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McDonald's offers employment to many graduate and undergraduate individuals across the globe. You can work at McDonald's with different profile titles based on your education level, experience, and skills.

In 2020, we encountered that nearly 200 thousand people are working at McDonald's globally. The statistics are enormous as the food and beverages chain offers employment opportunities for undergraduate students to cover their expenses.

Considering this, we are showcasing guidelines to build an impeccable McDonald's resume in 2022.

You will get the answers to these significant McDonald's career questions in this guide:

Let us get details of how to build an effective McDonalds resume in 2022 without any complications.

Do We Need a Resume to Work at McDonald's?

You do not need a resume for all the profiles at McDonald's. However, having a McDonald's resume will make you stand apart from the crowd of applicants without a resume.

You can showcase your unique skills and abilities in your McDonald's resume. It can also include what you have learned during your high school days.

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McDonald’s Resume Format

Be it a Mcdonalds crew member resume or McDonald's cashier resume, the most crucial task while framing them is choosing a suitable format.

You can opt for a reverse chronological resume format, one of the most effective resume formats used worldwide.

It focuses on your recent achievement followed by previous ones in reverse chronological order.

Other resume formats that you can consider while framing your McDonald's resume are:

McDonald's Resume Sections

After choosing a suitable format for your McDonald's resume, it's time to add sections to define your professional details in it.

Here is the list of resume sections that you can add to every resume no matter what profile you are applying for:

  • Header
  • Personal Details
  • Profile Title
  • Resume Summary/Objective
  • Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Training Details
  • Educational Details
  • Certifications
  • Projects
  • Voluntary Experience
  • Additional Details

These sections will help you build a professional resume at every stage of your career. However, as a fresher at McDonald's, you can avoid some sections that are not relevant to your targeted job profile.

Let us check out how to frame some tricky sections including, summary, professional experience, education, skills, and additional information in your Mcdonald’s resume:

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McDonald’s Resume Summary/Objective

The resume summary is one of the highlighting elements that can grab the recruiter’s interest while screening your Mcdonald’s resume.

A summary can give an insight into your customer service skills, interpersonal and communication skills, while also highlighting your potential as an efficient employee for Mcdonalds.

You can follow these guidelines while writing the summary of your McDonald’s resume:

  • Use easy-to-read language
  • Showcase your resume highlights
  • Mention your achievements
  • Add profile-centric keywords
  • Do not exceed 5 lines

Recruiters want to read compelling resume summaries. Hence, you must write a summary that can engage the recruiter.

You can see the difference between a right and wrong McDonalds's resume summary examples below:

Avoid this:

Experienced fast food worker capable of managing many people at a time. I can serve orders, manage the cash counter, make fast food efficiently without errors for a smooth business flow.

Practice this:

2+ years experienced and energetic fast food worker with hands-on experience in managing cash flow and delivering delightful customer service. Adept at maintaining throughout the day to retain customers and improve sales. Proficient in multitasking and assisting fellow crew members to complete every task effectively without errors.

How to Showcase Experience in a McDonald's Resume

The professional experience section in your resume can enhance your shortlisting chances if crafted appropriately.

You can mention the following details in your work experience section of your McDonald’s resume:

  • Profile Title
  • Name of Company
  • Location of Company
  • Serving Period
  • Work details

While describing your work details, we recommend using one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs. It will enhance readability and make your resume look organized.

These below-given guidelines will help you craft effective bullet points for your McDonald’s resume:

  • Use a power verb at the starting of every bullet point
  • Quantify your bullets wherever possible
  • Club similar bullets under a suitable skill heading
  • Highlight essential metrics and industry-specific keywords
  • Address cause-effect relationship in every bullet point

McDonald’s Resume With No Experience

Suppose you are a recent high school graduate and do not have any prior work experience in any field. In such a case, you can mention your unique qualifications in your McDonald’s resume, as mentioned in the official job description.

Education in McDonald's Resume

There are no specific educational requirements to work as a crew member at Macdonalds but for management programs a degree may be required.

You can add the below-given information in the education section of your McDonald’s resume:

  • Level of Education
  • Name of Educational Institute
  • Location of Institute
  • Enrollment & Graduation Year
  • Major Subjects
  • Grades Obtained

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McDonalds Resume Skills in Resume

The skills mentioned in your McDonald’s resume can be a deal-breaker in the recruitment process. Hence, you must read the job description carefully and mention all the required skills to get the targeted job.

