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How to mention Jira experience in your resume?

We’ll tell you all about it.

In IT circles, Jira has come up to be a well-known software that is slowly becoming a requisite for several job roles.

With reliable bug tracking systems and exhaustive features for customization, Jira has started to become an invaluable addition in non-tech circles as a great project management tool.

However, how do you capitalize on this skill? You can do much more than stating it on your Jira resume skills section. This article will show you exactly how to weave your Jira skills into your entire resume.

Here is a summary of the blog to help you ace your Jira resume:

  • Choose the reverse chronological resume format as it is the industry standard and preferred by recruiters
  • Divide your skills into key skills and technical skills and add Jira to your technical skills
  • Split your paragraphs into one-liners in your professional experience section and turn them into a bulleted list for enhanced readability
  • Compile your work experience into relevant groups under appropriate headings and highlight important information that will appeal to your recruiter
  • Create separate sections for certifications and training, and draft them in the right format

We took the liberty of answering a few questions that you would want to know!

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What Is Jira Used For?

To quote the founder itself:
“Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software”

It is a family of products developed to help teams manage any kind of work. Initially a bug or issue tracker, it has evolved into a widely-enjoyed work management tool for IT professionals.



Allowing bug tracking and agile project management, Atlassian developed this software as a one-stop solution to all agile software development issues.

The Popularity of Jira

Over 180,000 companies in 190 countries use Jira in their daily activities, and they require basic knowledge of it from their recruits.

As of late, it has been traveling to non-technical teams as well due to its advanced features and customizable nature. With the world running online, the use of Jira as a project management software has skyrocketed due to its user-friendly features.

Jira Administrator Salary

As an upcoming field, Jira admins are yet to reach the other half of the world. However, here is what the statistics in the U.S say:

  • Ziprecruiter says that Jira administrators get paid USD 100,134 a year
  • On the other hand, Talent says that Jira admins are paid an annual salary of USD 100,000

Jira Resume Points

Let us preface this by saying that recruiters do not have the time to take a deep plunge into your Jira resume and read the paragraphs that you wrote.

To combat this, you need to focus more on getting the point across than on sentence structures. You can do this by:

  • Dividing your paragraphs into one-liners
  • Starting them with action words
  • Quantifying your results
  • Maintaining a cause-effect relationship

You can peruse these resume points for other tech profiles to have an idea of what you should do:

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Jira Roles and Responsibilities

Here is a Jira job description to have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities as a Jira admin:

  • Analyze, review, and document current functionality to determine potential areas of improvement.
  • Manage user permissions for tools according to the needs of projects and teams.
  • Perform application and system administration tasks, including data backups and scheduled jobs.
  • Test new versions of the tools and plug-ins to ensure compatibility.
  • Maintain JIRA projects, workflows, permissions, and users while working in a JIRA 6.x & 7.x environment.
  • Improve JIRA security. Set access permissions for JIRA projects and Confluence spaces.
  • Work with JIRA filters, reporting, dashboards, workflows, fields, and JIRA administration.

If you analyze this job description, you can extract the keywords data backup and Jira projects and include them in your Jira admin resume for enhanced compatibility. Do the same for each job description to pass the ATS.

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Jira Resume Format

There are three widely accepted resume formats that you can choose for your Jira resume:


Ideally, your resume format must depend on your career trajectory. If you do not have the experience to rock a reverse chronological resume format, then the functional format must be the best for you.

However, when other factors like the Applicant Tracking System or recruiters’ preferences come into play, the reverse chronological resume format is the best bet for your Jira admin resume.

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Sections In Your Jira Resume

Your Jira resume can be divided into several sections to do maximum justice to your career trajectory and to make it easier for your hiring managers to navigate through your Jira resume.

Largely divided, your Jira resume can be split into the following sections:


It is not set in stone, though. Assess your areas of expertise and pick what you want to add to your Jira resume and what is best not used.

Try to include crucial sections like professional experience and key skills, for they are valuable to assess your suitability for any job.

You can also create minor changes like change experience to Jira Experience or make a section on Jira Projects to make your resume as customized as possible.

Add an Introduction to Your Jira Resume

Before you get to the nitty-gritty of your career, you need to introduce yourself, and while that may seem unimportant, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

There are three main sections to your introduction:



As resume formats get revised, consensus says that adding your name as your header is better than just writing Resume.

Capitalize the first letter of each name in a size range of 16 points, and enter your middle name in initials.

All the tips into play, this is the header section of a Jira sample resume:


Profile title

The second section of your Jira admin resume shows your designation or seniority level. You can add a job title that you were assigned at your previous job or choose what career path you want to follow.

Some of the profile titles that are compatible with a Jira resume are:

  • Jira Admin
  • Software Developer
  • Agile Business Analyst

Take a look at the profile title section of this Jira sample resume:


Contact information

The third section of your Jira admin resume has to include information like:

  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Location
  • Linkedin/Kaggle

Here is the contact information section of a Jira sample resume:


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Draft Your Jira Resume Summary

The resume summary is the introduction to your entire Jira resume. For that reason, you should draft your Jira resume summary in such a way that it falls under five lines.

