What do hiring managers look for in a registered nurse resume?

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Being a nurse is no bed of roses but it is one of the noblest jobs in the world.

Hiring managers are on the lookout for those applicants who has all that it takes to be an outstanding nursing staff at any hospital or medical institution.

Your registered nurse resume should be able to describe you as a skilled professional and someone passionate about one's field of work.

And to help you get that point across to the recruiters you need to create an impeccable rn resume for your job application.

Here is the summary of our RN Resume Blog:

  • Let the recruiters identify your registered nurse resume by writing your name on top of your registered nurse resume.
  • Make it easier for the recruiters to get in touch with you by providing your correct contact details in your ICU nurse resume.
  • Always provide a clear description of your prominent professional roles and responsibilities.
  • Be sure to give an insight into your resume by including a suitable rn resume professional summary or nursing resume objective.

Getting shortlisted by hiring managers can give you a higher chance of landing your dream job.

Hence always take resume writing seriously and incorporate all those things that can escalate the value of your professional expertise in your nurse resume template.

Write a flawless RN resume with the help of the following tips:

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Use the RN resume format that best suits your career trajectory

Are you aware of the fact that your resume goes through the ATS before it is being reviewed by the recruiters?

Well, to cut down the manual assessment of hundreds and thousands of resumes the recruiters make use of the Applicant Tracking System.

It gets rid of those resumes which are not ATS-complaint and does not include suitable keywords as per the relevant job description.

Now, how to format an rn resume?

First thing first, you need to do is pick a resume format that best suits your career timeline and can get your resume past the ATS.


The Reverse Chronological resume format is the most preferred format that is both ATS-compliant and recruiters friendly.

First and foremost your most recent work detail is presented in this format followed by your past roles and responsibilities, education, training, internship, and so on.

Use this format if your professional history is smooth sailing without any gaps in your career trajectory.

The Functional resume format is best avoided unless you are looking for a change in your field of work or you have unavoidable career gaps to cover.

Your skills are under the spotlight while the trajectory of your career is not given much attention which makes it less relevant to the targeted job profile.

It has its benefits but since it is the least ATS-compliant resume format you should avoid using it to construct your rn resume.

You can use the Combination resume format which is a fusion of the reverse-chronological format and functional format.

Both your skills and work timeline are equally highlighted in this kind of resume format.

Hence if you are not using the reverse-chronological format then you can make use of the combination resume format to write your RN resume.

RN Sample Resume

To make your nurse skills stand out distinctly and be acknowledged by the recruiters you need to create your resume with perfection.

The below given-nurse resume template is a fine example of what our Online Resume Builder can do for your RN resume:

Cadwyn Hire
Registered Nurse
6+ years experienced registered nurse and certified life support paramedic adept at delivering nursing and quality care services while ensuring compliance with the code of ethics. Possesses a diverse experience facilitating intensive patient care and rendering assistance basic life support to increase overall efficiency and reduce patient discharge time. Proficient in performing advanced life support procedures through expertise in performing on-field emergency medical services to increase the patient survival rate.
• Advance Patient Care • Life Support • Electrocardiography(EKG) • Emergency Medical Services • Physical Assessment
• Transfer Support • Equipment Maintenance • Medical Infusion • Inventory Management • Reporting • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) • Documentation • Intensive Care Unit • Patient Discharge Management • Specimen Collection & Management

