How to write the resume accomplishments effectively?

Signifying your achievements could often be mind boggling.

Your last major accomplishment could be anything from leveling up in PUBG to sticking to your diet for a week.

But how do you show that in your resume?

Sometimes it does not resonate with you. Other times it might not resonate with the recruiter.

That is why we have prepared the perfect template for how to list achievements on resume.

It is is a simple STAR-based format:

  • You display the Situation
  • You note the Task
  • You explain your Action
  • And you justify the Result

Basically, a STAR point justifies how your Action pertaining to a certain Task in a given Situation yielded an excellent Result.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it gets simpler.

According to Roosevelt, happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

Our directory of resume achievements examples shall help you frame the exact points to showcase your creative effort.

That's not all. By the end of it, you shall know:

You can check out free resume samples on our online resume builder to get greater clarity on how achievements are framed in a resume.
Broadly, we'll cover the following:

Why should you put key accomplishments on resume?

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Let us clear the basic questions. Recruiters look for professional accomplishments on resume because of two factors:

  • to rank your resume among the pile
  • to know the difference you are able to make

For the same, it becomes extremely important to ensure your resume points set you apart.

Resume experts at Hiration have been scoping the very necessity of a resume awards section. As it turns out, it is one of the two most important sections recruiters pay attention to.

To find out accomplishment on resume examples and how to write the accomplishments sections, try Hiration's online resume builder today.

So, back to the main question. Why do we need the accomplishments to put on a resume?

Using a resume that focuses on tangible strengths and not only listings of job responsibilities or duties enhances your chances of getting shortlisted.

It always helps if your resume stands out. Let's find out in facts:

  • 80% of the resumes get rejected within 11 seconds
  • Among them, 30% are rejected for not quantifying the skills
  • The rest 50% are rejected for not standing out
    The credibility of your profile highly depends on how you are able to stand out.

Always get your resume professionally reviewed before you submit it to bolster the chances of getting shortlisted.

What are some accomplishments to put on a resume?

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Resume accomplishments are mainly the points which effectively:

  • quantify
  • value, and
  • highlight

You skills across your tenure in whichever field you are in.

The following examples of professional achievements on resume would give you a broader idea:

  • Achieved model accuracy up to 95% (i.e. AUC from ROC curve) and increased F-1 score by 83% via U-Net algorithm
  • Reduced overall cycle time by 4 seconds and bolstered process efficiency to increase revenue by USD 900 K per annum
  • Recognized by the client for possessing SAP expertise, endorsed for H1B visa initiation & secured flex-time, vouchers, etc.
  • Self-initiated the lead role for a US-based logistic client and appointed as the SPOC for directing technical deliverables

Academic Achievement vs. Professional Achievement

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Academic Achievements

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Academic achievements to put on a resume can vary between accomplishments in high school, college, university, or other academics.

These may range:

  • test scores
  • awards
  • scholarships
  • significant research work

These could be associated with your school or a professional profile.

Your resume should not only consist of everything you have ever achieved at school.

You must tailor your resume accomplishments to make sure that they are relevant to your professional life.

The academic achievements you list out on your achievements resume section should ideally convince the recruiter that you are suitable for the position.

Professional Achievements

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Relevant accomplishments in your resume include highlighting your best skills. Before noting down your achievements, brainstorm a list of accomplishments for your resume.

Make sure to include resume achievements which you can quantify in some way. You may add significant awards or honors that you received in that duration as well, like Employee of the Month, and other such good accomplishments.

In sales achievements you may include accomplishments to put on resume examples like increasing sales, online social engagement, customer satisfaction, or anything that improved the scope of your former company.

The following points are universally worth mentioning in your resume accomplishment statements:

  • Accomplishing anything that you can directly illustrate with facts and figures.
  • Examples of professional accomplishments for a resume that showcases how you use your skills.
  • Anything that your boss praised you, for such as completing something ahead of time or gaining more customers.
  • Winning an award or receiving a promotion.

To tailor your resume achievements according to the skills listed in the job description, follow these steps:

  • Find out whether any of your professional resume accomplishment examples display your use of the listed skills to the best of your ability.
  • Pair significant achievements examples with corresponding skills.
  • Begin the point with a power verb/action verb and quantify the achievement

Duties vs. Resume Achievements

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Once again, your last major accomplishment could be anything from levelling up in PUBG to sticking to your diet for a week. But what counts is your last major professional accomplishments on resume - if you increased sales or cut costs for your company.

