How do you create a manufacturing engineer resume?

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Writing a manufacturing engineering is the best way to go about it.

But only writing an ordinary manufacturing resume is not going to cut it. According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities of industrial engineers are going to grow by 20% from 2019 to 2029.

It means the competition is also going to increase rapidly.

In this growing competition, getting a good mechanical engineer job is not easy. The best job in the industry already receives many job applications, and to stand among those candidates, you need to create an impeccable resume that appeals to the recruiters.

In this article, we will tell you all the ways you can create a manufacturing resume that will help you get more interviews while

Here is a small summary of the blog :

  • Always write your name as the resume header in the manufacturing resume.
  • Never write the resume summary and key skills before writing the professional experience section
  • Mention only the relevant information on the manufacturing engineering resume.
  • Stay away from including your personal information such as gender, caste, religion in the manufacturing resume.
  • Apart from the summary section every other section on your resume is in bulleted points.

In this blog, we will talk about:

Read on to get more insight on how to write a manufacturing resume in a best way. Also, go to Hiration’s Online Resume Builder and use the pre-filled templstes to create a manufacturing resume for yourself.

Manufacturing Engineer Responsibilities

Manufacturing engineers’ work typically includes working with production teams on site. They are responsible for developing & operating various machines for producing high-quality products.

They also create manufacturing drawings & prepare bill of materials from the drawings.

One of the main responsibilities of a manufacturing engineer is to study the production requirements and create the production plan for efficient workflow.

Job Responsibilities

  • Inspecting the manufacturing process by complying with the company requirements & quality criteria
  • Study the blueprints & creating a bill of materials for production
  • Designing & installing manufacturing equipment for improving production
  • Managing a team & workflow of the production line
  • Coordinating with the stakeholders to resolve production issues & production delays
  • Collaborating with vendors & sub-contractors and maintain a working relationship with them
  • Complying with the safety procedure for improving the workplace safety

Manufacturing Resume Samples

Here is one of many manufacturing resume templates created by the Hiration Online Resume Builder will guide you through the writing process of the resume.

John Doe
Manufacturing Engineer - Project Lead
Certified manufacturing engineering with over 6 years of experience as a project lead, and armed with a prolific track record of directing the entire manufacturing & production process for multiple workshops while complying with industry's policy standards.Proficient in collaborating with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders as part of successfully planning & executing mission-critical manufacturing projects while monitoring budget & on-time delivery. Adept at devising innovative approaches as part of improving production capacity & product quality for catapulting business growth.
• Lean Six Sigma • Production Management • Fabrication • Quality Control
• Operations Management • Process Improvement • Product Lifecycle Management
• Root Cause Analysis • Technical BluePrint • Project Management
Tools: AutoCAD, SmarTeam, SolidWorks Microsoft Office Suite
Manufacturing Engineer - Project Lead
Eton Electrical
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Eton Electrical is the largest electrical pole manufacturing plant in Portland with an employee base of 300+ professionals
    Production Management & Reporting
    • Coordinated with 15+ stakeholders to implement new fixtures for improving dimension checks & reduced delivery time by 13%
    • Collaborated with the research team of 10 to reduce the material usage during production while saving USD 1.3 mn. per year
    • Oversaw the daily production of 9 assembly workshops as part of generating 3+ weekly reports for the key stakeholders

    Root Cause Analysis & Automation
    • Analyzed the cycle time and implemented innovative processes for increasing productivity by 21%
    • Performed root cause analysis for the fabrication, assembly & testing process to resolve production issues
    • Led to an improvement in operational efficiency by 60%
    Production Engineer
    Pride Auto
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Pride Auto is a leading automobile manufacturing company in USA with 200 bn. turnover & 500+ employees
      Operations Management & Prototype Development
      • Enforced the Lean manufacturing methodologies for streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing waste by 12%
      • Coordinated with the design team to develop 5 new prototypes and identified design faults as part of improving performance
      Project Management & Quality Control
      • Assisting the project team with multiple small scale projects to identify areas of improvement for overall cost optimization
      • Managing the entire plant operations while overseeing the equipment functions for ensuring high-quality product standards
      • Corresponded with the quality control team to identify design issues & resolve them prior to product delivery
      Key Achievements
      • Launched 2 new products in the year 2016 with 200+ sold unit & generated USD 240 mn. in revenue
      Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
      University of Portland
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        A reputerd catholic university in Portland with approximately 4200 students
        • CGPA: 3.8/4.0 | Dean’s List for 6 semester
        • Certified Manufacturing Engineer | | Jun '18 - Jun '21

        Manufacturing Engineer Salary

        Manufacturing Engineer salary widely vary from country to country and based on the candidate's experience.



