How to write a perfect management consultant resume?

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A perfect management consultant resume is a golden ticket to the management job of your dreams.

To get closer to your dream job, it is important to showcase competence and professional caliber. There's no better way to do this than a resume

A professional resume is the most efficient route to getting shortlisted. And you will learn all about how to write one from scratch.

Here's a summary of our Management Consultant Resume Blog:

  • Write all dates in the month & year format.
  • Your resume summary should be strictly limited to 3-5 lines.
  • Use one-liner points instead of paragraphs to compose your resume.
  • Highlight your management consultant skills in the Key Skills section.

That's not all.

By the end of this blog, you will learn:

With the help of this blog, you'll be able to write a stellar resume without outside help. You'll be able to write impeccable management consultant resumes from scratch.

This blog is the only guide you will need.

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What is a Management Consultant Resume & why do you need it?

A management consultant resume serves as the first point of contact between you and the recruiter. It is the first opportunity you get at impressing the recruiter without even meeting him/her one-to-one.

It communicates your skills and proficiency to the recruiter.

It also provides information around your education, certifications, awards, and recognition, etc. Hence, to have a correctly made and well-written management consultant resume is of paramount importance.

If the recruiter likes what he/she sees, you get shortlisted. If your resume fails to do this, you don't get shortlisted.

To get a shortlist, you need to write an ATS-targeted management consultant resume.

When your resume gets parsed by the ATS, it is assigned a rank. Based on this rank, you get shortlisted. So the higher you rank, the higher are your chances of getting shortlisted.

So your goal is to write an ATS-targeted resume that gets a high rank.

And here's the best part:

In this blog, you will learn all about it.

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Management Consultant Resume Sample

Given below is a management consultant resume sample illustrating the perfect resume for management consultants:

8+ years experienced Senior Management Consultant and excellent marketing tactician with proven success in forging partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Highly skilled in all aspects of communication strategy, brand building, and revenue generation for enhancing organizational growth. Adept at leading and managing teams to ensure the timely delivery of work while successfully handling the creation of client-winning presentations.
Team Leadership & Mentoring Advisory Services Business Solutions Program Innovation & Execution
Performance Monitoring Report Development Market Analysis Client Acquisition Relationship Management
Communication Strategy Brand Building Revenue Generation
    Client Servicing & Relationship Management
    • Developed long-term relationships with clients and acquired ~10 new clients
    • Acquired business partnerships with Fortune 500 companies by growing ad revenue for clients by 45%
    Advisory Services & Business Solutions
    • Provided strategic advisory services to 30+ clients leading to 90% client satisfaction
    • Innovated and executed 20+ improvement programs to bolster the overall performance of the company
    • Analyzed the business challenges of 10+ partner companies to offer meaningful solutions to their business needs
    Leadership, Mentoring & Performance Evaluation
    • Mentored & trained 10+ consultants in the company's practices
    • Oversaw the execution of workstream tasks for 20+ analysts on a daily basis
    • Led a team of ~5 consultants to ensure the timely delivery of financial reports
    • Identified performance gaps leading to the creation & implementation of 5+ corrective actions
      Communication Strategy, Brand Building & Revenue Generation
      • Created, edited and approved 200+ client sales presentation
      • Facilitated client communication strategies including lead generation & follow-up
      • Transformed brand names, products, and services to facilitate business opportunities for clients
      • Formulated & implemented communications programs leading to increased client revenue by 50%
        • Top 5% of the class
        • Languages: English, Spanish

        Sections in a Management Consultant Resume

        Mentioned below is a list of the sections that you should put in your resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education
        • Certifications (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        To learn more about resume sections, read Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume.

        How to make a Management Consultant Resume

        You should follow 3 stages to write your resume using the correct approach:

        • Stage 1: Master Management Consultant Resume
        • Stage 2: First Draft of Management Consultant Resume
        • Stage 3: Final Draft of Management Consultant Resume

        Master Management Consultant Resume

        Your master resume encapsulates your entire lifespan in a document.

        All you have to do at this stage is to store all your information in one place. This meets the twin objective of resume making in the present and resume updates in the future.

        Having all your information in one place simplifies your resume-making journey as you don't need to explicitly look for information anymore.

        First Draft of Management Consultant Resume

        As part of this stage, you have to compile the sections that we have mentioned below:

        • Header
        • Personal information
        • Profile title
        • Professional experience
        • Education
        • Certification
        • Awards & recognition
        • Additional information

        Final Draft of Management Consultant Resume

        As part of this stage, all you have to do is compile the key skills section and then the resume summary at the end.

        As a rule of thumb, these sections are composed at the end as it helps you identify your core skills objectively and write a killer resume summary within seconds. All you have to do is identify your career highlights and replicate them in your summary and BOOM! Your perfect management consultant resume is good to go!

        Management Consultant Resume: Header

        Your name is the de-facto resume header. Here are some tips you can follow to write your resume header with perfection:

        • Your name should be the largest text on your resume.
        • This should be written in a font size of 16 - 20 points.

        Would you like to read more about it?

        If the answer is yes, head right over to Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header to write the perfect header for your resume.

        Header section in a Management Consultant section

        Management Consultant Resume: Personal Information

        Your personal information section essentially consists of important contact details such as:

        • Phone Number
        • Email Address
        • Current Location

        While composing this section, make it a point to correctly and accurately fill the information.

        Here's a management consultant resume example illustrating the perfect personal information section:

        Personal information section in a Management Consultant resume

        Read more about the DOs and DONTs of putting contact information on a resume by reading Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information.

