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What should you put on your CTO resume?

If you're a CTO of a major company, a mid-sized company, or a start-up; you have already achieved the pinnacle of success that most tech professionals dream of. But that does not mean that your work here is done!

The tech field is muddled with new technological advancements every minute of every day, which means that you need to stay relevant and update your skill at all times.

But who should write a Chief Technical Officer resume? Simple. You should write it if you are a CTO yourself or are looking to apply for a CTO position in an organization.

In this CTO blog, we will break down the essentials of a resume right to its very fundamental core.

To perfect your CTO resume, the following points should be clear to you:

What Does a CTO Do?

A CTO is responsible for overseeing the technical aspect of a company and make sure that the technical part of the company is in line with the overall company growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of manager-level jobs is expected to increase by 44,220 within 2026.

And to get a job in such senior-level positions, you need to make sure that your resume of CTO is accurately describing your experience.

Qualification Requirements:

To get a job as CTO, you have to have a minimum Bachelor's degree, preferably in computer science. In most competitive jobs, companies may ask for a Master's degree as well. However, you need to have the extensive managerial experience to get a job as a CTO.

A Chief Technical Officer resume can accurately display your CTO skills to the hiring manager and help you get your desired job.

Check out the job vacancy trend of CTO profiles in the UK alone:


SOURCE: IT Jobs Watch

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Customize Your CTO Resume for Each Job Listing

Did you know that writing a generic resume cuts your shortlist chances by half or even more? While the exact numbers are a blur, it is a commonly held consensus that writing a generic resume is detrimental to your shortlist chances.

In the course of multiple job applications, your CTO resume needs to stand out. Only then will you get noticed by a potential employer or hiring manager.

The Application Tracking System is used by hiring managers to scan resumes with relevant content so you need to ensure that your resume is ATS-compliant.

  • Make sure that you research the chief technology officer job description sample of your target CTO job properly.
  • Then pick relevant keywords, and draft your resume accordingly.
  • Customize your CTO resume according to the needs and demands of every single one of your target jobs.

You should also ensure that your resume is written in reverse chronological order to allow your latest CTO profile to stand out upfront before your older profiles come up.

The right resume format can contribute towards making your resume ATS-compliant and recruiters-friendly.


Since you're a CTO applying for the same position elsewhere or an aspiring CTO with tons of relevant experience and expertise in the field, your resume will likely get directly evaluated by key company stakeholders themselves.

Present Information Using the Right Resume Sections

When it comes to organizing information in your resume, how do you do it?

Do you simply dump all your information in one place? or do you compartmentalize information into different categories and list them under a suitable heading?

Of course, you go with the latter.

This just goes to show that you need to present information effectively in your CTO resume. You need to use resume sections.

Here are some must-have resume sections for your Chief Technical Officer resume:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

In addition to this, here are some extra add-on resume sections that you can use to present extra information:

  • Internships
  • Certifications
  • Volunteering Experience


Perfect the Header, Personal Information, and Profile Title

The first three must-have resume sections of your CTO resume are:

Personal Information
Profile Title

We will now discuss these sections in great detail.

Chief Technical Officer Resume: Header

The profile header is the first section. Here's what you can do to correctly draft the profile header of your CTO resume:

  • If you have a habit of writing a generic CV or Resume on your resume, don't do it.
  • Instead, write your real full name on the extreme top part. If you have a middle name, capitalize the first initial of your middle name and write it like this: 'Sarah J. Simpson' for Sarah Jessica Simpson.
  • To enable a recruiter to identify that the resume belongs to you, write your header in the largest font size of 16-20 font size. Doing this will ensure that your CTO resume does not get misplaced or confused with other people's resumes.

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Here's a CTO sample resume illustrating the perfect resume header:


Chief Technical Officer Resume: Personal Information

The personal information section is the second resume section. It is also a must-have section which means that you need to include it in your CTO resume at all costs.

It is important because it contains relevant contact specific information such as:

Contact Number
Email Address
Current Location
URL to Personal Website

Make sure to include links to your profiles on Kaggle, Github, or any personal website that is well maintained for professional purposes.