        According to, a manufacturing engineer in the USA gets a maiden salary of $82,820 per year.

        And the average entry level manufacturing engineer salary is $14.60 per hour in United States.

        According to PayScale, the average salary of a manufacturing engineer in the USA is $70,872 per year.

        According to, the average salary of a manufacturing engineer is $77,213 per year.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume Format

        Formatting of a professional manufacturing resume matters a lot. If the resume is clean and easy to read, it will quickly get the reader’s attention, and it will help you get an interview.

        Here are some of the essential formatting tips for your manufacturing engineer resume:

        • Always use the reverse chronological resume format for writing a manufacturing engineer resume.
        • Use a simple professional font to write the resume, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, etc.
        • Keep the font size between** 12- 14 points** & 14 - 16 points for the resume headings.
        • Always use a 1-inch margin on each side of the resume. If there is a lot of content, you can reduce the margin to ½” or ¾” but not less.
        • Always save the resume in PDF format.

        Here are the essential sections of a manufacturing resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary / Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Technical Skills (if any)
        • Professional Experience
        • Education
        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Read our resume sections guide and include all those sections that can make your manufacturing resume stand out among 100+ resumes.

        How to Write a Manufacturing Engineer Resume?

        In hiration, we have developed a three-stage process to write a manufacturing engineer resume effectively.

        • First Stage: Master Manufacturing Resume
        • Second Stage: First Draft of Manufacturing Engineer Resume
        • Third Stage: Final Draft of Manufacturing Engineer Resume

        Master Manufacturing Engineer Resume

        In this step, you just take a piece of paper, in this case, a word document, and write all your previous experience on it. Don’t overthink about what is necessary and what is not. Just write all the things that you have done in your entire professional career.

        The advantages of creating a master manufacturing resume are:

        • It helps you modify the resume based on each job requirements
        • It acts as a base point for your resume creation. Whenever you need to make a resume in the future, you already have all the information in place. You just need to make it more targeted towards a profile.

        First Draft of Manufacturing Engineer Resume

        In the second step, you understand the job description and sort out all the essential information that will be relevant to the particular job. That divides them into appropriate sections. Typical sections on a manufacturing engineer resume should look like this:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Professional Experience
        • Education
        • Certification (if any)
        • Volunteer Experience (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)
        Hiration pro tip:
        No need to create the key skills and summary section at this stage. This stage is only for effectively writing the key skills & the summary section.

        Final Draft of Mechanical Engineer Resume

        In the last step, we have much more clarity on the trajectory of the professional experience. That’s why it is advisable to write the key skills & the professional summary section at the very last stage of the resume writing process.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Header

        The resume header is the first design element visible to the recruiters. And you want it to be clean and readable to get the attention of the recruiter.

        Here are the top tips for writing a resume header:

        • Write your won name as the resume header. Do not use “CV” or “Resume” in the resume header.
        • If you have a middle name, shorten it while writing the resume header. For example, instead of “Johnny Barthelmeu Good,” you can write “Johnny B. Good
        • Make the font size of the resume header between 16-20 points.
        • Write the resume header in a clean and professional font such as “Ariel,” “ Times New Roman.

        Take a look at the Manufacturing Engineering Resume Header example to understand more.


        Read the Hiration's extensive guide on creating a Resume Header to know more about the resume header.

        If you want to create a manufacturing engineer resume on your own, go to Hiration's Online Resume Builder & create one for yourself.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Profile Title

        A profile title is the professional identity of any professional. It helps the hiring manager understand a lot about your industry and experience & personality.

        It communicates the following facts to the recruiter:

        • Your Current designation
        • Your functional industry
        • Your Seniority Level

        Here are the things you need to keep in mind before you write the manufacturing resume profile title:

        • It’s the second-largest text in the manufacturing resume.
        • The font size of the profile title should be between 14- 16 points
        • Always make the profile title super-specific. For example, if you are in charge of Pump operations in your manufacturing engineering job, you should write “Manufacturing Engineer- Pump Operations.

        Here is one of the manufacturing engineer resume examples: title to help you write a perfect manufacturing engineer resume title.


