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Have you ever thought, who edits the movies and videos you watch?

A video editor’s job is to stitch together audio, video clips, music from start to finish and create a beautiful story.

This is the perfect career choice if you have that creative vision and have experience with editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Blender.

With the increase in video content on social media and the boom in OTT platforms, the need for video editors is skyrocketing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the maiden salary of a video editor in the USA is $61,900 per year or $29.76 per hour.

And the demand for video editing jobs is supposed to increase by 29% from 2020-30, which is much faster than the average job growth.

If you are looking for a freelance video editing job or hunting for a full-time role in this competitive market, you need a stellar film editor resume that highlights your talent and skills to recruiters.

This Video Editor resume guide will help you understand:

What does a video editor do?

The primary responsibilities of a video editor are to sort videos through different sources such as pre-existing video or film footage obtained from news agencies, television stations, and various vendors and cohesively organize them.

Once the video is organized, they decide which part has to go in the final product. And after the video part is done, they usually work with a sound designer or specialist to create the sounds for the videos.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Video Editor

  • Coordinate with clients to understand their vision
  • Sort raw footage to identify usable footage to use in the final product
  • Follow the script and screenplay to organize the raw footage
  • Trim and merge all footage into a cohesive story using Adobe Premier Pro
  • Add filters and correct color pallets according to the needs
  • Add the audio files, insert dialogs, sound effects, and graphics to make it more interesting
  • Review the final product before sending it to the client or director.

How to Format Your Video Editing Resume Professionally?

If you are a fresher and have a couple of years of experience, you should create a video editing resume in reverse chronological layout.

If you don’t have formal employment experience, you should use a functional resume layout, which focuses on your skills more than your years of experience.

In addition to this, keep in mind the following tips when creating your video editing resume:

  • Keep the resume margin to 1-inch maximum
  • Use a professional resume font such as Georgia, Ariel and keep the resume fond between 10-13 points
  • Divide the resume into different sections
  • Keep eye-friendly white space into your resume to increase readability
  • Always send the resume in PDF format. It helps to preserve the resume format.

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How to Correctly Design the Video Editing Resume Header Section?

Writing only your contact information in the resume header is past practice.

Nowadays, with an increase in social media and the internet, you need to include your Linkedin profile link and video editing portfolio link onto the film editor resume.

Here are the elements you should include in your resume Heading:

  • Your Name in 14-16 point fonts
  • Contact information including phone number & email address
  • Link to LinkedIn profile
  • Link of video editing portfolio

Here is a video editor resume example of the header section:


Video Editing Resume: Summary or Objective

Hiring managers only have 7.4 seconds to review a resume. And we need to hook the recruiter with a stellar resume summary or Objective.

  • If you have 3+ years of experience, you can write a video editing resume summary
  • If you are a fresher and have less than three years of experience, then you should add a resume objective.

Here are the essential elements you should add to your resume summary:

  • Start the summary with a powerful objective such as “Creative,” “Speedy,”
  • Add your years of experience. Such as, “5+ years experienced……”
  • Write the summary in paragraph form and wrap it up within 2-3 lines
  • Add your key skills in the resume summary to grab the attention of recruiters
  • Place the resume summary/objective right after the header section

Resume Objective for Video Editor With 0-3 Years of Experience

Enterprising and Premier Pro certified video editor skilled in editing 1 hour of finished videos for the university sports team. Adept at editing SGA podcasts while blending relevant b-rolls for creating an engaging viewing experience.

Resume Summary for Video Editor With 3+ Years of Experience

Creative video editor with 5+ years of experience in sorting raw footage by understanding storyline to create a cohesive viewing experience. Proficient in adjusting color grading on Adobe Premiere Pro and editing 100+ videos for ed-tech clients like Byjus, UpGrad, etc. Adept at sourcing appropriate royalty-free music and images while reducing costs.

Example of Professional Summary on Resume:


How to Optimize the Video Editing Resume Work Experience Section?

You should create the video editing work experience section in reverse chronological order.

Keep in mind the following tips when creating a professional experience section for a video editing job:

  • Write the professional experience in bullet format, not in paragraph format
  • Start each bullet point with a strong power verb. Such as “Conducted,” “ Executed,” “Developed”, etc
  • Make sure every bullet points follow a cause-effect formula
  • Write figures and statistics to highlight your achievements
  • Namedrop some of the clients you have worked with if you don’t have any problem sharing names
  • Don’t shy away from mentioning non-video editing but related work experiences. Such as "camera crew", "production assistant", "light designer", etc

With that said, don’t write irrelevant things on your resume. It won’t get you your desired job. Instead,

  • Read the job description carefully
  • Sort the relevant resume skills you can add
  • And add experience related to that experience in your resume
  • If you don’t have specific experience, don’t add it to your resume.

