How to write a social media resume?

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A perfect social media resume will ensure an interview you have been dreaming of.

You know that you are great at handling social media, your peers know that too, but that will not land you the dream job.

Your hiring manager should know that you can take their social media platform to the heights of Mount Everest!

But to communicate the same to the recruiters you need to write the perfect social media resume.

You have the talent and the skills along with the required experience but you need to present them to the recruiters through an impeccable social media specialist resume.

Follow the given tips to construct a shortlist worthy resume:

Let us see how you can frame an impactful social media resume in 2023:

Use the right format to build your social media resume

It is a known fact that a recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds on a single resume.

6 Seconds is all you get to impress the recruiter through your social media coordinator resume, so you need to make sure that it is interesting enough to hold the readers' attention.

Also, there is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that your social media marketing resume needs to get past to be recognized by the recruiters.

It is a tracking system that allows the recruiters to filter through resumes and filter out the ones that do not comply with the industry norms and lacks relevant keywords.

Hence your social media manager resume needs to be built on a suitable ATS-compliant resume format.

So how do you plan on saving your social media evaluator resume from entering the pile of rejection?

We will tell you how.

Use the Reverse Chronological format as it helps the recruiter to recognize your latest and relevant job profile or achievement upfront.

It is ATS-friendly and the ideal format to present your career trajectory in your resume for social media.

There is the Functional resume format but only those professionals looking for a change in profession or need to cover career gaps should use this format.

It is not the best format and hence we do not recommend its use but it has its benefits as it throws focus on your skills to divert the recruiters' attention away from the hiccups that you have in your career trajectory.

You can make use of the Combination resume format especially if you have 10+ years of professional experience.

Its use can help you equally exhibit both your social media resume skills and work experience to get the recruiters' attention towards your professional expertise.

It may all seem a little overwhelming, but you can always visit Hiration's Online Resume Services to pick the most suitable format for your social media strategy resume.

Social media sample resume

Seeing is believing!

And so we have attached the complete social media resume template created from our Online Resume Builder for your reference:

Timothee Paulman
Social Media Manager
8+ years experienced marketing professional specialized in online & digital marketing and highly skilled in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. Adept in leading search engine optimization efforts to ensure improvement in page-rank and domain authority. Proficient in launching and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns on the CPC and CPI models.
Digital MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationSearch Engine MarketingContent MarketingSocial Media Marketing
Astle Equestrian and Pet Products
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Astle is America's favorite brand of luxury equestrian and pet products with stores presence in 60+ cities across the country and 30+ across the world
    Team Management & Performance Reporting
    • Creating and sharing monthly digital marketing performance reports with the CMO & CEO
    • Managed a team of 4 social media associates to increase and generate brand awareness
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Developed the complete 5 year SEO strategy for the firm
    • Driving relevant SEO content generation as well as getting 10+ backlinks per day
    • Upgraded the page rank of the website, bringing it to the 1st page on google search
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Publishing 5+ CPC & CPI display Ads per day on leading search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Achieved the lowest CPC (Cost Per Click) across the industry: $0.06 per click
    Content Marketing
    • Leading multiple email based content marketing campaigns to 500k+ subscribed customers
    • Generated 4 new Newsletters curated for different clients and increased their subscriber base by 40%
    Social Media
    • Handling 5+ firm's accounts on leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
    • Launching 2+ ad campaigns on each social media platform including the top ones single handedly
    • Increased the following on Instagram of major clients by 10k+ new followers in the first month

    Hubboost Media
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Huboost is second largest leading media houses in California dealing with print as well as digital publications
      • Maximized data driven approach with portfolio clients to increase sales by 15%
      • Bolstered the creation and maintenance of the company website to align with brand and business strategies increased traffic by 23%
      • Spearheaded multiple digital ad campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn with an average CPC of $ 0.6
      Fitsy Green Corp
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Fitsy Green Corp is the among the top 3 providers of health food supplements in the US
        • Advised in implementing new marketing strategies and tactics to increase sales by 30% and customer satisfaction15%
        • Improved the seamless flow of information between cross functional partners and be responsible for 15 campaign project managements annually
        • Briefed Marketing and Advertisement associates and senior staff in more than 12 specific projects
        BBA - Marketing
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          The University of Chicago provides 100+ courses in various fields
          • GPA: 4.0/4.0
          • Social Media Marketing Certificate (Hubspot Academy)
          • Social Media Certification with Boost Camp
          • Digital Marketing Nanodegree with Udacity
          • Languages
          • English: Native
          • Spanish: Fluent
          • Italian: Conversational

          Every feature that you see in the attached social media resume example is incorporated to make your resume outshine any other resume.

