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    Technology entrepreneur and professional possessing demonstrated acumen in full stack development including software development, API development, API integration, website development, cloud based servers, handling payment gateways, load balancing etc. Over a career of ~3 years, I have worked in the software development domain for a leading cyber security firm and also set up the technology function for my startup – ZoneRooms. Proficient in end-to-end full stack development including the development of booking engines and reservation systems from scratch. Gained expertise in building a startup from scratch to USD 90+ mn. of valuation by handling diverse technology aspects.
    Software Development | API Development | Website Development | Reporting Dashboards | 3rd Party API Integration
    | Payment Gateways | Cloud Based Servers | Load Balancing | Caching Servers | Software Testing
    • Languages: C++, C, Python, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL
    • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
    • DBMS: MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB)
    • Technologies: Eclipse, JQuery, XML, JSON, RESTful Applications, FTP (Filezilla), Apache Web Server, Linux Server administration, SSH, Network Mapper, Wireshark, Security Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe AfterEffects, Unity Game Engine, Autodesk Maya, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Matlab, Android Application, Flash Application, Facebook Apps Development
    • Web Frameworks: Django (Python), Google App Engine, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
    • Areas of Interest: Web Application Programming, Distributed Computing, Network Applications, Data Structure, Algorithms, Cloud Applications, Operating Systems, Animation, Game Design and Programming.
      Technology Role
      • Developed a hotel booking engine from scratch using Python/Django framework
      • Led the development of a central reservation system for centrally managing pan US bookings
      • Conceptualized and implemented a plan to integrate a 3rd party Channel Manager (Axis Rooms)
      • Integrated payment gateways, Paytm & PayU to process 5,000+ daily payments
      • Effectively managed cloud based server’s master/slave design using Amazon EC2 and nginx
      • Conducted load balancing using AWS Load Balancer and nginx to handle a constantly increasing user base
      • Responsible for setting up Caching server/logic setup using Redis
      • Employed RabbitMQ to work with task queues
      • Developed APIs for Android and iOS mobile apps
      • Implemented OAuth2 based authorization to ensure user data security
      • Led the development of an analytics platform and reporting dashboard to support the business teams
      Strategic Role
      • Built from scratch & led the firm – valued at over $40 million (Series B) & with 620+ employees
      • Raised $30+ million from Tiger Globale & others in venture capital within 4 months of launch
        Key Deliverables
        • Developed a software testing automation framework using Python, Django & MongoDB
        • Performed integration with VMware vCloud Suite Environment
        • Developed an efficacy dashboard comparing product releases
        Intern – Technology, ZoneRooms May ’13 - Apr ‘14
        US’ first chain of backpacker hostels, with 18 hostels in various cities
        Key Deliverables
        • Created the entire website from scratch including WordPress theme designing using PHP/WordPress
        • Developed a collaborator web application with the following features:
        • Employed the Google Drive API to store and share various files, images, videos, etc. within the team
        • Used PHP, Google drive API, Google OAuth and MySQL to create the application
        • Developed a promotion and offer management portal using PHP/MySQL which performed the following tasks:
        • Handled coupon code generation logic and managed promotional campaigns
        • Integration with Facebook as a page tab Facebook application
        • Led the development of web application for the 'Best Internship' campaign:
        • The campaign was ranked among US' best Social Media campaigns of 2014
        • The application was integrated with the Facebook graph API for user acquisition and acquired 13m User Impressions
        • The application handled 200K user registrations for the campaign from 13 different countries
        Intern, IDC May ’12 - Jun ‘12
        Industrial Design Centre (IDC) is a design school in US, established in 1969
        Key Deliverables
        • Developed a tool based on product semantics theories to:
        • Analyzed how people make sense of the real world market scenarios crowded with competing products
        • Facilitated user perception analysis of products of a company or organization
        • Implemented a fully functional PHP Web Application, that uses the idea of Web Semantics and RESTful design
        • Incorporated sophisticated and interesting algorithms for ranking and result analytics
        • Created a rich user interface and tools for the purpose of user analytics
        Key Achievements
        • Successfully completed the project under the leadership of Prof. Jeremy of IDC
        • Tool employed by IDC for industrial design projects and educating the students of IDC
        • Received a Letter of Recommendation for outstanding contribution to the project
        Intern, Bakon Tutorials Dec ’11 - Dec ‘11
        A premier training institute with more than 250 selections over the years, a result that is unparalleled.
        Key Deliverables
        • Single-handedly developed and managed the complete Web Infrastructure
        • Designed a Layout for the Institute Website & handled Database Modeling, User Analytics, Keyword Analysis & SEO
        • Assisted the Institute staff to shift the documents to the Cloud for better efficiency and collaboration
        Key Achievements
        • The website achieved an MAU of 20,000+
        • Successfully improved the search results for the desired keywords to the top within the assigned target of 5 weeks
        • Developed the website architecture effectively to achieve rank 1 on google search for all relevant queries & keywords
        Facebook App: ASCII Image generator May ’11
        A Facebook App that converts the uploaded PNG image into the ASCII representation of the same image
        Key Deliverables
        • Developed an app that converts the uploaded PNG image into the ASCII representation of the same image
        • Conceptualized and implemented an image processing algorithm using MATLAB
        • Employed the PHP GD Graphics Library in production environment
        • Attracted 5,100 total users from 49 different countries
        Facebook Game: Space Invader Game Jul ’11
        A game inspired by the classical arcade game – Space Invaders
        Key Deliverables
        • Developed the game using Adobe Flash CS5
        • Employed ActionScript 3 for game programming
        Web Application Programmer, Technofest ’12 Oct ’11 – Jan ’12
        Technofest is the annual national level techno-management festival of UCB with an active participation of 10,000+ students
        • Handled the development of the website for the fest
        • Successfully marketed the festival to the 100,000+ visitors of the website from all across US
        Technical Secretary, Electronics Engineering Society, Dept. of Electronics Engineering UCB ’12 – ’13
        • Certified MongoDB developer, by MongoDB. Inc., Mar ‘16
        • Awarded 1st prize in OPTIKA (Image processing controlled bot) in Technex, MIT, ’12
        • Participated in RAFT, a mechanical bot navigating on water ’11
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