Is it tough to get web developer jobs in 2022?

Not every profession is for everyone, and some people may fail to grasp the concept of coding. But web development jobs are one of the most straightforward careers to enter into. The entry level web developer jobs are a great career choice provided you’re an endless learner and a keen creator.

This means understanding new frameworks, methods of executing things, and knowing what your peers are doing. As you level up to a senior position as a web developer, your capacity to instantly and deeply understand new thoughts will grow exponentially.

Web content creation, client/server-side scripting, and network security settings are all part of the entry level web developer jobs.

While entry level web design jobs are in charge of a diverse set of creative technologies, entry level web developer jobs are thorough coding skills.

Becoming a great web developer is far less complicated than those of other professions. You can have a versatile and diversified career with a wide range of specialties. There's something for everyone, regardless of their learning style or skill set.

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What Is a Web Developer?

A web developer creates, manages, and optimizes consumer-facing websites and other web-based applications. You draw on knowledge from programming languages, software development, and graphic design.

A web developer is not to be mistaken for a Web designer.

A web developer is a programmer. They specialize in the creation of programs for the World Wide Web or distributed network applications.

Web developers often use programming languages such as HTML/CSS, C#, and PHP to execute protocols such as HTTP.

The majority of web developers are experts in several elements of the development process. Depending on the role, the duties, tools, and approaches differ.

Types of Web Developer Jobs

Typically, jr developer jobs have to focus on a handful of programming languages. However, the languages you use will depend on the type of web development projects you do.

The three major kinds of web developers at the entry level are:

  • Frontend Web Developers
  • Backend Web Developers
  • Full-Stack Web Developers

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Curious to know how you'll get jr web developer jobs? As a junior web developer, you will need to practice building and maintaining the core structure of a website.

This role involves a lot of technical work, from complex coding to advanced programming languages.

The exact requirements of your profile will depend on where you’re specializing. For instance, entry web developer jobs generally work with programming the visual elements of a website. But you cannot expect the same of a backend developer.

Still, we have listed some skills and knowledge you’ll need, regardless of specialization:

  • Proficiency in a few web languages
  • Understanding of other related skills like libraries, Git, etc
  • Problem-solving skills to debug code
  • Observant to details to avoid bugs happening in the first place
  • Strong communication and team skills
  • Self-motivation to grasp necessary skills for success
  • Knowledge of common web development tools

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What Does a Frontend Developer Do?

Entry level frontend web developer jobs are to code the actual website using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages.

You as a frontend web developer are also known as client-side development. In this, you will be largely involved with coding and programming the visual elements of a website.

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

Entry level backend web developer jobs are to code the database and server using advanced programming languages. The languages you must master are PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, and SQL, as well as NodeJS and other server-side frameworks.

Backend developers are also known as server-side developers. You will mainly encompass the aspects of the website happening ‘behind the scenes, which visitors can’t see.

What Does a Full-stack Developer Do?

A full-stack developer’s job is to code both the front and backend of a website. Mastering coding web pages using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and understanding working of these parts together is what a full stack developer does.

In addition, you will also have to set up and configure servers, code Application Programming Interfaces, query databases, and more.

How to Become a Web Developer?

For some, being a web developer will be a walk in the park. Others may have far more difficulties and challenges. However, for the vast majority of individuals, a little perseverance and a lot of practice will go a long way.

Yes! A career in web development is challenging but financially rewarding. According to research, web developer jobs rank 6th in the best technology jobs category on salary and employment rates.

Steps to Become a Web Developer

Skilled web developers must complete a degree, gain practical experience, and build a resume and a portfolio. In addition, earning professional certifications will give your career a boost. Here are a few steps to follow to bag entry level cs jobs:

1. Earn a Degree

An aspiring web developer should first complete education. A degree will help you develop basic coding and programming skills. A degree in computer science as a core can be your best choice.

If you want to upgrade and apply for senior-level roles then it requires more advanced education. A master's or a doctorate will work including several more years beyond a bachelor's.

While it is possible to land entry-level web developer jobs with an associate degree or certificate, your bachelor's degree will open up a wider range of opportunities. For future advancement, a higher degree is a must.

2. Grab Internship Opportunities

The entry web developer jobs require some prior experience. And internships are best for you to gain vital work experience. As a learner internship opportunities will give you the chance to apply your knowledge and develop new skills.

In many web developers degree programs, they provide you with internship placements.

3. Build a Portfolio

A portfolio will appeal to potential employers highlighting your quality work and breadth of accomplishments to look forward to your application. Companies nowadays ask for a portfolio when applying.

Keep updating your resume with completed work from past internships, and aspects of current side projects.

4. Earn Certifications

Certificates in web development attest to any additional skills or coding competencies. You should possess the latest developments in this evolving field to stay in the market. Earning a number of certificates isn't the game, but at least one can also give you an extra boost on the job hunt.

A few exam-based certifications are businesses like Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon offer in areas like JavaScript and cloud development.

5. Create Your Resume

After bagging all the knowledge you need a concise and informative web developer's resume. A document that is an extension of your professional self.
A shining resume highlighting all your skills and qualifications to stand among other job candidates is important.

You should list your programming competencies and coding languages. With separate sections of education and experience, and other technical skills or certifications.

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Web Developer Jobs Salary Trends

According to Glassdoor statistics, the national average salary for junior web developer jobs in the United States is $50,123. Factors like area, credentials, and industry have an impact on the salary range.

California and Washington, for example, are now hiring the most web developers with a high pay range.

Given that the average income for entry-level web developer jobs in the United States is $60,017 per year, according to Indeed. This salary estimation figure is reported by 267 salaries by jr web developers.

Is Now a Good Time to Become a Web Developer?

A big jump into a new career is a risky deal to make for anyone. It’s important to consider the path ahead. Does your new industry have ample opportunities and stability? How likely are you to get hired?

In the wake of the past two years, the pandemic has taught us to consider every possibility good or bad. You’ll have noticed technology is omnipresent in our lives.

Looking at the facts, the entry level web developer jobs are to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030. So, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry level web development jobs are growing much faster than the average.

If you’re keen to quantify the demand for entry web developer jobs then apply in your area from Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. We did a quick search for junior web developer jobs and entry level web design jobs in the United States. As per the BLS data, about 17,900 openings are projected each year on average.

So, looking at the job market and employment growth, the answer is pretty clear. Yes! Now is an excellent time to start your junior web developer career.

Key Points

The high demand in the field of web development is the most compelling reason for you to give it a shot. In this developed world almost all of us are connected to the internet and websites. Seemingly the job opportunities for web developers are limitless.

A few major points for you to take away as an entry level web developer:

  • Adequate knowledge of technical terminology is a must
  • Master at least one programming language
  • Stay up to date with new advancements in web development
  • Must have the ability to test and debug the code on a web page
  • Develop aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills are a must to interact with teams
  • Keep earning certifications for future advancement**

These guidelines will help you kickstart your network engineer career. In addition, you can try Hiration’s Career Building Platform to boost your career and bag your targeted job in 2022.

It is an AI-powered platform that has a 24/7 help service for all your job & career-related queries. You can also reach out to us at for any professional assistance.

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