          The given sample social media resume is an ideal representation of all the amazing features that Hiration has to offer you.

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          Incorporate distinct sections in your social media resume to organize your details

          There are certain segments of a resume that has to be included at all times while creating a social media marketer resume. And the following are the sections:

          • Header
          • Personal Information
          • Profile Title
          • Summary/Objective
          • Key Skills
          • Professional Experience
          • Education

          Every section plays an important part in helping you built your social media marketing resume in a way that can intrigue the recruiters' interest in your potential.

          Meanwhile, every segment of your resume is important as it allows you to strategically highlight the different particulars and details that throw light on your suitability for the targeted job profile.

          You can add the below-given section whenever deemed necessary to enhance the standard segments listed above:

          • Certifications (if any)
          • Awards & Recognition (if any)
          • Additional Information (if any)

          The optional sections on a social media resume can do a lot more than you think.

          It gives you the chance to present your extra credits or achievements to potential employers so that they can acknowledge your professional expertise.

          To be put together in simple words, every section helps you create a positive image of yourself while presenting yourself as the best applicant through your social media evaluator resume.

          Frame your header, contact details, and profile title in your social media resume

          The three important details that you need to frame in the topmost segment of your social media manager resume are:

          • Header
          • Contact Details
          • Profile Title

          Social Media Resume: Header

          The resume header refers to your name.

          The top part of your resume should be labeled with your name so that the recruiters can keep easy track of your social media marketing resume.

          Write your name in 16-20 font size to make your social media coordinator resume header stand out as the largest text in your resume.

          Labeling resumes with "CV" and "Resume" is a common mistake that most professionals make but try to avoid becoming a part of the same crowd.

          It is a waste of space and time to be mentioning the obvious so stick to writing your name as the resume header and give your social media manager resume its unique identity.

          An actual representation of a social media resume header is represented in the below given social media resume example:

          Social Media Resume Header

          Social Media Resume: Contact Details

          Your contact details are very important in your resume for social media and without which there is no point in you creating a social media marketer resume.

          A resume without your contact details even if shortlisted will never help you land your dream job because there is no way for the hiring managers to get in touch with you.

          Hence, always add the following details to your social media evaluator resume:

          • Active Phone Number
          • Professional Email Address
          • Current Location

          Give the contact number through which the recruiters can easily get in touch with you while also make sure to add your email address as it is an easy way for the hiring managers to reach out to applicants.

          Your email address should not have any fancy name but your real name because if you add nicknames to your email address, the recruiters may assume that you lack a professional streak.

          For your current location, simply mention your city and state. But if you are willing to relocate outside the country for a job then mention your state and country.

          Every country, organization, or company follows different hiring guidelines so make sure to read through such guidelines before you give out your personal details.

          Hiration pro tip:
          You can also provide links to your social media profiles like LinkedIn so that the recruiters can get in touch with you while also get an insight into your social connections.

          We have attached a snapshot from our social media manager resume sample showcasing the ideal personal information section of a resume:


          Social Media Resume: Profile Title

          It is necessary to mention your professional identification in a social media resume.

          Profile title can be regarded as your crown in the professional field which you have acquired through your accomplishments both from experience and every other source.

          The right profile title can help you describe your latest designation and the functional industry that you are related to while confirming your seniority level.

          Lying on a social media marketer resume is never encouraged so make sure that you do not exaggerate or overstate your profile title.

          Always mention the explicit title that validates your rightful designation.

          Here is an example of a social media resume sample demonstrating an ideal social media professional profile title:


          The given example social media resume can be used as a reference to frame any specific profile title for social media on resume.

          Describe your professional experience effectively in your social media resume

          Are you putting down all your past achievements without any structure, thinking that it is enough to land you the perfect job?

          Well, you need to get off that high horse for a minute.

          There is a cut-throat competition out there and being a part of this digital world has escalated the competition in the social media field.

          So, how to write a social media resume?