One important thing to note is that you need to keep it as concise and impactful as possible. A few ways to do this are:

  • Start your sentences with power verbs
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship
  • Capitalize on your best work experiences

Ideally, the resume section of your Jira admin resume has to be the final step of your resume-making process because it is a summary.

So, draft your entire resume and then write your Jira resume summary with the more important information.

Keeping all of these tips in mind, here is an ideal Jira sample resume summary:


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Organize Your Skills on Your Jira Resume

As a tech professional, you might have a lot of skills to add to your Jira resume. While that is surely appreciable, your key skills section must be a short yet well-rounded explanation of all of your areas of expertise.

To add Jira in resume, you can divide your resume into:

Key Skills

Within the 6 seconds time frame that your recruiter looks at your Jira admin resume, you need to give them a solid basis of all of your areas of expertise.

In your Jira resume, your key skills section will include all of your hard skills, i.e: skills that are required as a tech employee.

Some of the skills you can add are:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Application Development
  • Programming
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Performance Improvement

If you want pointers on ways to add Jira in resume, you can turn to our blog on what skills to add to your resume to get a deeper idea.

Given below is the skills section of a Jira sample resume:


Technical Skills

By splitting your skills into two sections, you are making sure that your Jira resume remains organized and that you are shining a light on what is important.

Additionally, you can divide your technical skills into relevant groups like programming, software, and so on to organize your Jira resume even further.

Here is the technical skills section of a Jira sample resume:


If you like the looks of it, you can always turn to our Online Resume Builder to perfect your Jira resume the exact way you want it.

Optimize Your Work Experience on Your Jira Resume

Your Jira resume has to be an account of your entire career trajectory. With space constraints in mind, you need to focus more on mentioning your experiences in an optimized manner than narrating them.

Hence, instead of drafting a few paragraphs on all of the functions you performed at your previous jobs, you can give it a facelift by talking about what is relevant to your hiring manager. Here is what you should focus on to achieve that:

Use One-Liners

There is way too much on the line for you to be drafting multiple paragraphs. Recruiters just want the information and honestly could care less about your sentence structures.

Split your paragraphs into one-liners and list them as a bulleted list to enhance its readability.

Start with Power Verbs

Instead of using weak words like worked or led, give them a boost of power by using words like developed, conducted, or spearheaded.

Starting your one-liners with action words is the ultimate sign of power and will give a good impression to your hiring manager.

Maintain a Cause-Effect Relationship

By adding Jira in resume, you cannot blankly state or claim that you performed major functions, but you need to back that up with evidence in your Jira admin resume.

Not only will it seem unprofessional, but hard to believe as well. So, instead of simply mentioning that you improved the efficiency of a few systems, try to mention how many systems you dealt with and what percentage it increased the efficiency.

Explaining how you dealt with a task and the results you achieved is the best way to showcase the most crucial skill of all: problem-solving.

Such information is what the recruiters bank on, and you need to give it to them in a brief information-packed one-liner.

Group and Highlight

To take the readability factor one step further, you can compile your one-liners into relevant groups and provide them under appropriate sub-headings.

You can also enter important information in bold so that it catches the eye of your hiring manager. If they see an “improved efficiency by 20%”, they are bound to take a look, right?

Provide Numbers

It is always a good idea to quantify your achievements on your Jira admin resume. Not only do numbers enhance readability, but they are also likely to catch your hiring manager’s attention.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, your professional experience section can look like this Jira sample resume:


Hesitant to draft your professional experience on your own? You can turn to our Online Resume Builder, and we can hook you up with the resume of your dreams!

Mention Your Educational Qualifications on Your Jira Resume

The education section of your Jira resume depends more on your expertise as a professional. If you have more than three years of experience, you can get away with just adding your GPA or other extremely crucial information.

However, if you have less than three years of experience, you can adopt the following format:

  • Include your GPA
  • Mention relevant course modules
  • Add any scholarships or honors

The education section of your Jira admin resume can look like this if you follow the tips given above:


Jira Business Analyst Resume

As a business analyst, integrating Jira into ypur processes can help streamline tasks to a great extent.

So, if you were wondering how to create a business analyst resume with jira experience, we have you covered!


Check our Online Resume Builder to make your own Jira business analyst resume!

Include Relevant Certifications on Your Jira Resume

In such a fast-paced work culture where universities cannot keep up, certifications are the best way to build your knowledge and enhance your skill.

Since there is not much to explain about certifications, you can follow the format of:

Certifications | Certifying Authority | Dates

You can add all of your relevant certifications as a bulleted list. However, make sure that you follow the reverse chronological order while listing them.

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Here is a Jira sample resume for the certification section:


Customize Your Jira Resume

There cannot be a generic path for you to adopt while making your Jira admin resume. You need to assess your skills and experience and draft your Jira resume accordingly.

