They say teachers are the bedrock of any civilization.

But what they don’t say is that you get paid peanuts, or that you can’t get a decent job without a decent teacher’s resume.

While we are not mighty enough to make promises for the civilization, we can assure you that by using a few pointers listed below, you can make a stellar resume for teachers, one that will land you a job where you are not paid peanuts, and one which manages to tap into your true potential.

This 2018 Guide to Crafting the Perfect Teacher’s Resume will broadly be covering the following:

  1. Why Do You need a Teacher’s Resume?
  2. Format for a Teacher’s Resume
  3. Resume Objective / Summary
  4. Teacher Resume Skills
  5. How to Frame your Work Experience for a Teacher’s Resume
  6. How to Mention your Awards & Achievements
  7. Aesthetics & Design for a Teacher’s Resume
  8. Additional Sections: Hobbies, Interests & Extra-Curricular Activities

In this article, we will provide a list of sections which are necessary for all kinds of teaching profiles- be it new teacher resume, substitute teacher resume, elementary education resume, experienced teacher resume, educator resume, English teacher resume, preschool teacher resume, elementary teacher resume, high school teacher resume, etc.

Subsequently, we’ll break down these sections to further elucidate how to go about making the perfect resume for teachers.

But first, let’s take a step back and understand why we even need a resume for teachers.

The role which a teacher plays in constructing the modern society cannot be understated.

Their role majorly demands, inter alia, the following:

  1. Being sensitive, as they influence the children in the formative years of their lives
  2. Good communication, as education is imparted and shared through that medium
  3. Being knowledgeable, to remain updated and impart the most relevant information possible

If we lived in an ideal world, these 3 critical traits would be highlighted and would figure on top in the Teachers Resume.

But the world is not ideal, and so we need to figure out something else.

Importance of a Resume for Teachers

i) Commodification of Education

With a rise in commodification of education and numerous actors coming into play, there’s a marked increase in participation of private interests, leading to a huge surge in competition for teachers in this sector.

According to a poll of The Guardian, young (read economical) teachers offer an added advantage over experienced (costly) teachers in the crowded job market.

The poll of 529 education professionals revealed that a sizeable number of teachers (43%) are planning to look for a new position within the next 12 months.

ii) Vacancies, where are you?

Gone are the days when teaching was known to be the most secure job available. Parents often told us to take up teaching because of less competition, less attrition and therefore lesser stress.

However, today, the scenario is entirely different, with teacher’s resumes and cover letters piling up on the desk of all the major schools. Everywhere, everyone, irrespective of qualification (qualified or over-qualified) is trying to get hold of a new job.

Reason? Budget cuts continue to take a toll on staffing, along with a few other worrying (less talked about) issues and practices. It’s a fact that high school teaching jobs are scarcely available across the world.

Most schools receive several hundreds of applications for barely a couple of vacancies. There’s another worrying issue: a lot of jobs are just advertisements! There is the possibility that the job is earmarked for somebody known to the school or the Principal.

There is a fair element of nepotism involved in each industry – apparently, we can’t help it, and we couldn’t shield this noble profession from such an evil.

What do you do then?

Well, worry not.

With fierce competition and lesser vacancies, resume for a teacher has become exceedingly important & it is increasingly important to showcase the best of your abilities in your resume for teaching.

This article is a step on your path to land a dream teaching profile. We shall discuss how to present and showcase skills, professional experience and qualifications in the best possible way in the teacher’s resume to get more shortlists.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

Choosing your Teacher Resume Format

Targeted Teacher Resume Format

Any recruiter scanning your resume won’t have more than 5-6 seconds to take a call on whether your resume demands more of their time.

The basic premise which you must keep in mind when it comes to anything related to a teacher’s resume is that your primary task is to make the recruiter’s job easier.

That’s your Number 1 objective. Everything that we’ll talk about in the sections below is just a way for us to achieve that singular objective.

Are you specifically targeting a job as an elementary teacher, middle school teacher, university professor or a substitute teacher?

If yes, then a targeted resume format for teachers would be the best way to go.

This format allows you to represent all sections of your resume in accordance with the job description of your target profile.

WHEN TO USE: If a candidate is specifically targeting, let's say, a middle school teacher role at XYZ School, then the targeted resume shall be along the lines of the following:


Reverse Chronological Formats for Teachers Resume

This means following a reverse-chronological order in describing your professional history. Your most recent (or last held) work experience will appear first, and proceeding in that fashion till you reach your first work profile and Education section.

WHEN TO USE: When you have a transparent trajectory without many breaks or career change and when you are looking for a job similar to your current work profile.

Here's an example of a reverse chronological resume to put things in perspective:


Functional Formats for Teachers Resume

As the name suggests, a functional resume for teachers would focus more on the teacher’s skills and relevant experience instead of the actual work profiles.

