A customer service representative is the voice of the company.

This requires their profiles to stand out even more.

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Our 2018 Guide to making a killer Customer Service Associate resume will broadly cover the following:

Who needs a Customer Service Resume?

Whether you’re an applicant for an entry-level position or you are looking to switch career into a more dynamic service role as a customer service representative, you shall need a customer service resume that stands out among the rest.

Recruiters look out for resumes that demonstrate vivid interest in the field. Therefore, a call center representative resume is best for both freshers who are just entering the field or established representatives who wish to switch companies.

It is also an excellent choice for retail workers who want to upgrade to customer service.

Why do you need a Customer Service Resume?

Due to the dynamicity of the field, recruiters find huge volumes of customer service resumes. To land a job therefore, you require a strong csr resume that shows off your biggest accomplishments and most relevant skills in the industry.

To create an engaging resume you must ensure proper writing and formatting for better readability and inclusion of appropriate information in the right order. We suggest that you study resume samples and writing tips from our free online templates.

To learn what makes these samples so excellent for a customer service resume, keep reading.

When do you need a Customer Service Resume?

Despite discouragement and disappointment, customer service is a great career to pursue. It always keeps you thinking about how you can help others. A strong customer care resume gives you the opportunity to tell your target company that you intend to make a profession out of it.

How to write a Customer Service Resume?

Be it a customer service manager resume or a customer service representative resume, make sure that your CSR Resume is highly targeted to the career goal to make it more effective than general resumes.

HIRATION PRO TIP: Take a look at your resume as the hiring manager. You should be able to glance at the resume and immediately know that the applicant is seeking a customer service-related position.

We also recommend targeting your resume for customer service careers to better your chances. Make your customer service resume as specific to the position you are applying for as possible.

Include a career summary below your target job profile to target your resume and also highlight credentials which the recruiters are looking for.

Personal Information

Customer support resumes typically include basic information in the header. Today the recruiters prefer a streamlined approach with only the most important information:

  • your full name
  • city and state
  • personal phone number
  • professional email

You might want to make sure that the phone number has a professional voicemail message. If desired, you may also include a link to your LinkedIn account.

Resume Summary

As a customer service representative, you should be good at listening and have great communication as well as interpersonal skills. For great resume summary examples for customer service resume check out Hiration's free templates.

A customer service representative should possess knowledge of wide range of duties for the industry that they represent. You may have to provide information about a product, deal with concerns and questions, review customer accounts, or take customer orders.

Contact with customer could be over the phone, in person, and through email and your csr resume should showcase the willingness to work around the clock.

While writing a summary statement for your customer service resume, focus on writing between four to six concise lines of text. These lines comprise your "sales pitch" since it is likely that they are the first lines a recruiter will read.

The first sentence usually details your job title and the years of experience you have. The second sentence focuses on one major accomplishment or a few hard skills related to the industry. The following statements encompass your major experiences or responsibilities. The final sentence may list two or three relevant soft skills.

Always write in third person. Sentence fragments always allows you to add the most relevant information in a short space.

Not targeting these might result in your potential employer assuming that you are sending resumes at random to a lot of jobs. It generally leads to the assumption that you are not specifically interested in their job really.

The following are resume summary examples for customer service resume:

~5 years dedicated customer service representative with five years of front-office experience in the IT industry. Possesses a proven track record in devising customer-centric solutions. Known for the ability to resolve a wide range of customer issues of unmatched quality and stellar customer feedback. Reliable and trustworthy with an uncompromising commitment to providing optimal customer service.

An objective statement should be included in a customer service resume of a junior candidate. It states your goal, your belief and what you are working towards. In case you are a fresher it is essential that your customer service resume has an objective that goes in the lines of:

Highly motivated individual with a zest for learning and a desire to work as a customer service representative in the fashion industry to ensure proper attention is paid to the customer's requirements.

Work Experience Section

A powerful profile at the header of the customer service resume, suggests a candidate with relevant and long experience.

Ensure that your responsibilities and experiences section provide an overview of your most relevant skills and experience till date. Since these are relevant for the position, they must be tailored each time.

Your work experiences section commands an important spot in the middle of your resume which is where the employer scrutinizes well. So to increase the chances of your resume being found when an employer searches for those words on job websites you should include keywords like "customer retention" and "customer service".

Quantitative information serves best when it comes to a resume for customer service. Proving your accomplishments is the best way to make your customer service resume stand out from other resumes.

It is not enough that you "raised sales" at a previous position. Provide a percentage or dollar amount by which you raised the sales. Describe your methods briefly.

List your work experience in reverse chronological order. Focus on customer-centric skills and specific achievements.

Only listing only responsibilities will reduce fair chances of your resume being processed further. So instead of writing:

Improved customer retention and developed new practices by suggesting shorter scripts

you may write

  • Achieved increase in customer retention rates by 30% by introducing new call center processes to reduce time spent waiting by customers.
  • Developed new approach for training customer service staff to ensure that the staff was better prepared for issues, reducing errors by 20%
  • Suggested shorter customer call script for the help center which was taken up by the management team and implemented.

While writing in bullet points, consider using strong words that illustrate your involvement at the most.

By using power verbs like "Achieved", "Developed", and "Suggested" you will further emphasized your abilities to the recruiter.

Emhasize your skills by highlighting the outcomes of your work. For a customer service professionals your accomplishments could include contributing to response rates or improving customer satisfaction ratings.