        If you want to create a manufacturing engineer resume for yourself, go to Hiration Resume Builder and choose from 20+ templates and create one for yourself.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Personal Information

        Like any other job in the market, you will most likely apply for a manufacturing engineer job via an online portal.

        In those cases, your contact information act as an essential part of your resume. If you mistype or give wrong information in your resume, it might cost you your job.

        Essential personal information for manufacturing resume:

        • Updated mobile number
        • Professional email address
        • Location

        Updated Mobile Number

        When writing your mobile number, you need to keep in mind some important information such as

        • Always write your number with a space in the middle. It improves readability.
        • Write the ISD code of the phone number and put a +(plus) sign before the ISD code.
        • Double-check if you have included the right information in your resume.
        • Here is an example: +1 38723 31981

        Professional Email Address

        A professional-looking email id increases your chance of getting a job by a significant amount.

        Secondly, you must ensure that you have written the correct email address.

        Professional email id:

        Un-Professional email id:


        You need to keep in mind some simple rules when writing the location in the manufacturing engineer resume.

        Here are some simple rules to follow when adding your location information to your resume.

        • Write the location in the City. Country code format if you are applying for a job outside your country.
        • Write the location in State, City code format, if the job you are applying for is within the country.
        • Do not write your full address in the location section unless it’s necessary.

        Here’s a manufacturing engineering resume personal information example for your reference.

        Personal Information
        Contact Number +1 123 122 8327
        Email Address
        Current Location LA, US


        Read more about contact information in the [2022 Contact Information Guide] for a detailed explanation.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Professional Experience

        The professional experience section is the most crucial section in your manufacturing engineer resume.

        When wiring the professional experience section, here are some of the formats you must apply to make it more readable and compelling.

        • STAR Format
        • Frame Points
        • Bucketing & Bolding


        The STAR format stands for:

        • S stands for Situation- the backdrop where you have to take action
        • T stands for Task - The tasks you have to carry out to mitigate a situation
        • A stands for Action - What actions you have taken
        • R stands for Result - The result of your actions.

        Framing Points

        Let’s look at two manufacturing resume examples professional sections to understand the importance of framing points.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume Example 1:
        "Effectively designed & developed an automobile facility with USD 200mn budget for producing 50+ vehicles per year. Additionally, I coordinated with the stakeholders to install state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies for reducing 20 hours/week workforce. I analyzed manufacturing cycle data and identified and optimized the process for decreasing cycle time by 12%. I coordinated with the design team to build prototypes & conducted research for developing high-performance vehicles. Launched 2 new vehicle models with over 200+ sold unit & USD 240mn in revenue.”
        Manufacturing Engineer Resume Example 2:
        • Designed & developed an automobile facility with USD 200mn budget for producing 50+ vehicles per year

        • Coordinated with the stakeholders to install state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies for reducing 20 hours/week manpower.

        • Analyzed manufacturing cycle data and identified and optimized the process for decreasing cycle time by 12%.

        • Coordinated with the design team to build prototypes & conducted research for developing high-performance vehicles.

        • Launched 2 new vehicle models with over 200+ sold unit & USD 240mn in revenue

        From the above examples, we can see that the framing points(example 2) are way easier to read than Example 1.

        • In conclusion, always create a cause and effect relationship in the bullet points.
        • Avoid writing long paragraph which is off-putting & difficult to read.

        This way the professional experience section will become much more readable.

        Grouping & Highlighting

        Grouping & highlighting is another excellent way to write the professional experience section.

        We have 2 manufacturing resume examples of the professional experience section to help you understand the effectiveness of bucketing & bolding technic in the professional experience section.

        Avoid this:
        • Designed & developed an automobile facility with USD 200mn budget for producing 50+ vehicles per year

        • Coordinated with the stakeholders to install state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies for reducing 20 hours/week manpower.

        • Analyzed manufacturing cycle data and identified and optimized the process for decreasing cycle time by 12%.

        • Coordinated with the design team to build prototypes & conducted research for developing high-performance vehicles.

        • Launched 2 new vehicle models with over 200+ sold unit & USD 240mn in revenue

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume Example 2:

        Facility Design & Manpower Reduction

        • Designed & developed an automobile facility with a USD 200mn budget for producing 50+ vehicles per year

        • Coordinated with the stakeholders to install state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies for reducing 20 hours/week manpower.

        Performance Analysis & Prototype Development

        • Analyzed manufacturing cycle data and identified and optimized the process for decreasing cycle time by 12%.

