Networking in simple terms means exchanging information to build a professional relationship.

In modern times, networking has become easier and can be done in online and offline mode. The emphasis should not just be on maintaining a healthy personal relationship but also on the professional relationship as it kickstarts as well as boosts the career graph of an individual.

It is through the help of your network that you can get recommended and eventually land your dream job.

For some, it might be a daunting task, for others, it might be a piece of cake. To sail you through the process of networking, you must read our how to network for a job guide so that next time switching or finding a job does not turn out to be cumbersome work.

Here you will find the answers to the following questions:

Networking Tips to Navigate Through Networking

Some networking tips can help to navigate through networking easily:

  • Take charge and interact
    Conversing even on the simplest of professional topics can help you connect with people professionally. Many great experiences await our way and are felt only if we interact.

  • Build a circle
    Offer help that you can and seek help that you need. As redundant as it might sound, a strong network of people can eventually help you land your dream job.

  • Cultivate the relationship and reap the harvest
    Building any relationship takes time and patience. Learn about the company, participate in the activities hosted by the team and stay on a hunt for the information you need.

  • Target offline and online reach
    Interacting and letting your circle know that you are looking for a job can be done face to face as well by using social media. Don’t let any method go unexplored.

How Do I Network Myself for a Job?

To stand out from the crowd, just your perfectly built resume will not do. While you might think that you would step in the interview room and sway the interviewers with your expertise in answering the questions. However, chances are that it might leave a positive impression but would not increase your possibilities of getting hired.

About 70-80% of the jobs aren’t advertised yet they are filled. How do you think that happens? The answer is the referrals. A job referral comes in handy for getting extra attention from the recruiters in the first place. But how do you get the referrals?

Through Social Media

Various job-oriented applications are now available that can help with job surfing. The connections on LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed can help you build virtual professional connections that can be unleashed when the time is ripe.

Through Face-to-Face Interaction

A real human-to-human interaction cannot be substituted by any other form. Talk to the hiring managers, recruiters, or anyone related to that field and let them know you are open to serving another organization or willing to start your career.

By Appearing in Informational Interviews

Informational Interviews are a good way to know about the company, its work culture, and its ethos. It is not a strict interview but it can help you get the necessary details about the company you are vouching for and for the company to identify and evaluate if you can be a good fit for them. It can be a kind of gamble that can help you get closer to the job opening that you have been eyeing for ages.

Reach out to Concerned Person

If you have spotted a vacancy in a company and you know someone from your network is already working in that organization, reach out to that person blatantly. In a very formal and polite tone, draft that outreach email and shoot it to the targeted person.

Now that you have already decoded the sources to get referrals, the next question is what do you say to get that desired referral? Go on reading to know.

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What Do You Say When Networking for a Job?

Often asking for referrals for creating a network can turn our hands cold and lips dry. We do not know what to speak or how to speak. The key is to be upfront, confident, and not feel as if you are begging for their help.

Certain points can be kept in mind if you wish to create job networking.

Be Confident and Speak It

Do not beat around the bush. Being upfront about what you are looking for will take you a long way. Keep in mind that this is just the first step, miles to go before you get the job.

“Good Morning! Hope you are doing fine. I am grateful we have been connected professionally. Under your expertise, I have learned a lot. Currently, I am open to opportunities and I would like you to assist me in the process by referring me to the relevant organization as I know you have a strong connection in that organization.”

Make it Personalized

Speak to the concerned person as if you are speaking only to him/her. If you are circulating an email requesting a job referral, do not make it sound automated as there are high chances that the recipient would not entertain such a request.

Express Gratitude

Expressing thankfulness goes a long way. It strengthens the relationship and cements the professional bond. It is definite that the person will feel appreciated and important if you show gratitude.

In face-to-face Medium

If you are interacting in a face-to-face medium, you can ask questions too, of course after asking about their well-being. Some questions are suggested below:

  • How did you get the job in that organization?
  • How do you know about that organization?
  • Who does the hiring in that organization?
  • What do you enjoy the most being in that company?
  • What is coming up in the next few months in the company?
  • Do you think I can be a part of that organization too?
  • Would I like to work there?