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Transport Ventilators, Breathing Monitors, ECG Machine, Pacemaker, Suction Unit, Oxygen supply unit, Nebulizer, Defibrillator
Gemtube Medical Center
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Founded in 1950, Gemtube is a group of public medical colleges in US
    Patient Treatment and Medication
    • Collaborating with 5+ senior physicians regarding patients health and medications to improve discharge rate by 20%
    • Liaising with physical therapists and physicians to transfer comprehension of treatment plans to 50+ daily patients
    Basic Life Support Management
    • Performing basic support procedures in emergency situations following all BLS protocols to stabilize patient health
    • Executing rapid changes to code while monitoring equipment before performing BLS and other stabilizing interventions
    • Assisting 5+ senior doctors in performing physical assessments, monitoring & administering catheters and ventilators
    Patient Care
    • Providing direct care to 60+ daily patients including dispensing of medications and preparing treatment records in telemetry and Intensive care unit
    • Administering patient discharge, Intravenous medications, treatments, and ventilator support at a 200-bed facility to increase productivity by 20%
    • Coordinating with supervisors in monitoring patient care including sterilization and material setup to ensure optimum quality in intensive care
    Specimen Collection
    • Collecting blood samples, labeling and processing specimen collections following set practices and guidelines against infection
    • Assisting hospital staff in investigating, monitoring, and documenting specimens before laboratory testing
    Coreworld Hospital
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the top medical research Institutes in the USA with staff of 3k+ doctors and medical professionals
      Patient Care
      • Administered logistics tasks and carried out weekly equipment checks to improve patient transfer efficiency by 15%
      • Performed direct patient care routine including advanced life support (ALS) while answering to 911 emergency calls
      Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
      • Provided cardiovascular life support treatment to 10+ daily patients in accordance with ACLS protocols and set guidelines
      • Supported long-distance transport of patients by providing ACLS treatment and care in accordance with ECG report
      Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
      • Attended emergency calls and executed basic physical examination while administering oxygen levels during a hospital transfer
      • Executed emergency medical procedures to patients including CPR in event of accidents or physical injuries
      Electrocardiography (EKG)
      • Monitored blood pressure and carried out cardiovascular tests to diagnose and identify heart conditions in critical situations
      • Assisted hospital staff with ventilator support, EKG monitoring, and medical infusion during inter-facility transfers of patients
      Medical Equipment Maintenance
      • Carried out weekly equipment testing while maintaining inventory and preparing service charts for medical hardware
      • Maintained ambulance equipment to ensure maximum efficiency level of medical procedures including life support systems
      Wolfcast Clinic
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Wolfcast Clinic in Bakersfield is ranked third in the nation in the US news and world report's annual best medical facilities
        • Handled 30+ daily patients while calculating correct dosages, researching medications, and managing documentation
        • Performed basic patient care including checking body temperatures, and vitals organs while documenting results
        • Certified Life Support Paramedic | Heartcode | Breckenridge, CO | Sep '06 - Aug'07
        • Certified CCRN Nurse | American Association of Critical Care Nurses | Aug'07
        • BLS Certified Paramedic | Redcross | New Castle, DL | Sep '07 - Aug'08
        • Certified EKG Technician | Regan Career Institute | El Monte, CA |Sep'08 - Jun'09
        Forest Lake Medical School
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          Forest Lake Medical School is one the top medical institutions in the United States
          • GPA: 3.8/4.0
          Sacred Heart University
          Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
            A public research medical university in California with a student base of over 43k students
            • GPA: 3.8/4.0
            • Languages: English (Native), German (Interactive), French (Fluent)

            Make sure to visit our Online Resume Builder and check out all the features that are made available to help you write a job-winning registered nurse resume.

            Put together your RN resume by including distinct sections

            A nursing student resume is not just a pile of your work record and nurse skills.

            In fact, it is more than just a document of your details that can make your career flourish by landing you your dream job.

            Learn what to add and what to avoid in your resume.

            Start by including all the given sections that can make the recruiters recognize you as the perfect candidate for the targeted job profile just by going through your resume.

            • Header
            • Personal Information
            • Profile Title
            • Summary/Objective
            • Key Skills
            • Professional Experience
            • Education

            Apart from the standard sections that have been listed above, you can include the below-given segments.

            These sections are referred to as optional as they are not compulsory yet needed whenever deemed necessary or as to when you need to enhance your job application:

            • Certifications and/or License (if any)
            • Awards and/or Recognition (if any)
            • Additional Information (if any)

            In our Guide to sections in a resume, we have compiled more tips and guides on resume sections.

            Make sure to read it today and learn all about resume sections.

            get professional assistance on Hiration’s Online Resume Builderto build a resume that can get your resume shortlisted more than any average nursing student resume.