Only, never be afraid to brag about your achievements in your resume achievements section.

Phrase the things you did during your previous stints as a part of delivering a positive impact as the accomplishments to put on a resume.

They showcase that you have done the job well.

Skills and knowledge you are expected to possess in order to perform your everyday work duties comprise your duties. They do not count as accomplishments.

People, often in a rush to update their resume, only pick points from the Job Descriptions. These are merely responsibility/duty-based points.

However, a resume is supposed to be achievement-based.

Since the job descriptions list the expectations from a potential employee and the duties they are expected to perform, placing those points verbatim in your resume will reduce you to a subordinate who can only do things he's told to do.

To showcase your actual leadership skills, follow the achievements-based approach.

Resume Accomplishments vs. Responsibilities

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Resume achievements are accomplishment-oriented and not responsibility-oriented.

While making a resume, one makes the common mistake of including a list of responsibilities/duties in all their stints without any context. This list is vague and it does not grab the recruiter's attention.

What recruiters or the ATS (Application Tracking System) scans your contributions they focus on:

  • initiatives that you may have taken
  • values you may have added
  • projects you spearheaded
  • teams you led

Such accomplishment on resume examples showcase how you may have impacted an organization positively in your role.

Duties or responsibilities do not say anything about our candidature either.

Many candidates could have similar work experiences and similar responsibilities. However, focusing on awards in resume will set you apart.

The following factors should help you on how to list achievements on resume:

  • known for something special in your department/company
  • received praise or recognition from your supervisor or colleagues
  • received recommendations from your clients
  • selected for projects or task forces
  • participated in solving a challenging assignment to improve functions

To find a sample list of achievements for resume you may check out our resume samples, or try making your resume on Hiration's online resume builder.

Identifying Resume Achievements

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To best identify your career accomplishments, broadly list your skills and former job profiles.

Then sort out the quantifiable impact and positive contribution that you were able to deliver for your employer across those profiles.

Review feedbacks for praises and formal inputs, such as, the results of performance reviews.

An opinion of a third person can be very helpful. If you have any difficulty identifying their achievements, ask for inputs from a supportive colleague, a friend, or a professional counsellor.

Someone else can help you make an objective assessment of your positive and negative skillsets. This could reveal values which you may not have considered.

A professional third party opinion always help in quantifying your resume

Individual vs. Team Achievements

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In case you achieved the best results as part of a team, you can include the same as the following example suggests:

Enhanced sales worth $2.5 B in 1 year as the key member of a high-performing team

Our resume achievements often depend on the community of people we are working with. It is important maintain a record of it in the achievement section.

Mentioning team performance not only showcases your skills as a high-achiever but also your collaborative style as a team player.

However, it does not exclusively tell a recruiter about your personal contribution to the success. To be more specific about the details of your role you may refer to the following example of accomplishments to put on a resume:

Designed the policies for a high-performing team to bolster sales worth $2.5 B in 1 year.

How to list achievements on resume if you have no work experience

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Even if you do not have previous work experiences, accomplishments to put on a resume is an integral part of getting your target job.

You may include resume accomplishments from other aspects of your student life or extramural activities which are relevant to the target job.

A few good accomplishment on resume examples might include volunteering roles and good academic records. For more resume achievements, try the following:

  • Highlighting initiatives you have taken
  • Quantifying the amount raised for charity
  • Explaining how you made a difference while serving a community
  • Leading a student team for a project
  • Elaborating awards won and the values that they added

how to list Accomplishments on Resume

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Turn your statements of responsibility into statements of impact.

The awards in resume may exist as different functions you contributed to within your work experiences - significant to the work experience, or to the career highlights section.

It may also exist separately immediately as an "Achievements" section after the work experience section.

Structure your achievement for resume

The STAR Resume format.

Following the STAR resume point structure, a resume achievements section comprises 3 principle components:

  • skills and achievements on resume
  • carrying out any activity
  • quantifiable data

The Cause-Effect Relationship

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How do you make your resume achievements stand out?

Although writing the resume achievements section is not the most difficult part, the simplest way to do it is to follow the cause-effect relationship underscored by the STAR formula.

The points basically co-relate:

  • What you did
  • The quantifiable result
  • Value your were you able to add

Therefore, instead of merely stating that you were:

  • Responsible for a team of 10 people

you can write that you:

Led a team of 10 to generate sales of USD 3M on a yearly basis

Quantifying Resume Accomplishments

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Figures over facts for your Resume Achievements

Accomplishments are more than an exaggerated version of your skills. They are solid proof of your past performances.