In case you're having trouble identifying accomplishments, here are a few tips to include as achievements, if:

  • Your customer service expertise resulted in the increase of sales.
  • You received unsolicited feedback from happy customers.
  • You offered impeccable service to a high number of customers.
  • Customers repeatedly requested for your service.
  • You helped improve customer satisfaction rankings.
  • You generated referrals due to your focus on customer service.
  • You recommended/implemented improvements to customer service programs.
  • Your employer praised you for receiving positive reviews or industry accolades for service quality.
  • You/your team got recognition/awards for customer satisfaction/sales achievements.
  • You trained workers to provide exemplary customer service.
  • You resolved a challenging service issue.

Always include action verbs in a Customer Service Resume. Action verbs add a "punch" to your resume that allows you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few action verbs commonly associated with customer care:

Answer Listen
Communicate Maintain
Conduct Manage
Consult Post
Implement Provide

For an in-depth review of action-verbs, with industry-wise samples and examples, check out our 2018 Guide on Action Verbs!


You must include both strong soft skills and customer service keywords throughout your resume. You should also list previous customer service positions you may have held. Otherwise exemplify ways your prior work experience demonstrates your required abilities for a customer service position.

Although there are plenty of specific industry skills in the customer service field, employers want to see evidence of general skills that show you are a hard worker and a good team player.

Do not make a random list of skills. Instead focus on including soft skills discussed in the job description. In the customer service resume example, you may find a list of skills which you could describe in action with clear examples.

Check out our 2018 Guide on Resume Skills here!

There are a few skills hiring managers look for on your customer service resume. They are looking for both directly relevant and transferable skills. These include:

  1. Customer Care skills include experience in interacting with customers, be it as a waiter or a front desk worker or an ice cream scooper or a salesperson.

Although directly relevant experience would make your resume strong yet any personal, quantifiable or mentionable interactions with customers on a professional level are considered transferable on a customer service resume.

Interpersonal skills suggest having a friendly and positive personality. A skilled communicator is able to speak clearly, authoritatively, calmly, and persuasively. You boast of handling conflict and anger.

Competence skills would include your tasks with training new recruits. Your past reviews or ratings or even awards. Your average stack up in comparison to with your co-workers, how well your are complimented by customers for your service.

Management skills: Both low level and high level employees are expected to display management/managerial skills. One good example is the ability to train other employees or to execute a new project idea, measure the effects, and fine tune is what separates a manager from the rest. Other management skill would include conceiving new methods to:

  • Increase efficiency (decrease customer wait time, increase issue resolution rate, resolve problems faster)
  • Increase customer satisfaction ratings
  • Increase sales (via upselling, discounting, pitching)
  • Reduce costs (training, labor, equipment, software, etc.)

Communication Abilities includes your knowledge about how to up sell. Mention related products and special offers while you assist customers, how you convince customers in search of information.

The job of a customer service representative is mainly talking. You should ideally be good at it, whether it is over the phone, email or in person, professionally even when customers are unruly or unreasonable.

Salesmanship is an important part of being a customer care representative. After good communication skills comes your ability to sell your company's products and services.

You must understand how to up sell, mention related products and special offers, and assist customers in buying. These skills are mainly gathered through experience.

Coachability is being able to take directions and follow through is a critical part of starting anything new. In this case, you will face a very demanding learning curve. You would need guidance from people with more experience. S you must showcase your coachable skills through extra-curricular or co-curricular activities like having years of experience with a sport, instrument, or any kind of organization.


Previous Customer Ratings and Reviews
Efficiency Rating
Complaint Resolution Time
Upsell Ranking
Percentage Ranking Among Customer Service Agents


Excellent Communicator
Effective in Conflict Resolution

Other effective customer care skills are:

Patience Attentiveness
Acting Skills Time Management Skills
Goal Oriented Focus Ability to Handle Surprises
Tenacity Closing Ability
Strategic thinker Strong listening skills
Self-motivated Patience
Takes direction Persuasive
  1. Technical:

Research necessary skills for your job, and reflect on how your relevant or transferable skills can best be displayed on your resume.

Customer Support Software
Support Center
MS Office
Microsoft Office Suite (Data Entry)

Customer Support Hardware
Laptops (Mac or PC)

Achievements & Certifications

Every resume should include an achievements section. In the customer service resume, the achievements section should enlist any awards you received for outstanding customer service. Examples of such awards are:

  • employee of the month
  • customer service agent of the year

It may also be beneficial to include any specific certifications in this section such as:

  • completed professional sales training
  • completed on the job training course "X"


Customize your CV for specific positions

A customer service resume is typically written in reverse chronological order. Your most recent work experiences come at the top of the resume and move downwards to the former. You need not be too fancy with your customer service resumes. But be well formatted. Do not go extremely basic for the position either. A well-formatted resume always stands out.

  • Include bullet points to describe the scope of your responsibilities.
  • Tailor each point to reflect the skills as per the job description.
  • Include numbers to specify your achievements

Key Takeaways

Different customer service positions include customer service advisors, customer service assistants, customer service agents, customer service administrators, customer service cashiers, customer service clerks, customer service consultants, customer service representives and customer service managers.

Therefore you must make sure you customize your CV for your specific role as the skills and capabilities for each position vary widely. We have picked some of the best examples in our templates section. They should give you are fair idea of how a customer service resume should look like.

  • Always remember that you are the face of your personality
  • Follow the reverse chronological order
  • Have a great resume summary that includes your years of experience
  • Target your CSR Resume to the career goal to make it more effective than general resumes
  • Make sure your career story reinforces your professional personality

Still left with some doubts around optimizing your customer service resume? Drop in a comment below!