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It can be overwhelming to create a resume that stands out to potential employers. That’s where resume samples come in.

You can determine the most effective format and language by reviewing multiple resume samples to catch the employer’s attention. Moreover, it is important to find job-specific resume samples so that you gain insight into the types of skills and experiences most valued in your chosen field.

Nowadays, most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords, so it is also important to include relevant keywords in your resume.

Using resume samples as a reference can guide and inspire you to create a resume that showcases your eligibility for the role in the best light possible.

So fret not and utilize our resume writing tips and samples to your benefit as you start your job search.

Different Types of Resume Templates and Formats

The 3 primary formats for resumes are chronological, functional, and combination. Let us understand them in brief with some basic resume samples:

The Chronological Format

It is the most popular style among job seekers in the United States and is commonly referred to as reverse-chronological.

This format concentrates on providing a candidate's employment history in reverse chronological order, with the most recent experience listed first. Employers prefer this format as it is more convenient to track a candidate's employment history and professional development.

According to data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 85% of job seekers use the chronological format in the United States.


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The Functional Format

The functional format, commonly referred to as the "skills-based" format, places more emphasis on a candidate's list of talents and certifications than on their employment history. Candidates with employment gaps, or those who want to change careers should use this format.


Source: Prime Resume

The Combination Format

The chronological and functional formats are combined in the combination format, also referred to as the "hybrid" format.

It follows a list of skills and a summary of qualifications, along with a list of job experience listed in reverse chronological order. Candidates with a balance of relevant experience and transferable skills perform best in this format.

One of the disadvantages of this format can be the possibility of information overloading for the employer.


Source: Zety

Sample Resume Templates for Different Industries

  • Sales: There are several specializations in the sales sector in the United States, including sales representatives, account managers, and sales managers. These individuals are in charge of developing and pursuing new business possibilities, as well as managing current accounts and client relationships. The ability to develop relationships and establish good communication and negotiation are essential for sales success.


Check out some of the best resume samples if this is your field of interest:
Sales Head Resume Sample
Sales Manager Resume Sample
Sales Associate Resume Sample
C-Level Sales Executive Resume Sample
Regional Sales Manager Resume Sample

  • Healthcare: Healthcare is a sizable and expanding sector in the United States, with plenty of job opportunities. These positions include those of doctors, nurses, as well as administrators. Physical therapists, laboratory technicians, and medical assistants are a few other professions in the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals are in charge of overseeing the daily operations of the institutions which primarily includes giving patients the prescribed care and treatment.


Make sure to go through the following pages consisting of healthcare resume samples:
Nurse Resume Sample
Medical Records Resume Sample
Massage Therapist Resume Sample

  • Technology: A wide range of professions are available in the fast-expanding technology sector. They primarily include software developers, IT specialists, and data scientists. Project managers, security specialists, and network engineers are a few additional occupations in the technology sector. The purview of technology professionals is to maintain system infrastructure and design. For someone to be successful in the technology industry, they need to have the capacity to think creatively and keep up with the latest trends in the sector.


Do not miss out on some of our trendsetting technology resume samples:
SQL Developer Resume Sample
Senior Product Manager Resume Sample
Network Consultant Resume Sample
Senior IT Admin Resume Sample
Senior Software Engineer Resume Sample
CTO Entrepreneur Resume Sample

Resume Samples for Different Career Levels

Let us check out some resume samples based on different experience levels:

Entry-Level Resume Sample


Mid-Level Resume Sample


Senior-Level Resume Sample


How to Tailor Your Resume to a Specific Job?

Have you noticed an essential stage in a job application resume sample? It is customized for a particular position.

It demonstrates that you have taken an effort to fully comprehend the job's needs and have adjusted your education and experience to fit. Here are some resume-writing tips on how to modify your resume for a certain position:

  • Understand the job duties: Make sure you are aware of the qualifications needed for the position and the employer's needs.

  • Extract keywords: Identify specific words and phrases that are present in the job description and include them in your resume.

  • Match your qualifications: Emphasize your skills and expertise that are relevant to the position's needs.

  • Use power verbs: Begin with action verbs like "managed," "implemented," and "led” when describing your duties and achievements.

  • Customize your summary: Include details about the job's needs and how your qualifications meet them in your summary.

  • Use particular examples: Mention specific examples from your experience and achievements to show how you meet the requirements of the job.

  • Trim the fat off your resume: Adapt it to the particular position you are looking for and omit any material that isn't relevant.


In conclusion, resume samples can be a valuable resource for job-seekers. They provide an opportunity to see how other professionals in the same field have structured and presented their qualifications, giving you an idea of what works and what does not.

By studying resume samples, you can get a sense of what hiring managers are looking for and tailor your resume to meet those expectations. You can increase your chances of standing out in a crowded job market and landing the job of your dreams by referring to the right set of resume samples!

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