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Referral Letter Sample

A sample writing for seeking a referral is given below:

Dear Mr. _____,
Hope you are doing great.
I was recently called for an interview by ____(name of the company) for the post of _____(name of the company). I have applied to their job advertisement. However, I still have not received a call from the organization for the interviews.
I will be very grateful if you could send a reference letter to them stating my skills and potential as you have known me closely. I am sure they will give me a chance to prove my capabilities. I would be thankful to you if you could do me this favor. I know you hold a position on the Board of Directors and your reference letter would certainly be considered by the HR department.
I thank you for your consideration of this matter.
Thanks and regards
_______Your Name

How Do I Ask for the Job Network?

Asking for the job network requires more mental strength. The reluctance of what people will think draws us one step backward. The conventional method includes filling out application forms, submitting resumes, and attending career fairs.

This can be exhausting for many individuals and therefore building a functional job networking is required- one that can help you fetch the desired job. If a job network is built properly, then, believe it or not, the desired job is not far away.

The simple methods that can be followed to ask for a job network are:

Figure out the Person to Contact

You wouldn’t want to waste others as well as your own time by targeting people who do not have any idea about the job you want.

Reach out to Hiring Managers

As audacious it might look to you at first, believe it what you might be hesitant to do, someone has already done that and reaped the harvest. Drop a polite message to them suggesting you are looking for a job.

Attend Informational Interviews

These interviews might not be considered as important by many. Do not follow the herd mentality. They are a great way to build a job network. Even if you do not get the job at first, you will at least build contact with relevant people who could help you get the job in the long run.

Make Use of the Email

Use the email as a sales pitch. Utilize all your knowledge gained from Shark Tank and sell your candidature. Seek relevant information about the company and sources to connect and build your network.

Ask in person

The best way to ask for a job network is to enquire in person. Ask passive questions, be resourceful and show curiosity. Do not portray yourself as needy and irritating through your questions.

How to Network for a Job on LinkedIn?

Connecting through LinkedIn is the easiest way to network. Thanks to advancements in technology, now building your network is just a few clicks away. Remember it is you who can and is responsible to shoot up your career.

LinkedIn can be that magic wand that could help you expand your networking. The obvious question is how can it be done so? Follow these simple steps and soon you will have a substantial number of relevant people in your network.

Connect with People Who Work in the Same Company

If you are clear in your head which company you want to work for, why to look here and there. Shoot for the fish’s eye and send connection requests to the people who are already serving the organization. Reach out to them and have a chit-chat about the latest vacancies in their company.

Connect with your Batchmates

It might happen that the person with whom you interacted once or twice in your freshman year could be working in the organization you want to get into or can refer you to the senior managers of the company. Networking is after all not just creating new useful contacts but renewing older ones too.

Learn about LinkedIn

What it means is getting to know how to use the platform, post, and stay active. Facts reveal that 122 million people across the globe receive interview calls through LinkedIn. Do not underestimate the power of this extraordinary employment platform.

Work on your LinkedIn profile

Remember when you reach out to create connections, people will view your profile. Ensure it is well built as in current times when a person sitting in India can interview for a company in the USA, LinkedIn is your new face and you have to enrich it with relevant information which can build your brand value and compel the recruiters and hiring manager to reach out to you.

Scroll through Job Postings

The job postings must be searched by typing the keywords in the search option. You can not only apply to job advertisements but also approach the recruiters directly by dropping them a message. Look for any common connection and let them facilitate the introduction which can even act as a passive reference for you.

Be a part of LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn events can be an exciting place to connect with like-minded people. You can network with such people and share your thoughts to gain the attention of the recruiters as well.

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Key Takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways from the blog that you can keep in mind while networking for a job:

  • Networking is not how many people you know but how many people know you.
  • To build a network, expand your online and offline reach. Reach out to people personally as well as on social media.
  • Attend informational interviews and reach out to the concerned person without hesitation.
  • To seek job referrals, be precise, draft a personalized message and send it over via email. Always express gratitude.
  • Passive questions can be asked in person without sounding too needy.
  • Explore LinkedIn, make an attractive page, and attend events. Connect with people working the company you are seeking a job.
  • Scroll through various job postings on LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed and connect with recruiters.
  • No matter what approach you follow, always remember that growing your network is in your hands.
  • Networking is not done in a day. It is a gradual process. Therefore, give it time and work to make it flourish.
  • At times it might happen that you do not receive an immediate response, do not be frustrated, follow up and be patient. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Now that you know about Networking, use the ideas to build your empire of strong connections and start networking rightaway.

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