What is a logistics coordinator job description?

Logistics coordinators play a major role in supply management.

They manage all aspects of logistics and oversee supply chain operations while ensuring efficient and cost-effective disbursal of goods.

For a professional in this field, one needs to possess strong managerial and leadership qualities with keen attention to detail.

Read on to learn all about the logistics coordinator job description and get a clear idea of the following FAQs:

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Logistics Coordinator Job Description Template

A logistics coordinator job description template contains all the details of what an organization needs from the applicant to manage all aspects of supply chain operations.

Given below is a real-time logistics coordinator job description template that you can refer to:

Logistics Coordinator Job Description Template Sample:

We are seeking an experienced logistics coordinator to handle end-to-end aspects of logistics throughout our supply chain operations. You will oversee the entire lifecycle of our products, from raw materials acquisition to distribution of our products. You should possess strong negotiation skills and also be able to resolve distribution issues.

Logistics Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all aspects of supply chain operations
  • Organize and manage the inventory, storage, and transportation
  • Analyze and optimize logistical procedures
  • Review, prepare and determine the purchase order route
  • Ensure the safe and timely pickup/delivery of shipments
  • Liaise and negotiates with suppliers and retailers
  • Address and resolve shipment and inventory issues and answer customer queries

Logistics Coordinator Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in logistics or related field preferred
  • 2+ years of experience in logistics management required
  • Working knowledge of legal regulations and ISO requirements
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and logistics software
  • Excellent management and organizational skills

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Once you are familiar with the logistics coordinator job description for resume, you will be more comfortable during interviews as well.

But make sure that you prepare yourself with some common logistics coordinator interview questions to make the best first impression on recruiters.

You can search for logistics coordinator job interview questions to get an insight into what all questions you can expect in an interview and prepare accordingly.

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Skills to Become a Logistics Coordinator

Like every job profile, the logistics coordinator job profile requires you to possess a certain set of skills that can help you manage the supply chain operations.

Since working in the logistics sector can be quite demanding, one needs to be skilled in various areas encompassing roles in management, organization, coordination, and communication.


The most common skills you need to possess as a logistics coordinator are listed below:

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aims for every company to boost business growth and, for a logistics coordinator, customer service is one of the top priorities.

Here is a list of some roles and responsibilities around customer service that are highlighted in a logistics coordinator job description template:

  • Assist the customers with purchases of products and preparation of purchase orders and invoices
  • Maintain daily contact with the customer and other internal resources to process their requests and resolved issues
  • Streamline the supply of goods and materials to meet the needs of customers

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Inventory Management

Inventory management is the process of stocking and shipping a company's inventory as and when needed. It involves the management of raw materials and finished products by processing their storage and dispatch.

A logistics coordinator should organize and manage the inventory to keep track of stocks while ensuring a safe work environment.

Some common duties around inventory management listed in a logistics coordinator job description template are:

  • Supervise warehouse operations and inventory management
  • Design Excel spreadsheet to track inventory and purchase order status for all products and services
  • Develop a new system to handle inventory and stock ordering

Data Entry

Data is an important aspect of logistics, and as a logistics coordinator, you need to maintain accurate shipment data in the company's system.

Doing so helps in the smooth monitoring and tracking of orders placed by customers while allowing you to maintain company records.

A logistics coordinator job description template may contain points related to data entry as listed below:

  • Conduct data entry and prepare documents for shipments for the company
  • Maintain records of incoming and outgoing shipments by entering data into the company's system
  • Perform data entry and inventory control duties of activities related to warehouse operation

Shipments Management

Logistics coordinators are responsible for overseeing shipments, be it inbound shipments, outgoing shipments, or international shipping.

Hence, possessing the skill to manage all aspects of shipping is a must for professionals in this field.

The following points may be listed in a logistics coordinator job description template:

  • Maintain records of incoming shipments, outgoing orders, and invitationals
  • Perform data analysis of shipments to determine the type and location of items to be delivered
  • Coordinate with staff to manage inbound, outbound, and international shipments

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Logistics Coordinator: Technical Skills

Apart from the soft skills, you need to possess technical skills as a logistics coordinator.

To be a proficient logistics coordinator, you need to upskill yourself to make your workflow smoother.

A wide range of operations involving managing, monitoring, and shipping physical inventory uses warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

The given technicals skills are listed in a logistics coordinator job description template:

  • SAP
  • ERP
  • MS Office

You can visit Hiration and highlight these skills on your logistics coordinator resume by referring to the bullet point examples available.

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Basic Logistics Coordinator Duties

Every job profile requires one to perform specific duties that fulfill the requirements of an organization.

Likewise, for a logistics coordinator, one needs to execute certain roles and responsibilities that benefit the organization accordingly.

So what are the duties of a logistic coordinator? or what does a logistics coordinator do?

A logistics coordinator’s basic duties involve management, monitoring, tracking, and documenting logistics around supply chain operations.

So while applying for a job, you need to highlight them in a way that the recruiters identify your contributions right away.

Here are some examples of job duties for the professional experience on a logistics coordinator resume:

  • Directed and managed the logistics of all incoming and outgoing shipments worth USD 100mn.
  • Ensured accurate data entry and documentation of the logistics process and procedures
  • Coordinated with 6 members to analyze the logistics and supply system

Logistics Coordinator Job Titles

Is logistics coordinator a good job?

The answer to this is Yes!

This role offers you a vast opportunity to develop your skills or specializations and enter new roles.

Some common logistics coordinator job titles are:

  • Logistics Analyst
  • Strategic Procurement Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Purchasing Manager

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Logistics Coordinator Education and Training

A degree or diploma can boost your career growth in the supply chain if you choose the right course and educational trajectory.

As a logistics coordinator, you need to hold a degree in logistics or any relevant field to be recognized as a professional for the specific niche.

Precisely 38% of Logistics Coordinators major in Business while supply Chain Management and Communication are some common majors pursued by professionals in this field.

If you do not hold a bachelor's degree, then a high school degree with 5+ years of experience in logistics management is required.

Apart from educational qualifications, you need to get some formal training in customer service or get certified in relevant courses.

Here are some popular certifications for landing logistic coordinator jobs:

You can also sign up for internships that allow you to build a strong relationship with customers and give you an insight into the logistics industry.

A logistics coordinator job description template may contain all or some of the above-mentioned qualifications as requirements from an applicant.

Do keep in mind that your logistics coordinator salary can be influenced by your educational qualification along with the years of experience you possess.

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Logistics Coordinator Salary

The way you present yourself during an interview and what you highlight in your resume can help you negotiate a higher salary with the recruiters.

But you need to possess the relevant skills and years of experience in the said field to get in the good book of the recruiters.

A deserving candidate applying for a logistics coordinator job needs to be able to manage, monitor, track, and document logistics around supply chain operations.

The average logistics coordinator salary in the US is $70,539.

Every company offers different packages according to its budget and expectations from its candidate while aligning with the salary trends in the market.

Here are some of the highest paying (per month) cities in the US for logistics coordinator jobs:

  • New York, NY: $4,054
  • Atlanta, GA: $3,172
  • Dallas, TX: $2,965
  • Indianapolis, IN: $2,931
  • Miami, FL: $2769


Key Takeaways

  • The logistics coordinator job description template contains important information, so make sure to be thorough while scanning through it.
  • Ensure that you upskill yourself at every given chance to be recognized as an efficient logistics coordinator.
  • Draft a logistics coordinator resume by analyzing the logistics coordinator job description to be identified as the right candidate.
  • Sign up for internships that allow you to polish your logistics skills.

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