          Well, you need to describe your achievements in a way that it picks the reader's interest and the following factors can help you achieve the same:

          One-Liners: Your points should be comprehensible and hence writing one-liners to narrate your work history will help you achieve the required result.

          One-liners are easy to understand while also allows the recruiters to get a crystal clear understanding of your roles and responsibilities as a social media professional.

          Simply use bullets points and frame one-liners.

          Power-Verb: Start every point with a suitable power verb that throws light in your professional activity.

          Doing so can help you elaborate on the different duties performed by you in a broader sense.

          Additionally, it can help you avoid unnecessary repetition of words while allowing you to emphasize your duties in a previous or current organization.

          Achievement Figures: It is always a plus point to add quantifiable data to explain your achievements as they make a better impact on the recruiter.

          Mention achievement figures to define your contributions and results obtained for the higher goals of an organization.

          The recruiters can right away make out what you are capable of professionally performing and achieving hence make an assessment of the value you can add to your next organization.

          Don’t be generic, use data and your field of expertise to amplify your points.

          Bucketing & Bolding: Once your points are listed in one-liners make it a habit to list similar points under relevant buckets by creating significant headings.

          This can help you organize your different work details and make it easier for the recruiters to get an insight into the various responsibilities part taken by you in an organization.

          With your one-liners organized under unique headings, pick the most significant words and phrases from every sentence and bold them.

          Doing so will help you get the attention of the recruiters to the specific points that highlight your professional expertise and potential.

          Social media sample resume for the professional experience section

          Check out the ideal professional experience section illustrated in our social media resume sample attached below:


          Call attention to your professional skills in your social media resume

          How to list social media skills on resume?

          Supposedly you have a plethora of information on marketing and managing social media, the next step for you is to put your social media skills on a resume in a way that it makes you the best person for the job.

          Never underestimate the power of a good skill set.

          Hiring managers widely use the ATS (Application Tracking System) to separate the resumes with the relevant keywords as per the job description.

          Hence, add those keywords in your social media marketing resume and raise the chance of your social media marketing resume getting shortlisted for the next round.

          Mention only those social media resume skills that you are familiar with and well versed with, be it - creative skills or your communication skills.

          The skills section is a really good place to make maximum use of the social media resume keywords, but you are not to blindly list down the keywords that are not relevant to the targeted job profile or not familiar with you.

          The mentioned skills of social media on resume should be justified in the one-liners points that you frame in the professional experience section.

          Remember that a human will also go through your social media manager resume at a later stage so be smart and just use the relevant keywords you figured out through the job description.

          Hiration pro tip:

          Refrain from using generic terms like Tech Savvy, all the skill sets usually have sub-sets, use them to acquaint the reader with your specific skill set. For example - Hootsuite, HTML, Buffer.

          An ideal social media resume skills section should be framed as shown in the given social media resume example:


          Mention your academic and co-curricular accomplishments in your social media resume

          A social media resume is not just about your work experience and skills.

          It is a combination of your academic accomplishments and any co-curricular credits to your name that defines your potential.

          List the details of your educational background and any other mention-worthy accomplishments to be acknowledged by recruiters for the same.

          Social Media Resume: Education

          It is a myth that Social Media Jobs don't focus on the education section of the social media intern resume.

          If you are a college graduate then start by:

          • Listing your highest degree first.
          • Then add the name of your college along with the geotag.
          • Don't forget to mention the timeline of your studies.
          • Mention relevant coursework and even your minor if it aligns with the targeted job.
          • Mention your GPA only if it is mention-worthy.

          The education section is a must-have for those writing an entry level social media resume because what you lack in work experience you can make up with your educational qualification.

          If you have an impressive academic section instead of relevant experience, start with that. You need to make sure to highlight your strongest points and dazzle the recruiter.

          The given social media manager resume sample exhibiting the education section is provided to give you an insight into how an ideal education section should be established:


          Wondering if there is more to it?

          Definitely, Yes!

          If you want to make your social media coordinator resume irresistible, you should add a few more sections that are relevant to the profile you are targeting.

          Add Certifications and Licenses

          By adding this section in your social media intern resume with your credible certificates and licenses, you can boost the chances of getting a call back for an interview.

          A certified professional with a license to practice one's work has a higher chance of being shortlisted when the recruiters have to pick the right applicant.

