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What should I put on my resume for supply chain?

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Supply chain management results in reduced operational costs and a faster production cycle. The function of supply chain analysts includes assessing product development, marketing, distribution, finance, and customer service to improve a company’s delivery.

Companies need a supply chain analyst who understands the supply chain and knows how to leverage data to bolster performance. For this very reason, employers are specific about what the candidates can bring to the table.

Your supply chain analyst resume must showcase your logistical and process improvement skills. It should convey your ability to make predictions of consumer demands and maintain inventory levels to ensure smooth workflow and profits.

This detailed guide will help you gain an understanding of what all goes in creating a supply chain analyst resume:

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Tips on Writing Bullet Points for Your Supply Chain Analyst Resume

You need to be concise and to-the-point while framing bullet points for your work experience and internships. Keep this order in mind:

  • What problem did you face?
  • What action did you take?
  • What was the outcome of your action?

You must maintain a cause and effect relationship in your bullet points to provide complete information. Follow these ground rules while forming bullet points for your supply chain analyst resume:

Include Personal Achievements

Focus on your personal experiences rather than the generic job role fulfilled by you. The hiring manager is well aware of the responsibilities of the role, you need to put them in a way that speaks about how well you can perform in that role.

  • Avoid: Prepared monthly and quarterly reports to measure supply chain performance

  • Practise: Prepared 15+ monthly reports to measure supply chain performance resulting in 7 process upgrades.

Start Bullet Points With Power Verbs

Make sure to start your bullet points with power verbs, as they will provide contextual details to the reader about the purpose, scope, and result of your work. Power verbs amplify what you want to convey and show more confidence.

  • Avoid: Checked market trends of 30+ branches resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Practise: Monitored market trends of 30+ branches resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Quantify Your Work Achievements

Quantify your bullet points wherever possible, it will add weightage to your supply chain analyst resume. We will not give you an example for wrong over here because it is not wrong to not include figures, but it is always wise to make your bullet points more effective. For example:

  • Created a database and monthly review process that identified $120k worth of expired product

  • Reduced vendor fines by 34% through optimizing demand planning forecast and order shipping

Tailor Your Resume For Every Job

Your supply chain analyst resume should include majorly those experiences that align with your job description.

A tailored resume will always increase your chances of bagging that job interview. For example, focus more on your analytical skills than your procurement skills.

  • Avoid: Managed material planning efforts along with direct oversight on all International and Domestic procurement.

  • Practise: Analyzed trends in sales and inventory data to create quarterly reports of over 40 stores and 5 distribution centers.

Key tip: You should not use full stops at the end of bullet points because they are points and not sentences. Wherever possible, add another bullet or use commas to expand.


Skills for Your Supply Chain Analyst Resume

What skills do supply chain analysts need?

A Supply Chain Analyst must possess a variety of skills such as analytical, logistical, and interpersonal. They must be able to assess and analyze comprehensive data and make insightful recommendations to improve business operations.

Core Skills Advanced Skills
Inventory Management Consumer Product Experience
Interpersonal Skills Project Management
Mathematical Skills SQL Analysis Tools
Data Analysis Analytical Models
Forecasting Microsoft Office

Now, these skills must be presented in a particular section, as well as incorporated in your bullet points. Make sure that everything should be interconnected in your resume.

For example, if you have IT development in your core skills, your work experience should showcase that. A great supply chain analyst resume will be the one that aligns your skills with your work experience.


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Supply Chain Analyst Resume Summary Examples

The summary section of your supply chain analyst resume should give a brief account of your accomplishments and career trajectory.

Your summary section should also follow a cause and effect flow along with your core skills. Make sure those skills align with the job that you are applying for.

Read these supply chain analyst resume examples to understand how to frame your summary as per your work experience:

Supply Chain Analysis Resume Summary Example 1

  • 9+ years experienced supply chain analyst with a prolific record of managing supply chain operations within an enterprise. Proficient in leading teams of Product Developers & Data Analysts to improve supply chain performance. Adept at developing process improvement solutions to integrate smooth workflow and generate profits.

Supply Chain Analysis Resume Summary Example 2

  • Highly motivated 5+ years experienced supply chain analyst armed with a track record of analyzing & executing end-to-end logistics operations for multiple industries. Adept at coordinating with key stakeholders and cross-functional teams to gather business & functional requirements to enhance existing processes. Proficient in leveraging the technical approach to resolve issues pertaining to process implementation.

Supply Chain Analysis Resume Summary Example 3

  • Enterprising supply chain analyst adept at developing result-oriented recommendations and process upgrades to meet business requirements. Proficient in designing test reports to evaluate results to increase operational efficiency. Adept at conducting research as part of recommending appropriate solutions to meet customer demands.

Summary or Objective?

A resume summary, as discussed before, highlights your eligibility for a job. This will mostly include your past work experience which helps showcase your practical knowledge in the field you are applying for.

In case you are a fresher or new to a particular field, you can write a resume objective stating your interest in this job and relevant qualifications and skills. This will help the hiring manager gain a better understanding of your suitability as a fresher.

Preferably, if you have experience of less than 3 years, you should write a resume objective.

