How to make an academic resume?

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Writing an academic resume is more or less the same as writing any other role-based resume.

Whether you are a scholar or a researcher applying for an academic job profile you need to write an impeccable resume that highlights the best features of your academic and professional achievements.

Here is the summary of our Academic Resume Blog:

  • Update yourself about the ATS and stay a step ahead of everyone else by making your academic cv stand out.
  • Highlight your best professional achievements and academic accomplishments to identify yourself as a suitable applicant.
  • Make your resume clear to read and comprehend by describing your professional achievements in understandable one-liners.
  • Captivate the recruiters by providing the details of your mention-worthy achievements and accomplishments.

Resume writing is not just about documenting your details and particulars.

It a mixture of presenting yourself in the best light while making sure that it is presented in a clear and readable format that keeps you connected with the targeted job or post.

in this blog, you will find suitable academic resume examples, a complete academic resume template, and many other tips and guides that can help you curate the perfect resume.

The following resume tips can help you write the perfect academic resume:

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This blog consists of the following topics that can help you fabricate your academic cv/academic resume:

Pick a suitable resume format to build your academic resume

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You need to write a constructive resume whether you are writing an academic resume high school, academic resume for college, academic cv for masters application, academic cv template for phd application, or an academic resume to apply for a targeted job position.

And by any means, you need to fashion your academic resume by picking a suitable resume format.

The most advisable resume format being the reverse chronological resume format.

It allows you to describe your career trajectory in the reverse format wherein your most recent profile is mentioned upfront.

Considered to be the best and ideal format to highlight your professional experience, the reverse chronological resume format is also ATS friendly.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is used by recruiters to filter resumes that contain suitable keywords and are formatted to be ATS-compliant. Hence the chronological resume format can help your resume get past the ATS without any hassle.

The Functional resume format is to be avoided unless you are someone looking for a change in career or in need of covering up your career gap(s).

It has a skill-based approach and hence tends to keep the timeline of your career on the sideline which may not be preferred by most recruiters.

The Combination resume format is a fusion of the reverse chronological resume format and the functional resume format.

Hence it has a skill-based approach while also gives equal attention to the timeline of your career trajectory.


Academic Sample Resume

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Here is an academic resume template that we have created on Hiration's Online Resume Builder:

David Copperfield
Assistant Professor
Research-oriented & dedicated teaching professional adept at deploying new concepts for providing an insightful understanding of sensitive topics. Gained hands-on expertise in collaborating with senior professors as part of brainstorming & designing lesson plans and curriculum, and consequently enhancing research and analysis expertise. Skilled at imparting research knowledge to students to create a project plan and deliver the same with optimum quality and accuracy
Mentoring Assignments Performance Evaluation Training Lesson Planning Professional Development
Classroom Management Project Planning & Delivery Curriculum Development
Technical Skills: C++, Java, Python, MATLAB
University of Mumbai
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Session Development & Research Guidance
    • Assisting the senior professors in developing lesson plans from different sources
    • It aids in providing an insightful understanding of various topics
    • Guiding students in creating a project plan for the final projects and researches
    • Evaluating examinations and writing assignments to monitor students’ progress and gain an understanding of the subject
    Methodical & Innovative Teaching
    • Researching new curriculum and implementing new concepts and ideas to refine research quality and optimize time
    • Promoting classroom discussion by suggesting topics and modeling best practices
    • Effect of Thyroid on women's fertility | Dec '20
    • Analyzed the data of 1500+ women and re-engineered the data to be more accurate
    • Implemented Regression Analysis to find out the fertility rate of women with Thyroid between the age of 25 - 35 years
    • Effect of poor sanitization practices on the children | Apr '20
    • Recorded the cases of diarrhea and vomiting in children aged 3 - 5 years old to determine the cause of illness
    • Deployed Multinomial Logistic Regression for analyzing the data as part of facilitating the process of identifying and resolving data anomalies
    • Lifetime member of Indian Association for the study of Population (IASP)
    • Student membership of Asian Population Association (APA) | 2021
    International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Enter text here..

