Are you looking to escape the routine 9-5?

Do you wish to make a career from working at home? Or do you wish to make extra bucks during your free time?

Working from home has become the norm during the pandemic. The data scientists predict that 25% of the workforce in North America would work remotely by the end of 2023. The technology support with apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Slack, Zoom, etc., has further enabled remote work.

It is not necessary to work out of the office in order to be productive. Most of the in-office jobs can be performed from home.

Read on to learn about the top online jobs in 2023 if you wish to begin working from home.

Best Online Jobs

1. Software Tester

Average Annual Salary: $60,745

A tester’s role is to test out products- software and similar projects for bugs, errors, defects, or any other issues that might come up while running the project. They provide reports to the project team for conveying issues or improvements with the projects. They typically work on a freelance basis.

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2. Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: $97,763

Software developers conceive and design computer, web, and mobile applications. They identify user needs and build the application around them while continuously improving the application based on feedback.

3. Animator

Average Annual Salary: $69,896

Animators are skilled at creating images that when sequenced together give the illusion of movement. Animations are extensively used in movies, commercials, television programs, and video games. All tools used in animation are computer-based, so animators can comfortably work from their homes and earn.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Average Annual Salary: $74,464

Affiliate marketers get associated with companies who wish to advertise their products or services and generate sales. They earn a commission whenever a purchase is completed.

Online Jobs

1. Web Developer

Average Annual Salary: $70,863

A web developer creates and builds websites. They ensure that the website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. They are also responsible for the website’s performance and capacity. As a web developer, you could work remotely for a company or on a freelance basis.

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2. Patient Advocate

Average Annual Salary: $39,586

A patient advocate supports patients to get financial, legal, and social support from healthcare providers. They help patients by setting up appointments to visit doctors, get tested, and answer their patient’s queries. They act as middlemen between patients and healthcare providers to ensure the patients get what they need.

3. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $50,227

Graphic designers create visual concepts for websites to print ads using graphic design software. Graphic designers work independently or for specialized graphic design firms in a collaborative environment. Since most of their work happens on a computer, they can comfortably work from home.

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4. Content Writer

Average Annual Salary: $48,715

A content writer is responsible for writing informative and engaging articles to increase the brand reach. They write on various subjects and platforms, from visual content to blog posts to press releases. The job of a content writer is fairly independent and is one of the trending online jobs.

5. Social Media Manager

Average Annual Salary: $45,839

Social media managers are responsible for developing strategies to increase brand awareness by creating and overseeing social campaigns. They plan & produce content, review analytics of the content pushed on various social media, and communicate with key stakeholders in the company. There are many online automation tools now to easily execute the role of a social media manager.

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6. Medical Transcriptionist

Average Annual Salary: $34,728

A medical transcriptionist is responsible for writing down medical reports that have been voice-recorded or dictated by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners. They need to write a minimum of 40 words per minute and can comfortably work from home.

7. Medical Coder

Average Annual Salary: $43,138

A medical coder is a medical translator. They translate patient reports into useful universal information required by insurance companies.

They update patients’ records for data management and billing purposes.

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8. Bookkeeper

Average Annual Salary: $40,361

Bookkeepers keep the pulse of a business under check by tracking the finances of a business. They prepare reports with accurate financial information about a business important for business owners and managers to make decisions. A degree in accounting or business administration is generally required for a bookkeeper.

9. Licensed Insurance Agent

Average Annual Salary: $40,232

An insurance agent communicates the best insurance products and services to the client, counsels them to pick the best choice, and facilitates the process. They sell and negotiate life, health, property, and other types of insurance.

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10. Travel Agent

Average Annual Salary: $37,772

Travel agents directly deal with clients to find them the best possible travel arrangements such as shortlisting destinations, accommodations, on-ground transfers, sightseeing options, etc. Although multiple websites have come up for travel-related bookings, many still prefer making reservations through a travel agent. Travel agents communicate via phone and e-mail and can choose to work from home.

11. Editor

Average Annual Salary: $59,531

Editors are responsible for checking facts, grammar, and punctuation in the content to be published. They plan, coordinate, revise, and format content while closely working with the writers.

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12. Resume Writer

Average Annual Salary: $55,123

Professional resume writers are hired to use their expertise to design impeccable resumes for their clients. They create resumes that highlight the skills, experience, and accomplishments of their clients.

13. Online Teaching Jobs

Average Annual Salary: $40,391

Online tutors teach students over video conferencing to enhance their abilities or help them out in a specific subject. Online tutors can specialize in one subject or many. They are paid by the hour. They work as freelancers or with academies.

14. Proofreader

Average Annual Salary: $43,478

A proofreader ensures that the published content is free of errors of all kinds- typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting, etc. They need a sound knowledge of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and a sharp eye for detail.

15. Virtual Recruiter

Average Annual Salary: $52,120

Virtual recruiters rely on technology to host video interviews, virtual events, and assessments to hire the best talent. They use platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with individuals and recruit them.

16. Grant Writer

Average Annual Salary: $52,005

Grant Writers are a niche of content writers that specialize in researching, drafting, and submitting proposals to receive grant funding. They are often recruited by non-profits or charitable organizations to increase their grant funding.

17. Translator

Average Annual Salary: $50,422

Translators accurately convey the meaning of written words from one language to another. Even though there are online tools for translating such as google translate, they are no match for a human translator.

18. Design Consultant

Average Annual Salary: $52,522

Design consultants work in interior design or fashion design industries. They create a space or product that integrates form, functionality, and aesthetics.

Online Jobs for Students

1. Sales Associate

Average Annual Salary: $35,206

Sales Associates work closely with customers to determine their needs and answer their queries. They are responsible for cold-calling customers and assisting with placing online orders. They require practical communication skills and on-job training.

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2. Photographer

Average Annual Salary: $46,922

Photographers record events and build accounts of people, places, or things using their creative lens. They must be adept with the trends and latest developments in editing and camera technology.

3. Blogger

Average Annual Salary: $51,906

The primary job of a blogger is to write and publish content in the form of blog posts. They heavily use good search engine optimization practices to organically grow their audience.

4. YouTuber

Average Annual Salary: 55,236

YouTubers create visual content for the audience in the form of videos and reels and post it on YouTube. They script, record, edit, and publish videos.

Online Jobs for Freshers

1. Custom Service Representative

Average Annual Salary: $39,131

Customer Service Representatives work with customers directly by resolving complaints, assisting them, answering their questions, and processing orders. They work with customer relationship management software used by the company. All they need is knowledge of CRM software and a phone to execute their job and thus can work from home.

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2. Virtual Assistant

Average Annual Salary: 37,023

A virtual assistant provides administrative services to clients, such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, etc. They work remotely using online scheduling tools.

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3. Data Entry Clerk

Average Annual Salary: $32,419

Data entry clerks create spreadsheets to transfer customer information from papers into a database system. It is an entry-level position with basic knowledge of databases and computers required for the job.

4. Online Stylist

Average Annual Salary: $41,162

A virtual fashion stylist advises the type of clothes to wear based on occasion, body type, etc. They help clients find and define their style.

Key Takeaways

Online jobs are on the rise both in terms of number and the different roles available.

  • One can easily find remote work with simple research and the right information.
  • Assess your skills and the job description before applying.
  • Most online jobs offer flexible work timings and competitive pay.
  • Affiliate Marketer, software developer, and software tester are some of the best online jobs.

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