Such information helps a recruiter get in touch with you. If you upload your CTO resume on a job portal and you don't have these details in your resume, a recruiter won't be able to reach out even if they want to.

This means that you won't get hired just because you failed to do the bare minimum of presenting this section and the details in this section in the first place!

Hiration pro tip:
Provide basic contact details such as your mobile number and email ID in your CTO resume at all costs. Moreover, feel free to add a link to your LinkedIn profile and online portfolio to this section.

Here are some tips that you can follow to perfect the resume contact information section of your CTO resume:

  • If you have more than one mobile number, present only one. Make sure that this is the one you actively use and on which you are available at all times.
  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Include one professional email ID. Since this is the medium through which all official communication will take place, make sure that use an email ID that sounds professional. Reputation matters and this applies to your email ID too!
  • Use the city/state code format to showcase your current location. Example: If you are from Buffalo, New York, present your location like thus: ‘Buffalo, NY’.
  • Don't give your complete house address. Avoid giving out your house number, street number, and locality name details as it is not needed. Moreover, it unnecessarily bulks up your resume.

Here's a sample CTO resume showcasing the perfect personal information section:


Chief Technical Officer Resume: Profile Title

Your CTO profile title is important. After all, it communicates important career-specific information about you such as:

  • Your current job title/designation. If you are a CTO, write 'Chief Technology Officer'. If you are looking to snag a CTO job, write your current designation. It can be anything. Example: 'Chief Data Science Architect' (you get the gist).
  • Your functional industry. In one go, a recruiter can identify that you are a techie from the IT industry.
  • Your seniority level: You are a topmost or senior-most professional. Just writing your profile title communicates this to the recruiter.

Given the power your CTO profile title holds, you need to perfect it at all costs. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

  • Write it in the second-largest text after your resume header, preferably 14-16 points to ensure that a recruiter sees it at the first glance.
  • Do not make the blunder of exaggerating your profile title and writing a job designation that is not yours. This will be seen as a fraudulent attempt and your job application will be rejected right away. Even if you do end up getting the job, you stand the risk of getting terminated for engaging in this malpractice. So do yourself a favor and do not engage in it!

Here's a CTO resume example showcasing a perfectly accurate profile title:


Draft an Impeccable Professional Experience Section

Top CTO resumes have one thing in common:

They are impeccable and every section is perfect, especially the professional experience section. If you want to beat your competition and get that coveted CTO job in a top organization, focus on this section and perfect it no matter what.


Because it consists of important career-specific details such as the organizations you have worked in, the duration of your professional engagements with them, what you did to grow your previous organizations, your notable achievements, etc.

You can already see that this section holds a lot of weight. It also occupied 80% of your CTO resume space. So this section needs to be bang-on!

Here's what you can do to perfect the professional experience section of your Chief Technical Officer resume:

  • Use one-liner points
  • Use the STAR format
  • Quantify your achievements
  • Use Grouping & Highlighting



Whether you're drafting a startup CTO resume for a CTO position in startups or looking at getting a CTO job in an established company, here's what you should do:

Use one-liner points to communicate the details of your roles & responsibilities for all the organizations you have worked within the professional experience section.

Doing this will help you improve the readability of this section.

  • A readable resume stands a higher chance of getting read and evaluated by a recruiter than a resume of a CTO that fails to meet the readability test.
  • Moreover, it also helps you pass the ATS recruitment software test.
  • When your resume is readable, it is easier for the ATS bot to parse it. When the ATS bot parses your CTO resume, it reaches a recruiter.

So readability is not just about getting a recruiter to read your resume. It is also about your resume reaching the recruiter - something that won't happen if you don't use one-liner points to improve your resume's readability!


Now that you know how to enhance the readability of this section, let us move on to step 2. While great readability is necessary, it is not the only thing that counts.

Just because a recruiter goes through your resume doesn't automatically suggest that you will get shortlisted for your target job.