        • Coordinated with the design team to build prototypes & conducted research for developing high-performance vehicles.

        Key Achievements

        • Launched 2 new vehicle models with over 200+ sold unit & USD 240mn in revenue


        We can clearly see that the bucketing & bolding structure is much more effective than framing points.

        Heres’ how you can create it:

        • Create unique buckets for each related bullet point, and put all related points under that relevant buckets.
        • Bold the statistics and highlights in the one-liner bullet points.
        • It highlights the important information in the resume & helps the recruiter to recognize your skills & experience without even reading the entire resume.

        To learn much more about the professional experience section in a resume, read Hiration's Blog on 2022 guide to compose the work experience in your resume.

        Look at the manufacturing resume sample showcasing an ideal professional experience section:

        Entry Level Manufacturing Engineer Resume Samples: Professional Experience

        Practice this:

        Manufacturing Assistant

        Tesla | April 2014 to May 2015

        • Identified part vendors & fostered good relationships with them for reducing the supply cost; Saved USD 1.3mn on supply cost per annum

        • Assisted the senior consultant in designing & testing manufacturing methods by studying the product & client requirements

        • Coordinated with the product design team to update product design of 2 vehicles by deploying AutoCAD

        Avoid this:

        Manufacturing Assistant


        • Managed the vendors & oversaw the supply of parts

        • Worked with the seniors to design & test manufacturing methods.

        • Worked with the design team to develop product design

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Education Section

        According to, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for becoming a manufacturing engineer.

        That means you need to include your education information on resume to meet the minimum criteria.

        The common degree courses for manufacturing engineering are:

        • B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering
        • Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
        • BST in Manufacturing
        • Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering

        In the manufacturing engineer resume, here are the elements you need to add:

        • Name of the school/university you have attended.
        • Name of the courses you have pursued.
        • The location of your school/university.
        • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month & year format.

        Here is a typical format to write the education experience in your resume

        {(Degree) | (College/University) | (Location) | (Duration)}


        • B.Tech in Manufacturing Engineering | University of California | Berkeley, CA | May ‘15 - Apr ‘18
        • CGPA: 3.8/4.0 | Dean’s List
        • Awarded as the Best Studnet Designer
        • Member of Student Engineering Society

        If you want to know in detail how to list the education section on your resume, read the Hiration Education Section Writing Guide.

        Here is one of the Manufacturing resume sample showcasing the ideal education section for your resume:


        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Certifications

        Being a certified manufacturing engineer can make you highly valuable for an organization.

        A specialized certification can help you get your dream manufacturing job.

        So, make sure that you add your certification information on the manufacturing engineer resume.

        Some of the standard manufacturing engineering certifications are:

        1. Certified Manufacturing Engineering
        2. Certified Production Technician
        3. Apple Rubber Academy
        4. Certified Automation Professional
        5. Quality Engineer Certification
        6. American Society of Certification
        7. Project Management Professional

        However, it’s not enough to include the certification name on your manufacturing engineer resume.

        Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

        • Make sure the certification you are adding is valid in the country you are applying for.
        • Make sure the certification is not expired at the time of interview or joining.
        • Always add the name of the certification body in the resume
        • If possible, include the certification number on the manufacturing resume for reference.

        Here is an ideal format to include certification information on the resume:

        {(Certification Name) | (Certification Body) | (Date of Certification - Date of Expiry)}

        Want to get a much clearer idea of the certification section on resume?

        Read Hiration Certification Writing 2022 Guide to get a better understanding of the certification section of a resume.

        Illustrated below the ideal example of a certification section on a manufacturing resume:


        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Summary

        As a manufacturing engineer, how do you write a design specification?

        With a project description, right.

        Similarly, your manufacturing engineer resume also needs a brief introduction.

        A manufacturing engineer resume summary is a brief overview of the candidate’s previous skills and accomplishments.

        However, it should not be a long paragraph.

        The resume summary should only talk about only the most important achievements of the candidate.

        Here is a list of things you must remember when writing your resume summary:

        • Always compose the resume summary at the very last of your resume writing process.
        • Select the most essential highlights from the professional experience section
        • Make sure to include a couple of job-specific keywords in the summary section.
        • Try to wrap up the summary section within 3-4 lines.
        • Write the resume summary only if you have 3+ years of experience.