Supply Chain Analyst Resume Sample

Tips & Guides
Emily Wood
Supply Chain Analyst

Enterprising supply chain analyst armed with experience in generating forecasting reports by conducting research on market trends and analyzing supply chain performance across healthcare sectors. Adept at gathering business and customer demands to meet corporate objectives and profitability. Highly skilled in recommending process improvements to enhance operational efficiency.
• Demand Planning & Forecasting • Network Planning • Route Optimization • Vendor Management
• Inventory Management • Stock Rationalization • Data Analysis • Process Improvement
Technical Skills: Tableau, Microsoft Office, Transportation Analytics Software
Supply Chain Analyst
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Worldwide leader in specialized diagnostics of hemostasis, acute care diagnostics, and autoimmunity, with 30+ branches across the USA.
    Demand Planning & Forecasting
    • Managed 16k+ purchased parts with market-customer segmentation to prevent demand variabilities and reduce inventory
    • Developed and implemented a forecasting model for over 45 product lines to analyze supply chain performance
    • Collaborated with global supply chain team to streamline the overseas suppliers and reduce material shortages by 25%
    Network Planning & Route Optimization
    • Generated and provided baseline analysis on regional and network level resulting in 12% reduced time-consumption
    • Identified 3 discrepancies in regional transfer routes and designed solutions to address the gaps and increase efficiency
    • Monitored and reported vehicle capacity, special order and stock service levels to plan optimal overseas shipments
    Vendor Scoring & Consolidation
    • Evaluated 20+ vendor accounts and reduced vendor fines by 56% for remarkable providers for past 7 years
    • Performed annual analysis of vendor services to determine the least productive relations and discontinue terms
    Inventory Analyst Intern
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      A pan-African organization strengthening medical laboratory networks and systems in Africa, with branches across the USA and UK,
      Inventory Rationalization & Prediction
      • Recorded unsold inventory on a monthly basis to remove blocked working capital and promote space optimization
      • Identified and removed ~$200k worth of excess and obsolete inventory over 6 months' tenure
      • Administered predictive forecast and analytics models for production plants by evaluating sales of past 5 years
      • Attended 3 inventory analysis and presentation for Inventory Reserves calculation to determine corporate objectives
      Bachelor's in Business Administration
      Columbus State Community College
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        One of the top colleges of Ohio University, with current enrollment of 27k+ students over two campuses, nine regional learning centers, and online courses.
        • GPA: 3.5/4.0
        • Price Variance Analysis | Columbus State Community College | Jun '18 - Dec '18
        • Prepared comparison reports for evaluating price difference from each vendor to clear disparities in unit economics
        • Evaluated business rationale to determine highest prices for top 10 products to maximize profitability
        • Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) | International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) | Oct '19
        • Languages: English (Professional) and Spanish (Native)

        Additional Information for Your Supply Chain Analyst Resume

        If you have worked on projects that required problem-solving or communication skills, or if you have a certification that validates your mathematical skills, you can include these details in additional sections.

        Following information are some of the details that you can include in your supply chain analyst resume if it holds relevance to the job:

        • Certifications: You must mention critical job-relevant certifications in your resume to convey your subject matter expertise.

        • Projects: Employers like to come across a successful project in every resume. It is a great way to tie relevant skills directly to results.

        • Volunteering Experience: Volunteering experiences indicate your skills and your keenness to learn and grow.

        • Languages: Listing your language skills can help make your supply chain analyst resume more noticeable to an employer.

        • Honors & Awards: It is important to incorporate special recognitions in your resume that you have earned, especially when you are a student or recent graduate.

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        Is Supply Chain Analyst a Good Career?

        Those who specialize in data analytics, business analytics, or big data analytics are very well aware of how important it is to handle data in an optimum way.

        Companies in almost every industry hire graduates or professionals transitioning to a new career as an entry level supply chain analyst. Certain industries that hire entry-level supply chain analysts are:

        • Automobile
        • Retail
        • E-commerce
        • CPG
        • Consulting

        It is important for graduates to understand the skills required to become a successful supply chain analyst.

        They can acquire preliminary skills in college to begin their career as a supply chain analyst as soon as they enter the workforce.

        Is Supply Chain Analyst Job Hard?

        Yes, being a supply chain analyst is a hard job. This position comes with plenty responsibilities and areas to oversee which makes it tough to keep track if a person is not diligent about managing their job duties.

        Supply chain analysts typically work in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment that is challenging and rewarding for those who are adept at accommodating with that environment well.

        They perform jobs that can substantially and positively affect their organizations.

        Key Takeaways

        You can keep progressing in your career if you have a prolific list of work experience and present them well in your supply chain analyst resume.

        However, if you are a beginner, we are sure that by now you have a concrete idea of the skills you need to develop and present in your supply chain analyst resume.

        Here is what you can take away from this guide:

        • Your supply chain analyst resume should convey your ability to make predictions of consumer demands and maintain inventory levels to ensure smooth workflow and profits.
        • Make sure to begin your bullet points with power verbs and quantify your achievements wherever possible.
        • Do not include irrelevant or generic work experience.
        • Tailor your supply chain analyst resume summary with a cause and effect flow, showcasing your core skills.
        • Mention your certifications, projects, volunteering experience, languages, and honors & awards in additional information if they hold relevance to your profile.

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