          Look at the given social media resume example from our social media manager resume sample exhibiting how your certifications can be listed on a resume for social media:


          There are multiple online platforms providing courses for Social Media Jobs, to name a few-

          • Social Media Marketing at Linkedin Learning Hub
          • Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification
          • Social Media Certification at Hubspot Academy
          • Search Engine Optimization at Coursera

          Hobbies and Interest

          Just because the subheading says hobbies and interests it doesn't mean that you can add irrelevant hobbies like knitting, horse riding, or golfing as such.

          Add hobbies and interests that will turn you into a better choice for a social media job, like Blogging or Vlogging.

          If you have some professional work worth mentioning then do it in this section.

          Refrain to do the same in case the work you post on social media is opinionated and pertains to religion or politics because that might backfire.

          Language Proficiency

          If you are bilingual or multilingual, do specify.

          Social media is a global phenomenon and your language skills might come in handy.

          Be specific with your proficiency level and always make it a point to not mislead the recruiter with false claims.

          Speaking more than one language is always considered an advantageous trait because a certain field of work such as in the social media profession requires one to build communication.

          Hence, being bilingual in the social media professions can help you achieve the same and the recruiters will take into account while assessing your qualification.

          How to put being a social media influencer on your social media resume

          Times have changed and being a social media influencer is in trend.

          While you are trying to convince your hiring manager about your social media marketing skills or social media managing skills, you can add your social media profile to support the same.

          Doing so will make the recruiter privy to your social media savviness and turn your digital marketing resume or social media manager resume into a success.

          You need to remember that the content you produce on your social media shouldn't be political or religious as may create undue bias in the recruiter. In simple words, the content should be relevant to the industry or organization that you are targeting.

          Compose a suitable social media resume summary or social media resume objective

          It is a known fact that the opening statement of an essay or a book holds great power. The same goes for your social media marketing resume.

          Hiring managers tend to receive hundreds and thousands of resumes from aspiring professionals even for a single job post.

          Therefore you need to include a social media resume summary or objective to give them an insight into all that you have fabricated in your resume for social media in the best way.

          The reality lies in the fact that your resume overview should be composed only after you complete building the rest of the segments in a social media manager resume.

          It is to avoid unnecessary editing and avoid missing out on important highlights because the resume overview needs to be created based on your skills, experience, and other relevant sections in a social media resume.

          You need to impress the hiring managers with your resume while giving them enough information through an overview of your resume and hold on to their interests.

          But to do that efficiently you need to know when to include your social media resume summary or social media resume objective.

          Social Media Resume Summary

          If you are someone with relevant experience in the said field for more than 3 years, then you should definitely opt for a social media resume summary.

          Add quantifiable data in the summary to keep the recruiter engaged and put across your achievements in the best possible way.

          Giving quantifiable data helps the recruiter in understanding the value you can bring to their company and hence becomes the best method to convey your professional journey and expertise.

          Mention both your skills and the highlights of your career to keep the recruiters fixated on your caliber as a social media professional.

          3-4 lines should be enough to give an overview of your resume unless you are a professional with more than 10 years of work experience in which case an exception can be made for 5 lines limit.

          Your journey is not interesting until it benefits an organization.

          Hence, describe the values that you can contribute through your resume summary while applying for a job profile that requires experienced professionals.

          Given below is a social media resume sample showing what an ideal resume summary should look like in a social media resume:


          Social Media Resume Objective

          The job opportunities in social media aren't just available to people with experience.

          If you are a fresher or someone with very little work experience writing an entry level social media resume applicant then make sure to include a social media resume objective.

          This opening paragraph doesn't talk about your past achievements like in a social media resume summary, rather it acquaints the recruiters with your goals which should ideally be aligned with the job profile you are applying for.

          Although, it's still advisable to use quantifiable data to help support your claims and talents.

          Key Takeaways

          • The foremost thing is to format your social media resume template in reverse chronological order to make it ATS friendly.
          • List all your previous social media experiences in one-liners under unique buckets and use quantifiable data to validate the level of your expertise.
          • Tailor your skillset on your social media marketing resume as per the targeted job description.
          • Mention the details of your education and relevant certifications or coursework.
          • Add other sections like certifications, hobbies, and language skills to enhance your resume for social media
          • Make sure your social media resume summary/social media resume objective is enthralling.

          These steps will lead you to an impressive and professional social media resume. In case you do not want to spend much time on the resume building process, you can use Hiration's AI-powered Career Building Platform.

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