Let’s see a video editor job description and video editor resume example professional experience:

Video Editor Resume Example: Professional Experience

  • Spearheaded a short film project and turned 6+ hours of footage into a 20 minutes short film
  • It generated 2mn views on YouTube
  • Developed standard clips and transitions to maintain brand image while assuring consistent color grading across all videos
  • Sourced royalty-free music and still images from online vendors while reducing cost by 20%
  • Developed process for labeling and storing b-roll footage to speed-up footage retrieval by 46%

Example of Professional Experience on Resume:


Skills for Video Editing Resume

We can’t stress enough the importance of a dedicated key skills section in your video editor resume.

Companies deliberately look for specific skills they want from the employee, be it technical or non-technical.

So you must create the key skills section of your resume with as much care as possible.

All that said, Don’t write all the key skills in one section. Divide the skills section into two parts:

  • Key Skills
  • Technical Skills

Here are some key and technical skills for you to put on your video editor resume:

Key Skills Technical Skills
Video Editing Premiere Pro
3d Animation Blender
Visual Storytelling Adobe CS6
Video Trimming DVD Studio Pro
Graphic Design Soundtrack Pro
Voice Over Editing GoLive CS2
Footage BackUp Adobe Creative Suite

Here's a Key Skill section on Video Editor Resume:


Film Editor Resume: Education Section

Because of the global nature of jobs, nowadays it’s not mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree to become a video editor. Still, it’s necessary to put your maximum education on your resume.

And if you are coming from Liberal Arts, Music field, then your education section can make you stand out among other candidates.

Video Editor Resume Example: Education Section

Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts
Brooklyn College
Aug 2018 - May 2021

  • CGPA: 3.6/4.0
  • Awarded “Creative Minds award” for creating a silent short-film

Example of Education section on Video Editor Resume:


Video Editor Resume: Certifications

You certainly don’t need to get a certification to learn video editing. But still, you can opt for certification, since it acts as proof of your skills.

Imagine yourself recruiting for a video editing role.

And you have two identical resumes in your hand, except one has a specific video editing certification, and the other doesn’t have it.

Who do you call for an interview?

99% of the time, it’s the person with details of certification on resume.

This is the core reason you should get certified for a video editing resume.

Here are some video editor certifications you can take in 2021:

Additional Sections of Video Editor Resume

You can add many more sections to your resume depending on the job requirements and your experience. For example:

Top 5 Tips To Write a Video Editor Resume

Below are some essential tips for writing a stellar video editor resume:

Proofread the Resume

Grammatical and spelling errors are huge turn-offs for recruiters. Proofread your resume a couple of times to make sure it's error-free.

Review Resumes of Industry Leaders

Before creating your own resume, you can check the resumes of industry leaders. It will help you understand how to go about writing a video editor resume.

Use Power Words

To keep the resume impactful, use action verbs or power words. For example, instead of saying "I received Excellent Video Editor Award in 2023 for high performance", say "Achieved Excellent Video Editor Award for stellar performance in 2023"

Use Simple Format

Applicant Tracking System works best with simple resume formats. So, ensure your resume is not image or design-heavy. Also, make sure to use a simple font to make it easier to scan.

Write Bullet Points

Do not write the resume in paragraph format. Only use paragraph in summary. For every other section, use crisp bullet points and quantify those bullets.

Leave off References

References do not add value to a resume and add valuable space. If the organization wants references, they can ask you in further interview processes.

Video Editor Resume: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do video editors make in the USA?

  • According to Indeed, the average hourly salary of a video editor in the USA is $19.37
  • According to Payscale, the average yearly salary of a video editor in the USA is $49,374

Q. Where do video editors work?

Ans. Most video editors work at a production studio or office. However, due to the remote nature of the job, it’s transitioning into a remote career nowadays.

Many freelance video editors work from their home offices to edit videos.

Q. What is a job description of a video editor?

Ans. Here’s a Typical Job Description for a Video Editor:

  • Meet with director to understand the story and the pace
  • Review raw footage and music and sort them according to priority
  • Trim and color-correct footage to maintain a certain standard
  • Mix dialogues, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects as needed
  • Coordinate with directors and actors to collect feedback and implement feedbacks on the projects

Video Editing Responsibilities:

  • Proficiency in Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Recent portfolio of published works
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field

Video Editor Resume Sample

Click on the video editor resume sample below to edit and download the same on Hiration resume builder!