      International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • GPA: 3.8/4
        • Article - 'The availability of facilities at Community Health Centre' | Population Weekly | Dec '20
        • Journal - 'The system of distributing elementary medicines to the general public' | BMC Public Health | Apr '20
        • Volunteering UNICEF's Unite India to advocate the prioritization of funding policies for children | Dec '20 - Present
        • Volunteered Red Cross's Blood Donation Program to raise awareness | Sep '20

        Observe the distinct features incorporated in the given academic resume example that makes this academic resume sample perfect for you while applying for any academic job profile.

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        Include distinct sections to structure your academic resume

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        Once you pick the right resume format, start framing your academic cv by including suitable sections that will give form to your resume.

        Every segment of your resume plays a fundamental role in attracting the required recognition from the recruiters.

        The following sections are the standard segments that you should always include while writing a resume for academic job profiles:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        Though not mandatory the following optional sections can boost the impact of your academic CV on the recruiters:

        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Get a clear understanding of the importance of resume sections from Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume.

        Our huge library of pre-filled resume templates is made available that you can easily personalize.

        Mention your personal details in the topmost section of your academic resume

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        The top section of your resume is always in the spotlight hence you need to include those details that can make the recruiters acknowledge your job application.

        Keep it precise and refrain from including unnecessary details on the top part of your resume at all times.

        Academic Resume: Header

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        The header simply refers to the first thing that you frame in your resume and that is your name.

        Some people write "CV" or "Resume" but it is a waste of space as it is as clear as day that you are writing one and there is no point in mentioning the same.

        Use the largest text in your academic cv to write your resume header. The ideal 16-20 font size will do the job for you.

        Simply leave a space between your first and last name. If you have a middle name then placing the initial between your first and last name is enough.

        Here is an example of how your name should look in a resume:

        • Lenny Halls
        • Lenny M. Halls

        Read Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header to learn more about the importance of a resume header and learn how to frame a flawless one for your academic resume or academic CV.

        An ideal resume header is illustrated in the below-given academic resume sample:


        Academic Resume: Personal Information

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        Before you start giving out your personal details in your resume make sure to read the guideline of the organization where you are applying for a job.

        Some countries and organizations do not allow you to mention certain details like your age, gender, nationality, etc in your resume whereas some make it mandatory. Hence it is always advisable that you go through the hiring guidelines beforehand.

        Now back to the personal information section in a resume it should ideally contain the following details:

        • Contact Number
        • Email Address
        • Current Location

        Hiration Pro Tip: You can also provide the links to your personal website, blog, Github, or LinkedIn profile. It can help the recruiters and like-minded professionals to connect with you for professional interests.

        Contact Number: Your resume would go to waste if you do not provide your contact number because if there is no means to get in touch with you the recruiters will not be able to update you even if your resume is shortlisted.

        Your phone number should be correct and active so that you do not miss out on any possible call from potential employers and hiring managers during your job application.

        Email Address: Your email address is equally important as your contact number on a resume as it is another means of communication between you and the hiring managers.

        Do not make the mistake of giving out childish email IDs like "" or "" because can make you seem unprofessional.

        Always create an official email ID that has your real name to maintain a professional approach and be acknowledged as one by the recruiters.

        Current Location: Your current location simply refers to the location of your residence and all you need to do is mention your state and city.

        In case you are on the lookout for a job that requires you to move outside the country then you can mention your state and country.

        Do not give out your home address by mentioning your house number or street number nor mention the name of your locality as they are useless information on a resume.

        Fabricating the personal information section in your academic cv can be made easier by going through Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information.

        Here is an ideal personal information section from our academic resume template to visually help you understand this section:


        Go to our Online Resume Builder and get professional assistance to frame your academic CV.

        You can rely on it as an academic resume builder!