The whole idea is that this type of teacher resume emphasizes on key skills to showcase how you can deploy the same for any other assignment or profile. The focus is on presenting all your skills together

If you do not have a rock solid career graph and have lapses in between, this kind of resume will just take care of you!!

Combination Format for Resume for Teachers

As the name suggests, combination format in teacher resume combines the functional and chronological formats. Candidate can put across key skills with relevant experience and also detailing the work experience in chronological order.

WHEN TO USE: If a particular job is targeted which incorporates particular skill set which the candidate apparently has and also want to showcase previous work history in proper chronological order.

You are decided with the FORMAT… Amazing… Shall we move further to the first section on the top your teacher resume?


Often candidates mention their key objectives in their teaching journey. However, as we have seen this is absolutely redundant in the resume for teachers.

A. Think like this… Why a recruiter would be interested in knowing what your life goal is and why not the interest would be in what you have to offer.
Agreed with your point. That what has to be offered is there in the further sections but that is an elaborate detail of what you have done.

Summary is often the easiest way to judge what your journey is & what you can offer.
Key Summary is written to save time on recruiter’s hands.

It is a quick snapshot of what you are and how you are a suitable candidate.

B. Also, when a recruiter is being given the responsibility to recruit, the first thing which comes to them is Job Description.
Now when you write your objective, nothing related to job description comes forth.

Let us understand from a typical teacher cv sample


Now let us see your career objective in a typical primary school teacher resume

“Dynamic individual who wants to grow in a workplace which offers conducive environment for child development and the right environment to showcase teacher skills and capabilities for future growth.”

Now let us compare it with what we are suggesting as a summary in your primary teacher resume:-

“A patient and skilled primary teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and highly proficient at championing classroom management and student development. Adept at developing lesson plans and preparing class materials to foster appropriate skills and facilitate development of children. Possess a track record of devising innovative ways to bolster knowledge and understanding of students and give them a conducive environment to question and interact.”

Now if you are a recruiter, and probably have just enough time to go through summary of each resume then which resume will you choose?

Very clearly you will choose the teacher resume with summary. This is just because it definitely displays the skills required by you in the appropriate manner and is highly professional too.

At this stage when recruiter just has to shortlist candidates for interview, he/she does not care what in the world you want.

Recruiter only cares about whether you have the skill set which matches the job description. There is no time to understand what you are trying to seek as a career goal.

He might care about this once you come for the interview. At that time it would be checked whether your desired goals align with company objectives.

So hopefully you understand why it is so important to replace your career objective in a resume for teachers with summary.

But we suggest you to take up your desired role as the designation targeted just above the Summary.

So if you are targeting at “High School Teacher” and also your resume shows the skills and experience apt for it, then go ahead and put the designation there.
Teacher cv sample

Do it safely though. There should not be a big mismatch between what designation you are targeting and what experience you have!

Now, your job description matches the summary of teacher resumes along with targeted designation mentioned.

You have given your best till now. Now let us move forward.


This is the crispest of all sections in the entire resume with boldly giving your key skills in bullets.

There is no argument around why do we need this section. But there is an argument on why to put it just below the Key Summary section.

You see, when the recruiter gets pretty happy about what you have to offer and that it matches the job description given by him. His next move is to check what key skills you have….

This is absolutely important for him to match it up with what you have described.
Let us understand it through an teacher cv sample again:-

Following the same job description and summary from above teacher cv sample …
If the recruiter has a need of a teacher who could also probably handle and groom a team of teachers in his school.

And say in your summary, you did not mention explicitly that you have the capability to handle teams as well.

In that case, the recruiter will move his eyes quickly through Key Skills section to find the matching skill.

If you have placed them far below in the resume then the recruiter would have to put
some effort there.

Remember, it is our purpose to grab the interview so it is our effort at this time.
Also it is important to put key skills for ATS clearance. This is a machine recruiter which scans your resume for key words to match the job description put by the recruiter.

Thus it is increasingly important to focus on skills which are relevant to the recruiter and match your experience as well.

Few Examples of Teacher Resume Skills are:-


Immediately after the Key Skills, the work experience section comes in.
Needless to say this is the most time consuming section of your resume.
Let us try to take it up step by step

• Format for work experience in resume for teachers

Following a reverse chronology is the best way to write this section but there are exceptions to this rule.

If your desired profile matches up with the profile you handled say 5 years ago then chronological arrangement suits well.

Surely there are candidates who want to get back to their previous profiles shall go with chronological work experience.

• Job Titles for work experience in a resume for teachers

This holds true especially for teachers who are not very experienced in an organized education set up.

Here you can put all the part time experiences which relate to the job description.