        For a better understanding, read Hiration's Resume Summary Guide to write a perfect manufacturing resume summary.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume Summary: Examples

        Practice this:
        5+ years experienced manufacturing engineering professional highly skilled at designing & developing facilities as part of bolstering product manufacturing. Adept at conducting research & creating prototypes for improving product performance. Proficient in analyzing performance & cycle data for identifying inefficiencies & mitigating them for improving process efficiency.
        Avoid this:
        Highly skilled manufacturing engineer proficient in designing, installation & automation. Worked with stakeholders to improve process efficiency.

        The second example is most people do. But if you look closely, the second example is not as attractive as the first one. In the first example, there are clear cause and effect relationships which makes it easier to understand.

        Visual Example: Manufacturing Engineer Resume Summary


        Manufacturing Resume Objective

        If you don’t have much experience, you can write a resume objective instead of a summary.

        The idea for a summary & an objective is the same. But a resume objective leans heavily on your academic accomplishments, volunteer experience, internship experience, research experience, etc.

        Entry Level Manufacturing Resume Objective : Example

        Practice this:
        Enterprising manufacturing engineer gained hands-on experience in installing equipment by adhering to the technical specifications. Skilled in fostering relationships with vendors for saving cost & ensuring availability of material at all times.
        Avoid this:
        Entry-level manufacturing engineer with knowledge in designing & manufacturing processes.Skilled in equipment installation. Looking for a job in the manufacturing industry.

        Manufacturing Engineer Resume: Key Skills

        The key skills section on the manufacturing engineer resume will help you get past the ATS system. However, most candidates don’t know how to create the key skills section appropriately.

        Most candidates dump random keywords in the key skills section. These tricks may help them pass the ATS system, but they would never get selected for an interview by the human recruiters.

        Recruiters will be a lookout for key skills in the resume which is specifically required for the job.

        Some common manufacturing skills list:

        Product Design Process Design
        Technical Specification Process Improvement
        Performance Analysis Policy Deployment
        Lean Manufacturing Fixture Design
        Cycle Time Reduction Vendor Management
        Team Management Client Management

        Given below are some of the technical skills for a manufacturing engineer:

        MATLAB AutoCAD
        CAM Software Ansys

        The above-mentioned skills are just a few drops from the ocean. There are numerous key skills that are essential for a manufacturing engineer.

        However, each skill you mention in the resume must be relevant to the targeted job profile.

        How to select the right Manufacturing Engineer Resume Skills?

        • Read the job description a couple of times and identify the key skills in the job posting.
        • Read your professional experience and identify the key skills you can find from it.
        • Find the common key skills that are both in the JD and professional experience.
        • These are the key skills for your resume. Create a separate “Key Skills” section and include the skills in that section.
        • Here is a snapshot of the resume key skills section for your reference.

        Doing this will give you a much greater chance of getting noticed by the hiring manager and getting an interview.

        Read the Hiration 2022 Guide on Resume Key Skills to better understand how to highlight key skills in a resume effectively.

        Here is a screenshot of key skills section of the Manufacturing engineer resume :


        Hiration Online Resume Builder

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        • Option to save unlimited resumes
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        Go ahead and pick a resume template and start creating your manufacturing resume NOW!

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        Hiration Cover Letters

        A cover letter is an effective tool to get your resume highlight from 100+ resumes. However, don’t just write it for the sake of it.

        There is a proper way to create a perfect cover letter.

        To write a perfect cover letter:

        • Ensure the cover letter format is similar to the resume format.
        • Address the hiring manager by his/her name
        • Create an engaging first paragraph for making them interested in your profile
        • Tell your experience in the second and third paragraphs.
        • In the end, include a call to action for an interview.

        Hiration's Cover Letter Builder provides:

        • 10+ ready to use templates
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        This is not all!

        Hiration can help you with various other aspects of getting a job, including:

        Key Takeaway

        Here are some key takeaways from the manufacturing Engineer job:

        • Make sure to pick the best suitable resume format for your resume.
        • Make sure to write the resume in a clean manner. Use a professional font such as Calibri or Ariel for maximum readability.
        • Write a job-specific profile title. Do not write “CV” or “Resume” in the resume header.
        • Always use the bucketing & bolding format to write the professional experience section.
        • Write the resume summary at the end of the resume writing process.
        • Always read the job description thoroughly & identify the keywords necessary for including in the resume key skills section

        Go through the sample and examples thoroughly to get a clear understanding of each sections of the resume.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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