        Academic Resume: Profile Title

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        There are so many profile titles out there that you can find when it comes to professional job profiles.

        But you need to know that every resume should have a profile title that is relevant to the targeted job profile and be justified to validate your suitability for the specific job profile.

        For example, to become a Full Professor you need to have a minimum of five years of experience as an Associate Professor.

        Now, if you do not have the required qualification or experience you should not exaggerate your profile title in the hope of landing the targeted job profile.

        The recruiters will only consider it as lying on the resume and it may bring negative remarks on your job applications.

        Hence make sure to mention only the specific profile title that rightfully identifies you with the profile that you are applying.

        Keep in mind that your academic resume profile title should communicate the following facts:

        • Your current designation.
        • Your functional industry.
        • Your seniority level.

        The simple guidelines mentioned below can help you write your profile title effortlessly:

        • Frame it as the second-largest text in your resume after the resume header
        • Use the ideal 14-16 font size to frame it.

        Your profile title should be framed as illustrated in the given academic resume example:


        Frame the professional experience section of your academic resume with perfection

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        The professional experience section is one such segment of a resume that allows you to brag about your achievements and capabilities.

        It can help you present the highlights of your career to make your resume stand out amongst the rest.

        But only those who incorporate the distinct factors explained below can make an effective impact on the recruiters.

        One-Liner Points: There is no arguing that one-liners are the best way to describe your work experience in a resume.

        Instead of elaborating on your roles and responsibilities in a lengthy paragraph, you should stick to framing one-liners as they are easy to read and comprehend.

        Power Verbs: Always start your one-liners using a suitable power verb as it can bring about a positive impact in your sentences.

        By using power verbs you can avoid repeating words and instead emphasize your professional involvements in a broader sense.

        Achievement Figures: The straight forward way to make the recruiters recognize the value/degree of your contributions on a professional level is your achievement figure.

        Provide the average or exact figure of your contributions and achievements in your one-liners to indicate the value achieved for an organization.

        Bucketing and Bolding: One of the best ways to organize your one-liner points is by bucketing them under distinct headings. Then bold the significant words or phrases that highlight your relevant achievements, contributions, or potential.

        It is simple and easy for you to implement while making your work description clear for the recruiters to read through your professional experience section.


        Academic Resume Sample for Professional Experience

        Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume has more about this section. Hence make sure to go through it and learn everything about perfecting the professional section on a resume.

        You can refer to our academic resume sample showcasing an ideal professional experience section:


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        All you need to do is upload your resume on our online resume nuilder and our resume experts will provide you feedbacks on perfecting your existing resume.

        Provide the details of your educational background in your academic resume

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        Your academic record can have a huge impact on the shortlist of your resume.

        Therefore you should provide the details of your educational background in your resume and make an impression on the recruiters.

        While doing so you need to keep in mind that the following details of your education background should be provided in your academic cv:

        • Name of the school/university from which you have passed out.
        • Name of the courses you have completed.
        • The location of your school/university.
        • The dates of your admission and graduation dates in the month & year format.

        Not satisfied with the details provided above?

        No worries!

        You can read Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume to learn more about the education section in a resume.

        The attached snapshot of the education section is taken from our academic resume template.

        Refer to the given academic resume example and frame your education section in your resume effortlessly:


        Academic Resume: Additional Credits

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        Apart from the details of your education, you can mention any relevant certification(s), Researches, Training, and Languages (that you speak or write).

        You can also include details of any mention-worthy project(s) that you have credits for as it can boost the effectiveness of your academic cv.

        Academic projects on resume can also raise the chances of your resume being shortlisted.

        The credits that you mention should be relevant to the profile that you are applying for and should be justified likewise.

        In the course of mentioning your credits do not get carried away and stuff your resume with unnecessary details that would not have any impact on your resume being shortlisted.

        Make sure that all you include in your resume throws light on your potential and caliber that can validate your professional capabilities.