Let us take a teacher cv example. Say you have to apply for a job at kindergarten and you have no prior experience of working at one.

But you surely have spent lot of time teaching painting and craft to your apartment kids.

Will it not make sense to mention your part time experience in the teacher resume with appropriate titles?


what you might be writing:

“Painting teacher“

To what can be written to land the interview

“Recreational Activity Manager”

This can be supported with evidence around what were your achievements around how many children could learn the art and how it helped them in their school curriculum.

If you give supporting evidence relating it to the school curriculum you can indirectly show your capability to handle a school related tasks and curriculum.

• Numbers in work experience in resume for teachers

Work experience displaying information in numbers, figures, ratios and percentages is always preferred over too much factual information.

This is because time is less and the mind can register only few things in few seconds.

If you expect the recruiter to read worded statements then of course he might just read but what impression would it form on his mind.

Does your true value come across in this case?

To clearly stand out in the crowd, you have to showcase your accomplishments using numbers.

Let us take an teacher cv sample:-

“Managed a class of students by deploying skills like classroom management and communication to achieve almost full pass percentage”

Now, compare it with this one:-

“Independently managed a class of ~30 students by deploying classroom management & communication skills to achieve 95% pass percentage.”

What catches your eye?

• Mention reporting hierarchy in work experience

It is of utmost importance to clarify on the teacher resume itself whom you are reporting to.
Are you heading the school as vice-principal and reporting to the principle. In this case how many teachers are you leading?

Or if you are an independent player with no subordinates and contributing individually to academic activities then?

Here, recruiter would easily understand what position you can handle in his school.

• Power Verbs & Adjectives for work experience in a resume for teachers

Compelling action verbs are always more impressive than a commonly used verb in day to day language.

To make your resume give a powerful impact, use power verbs and adjectives.

Let us take the same teacher cv example of a resume for teachers and make it powerful:-

“Managed a class of 30 students by deploying classroom management and communication skills and achieve 95% pass percentage.”

Now :

“Spearheaded a class of 30 students by deploying stellar skills in classroom management and interactive communications to successfully achieve 95% pass percentage.

Which one is impactful….. ?

• Bullet Points for work experience in a resume for teachers

No one is ever interested in reading paragraphs … be it a blog… an article … or in our case … a resume

A resume can afford only 1 paragraph which is the key summary and it is better that work experience should not compete with that.

Work experience always looks better in bulleted crisp points rather than never ending stories.

Start a bullet point with a power verb and end it with what was the outcome.

Few teacher cv sample example:

“Managed innovative ways of teaching to achieve high percentage of attendance”.

“Championed innovative ways of teaching to achieve high percentage of attendance”.


“Worked with teachers and administration staff to streamline academic flow process”


“Collaborated with teachers and administration staff to streamline academic flow process”


“Handled workshops for parents on a weekly basis to counsel parents and resolve issues”


“Conducted workshops for parents on a weekly basis to counsel parents and resolve issues”

• Company Name and description for work experience in a resume for teachers
This point again is valid for the recruitment industry as it tells about the workplace you are working at in crystal clear point.
Say you have a recruiter from a foreign land recently given the task to hire people in your home country.
Do you expect him to know everything about all the schools you have worked with?
Or do you expect him to go online and search for your school?
What if you worked with a start-up school whose operations are not in existence any more
What if your school has a pretty similar name to some other school. Would you not like to clarify?
Additionally, how would you give a perspective around your role if the recruiter does not know which industry and sector you have worked for.
In all the scenarios, it is your effort and you would be at an added advantage if you mention the job description.
Now what has to come in the job description again has the same rule: NUMBERS
Write the description in not more than 1 line showing all relevant numbers.
In our observation, these facts make a powerful impact of your workplace on the recruiter:-
Core services, Revenue, Employees and customers.
Needless to say the information has to be most recent and authentic.
• Accomplishment for work experience in a resume for teachers

This point would require a little bit of research from your end. Research would go into what your desired employer schools values and what is it best at.
Teacher cv example: If the school you desire is known for best parents satisfaction parameters. It makes all the sense to mention all your accomplishments around parents counseling like how many parents you have counseled till date and how many issues have you resolved.
If your desired school emphasize on innovative teaching ways then you have to simply highlight the ways and means you have devised to conduct teaching sessions and how you added value with the same.


Fact of the matter is that not everyone has awards and achievements to showcase in the resume so if you have it then show it in your teacher resume and use it to your utmost advantage.

The best benefit which comes with this is that there must be 100 candidates applying for the same position, however your resume stands out because your awards and achievements portray you as an achiever in that field and thus recruiter feels that you will replicate the success in this field of teaching as well.

Even better if you have awards and achievements in the field of teaching. This will surely give you an edge over the others in the field of teaching.