You need to ensure that your CTO resume is worth reading.

You need to wow the recruiter with your expertise.

So instead of blandly stating your everyday roles & responsibilities, follow the STAR format to bring out your most outstanding professional qualities.

Here's what the STAR format stands for:

  • S stands for situation: The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions
  • T stands for task: The actual task that was assigned to you
  • A stands for action: The strategy you used to execute the assigned task
  • R stands for result: The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure

When you follow the STAR format, you succeed at making every point count.

And when a recruiter goes through your points, they get a sense of your achievements, thus showing them how valuable you can be for their company.

Thus, always use the STAR format to optimize each one-liner point.


It's not enough to list out your achievements in this section.

Anyone can say that they achieved an x target. But what makes it truly special and verifiable is figures.

  • When you add numbers to showcase your achievements, it becomes more meaningful. It becomes more real.
  • Achievement quantification helps you show that you're don't just 'talk the talk, ut walk the walk' too.

As a rule of thumb, you should always quantify your achievements.


Grouping is the practice of grouping similar points under one unique heading. On the contrary, highlighting is the practice of marking relevant words or phrases in bold.

  • When used together, grouping & highlighting helps you draw the recruiter's attention to key achievements of your career trajectory. For example, when you mark relevant achievements in bold, it stands out, thus attracting the reader's attention.
  • Similarly, one look at your grouped header will tell the recruiter your key expertise area.
  • Doing this saves the recruiter's time as they don't have to go through something that is not relevant to them.

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Here's a CTO resume sample showcasing an impeccable professional experience section:


Outline Your Academic Details Under the Education Section

Your academic history and background matter. No matter how senior you are, the degree you have, and the institutions you went to will always stay relevant.

Your CTO qualifications can be boosted by your educational qualification.

So here's a list of the top things to put in the education section of your Chief Technical Officer resume:

  • Name of your school/university.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Enrollment and graduation dates.

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Here's a CTO sample resume showcasing the ideal education section for your CTO resume:


For more CTO cv examples like this, read on.

Highlight Your CTO Resume Skills Under a Key Skills Section

You should have a distinct key skills section in your resume. Period. This is not negotiable.


Because a recruiter should not have to fish through your CTO resume just to pinpoint your functional skills or CTO resume technical skills.

It should be visible to the recruiter in the first go.

So here's what you should do:

  • Make a skills section after compiling the professional experience section and pick your skills from this section.
  • Outline your core functional skills under the 'key skills' section.
  • After this step, make a CTO resume technical skills subsection within this section to showcase your tech-based skills.
  • Do not use phrases like 'experienced in' or 'expertise in' to endorse your CTO skills. Instead, make it crisp for maximum effect.

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Here's a CTO resume sample showcasing an impeccable key skills section:


For more section-wise CTO cv examples like this, read on.

Conclude Your Resume With an Impactful CTO Resume Summary

The summary section is the heart and soul of your resume. It helps you give an overview of your entire career trajectory in a compact paragraph.

Read on to learn what you can do to perfect the CTO resume executive summary of your resume:

  • Compose the CTO resume summary at the end. Doing this saves you the unnecessary trouble of rewriting and repeatedly editing your CTO resume summary.
  • Pick the highlights of your career from your work experience section.
  • Keep your CTO resume executive summary restricted to a 3-5 lines paragraph.
  • Write a resume summary only if you have over 3 years of work experience. If you don't, write a resume objective instead.

To learn the difference between a CTO resume summary and a CTO resume objective, read guides on Resume Summary and Resume Objective.