You can separate your McDonald's resume's soft and hard skills for better representation. You learn soft skills from your life experiences, and hard skills are the ones that you acquire during your professional journey. Hard skills can also be called technical skills.

Here are some mcdonald skills that you can add to your McDonald’s resume:

Hard Skills Soft Skills
PAR software & point-of-sale system Teamwork
Inventory Management Self-motivation
Operating clamshell grill Communication skills
Operating deep fryer Problem-solving skills
Operating automated beverage system Organizational skills
Managing case registers & records Decision-making skills
Customer dealing Time-management skills

McDonald’s Resume Additional Information

This section of your McDonald's resume can include your other qualities and achievements related to the targeted job profile. For example, you can include information about any sales-oriented task you've done in the annual festival of your high school or any foreign language you speak.

Apart from this, you can also mention your hobbies if they align with your desired job profile at McDonald's.

Hiration pro tip:

We recommend adding every detail of your McDonald’s resume in bullet points except the resume summary/objective. The recruiter will not spend more than a few seconds on your McDonald’s resume. Hence, we recommend you frame it in an organized and professional manner.

McDonalds Crew Member Resume Sample

Check out a finely framed McDonalds resume sample given-below that you can consider to follow while buidling your McDonalds resume.

Tips & Guides
Marry Jane
McDonalds Crew Member
2+ years experienced and energetic fast food worker with hands-on experience in managing cash flow and delivering delightful customer service. Adapt at maintaining hygiene throughout the day to retain customers and improve sales. Proficient in multitasking and assisting fellow crew members to complete every task effectively without errors.
• Cash Management • Inventory Management • Food Preparation • Dessert Preparation • Effective Communication
• Hygiene Management • Customer Service • Effective Multitasking
Crew Member
Burger King
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    An American multinational chain of fast food restaurant having 18000+ outlets worldwide
    Finance & Inventory Management
    • Supervising cash counter management, customer service and sales with a team of 10+ employees
    • Managing 5+ payment methods including cash, credit card, Apple pay, and debit cards
    • Administering inventory management and ordering tasks to ensure high quality food delivery service
    Food Delivery & Hygiene Maintenance
    • Conducting cleaning tasks everyday, such as sweeping and mopping tables etc. to maintain 100% hygiene
    • Preparing 10+ desserts and speciality drinks including smoothies and milkshakes
    • Communicating 100+ food orders per day from customers to kitchen staff and help them prepare orders
    Smiling Chillies Restaurant
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      A local fast food restaurant offering services since 1999 with a footfall of 200+ customers everyday
      Cash Management & Item Packaging
      • Managed cash counter for the day and balanced cash drawer at the end of each shift
      • Resolved 80% customer queries everyday by determining the best solution for their needs
      • Prepared 50+ take-away items for customers and kept orders to food warmer to maintain 100% freshness
      Hygiene & Order Management
      • Maintained 100% hygiene of the restaurant by cleaning and sanitising entire facility
      • Collaborated with 10+ restaurant waiters to address table orders appropriately and quickly
      High School Diploma
      Dade County High School
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • GPA: 3.4/4.0
        • Languages: English (Native) & French (Intermediate)

        Do You Need a McDonald's Cover Letter?

        A cover letter can emphasize the value of your job application no matter in which industry you are applying. Hence, we recommend you add a cover letter with your McDonald's resume to enhance your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

        You can follow these guidelines while writing your McDonald's cover letter in 2022:

        • Refer the recruiter by name instead of 'Dear sir/ma'am'
        • start with your biggest achievements and mind-blowing capabilities
        • Add your skills and your qualities liked by the previous recruiters
        • Showcase your interest in the applied job opportunity
        • End with a thanking note and a statement that you are expecting a positive response
        • Do not exceed 400 words while writing the cover letter
        • Use crisp and easy-to-read language to enhance readability

        Key Takeaways

        Getting a job at McDonald’s is not tricky if applied appropriately. Most people do not use a resume to apply for a job profile at McDonald’s, but using a resume can emphasize the effectiveness of your job application.

        You can follow these essential tips to build an impeccable resume for mcdonald in 2022 as per this definitive guide:

        • Use a reverse-chronological format to outline your McDonald’s resume
        • Write your resume summary in easy-to-read language to engage the recruiter
        • Add your work experience in bullet points to improve readability
        • Follow the instructions given on McDonald’s official job description if you do not have work experience
        • Mention your educational details to prove your mental capabilities
        • Add hard and soft skills in separate sections for an organized presentation
        • Showcase additional information like hobbies, language, and achievements related to the targeted profile

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