Tips & Guides
Emily Carlton
Video Editor
4+ years experienced video editing professional adept at editing and trimming raw footage following a chronological sequence to meet the desired specifications. Proficient in video grading while leveraging cost optimization techniques to reduce the production cost for clients. Skilled at implementing video editing techniques like cutaway shots and match cuts to create context and depth in the video storyline.
• Video Editing • Media Management • Color Grading & Correction • Production Assistance • Research • Cost Optimization • Storyboard Breakdown • Sound & Lighting Enhancement • Process Improvement
Technical Skills:Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, Lightworks
Video Editor
SBS Films
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    A leading public film and digital media producer and distributor in the US with over 500k productions produced under its banner
    Video Editing & Production Management
    • Condensed 14+ hours of footage into 2 hours of polished video output and received100% positive feedbackfrom the client
    • Drafted 200+ video products in AVI, MP4, and WEBM formats to efficiently meet the clients’ specifications
    • Performed a pivotal during the fine cuteditingstage for20+ episodesof the TV series “What’s My Name?”
    Cost Optimization & Process Improvement
    • Coordinated with 5+ directors and videographers during thecondensing processto comply with the desired output
    • Streamlined production pipelines toreduceproductionbudgetby25%while ensuring on-time deliveries
    • Implemented video editing techniques to manipulate30+ raw footages as part of introducing foreshadowing and scene shift
    • Initiated a proxy workflow to expedite the editing process of R3D files for15+ lifestyle videosas part of ensuring timely delivery
    Intern - Video Editor
    Twilight Productions
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      A Los Angeles based award winning production house with a client base of over 30k and 100k+ productions under its banner
      Video Collation & Editing
      • Assisted in the video production and editing process to create 10+ad campaignsfor makeup brands
      • Transferred and compiled raw footage from the camera to streamline the editing process for senior editors
      • Trimmed50+ hours of footageincluding b-roll clips to put together a rough project for the initial draft
      Research & Production Support
      • Sorted out 100+ hours of raw footage forlightingandcoloring improvementswhilst eliminating the faulty clips
      • Sourced multiple royalty-free music and sound effects tosaveup to15%on productioncostsfor clients
      • Edited 20+ whiteboard animation videos for social media marketing campaign and achieved a10% increasein client base
      • Rendered assistance to the senior editor in post-productioncolor correctingand colorgradingto achieve the desired result
      B.F.A. in Film Production
      Los Angeles Film School
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Founded in 1999, Los Angeles Film School is a for-profit ACCSC accredited college with over 2.4k enrolled students
        • GPA: 3.5/4.0
        Additional Information
        • Languages: English (Native), and Spanish (Intermediate)

        Video Editor Cover Letter

        If you are applying for a video editing role, you can write a cover letter to give yourself an edge over other candidates.

        Here are some tips for writing a video editor cover letter:

        • Make sure to use similar design in the cover letter as your resume
        • Do not write the cover letter more than one page
        • Add 1-inch margin on all sides of the cover letter
        • Read the job description carefully and add the keywords mentioned in the job description on the cover letter.
        • Start the cover letter with a hook to get the recruiter’s attention
        • End the cover letter with a call to action and ask the recruiter to take action.

        Video Editor Cover Letter Example:

        Dear Ms. Doe,

        I recently came across the job posting for a video editor on Linkedin. And with extreme excitement, I’ve applied for the position. As a Senior Video Editor with 5+ years of experience, I believe I can utilize my expertise and knowledge of product video editing to bolster your brands’ image.

        In my previous position as a video editor at Brainstorm Media, I reviewed raw product footage and collaborated with the marketing team to edit videos for creating advertising materials. I was also involved in creating video marketing guidelines for the brand and increased brand outreach by 30%. I gained in-depth experience in operating Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software in my work at Brainstorm Media.

        I’m impressed by XYZ companies’ vision to create an unforgettable brand experience through visual storytelling. I feel my skills and knowledge of video editing make me the ideal candidate for this position.

        Thank you for your consideration. I’m attaching my resume with this cover letter, looking forward to hearing from you.


        Your full name

        Quick Recap of Video Editing Resume

        You should have all the information to create a stellar video editor resume if you’ve gone through the blog.

        Now, let’s see a quick recap of the blog:

        • Always add your video editing portfolio and Linkedin profile link in the header section
        • Create a resume summary that will help your resume get the recruiter’s attention
        • Never miss out on creating a separate section for Key Skills and Technical Skills
        • Provide numbers and statistics in the professional experience section to emphasize your achievements
        • Read the job description carefully to identify the key skills requirements and include relevant skills and keywords throughout the resume

        Do you have any more questions regarding writing a film editor resume?

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