Let’s talk about a rare move that can help you stand out during your job hunting.

Want to get noticed by the recruiters?

Go that extra mile and send a compelling message to the hiring manager for a job you want.

How does it help?

Consider there’s a job opening with a vacancy for two but with a database flooded with job applications. Your message to the hiring manager might drive them to go through your profile before the rest.

In cases where the organization/employer mentions not to contact them beyond official applications, refrain from messaging. Otherwise, there is no harm in sending a message to the hiring manager which briefly conveys your interest in the job.

Let’s discuss in detail the hows and whats of a message to the hiring manager, shall we?

Why Should You DM a Hiring Manager?

You might hesitate at first to directly message the hiring manager. This can be because you wish to strictly follow the rules of the application process or you want to remain respectful and avoid being tenacious.

Do not overthink it. Two great benefits of contacting a hiring manager are:

  • Direct contact with a hiring manager can be beneficial and help you streamline your job search process.

  • One-on-one contact with the hiring manager can help you network with them easily and, eventually, form a valuable professional relationship.

Here are a few reasons to consider writing an email to the hiring manager:


Shows Proactivity

Once you have completed the job application process, contacting the hiring manager can demonstrate a proactive and enthusiastic nature. This may also form a positive and lasting impression on you.

Proactivity is a powerful quality that employers look for in candidates. This initiative is an effort to introduce yourself to hiring managers.

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Develops Rapport

By emailing the hiring manager directly, you can blend personal and professional understanding that may outlast the application cycle.

Networking is always a great idea to form valuable relations that can be helpful in the future. If you cannot make it this time, the hiring manager might reach out when there’s a relevant job opening next time.

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Expedites Screening

You must be familiar with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or resume screening software which has a special filtering mechanism to shortlist resumes based on job-related keywords.

While this system saves time, it only evaluates your resume and restricts your efforts to one piece of document.

So, sending a personalized email to the hiring manager stating your interest and qualities, in brief, can help you bypass a resume-centric screening process.

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Discover Vacancies

Sometimes organizations have job openings that aren’t currently posted due to a posted vacancy being unoccupied or a hiring manager following alternate search processes such as referrals.

By emailing a hiring manager directly, you might find out about better job openings that match your qualifications.

Also, reaching out directly can make them consider you for a role with a smaller applicant pool, which can increase your chances of securing an interview with the organization.

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Tips on Messaging Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Contacting a hiring manager on LinkedIn is easy. Here are some points to keep in mind when you write your message:

  • Inform the hiring manager that you have applied and reiterate your interest in the job
  • Mention a few of your key qualifications to align your candidacy with the position
  • Keep your message as specific and concise as possible to avoid tiring the recruiter
  • Proofread your message because no message at all is better than a sloppily written one

Message to Hiring Manager Sample: LinkedIn

Hi Gemma,

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you. I am here to inform you I’m applying for the junior graphic designer position at Damsel Retro, and I wanted to take a minute to say hello.

I’m an admirer of the company, and my skill set can be a great fit for the role. I acquired lots of hands-on experience with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator during my internships with Blarg Trees and Green Screen. I have enclosed a link to my portfolio in case you want to check out my work.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to learning more about the position.

Best wishes,
Smith Jones

Message to hiring manager

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Length of the Message to the Hiring Manager

The length of a direct message matters. It should be capped at three paragraphs maximum of two to three lines each.

Sending a message on LinkedIn is easier because you certainly have the hiring manager’s name linked to their profile and a confirmed character count that guides the length of your message (299 characters for a request to connect and 2,000 characters for direct messaging).

In an email, make sure to not cross the range of 100-150 words because then it will be no different than a cover letter or letter of intent, and a direct message should be as brief as it can.

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Message to Hiring Manager: Points to Avoid

Knowing what points to avoid is just as important as knowing what points to follow. The missteps when reaching out to the hiring manager are:

  • Being too inquisitive: Bombarding the hiring manager with too many requests or questions may result in no response. Think about what exactly you need to know, then ask directly.

  • Repeat your resume: Resist the urge to tell the hiring manager about every great thing you have done in your career. State two to three achievements that relate to the role.

  • Start with your name: You’ve got limited space to get to the point. Introduce your skills or background in the opening paragraph. You can sign your name at the end of your message.

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What to Say to Hiring Manager After Applying?

Knowing when to follow up and what to say to the hiring manager after applying is a must. Waiting for a week or two before sending a follow-up message to the hiring manager is a good rule of thumb.

Make sure to confirm two things before following up:

  1. The company may mention in the job posting when the application window closes
  2. The job listing might state that applicants should not contact for a status update

If you are clear on these two accounts, you can go ahead and send the follow-up. Here's an example of what to say to the hiring manager after applying:

Hello Ms. Dexter,

I am writing to follow up on the application I submitted on March 14th for the Associate Marketer position with ABC Ltd. and to reiterate how interested I am in talking to the hiring team about this particular position.

As was mentioned in the job listing, you are in need of a proactive self-starter with great communication skills, and I hope this follow-up serves as evidence of both. I also bring four years of related experience in marketing, and I am truly excited about the work being done at ABC Ltd. It would be my pleasure to assist the marketing team in their efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I understand the time and effort that takes. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Your Name

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How Do I Email a Hiring Manager Before Applying?

Let's discuss the three times when you should send a message to the hiring manager before applying:

  • You Have Met Before: When it comes to hiring managers you have met before, the rules tend to be a little different. If someone has given you their business card, or even casually mentioned that you should drop them a message, that is a good indication and you must reach out.

  • You Have Applied Before: In the event that you see another interesting opening at the same company you have applied before, do not hesitate to reach out before you apply. Most of the hiring managers will at least revisit your previous application.

  • You Have An Internal Reference: When your friend recommends you for an opening in their company, it is perfectly ethical for you to ask your friend to connect you to the hiring manager.

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Message to Hiring Manager Sample: Email

Dear Mr. Maisel,

I hope this message finds you well. I recently applied for the Receptionist role with B. Altman.

I am excited about the opportunity to be considered for this role as I believe my interpersonal and people skills would make me a great fit for this position. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

I look forward to finding out more about the opportunity. In the meantime, I would love to keep in touch. Would you be able to add me to your network at the B. Altman community?

Miriam Weissman

Hiration pro tip:
Avoid writing Dear Hiring Manager. Try your best to research and find out the name of the person to be addressed. It shows your effort.

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Key Takeaways

A message to the hiring manager is an extra step you can take to let them know you are keen to join them.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Your message should concisely convey your interest and job application status.
  • Make sure to refer to company guidelines before reaching out to the hiring manager directly.
  • Include two to three of your core skills that go well with the applied position.
  • Make sure to thoroughly edit your message before sending it.

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