        If you are still wondering how to make an academic resume, waste no more time and visit our Online Resume Builder!

        Highlight your skills effectively in your academic resume

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        Your skills say a lot about you at the professional level and you should make sure to highlight them in your resume while applying for your dream job.

        To be acknowledged as an expert in your line of work you should possess a certain set of skills that connects you with the targeted job profile.

        A resume is your banner that you can raise to brag about your potential.

        While doing so remember to keep it subtle and humble yet intriguing because the whole point is to get the attention of potential employers and hiring managers who can give you the required shortlist.

        You should also keep in mind that your resume should have relevant and enough keywords that can get you past the ATS.

        For a non-technical job, you may not be required to be equipped with technical skills. But that does not mean you cannot mention the ones that you are proficient with.

        Simply list it below your functional skills.

        Look at the given academic resume sample displaying the skills section on a resume:


        Hiration's guide to skills on resume contains all the detailed tips and guides. Go through it and learn more about skills on resume.

        Give an overview of your academic resume flawlessly

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        Include a resume summary or resume objective for your academic resume.

        It is the best way to wrap up your resume as well as give the recruiters an insight into what they are about to observe in your framed academic resume.

        Academic Resume Summary

        The following is a list of all that you should keep in mind and follow while writing your summary for academic resume:

        • Include a summary for academic resume only if you have work experience for more than 3 years to mention in your resume.
        • Save time and avoid unnecessary editing of your resume summary by composing it once the rest of your resume is done.
        • Go through your professional experience section wherein you should pick the highlights of your career to mention in your summary.
        • Mention your achievements, skills, and any significant points that reflect your professional expertise in your summary.
        • Compose your resume summary in 3-4 lines. Only those professionals with 10+ years of experience can consider writing a limit of 5 lines.

        The given academic resume example can give you a clear picture of what an ideal summary for academic resume should look like:


        Writing a resume should be hassle-free hence the professionals at Hiration's Online Resume Builder are here to provide you with the best online resume service.

        Academic Resume Objective

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        Include an academic resume objective if you have no work experience or have limited work experience of less than 3 years.

        You can also include an academic resume objective if you are a fresh graduate writing an entry level resume to get an entry into the workforce for the first time.

        Keep it low-key while composing an academic resume objective because the whole idea is to sell your skills and not come forward as a demanding amateur.

        Before you start writing your academic resume objective make sure to read Hiration's guide on resume objectives.

        Resume Review Service

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        Simply upload your existing academic resume on our Online Resume Builder and get insightful from professionals on what changes you can make in your resume to make it shortlist-worthy.

        Your resume will be reviewed by our experts in compliance with the following parameters:

        • Content Relevance
        • Recruiter Friendliness
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • ATS Compliance
        • Global Compatibility
        • Performance Assessment
        • Resume Formatting
        • Compliance with industry norms

        Make the best use of our Resume Review Service today!

        Online Resume Builder

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        The resources listed below comes with Hiration Resume Builder

        • Option to save unlimited resumes
        • Intuitive next text suggestion
        • Auto bold feature
        • 25+ resume designs
        • LIVE resume score
        • JD-resume matcher
        • Full rich-text editor
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        • A sharable link
        • LIVE resume editor

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        Key Takeaways

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        Here are some key takeaways from our academic resume guide:

        • Always make your resume ATS-compliant and include suitable keywords to stay a step ahead of every other professional.
        • Include the distinct sections to build your resume effectively and make an impact in the job-world.
        • Remember to go through the hiring guidelines before giving out any of your particulars and details.
        • Construct an impeccable resume by describing your work experience in one-liners and applying bucketing and bolding.
        • Mention noteworthy certifications, awards/recognitions, academic projects on resume to highlight your professional caliber.
        • Create a separate section wherein you can highlight all your skills that are relevant to the job description.
        • Include a suitable academic resume objective or summary for academic resume.

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