Oracle USD 112,214
Barclays USD 110,174
Pacific Gas & Electric Company USD 109,667
Capital One USD 105,652
Favor TechConsulting USD 104,370
Accenture USD 100,102
Intel USD 99,702
UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) USD 97,974
General Dynamics Information Technology USD 96,400
Kaiser Permanente USD 96,258
BNY Mellon USD 95,519
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) USD 95,211
Cisco USD 92,014
State Street USD 87,752
Northrop Gurmman USD 85,769
UBS USD 85,703

Business Analyst Salary by Region in the US

The location of your targeted company also affects your business analyst salary. Here you can check out the highest-paying cities in the United States:

US Region Name Average Business Analyst Salary
New York $109,593
Massachusetts $110,150
Georgia $93,530
Texas $97,080
Alabama $90,089
District of Columbia $103,300
Virginia $97,420
New Jersey $97,860
Washington $97,910
Connecticut $94,410
New Hampshire $90,190
Illinois $79,902
Wyoming $79,590
North Carolina $83,700
Maryland $97,850
Idaho $79,680
Pennsylvania $86,281
California $82,550
Alaska $89,550
Colorado $86,560
Florida $79,630
Michigan $79,140
Vermont $76,520
Ohio $77,730
Arizona $77,891
Puerto Rico $50,810
Guam $59,900
Indiana $77,305
Nevada $72,920
Rhode Island $81,010
Kentucky $72,472
Minnesota $78,430
Oregon $78,760
Delaware $77,520
Kansas $72,444
Hawaii $78,980
Missouri $76,230
New Mexico $74,570
Tennessee $75,530
Louisiana $72,900
Arkansas $63,021
Wisconsin $73,570
Nebraska $76,700
Oklahoma $74,820
North Dakota $71,840
Iowa $72,095
South Dakota $68,890
Utah $72,320
West Virginia $74,840
South Carolina $68,900
Mississippi $64,520
Montana $67,340
Maine $69,830
Virgin Islands $60,380

Related Jobs Salaries to a Business Analyst Profile

Here, we have also listed the average salaries of job profiles related to a business analyst.

The below-given data has been gained via the 2022 Indeed report on business analyst salary:

Profile Title Average Annual Salaries
Data Analyst USD 65,635
Business Intelligence Analyst USD 87,758
Business System Analyst USD 82,218
Analyst USD 62,044
Operations Analyst USD 71,014
Reporting Analyst USD 67,341

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Key Skills Required to become a Business Analyst

To get a highly paid business analyst job, you must be equipped with all the latest business analysis and data management skills.

Check out the list of some business analysis skills that can affect your career growth as a business analyst:

Business Analyst Skills Effect on salary in %
Master Data Management 43%
Microsoft Dynamics GP 36%
Product Support 36%
SAP Quality Management 36%
Product Development 29%
Microsoft Dynamics AX 27%
Program Management 26%
Team Leadership 26%
Supply Chain 22%
Information Technology Infrastructure Library 19%

Top 10 Colleges For MBA in Business Analysis in The US

To help you kickstart your career as a business analyst or increase your salary, we have listed the top ten educational institutes offering MBA programs in the United States here. You can choose any of them to boost your business analyst career in 2022:

Name of Institution Location
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
University of Texas Austin, TX
New York University New York, NY
University of Chicago Chicago, IL
University of California Berkeley, CA
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

Factors Affecting a Business Analyst Salary

Apart from the company location, experience, and education, three additional factors also affect a Business and IT Analyst salary:

Working Hours

The working hours of a business analyst vary according to the company requirements. Some companies require 40 hours a week while some urge for 60 hours.

People working for 60 hours a week usually earn better than the employee at the same designation working for 40 hours a week.

Company Size

Company size is a vital factor that can affect your business analyst salary. Young startups might offer you higher salaries, but mostly business analysts prefer to work in giant MNCs as they provide job stability.


The tax imposed on your salary also degrades it. Hence, we can consider it as a factor that can affect your business analyst salary.

How to Increase Your Business Analyst Salary

To grow potentially as a business analyst, you can consider following the below-given guidelines.

Get Certified With Business Analyst Certifications

The most important step to increase your business analyst salary is to get certified with the latest certifications in business analysis.

Here are some popular business analysis certifications you can consider for steady professional growth:

Gain Experience as a Business Analyst

According to the above-given statistics on Business and IT Analyst salary based on experience, we can see that an experienced business analyst earns far better than the entry-level or intermediate business analyst.

Hence, we recommend you keep upgrading your skills and gain as much experience as possible without any career gap in your journey as an IT Business Analyst. Your salary will eventually increase every year in your business analysis career.

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Key Takeaways

Have a glance at the key takeaways of this reference guide:

  • Business analyst salaries can be highly influenced by the size and location of the company, your work experience and educational qualifucation
  • You can increase your business analyst salary by getting certified and gaining experience
  • Skill upgradation can make a great positive impact on your salary enhancement

Now that you have the latest latest statistics around business analyst salaries,you can use this information for your next job switch and even enter the business analysis career niche.

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