The best thing about adding this section is that it shows you as a unique individual with unique talents and skills.

Things to take care while adding awards section to the teachers resume:

A. Always mention the month and year of the particular achievement so the recruiter could actually relate to it. And if the award is recent then this tip makes even more sense.
B. Never forget to mention the number of nominations for a particular award/achievement in your resume for teachers. Number of nominations gives the recruiter a perspective around how difficult was the competition.
C. Additionally, it always makes sense to mention the parameters on which this selection was based. This highlights the essential qualities and skills because of which you stood forth.
D. If XYZ is a big brand in education industry and ABC is a small brand, then will it not benefit you to mention in which institution you got the award. The relevance of the award would take you higher.

Teacher CV Example: If you mention the achievement in your teacher resume like:

“Awarded for the Best High School teacher in Best School in the city among 5 nominees”

Now compare it with:

Awarded Best High School teacher award among 30 nominations for exceptional percentage of students passed and best subject knowledge – XYZ School | Dec ‘17


Hope now what we said makes more sense.



Font has a great way of making a teacher’s resume stand out in growing struggle for jobs in this industry.

If you choose to go for say Times New Roman, then let us remind you that it is the most common font which is used everywhere by everybody.

Sure it has its’ benefits but the commonality factor far outweighs the probable benefits.

And not only the type of font but also the size of font would matter. Garamond might be an amazing font but then using size 10 would not be a good choice as it will make the words look too small to be read.

You can follow these fonts and the appropriate size to make sure your resume stands out clean, neat and very much readable. And the important point to remember would be consistency of font used across the teacher resume.

Garamond – 11.5

12+ years experienced teacher skilled in training and developing of teachers and development of academic calendars. Proficient in creating curriculum modules aligning them with school's policy. Highly adept in conducting workshops for resolving issues. Managed and mentored parents to maximize admissions and raise the bar for high quality standards.

Tahoma – 10
12+ years experienced teacher skilled in training and developing of teachers and development of academic calendars. Proficient in creating curriculum modules aligning them with school's policy. Highly adept in conducting workshops for resolving issues. Managed and mentored parents to maximize admissions and raise the bar for high quality standards.

Gill Sans MT -11

We often use it as default font in our resume tool. Widely used in UK, this font renders a sophisticated look to your resume.
“12+ years experienced teacher skilled in training and developing of teachers and development of academic calendars. Proficient in creating curriculum modules aligning them with school's policy. Highly adept in conducting workshops for resolving issues. Managed and mentored parents to maximize admissions and raise the bar for high quality standards.”

Calibri – 11
It is our personal favorite. Gives a professional look and makes your resume more readable.

“12+ years experienced teacher skilled in training and developing of teachers and development of academic calendars. Proficient in creating curriculum modules aligning them with school's policy. Highly adept in conducting workshops for resolving issues. Managed and mentored parents to maximize admissions and raise the bar for high quality standards.”

Constantia - 11
Makes your teacher resume look less messy with this font which can be used to distribute your resume in both digital and hard copy form
“12+ years experienced teacher skilled in training and developing of teachers and development of academic calendars. Proficient in creating curriculum modules aligning them with school's policy. Highly adept in conducting workshops for resolving issues. Managed and mentored parents to maximize admissions and raise the bar for high quality standards.”

Choose your font accordingly !
B. Spacing
Give more spacing between the headline and main points. Teacher resume should display more white portions. This becomes widely important as it will display your sophisticated approach towards students and more professional it looks more professional image goes to the recruiter.

C. Margins
Use symmetry through out your teacher resume. Equal margins from left side and right said for all work experience sub points and equal margins for the headings shall make your resume stand out.

Teacher resume example:

D. Colours
Resume writing companies swear for this one. Given a chance to clients to choose their own colors, we see a gaudy resume coming forth with very bold colours and many colours used.
Rule of thumb here is “Less is more”
Use maximum two colours. Black text on a white page is most preferred with a tinch of Blue in the main headings.

For example: picture


Last but not the least, a teach resume demands a showcase of some extra curricular activities specifically if the work experinece is not very clear and straight.

Extra curricular activities are started usually in the formative years of the child and your experience in the same can be transferred to the children you teach.

Extra curricular shows lot of aspect of your personality which are otherwise hidden and are not reflected in your work experience.

For example, if you have been into theatre and dramatics… then you tend to be a good team player which might not even be reflected in your work experinece.

But recruiter might need this important skill and thus this section might catch recruiter’s eye.

Heck, say the recruiter wants to conduct teaching sessions through plays and dramatics in the class , you would be a great choice !

So please go ahead and demonstrate your unique talents in this section.

By following these 7 tips for your teacher resume, you would hugely benefit in landing many crucial job interviews.

All the Best!