            Include your resume header, contact details, and profile title on top of your RN resume

            The top part of your resume is an important section where you should add your header, contact details, and your profile title.

            It is more like a segment of your resume where your personal information needs to be framed to label your resume.

            Let us show you how you should curate this part of your registered nurse resume.

            RN Resume: Header

            Write your name on top of the resume to make it easy for the hiring managers to keep a tab on your registered nurse resume during the whole hiring process.

            The ideal font size to frame your resume header is 16-20 to ensure that it stands out as the largest text in your resume and is easily noticed at a glance.

            Avoid writing "CV" or "Resume" because it is a waste of space. No point stating the obvious when you can use it for something more distinct such as writing your name.

            Frame your charge nurse resume header like a pro by going through Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

            The ideal resume header for your new grad nursing resume is displayed in the below-given registered nurse resume sample:


            RN Resume: Personal Information

            You need to provide your contact details so that the recruiters can call you up or get in touch with you for any job-related updates.

            The personal information section is where you should highlight the following details:

            • Functional Contact Number
            • Professional Email Address
            • Current Location

            Hiration Pro Tip: (The link to your Linkedin profile or any well-maintained social profile can be added to your resume so that the recruiters can get connect with you on such platforms as well.)

            Functional Contact Number: Always provide your contact number and make sure that it is functional least you miss a call from potential employers.

            No hiring manager would go the extra mile just trying to get in touch with you despite you being the perfect candidate.

            Hence, you need to be the one to make sure that the recruiters can get in touch with you for any likely shortlist.

            Professional Email Address: Your email address should always be professional wherein your real name is mentioned and any nicknames or made-up names should be avoided.

            Example 1: cadwynhire@xyz.com or cadwyn@xyz.com

            Example 2: bossgirlcadwin@xyz.com or cadwingenius@xyz.com

            Example 1 is the right way to create your professional email address whereas example 2 is a clear representation of how unprofessional email addresses looks like.

            You may use the email address on the second one for unofficial purposes but while sending in your job application, steer clear of such mistakes.

            In case you do not have a professional email address create one right away!

            Current Location: Giving out your current location serves the purpose of determining if you are willing to relocate for a job placement outside the country.

            If you want to stay put in your own country for a job then simply mention your state and city in the current location.

            But in case you are looking for a job abroad then mention your current state and country.

            Do not mention your home address like your locality name, street number, house number, and so forth.

            Some region in the world does not allow you to add certain details least it cause biased hiring. Hence always make sure to read the hiring guidelines while giving out your details in a resume.

            Read Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information before your draft this section to make sure that your details are perfectly framed in your labor and delivery nurse resume.

            We have attached the snapshot of the personal information section from our registered nurse resume sample for your reference:


            Our Online Resume Builder is built to help you create a shortlist-worthy nurse manager resume that you have been waiting for this whole time.

            RN Resume: Profile Title

            A resume is incomplete without a profile title whether you are writing an experienced travel nurse resume, charge nurse resume, new grad nursing resume, nursing student resume, or any level of resume.

            Every resume needs to have a profile title to determine where you stand professionally in your field of work.

            Now while framing your profile title you should keep in mind that it can help you communicate your current designation, functional industry, and seniority level.

            Hence, you should always frame an accurate profile title that validates your level of professional expertise.

            The right way to write your profile title is by using 14-16 font-size which is the ideal size to make it stand out as the second-largest text in your resume right after the resume header.

            Do not be tempted into exaggerating your profile title in your registered nurse resume just so to get some extra credits from the recruiters.

            They will eventually figure out if you are overstating your profile title and may reject your job application over time.

            Therefore be specific about your professional status and level while making sure that you rightfully deserve the targeted job profile by honest means.

            Here is our nurse resume example showing the profile title:


            Elaborate your work history in the professional experience section of your RN resume

            Using plain text to down your previous job profiles in a registered nurse resume is not enough!

            You need to effectively describe the nature of work that you have experience in to make the recruiters recognize you as a capable professional.