        In the meanwhile, get your resume professionally reviewed by our experts at Hiration.

        Management Consultant Resume: Profile Title

        Massy Arias may not need a profile title on her resume. Neither would Dwayne Johnson.

        But we certainly do. Your title communicates your latest profile designation. This should be done in the font size of 14 - 16 points.

        Given below is a consultant management resume demonstrating the perfect profile title:

        Profile Title section in a Management Consultant resume

        Management Consultant Resume: Professional Experience

        The professional experience section is the heart and soul of your management consultant resume.

        It endorses information such as your present and previous work profiles, thereby giving the recruiter an insight of your proficiency as a management consultant.

        Thus, the need to perfect this section is a top priority. Here's what you can do to perfect it:

        • Use the STAR format
        • Use one-liner bulleted points
        • Use bucketing & Bolding

        STAR Format

        The STAR format is acknowledged as the best format for structuring each one-liner point in your resume.

        It stands for:

        • S: Situation i.e. backdrop in which you were assigned a task
        • T: Task i.e. the task you were assigned
        • A: Actions i.e. the actions you undertook to meet the task
        • R: Results i.e the outcome of your actions using performance/achievement figures

        The STAR format uses the cause-effect relationship which helps you write an impactful professional experience section. It helps in bringing out the impact that your work had on the business.

        By showcasing the results of your action in the form of performance figures, you're able to illustrate the extent of your contributions using numbers. This makes your resume more viable to any recruiter who goes through your resume.

        Use one-liner points

        It is best practice to use one-liner points in your professional experience section. This helps you outline your roles & responsibilities in an organized manner.

        Moreover, using points makes your management consultant resume more readable as it is reader-friendly and easy to comprehend.

        Use Bucketing & Bolding

        Bucketing is the practice of grouping similar points under unique subtitles. This helps the recruiter identify your main roles with just one glance.

        Bolding is the practice of highlighting one or two words to draw the recruiter's attention to your key achievements.

        Using bucketing & bolding, you can write a professional experience section that is highly effective in the way it communicates information.

        Management Consultant Resume Sample for professional experience

        Read more about this section on Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

        To get a better clarity of what a perfect professional experience section should look like, look at the management consultant resume sample provided below:

        Professional Experience section in a Management Consultant resume

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        Management Consultant Resume: Education

        The education section of your management consultant communicates the details of your educational background to the recruiter.

        Using this section, you're able to communicate:

        • Name of the school/university you have attended
        • Name of the pursued courses
        • Location of your school/university
        • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month and year format

        There's no such thing as enough information. Learn more about this section on Hiration's 2022 Guide on how to list education on your resume.

        Given below is a management consultant resume sample showcasing the ideal education section:

        Education section in a Management Consultant resume

        Management Consultant Resume Key Sections

        Management Consultant Resume: Key Skills

        To enjoy an obvious advantage over other applicants, make a separate key skills section to endorse the core skills that you have cultivated over the years.

        Listing your skills in your manager consultant resume can make all the difference for your job application so make sure you make one.

        Here are some tips to help you write a powerful key skills section:

        • Identify your core skills from the rest of your resume
        • After identifying them, list them in the key skills section
        • To optimize your resume according to your target job, identify the keywords (skills a recruiter wants in an ideal candidate) and replicate them in this section as long as you can justify having these skills.

        Doing this will make this section stand out, and further increase your chances of getting shortlisted!

        To learn more about perfecting this section, read Hiration's Guide on what skills to put on a resume to get a better understanding of how to endorse your skills in a resume.

        Check out our management consultant resume example illustrating the ideal key skills section:

        Key Skills section in a Management Consultant resume

        Don't want to go through the hassle of individually organizing each section?

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        Management Consultant Resume: Summary

        Your resume summary is a statement piece of intent and an equal endorsement of your capabilities in 3-5 lines. It should ideally communicate how you can benefit the organization that you are targeting.

        Here are some things you can do to write an impeccable resume summary:

        • Keep it confined to 3-5 lines.
        • Compose it at the end: This helps you pick the highlights of your career easily
        • Talk about what you can do for the company that you are targeting.

        Does this seem too vague?

        Learn more about resume summaries on Hiration's Guide to a resume summary now!

        Given below is a management consultant resume sample illustrating the perfect summary:

        Summary section in a Management Consultant resume

        Resume Review Service

        With our Resume Review Service, your management consultant resume will be reviewed in compliance with the following parameters:

        • Compliance with industry norms
        • Content Relevance
        • Recruiter Friendliness
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • ATS Compliance
        • Global Compatibility
        • Performance Assessment
        • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

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        Key Takeaways

        • A perfect Management Consultant Resume should directly speak to the relevant people. First, understand the industry. Secondly, have someone in the industry give you feedback. We suggest getting feedback from industry-specific professionals.
        • Tailor your Management Consultant Resume according to your target position instead of making a generic resume for all your target jobs. This will help you rank higher on the ATS.
        • Write a summary of 3-5 lines. Do not exceed the 5 line limit.
        • Make a separate section for all your projects and certifications.
        • Begin the points of your work experience with a power verb.
        • Use power verbs in the past tense for past profiles and projects and use power verbs in the present continuous tense for present profiles and projects.
        • Write a resume objective if you have 0 to less than 3 years of work experience. If your professional engagements transcend 3 years, write a resume summary.
        • Write your location in city/state format if you are planning to apply for a job in the same country and write it in city/country format if you are applying for a job in another country.

        This brings us to the end of this blog.

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