They come across as strong and valuable when you quantify them. For example, the statement:

"increased sales by 40% in 2 months"

is much stronger than

"increased sales of the company"

However, if you cannot provide the exact number you may provide a fairly accurate estimate value which could be confirmed if the recruiter contacts your former employer.

Highlighting the accomplishments on resumes

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The simplest way to highlight your accomplishments on resumes is by highlighting the key facts within a STAR point.

Further, to highlight your awards in resume:

  • quantify your contributions
  • bold the necessary facts
    For example:

"Anchored automation Phase 2 in the project by converting L1 monitoring to SAP tool for achieving a reduction of 10 FTEs "

Styling your Resume Achievements

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Knowing the accomplishments to put on a resume is not the end of the deed.

Although there are no definitive rules for writing your resume achievements, we do provide general guidelines followed while adding resume accomplishments.

These guidelines ensure that your resume accomplishments section is easily readable and detectable by the ATS.

Here are the guidelines on listing accomplishments to put on a resume:


Ease your Resume Readability.

The accomplishments to put on a resume should be clear and easy to read. This shall help you render the most significant points to the recruiter, who hardly devote a few seconds to reading a single resume.

A clean font and consistent formatting along with well-bucketed sections helps you clearly reflect your resume accomplishments.

The format of your resume achievements section should be consistent with the other sections of your resume. Otherwise it may be difficult to read.

Your resume should make your recruiter appreciate your history and experiences.

More often than not, many resumes comprise inappropriate fonts, uneven borders, or even mismatched colors and inconsistent text sizes. These resumes are difficult to read.

So, to make your resume look professional, we suggest a few simple and professional formatting rules:

  • serif font like Verdana or Calibri
  • font size 10 to 12 for the body
  • font size 14 to 16 for the headers
  • margin space of 1 - 1.5 inches

The most modern recruiter-friendly resume template are available in Hiration's online resume builder. They shall help you avoid all formatting errors by simply flexing the sections around.

Hiration's single-button spacing feature helps you fit your information within 1 or 2 page in a few clicks.

As this enabled the employers to peruse the resume quickly and easily without much confusion, the chances of passing the 10-second test increases.

Be Selective

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Tailor the list of achievements to put on resume to correspond to your job description.

While listing achievements on resume, you should always be selective.

The list of accomplishments for resume should be relevant. Do not list all everything that you have accomplished at schools and companies alike.

The academic achievements to put on a resume should be relevant to your potential employer. Consider the following example:

While applying for a job in data-science, your score in chemistry would not be as important as your scores in computer applications and mathematics.

Doing this shall keep your resume relevant, objective and short - just how recruiters like it.

Send a Message about your Personality

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As a rule of thumb, the accomplishments to put on a resume should be coherent with the rest of your experiences and qualifications.

This already sends a clear message to the recruiter about you in terms of being responsible, and clearly acknowledging of your profile. So, list your most important characteristics first, and then integrate them in your academic achievements section.

You may also use our online resume builder or follow our database of examples for more clarity on the resume accomplishments section.

For best effects, the achievements you put on the resume should directly be relevant to the target position. Let's look at the following resume accomplishments examples:

If you’re applying for the position of a teacher, your resume achievements should show:

  • responsibility
  • engaging skills
  • disciplinary skills
  • time management
  • subject matter knowledge

For example, a teacher's achievements could include:
Successfully achieved 100% placement for batch trainees in ’16-’17 & ’17-‘18 by effectively networking with school heads
Promoted as the Nursery Representative and received recognition as the youngest member to lead a team of 16 teachers

If these skills are not directly apparent from your current portfolio, include extra-curriculars/scholastic accomplishments to represent these characteristics.


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Always proofread your resume achievements section to ensure correct usage of grammar and spellings.

You could ask a friend or colleague to scan your resume. However, the best way to ensure a job shortlist is to get your resume reviewed by an industry-specific professional.

Resume achievements examples

Here are a list of accomplishments for resume:

Lead with the result, outcome, or the benefit you brought about.