            But while doing so you need to incorporate some factors and avoid certain things that can make your professional experience section worth a shortlist from the recruiters.


            Strictly follow the given tips to create a powerful professional experience section for your registered nurse resume:

            Frame one-liner sentences: Describe your current or previous roles and responsibilities in crisp one-line sentences in your resume.

            It is clear to read as well as easier to understand. Hence, the recruiters will quickly make out the type of work that you are experienced with and capable of handling.

            Avoid writing paragraphs while narrating your work history because it may not intrigue the recruiters nor make them comprehend your professional experience.

            Start with power verbs: Using repetitive words to describe your work can be a hassle and may fail to get your points across to the recruiters.

            You need to write your points in such a way that it effortlessly gets your point to the recruiters.

            Simply use effective power verbs to start every sentence and give the hiring managers an insight into your roles and responsibilities in a broader sense.

            Mention achievement figures: Always provide achievement figures to specify the percentage or value of your contribution so that the recruiters can acknowledge your potential.

            Mention in your rn resume all that you have contributed and the value that an organization has gained.

            Doing so can give the hiring managers an estimation of what you are capable of churning out as a professional and stand out as a suitable applicant.

            Apply bucketing and bolding: The best way to organize your points in your professional experience section is by applying bucketing and bolding.

            List every similar point under a unique bucket and bold the distinct words or phrases that define your career highlights.

            Every single point mentioned above has its striking way of enhancing the impact of your professional experience section.

            Incorporate them in your nurse manager resume and raise your shortlist chances during a job application.

            RN Resume Sample for Professional Experience

            To learn how to perfectly build this section make sure to read Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

            You can also refer to the nurse resume example attached below to help you understand how an ideal professional experience should be created in a registered nurse resume:


            There is more that you can do with your resume on Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

            Apart from creating your nurse resume template, you can also get your existing registered nurse resume reviewed by our resume experts within minutes.

            State the details of your education and certification in your RN resume

            The education section is a must-have in your registered nurse resume.

            To become a nurse you need to pursue a certain degree of education and the same needs to be mentioned in your RN resume so that the recruiters can give you the due credit during your job application.

            It is necessary that you graduate from an accredited program so mention the details of those programs in the education section of your resume.


            Provide the following details of your education in your nurse resume template:

            • The name of the school/university you have attended.
            • The name of the courses you have pursued.
            • The location of your school/university.
            • The dates of your enrollment and graduation.

            If you want to learn more about the education section for a registered nurse resume, make sure to go through Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume.

            The below-given nurse resume example is an ideal representation of a flawless education section for your RN resume:


            RN Resume: Certifications

            Just as a specific field of study is required to become an RN nurse you need to acquire certain certification courses to practice your field of work.

            A registered nurse resume should highlight the details of all the certification courses that you have pursued to be recognized by the recruiters.

            Provide the following details of the certification courses that you have completed:

            • Name of the certification course.
            • Name of the institute of affiliation.
            • Location of the institute of affiliation.
            • Dates of enrollment and course completion.

            Try not to miss out on any information and details that can make the hiring managers consider shortlisting your resume for the targeted job profile.

            Read Hiration's Guide to listing certifications on a resume to get more details on how to curate the certification section of your registered nurse resume.

            Take a look at the below-given registered nurse resume sample demonstrating how an ideal certification section should be fabricated:


            Our professionally designed Online Resume Builder has all the top features that can make your ICU nurse resume stand out amongst any other resumes.

            RN Resume: Additional Information

            As a nurse, it will highly benefit you if you are bilingual. Hence make sure to mention the same in your registered nurse resume if you speak more than one language.

            Specify if you are fluent in a language, whether it is an interactive language, or simply your native language.

            Apart from that, you can also mention any relevant hobbies that can throw light into your productive aspect and get your extra credits from the hiring managers.

            You can list your additional information on the bottom section of your rn resume.

            Here is a registered nurse resume sample to help you understand what an ideal additional information section on a resume should look like:


            Feature your nurse skills in a separate section in your RN resume

            A resume can easily get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) if it consists of the right set of keywords that are relevant to the job description.