Apart from what was discussed, you can add sections for training, projects, community outreach, and so on. Evaluate your unique career trajectory and let that shine through your resume.

Additionally, take a thorough glance at the job description enlisted by companies and check their requirements. Use your judgment to decide what you need to add and avoid so that your resume will get considered than getting weeded out in the early stages for negligence.

Here is a Jira resume sample for an additional information section:


Complement Your Jira Resume with a Cover Letter

In recent years, personalized cover letters have become increasingly popular, with about 77% of recruiters giving precedence to candidates who send in cover letters.

Drafted in around 5-6 short paragraphs, cover letters are a way of appealing to the hiring managers and convincing them to hire you.

For that purpose, your cover letter should include more about how you can benefit their company than to make it solely about your career trajectory.

Here is a checklist for you to ensure that you include the necessary information:


Sounds complicated? You can check our Cover Letter Builder to get a guided explanation of how to draft a perfect cover letter to go with your Jira resume.

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Jira Sample Resume

If you follow through with our golden advice, your Jira resume could look a lot like ours. Here is an example for a senior Jira administrator resume to give you a fair idea!

Riley Stone
Jira Administrator
Certified IT professional with 6+ years of experience in managing and administrating Jira for improving functionality of systems to boost company productivity. Adept at configuring complex workflows and maintaining custom Jira workspaces. Proficient in providing administrative support for Jira and integrating related products to enhance performance of regular functions and optimize time. Highly skilled in managing user permissions for Jira and performing data backups to minimize data loss.
• Jira Administration • Workflow Designing • System Improvement • Coding • Project Development • Data Backup
• Auditing • Data Collection • Technical Assistance • Programming • Report Generation • Process Improvement
• Issue Resolution • Solution Delivery • Variance Analysis
  • Atlassian Tools: Jira, Confluence, Stash, Crowd, Fisheye, Crucible
  • Languages: C, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Java
  • Automation Tools: HP QTP, Selenium2.0, TestRail, Selenium web driver
  • Software Methodologies & Database: SDLC, Agile, Waterfall, Oracle - SQL, PLSQL
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows 2008/7, UNIX, Linux, MS-DOS
Senior Jira Administrator
Safford Solutions Ltd.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    New York based company offering IT solutions with an employee base of 2k+ professionals
    System Improvement & Workflow Designing
    • Managed administration and maintenance of Jira, and integrations with Confluence to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Devised strategies to optimize Jira and configure complex workflows which led to a reduction in system errors by 50%
    • Designed custom Jira workspaces as per client requirements and improved their websites' functioning by 30%
    Technical Training & Coding
    • Trained 30+ junior administrators on using Jira in compliance with company standards and policies
    • Tracked their performance to find improvement opportunities as part of bolstering company growth by 10%
    • Collaborated effectively with Atlassian support and resolved major issues regarding software
    • Coordinated with software engineering team of 7 to supervise and manage the development of complex codebases
    • Provided administrative support for Jira-related products such as Confluence and Portfolio
    • Integrated those tools for regular use to improve performance of current functions by 35%
    Jira Administrator
    Puny Technologies
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Established in 2018, it is a U.S. based software development company with 200+ employees
      Project Development & Data Backup
      • Analyzed and reviewed functionality of 5+ applications to identify improvement opportunities for increased efficiency
      • Conducted weekly data backups to minimize data loss, and managed user permissions for tools according to client needs
      • Maintained Jira projects, workflows, and users while improving security of the database to ensure encryption of data
      Process Audits & Technical Assistance
      • Coordinated with clients' technical teams to conduct 3+ workshops/month for educating users on Atlassian tools
      • Documented results of 10+ Jira workflows and process audits to use innovative tools for elevating productivity by 25%
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Private university in New York with 11 schools and 10k+ students every year
        • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | GPA: 3.6/4.0 | New York University | May '16
        • ACP-JA Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server | Atlassian University | Jan '20
        • Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) | CNET | Nov '19
        • Entry Certificate in Business Analysis | International Institute of Business Analysts | Jun '17
        • Languages: English (native) and French (intermediate)

        You can use this exact senior Jira administrator resume on our Online Resume Builder as a guide for yours!

        Key Takeaways

        Drafting a Jira resume can be difficult, taking into consideration the saturated job market and the advanced requirements. However, with our updated tips that are in line with industry standards, you may have a shot at it.

        Here is what you can take away from this Jira admin resume blog:

        • Mention your Jira skills in your resume summary as it is the first piece of information on your expertise
        • Divide your skills into two sections, namely key skills and technical skills to shine a light on all of your skills equally and group them into relevant clusters
        • Assess your areas of expertise and customize your Jira admin resume accordingly
        • Do a thorough reading of the company’s job description and ensure that you have added all of the necessary information
        • Add your work experience in concise one-liners and maintain a cause-effect relationship in all of your statements

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