The following accomplishment on resume examples shows how to transform simple points into achievements to put on a resume:

Let's take the example of an IT Manager:

  • When you joined your team's efficiency was 60%
  • They were using slow paced computers
  • A butterfly effect slowed the efficiency of the task force itself
  • Customers were dissatisfied with the long TAT for their deliverables
  • You took one day to supervise and format all the computers and remove the junk files.
  • You also installed anti-virus softwares for smooth functioning of the computers.
  • This increased the efficiency of the task force to 90%
  • The TAT of the deliverables decreased by 2 days

The achievements to put on a resume should look like:

Bolstered the workforce efficiency from 60% to 90% and reduced TAT by 2 days by overhauling haphazard computer system with a team of 5

Following the same practice would allow you to write all the achievement points to show the impact you were able to achieve.

The following accomplishment on resume examples shall show how to make sections for the same.

Listing Achievements on Resume

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There are many ways of how to list achievements on resume.

The most common way of listing accomplishments to put on a resume is by making a sub-header within the same work experiences section:



The way to list and highlight your extra-curricular/co-curricular resume achievements is by listing them in a separate section:



Another way of listing all your Awards & Achievements together is by... listing them together:


The way to include professional achievements on resume for a senior profile could be by listing all your achievements together as a part of your "Career Highlights" below the "Key Skills" section:


Accuracy is important

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Be honest about your achievements.

Refrain from exaggerating your qualifications. Remember it is very easy for employers to check your claims with your former employers.

False information may result in elimination, or in some cases, criminal charges. Always try to back up your claims with details.

Accomplishment on Resume Examples

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  • Managed a financial team of 10+ employees for increasing efficiency in the department by 20%
  • Balanced a budget of USD 2M with cost saving strategies by ~25% YoY

Information Technology

  • Developed an online training platform to increase enrollment by 50+ in all courses per year.
  • Launched a digitized filing system to increase staff attendance for boosting overall efficiency by 40%

Product Life-cycle Management

Played a key role in the development & launch of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products at BDC
Expedited the development of first server platform at BDC as a critical member of the core team
Enabled transition of sustenance operations engineering for 3 server products, 3 Direct Attach products & RAID controllers
Negotiated and reviewed business contracts with key customer accounts for boosting business growth to ~USD 50 M
Managed inventory worth USD 35 M and complied with the OTS and LTA metrics w.r.t. customer’s account

Data Science & Deep Learning

  • Achieved a reduction in downtime on Salad Production Line by 5% by deploying Six Sigma Methodology (DMAIC)
  • Awarded the Best in-house Machine Programming Director (Production) for delivering best performance in a quarter
  • Successfully reduced cycle time by 3 seconds/output to streamline production cycle & increase revenue by USD 2.5 M
  • Reduced dependence on foreign vendors by performing in-house machine programming to save USD 20,000 in costs

Junior Clinical Psychology Professional

  • Gained key insights on difference between patients’ vs. their family’s perspective on the problem by working in the IPD
  • Developed key skill of educating clients & their families on the condition to facilitate better prognosis
  • Gained hands on experience in the psycho oncology department to develop understanding of cancer patients’ psychology
  • Developed understanding of the importance of color & creativity in therapy because of undertaking art therapy sessions

For the same professional, it may be important to club scholastic achievements together:



Resume FAQ

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How to list achievements on resume?

Simply prioritize your most significant achievements first. You may list your achievements

  • respective to each profile, or
  • club all achievements in one section.

How to write achievements in resume for experienced professional?

As an experienced professional, you must keep your achievements relevant to the target profile. Also:

  • club them together if they are similar in nature
  • write them respective to their profiles if there are spaces

Maintain the STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) point formation.

What to put under accomplishments on a resume?

Only write STAR points which are quantifiable in nature and highlights your capabilities which shall make your worth evident to the hiring manager.

What are some accomplishments to put on a resume?

A few accomplishment on resume examples has been listed across the article. You shall find a repository of resume achievements in our examples.

Key Takeaways

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It is not enough to put together your roles and responsibilities in your resume.

Corporate companies receive an average of 250+ resumes in response to one job opening.

Therefore your accomplishments resume should be results-oriented rather than responsibilities-oriented .

Many profiles may have similar responsibilities. So your resume achievements section showcases the exact skills you have to do the job.

Don’t be too modest. But make sure to put a significant list of achievements for resume.

Your individual achievements are listed differently from your team achievements

Follow the Cause-Effect formula to provide most impact. First, list what you did, then back it with quantifiable results.
Maintain the following key points while listing your resume accomplishments

  • Traditional Formatting
  • Easy Readability
  • Be Selective
  • Quantify your resume accomplishments
  • Send a Message about your Personality
  • Proofread for Spelling and Grammar

Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.