            The nurse skills you mention should be justified in your professional experience section and be relevant to the job description given by the recruiters.

            Your nurse manager resume should not be sent out without the skills section wherein you need to highlight all your nurse skills for the recruiters to recognize your expertise in your field of work.

            Highlight all your well-defined nurse skills in a distinct section of your registered nurse resume.

            Our Guide to frame skills on a resume can give you a better understanding of how to curate the nurse skills section with perfection.

            You can refer to the given registered nurse resume sample. It is exhibiting how an ideal skills section can be curated in your nurse manager resume:


            The given snapshot is taken from our nurse resume template which we have created from our Online Resume Builder.

            Draft an impeccable overview of your RN resume

            Always include an RN resume professional summary or a nursing resume objective in your registered nurse resume.

            The hiring managers may not have the time to read through your entire labor and delivery nurse resume but you can catch their attention and intrigue them into scanning through your resume.

            Your detailed information and descriptions of your work experience and skills will be stretched across your resume.

            Now, the recruiters may miss out on some distinct factors that indicate your suitability for the targeted job profile.

            Therefore you should include a persuasive rn resume professional summary or a nursing resume objective to give an overview of your entire registered nurse resume.

            RN Resume Summary

            If you are an experienced nurse write an rn resume professional summary that highlights the major points of your work history.

            Always compose the resume summary after you complete framing the rest of the resume sections so as to avoid unnecessary editing.

            Most of the points you include in your resume summary will be from your work experience section and skills section that is why it is better to work on it as the last step of resume-writing.

            Do keep in mind that 3-4 lines should be enough to describe your prominent work details and proficient nurse skills.

            If you have more than 10 years of extensive work experience then you can write a 5 line resume summary is acceptable, try to maintain the ideal limit of your resume summary.

            A resume summary should communicate your professional skills and potential to the recruiters so that they can give you the required shortlist.

            Want to learn more about resume summary?

            Click on our Guide to resume summary and learn all the details of curating the perfect resume summary.

            Here is a snapshot of our rn resume professional summary taken from our registered nurse resume sample:


            Experience hassle-free resume writing experience with Hiration's Online Resume Builder and create a flawless registered nurse resume.

            RN Resume Objective

            What is a RN resume objective statement?

            Well, it is quite similar to the rn resume professional summary with some slight changes as its goal is to market your skills to the recruiters or hiring managers.

            Compose a resume objective for your new grad nursing resume if you belong to any of the following categories:

            • You have zero professional work experience.
            • You have very little or limited work experience for fewer than 3 years.
            • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry-level resume.

            The aim of your resume objective is to communicate to the recruiters what you can offer to an organization despite your lack of professional experience.

            Mention those points that state what you are willing to pitch in rather than listing your demands if shortlisted for the targeted job profile.

            Try to sell your nurse skills through an impeccable nursing resume objective so that the hiring managers can recognize you as a suitable candidate for the targeted job position.

            Still wondering what a nursing resume objective is?

            Go ahead and go through Hiration's guide about resume objectives to learn and master the art of composing this section flawlessly.

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            Key Takeaways

            Here are some key takeaways for you from our RN resume blog:

            • Let your resume do the ice-breaking for you by mentioning your name on top of the resume as the resume header.
            • Make communication easy and convenient by giving out your active contact number and official email address so that the recruiters can easily get in touch with you.
            • Get identified for who you really are as a professional by framing your accurate profile title in your registered nurse resume.
            • Give a brief account of your professional work experience by framing effective one-line sentences in your travel nurse resume.
            • Categorize your one-liners in distinct buckets while also bolding your career highlights in your ICU nurse resume.
            • Provide the details of your academic background and certifications in your new grad nursing resume.
            • Give an overview of your rn resume by composing an intriguing rn resume professional summary.

            With this we have come to the end of this blog, make use of all the registered nurse resume examples and registered nurse resume examples that we have provided in this blog to help you build the perfect RN resume.

            Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at support@hiration.com and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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