Attached below is a CTO resume sample illustrating an impeccable Chief Technical Officer resume summary:


CTO Sample Resume

If you're wondering what the perfect or best CTO resume should look like, fret no more. Here's a CTO resume sample illustrating resume perfection in all its glory:

Grace Williams
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
9+ years experienced, value-driven, result-oriented Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a track record of conceptualizing and delivering complex & scalable enterprise/consumer solutions. Highly skilled in liaising with the key IT & Business stakeholders for executing key project deliverables and developing enabling technologies to optimize business processes & accomplish strategic goals. Adept at combining an entrepreneurial drive with managerial expertise to optimize processes and deliver compelling business value to clients.
Project Planning Project Operations IT Service Development Budget Management Public Relations Management
Network Configuration Equipment Implementation Testing Network Solutions Security Management
Application Development Coding Code Testing Software Designing Software Maintenance
  • Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Dynamo, Cassandra
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net, C#, and Java
  • Operating System: Unix, Linux
  • Tools: SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator
Cooper Technologies
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    A renowned software development company providing software services around the world with an employee base of 1000k professionals
    Project Planning & Operations
    • Reviewed existing projects to ensure that they are in compliance with the project scope and requirements
    • Accelerated project completion to assure operational continuity to the clients and extended $400K contract
    • Optimized operations by recommending a long-term approach to the company's top 3 suppliers

    IT Service Development
    • Implemented Cloud approach and strategy to ensure smooth integration of all applications
    • Transformed the IT infrastructure from a legacy application to an enterprise-wide application

    Cost Optimization & Budget Management
    • Managed to save $1M in annual costs by implementing strategic planning and monitoring of projected budget
    • Monitored the annual budget to meet the company's technological requirements by making safe investments

    Public Relations Management
    • Generated $20M revenue for the company in new business by building relationships with Broadcom
    • Communicated the latest technology strategy to partners and investors for the development of new products and services
    Clip Wired Networks
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Top IT company in the US with 2k+ employees and generating an annual revenue of $40mn.
      Network Configuration
      • Configured 100+ in-house servers and continued to upgrade them to maintain a smooth workflow
      • Designed a site-to-site VPN connection for the company's 500+ customers

      Equipment Implementation & Testing
      • Supervised operating systems to ensure the proper functioning of all software and enhance performance by 10%
      • Instituted tools & methods to automate the testing of web applications and implemented LAN/WAN connections

      Network Solution & Security Management
      • Authored configuration guides to provide solutions and support the development team
      • Deployed Mobility Service Engine, Cisco 5508 WLAN Controllers for security purpose
      Puddle Designs
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Puddle Designs is a $100mn. company that provides online training to developers and till date It has assisted 500k+ users
        Application Development & Coding
        • Developed documentation, diagrams, layouts, test cases, and clear codes for the application
        • Produced efficient code for 20+ applications while creating suitable tools for the development team

        Code Testing & Software Designing
        • Established 100% accuracy of the code ensured that the execution of code within a stipulated time-frame
        • Drafted 10+ software programs for the company's business application after extensive research and analysis

        Software Maintenance & Project Planning
        • Modified the latest OS to support the maintenance of software systems by coordinating with the clients and developers
        • Liaised with 5 designers, system analysts, and project managers to ensure timely completion of project within budget
        • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) | Cisco | Jan '15
        • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) | Microsoft | Jul '11
        Silver Valley College
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          A top university in the state offering 10+ courses with a student base of 5k+ students and 400+ teaching faculty
          • GPA: 3.8/4.0
          • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Interactive), and Dutch (Fluent)

          Key Takeaways

          You have reached the end of our Resume for the CTO Blog:

          • Don't write a generic resume. Customize it for each job.
          • Organize your information under relevant sections in your resume.
          • Write your real full name at the extreme top part of your Chief Technical Officer resume.
          • Give your contact details to enable a recruiter to get in touch.
          • Write your most recent job designation as your profile title.
          • Keep your CTO resume executive summary limited to a 3-5 lines paragraph.
          • Highlight both your technical and nontechnical skills under a key skills section.
          • Endorse your achievements and quantify them in the professional experience section.
          • Present your academic details under the education section.
          • Most importantly, keep your CTO resume relevant and to the point. Don't flood it with unnecessary information as it unnecessarily increases the length of your resume.

          This brings us to the end of our discussion on resumes for CTOs.

          Follow the guidelines we have outlined in this Blog to get a comprehensive understanding of this section.

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