Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through social media?

Is social media the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Then, turn your love for social media into your career!

There are many social media jobs in the market which pay well. Social media jobs are set to grow by 14% from 2020 to 2030, creating steady job opportunities.

Read on to know the top social media jobs and how to apply for them.

Top-paying Social Media Jobs

The best jobs in social media not only pay well but give a sense of contentment to the professional. The top-paying social media jobs are:

1. Video Editor

Average Yearly Salary: $67,402

The audience indeed finds visual medium more appealing than writing. So, videos get far more engagement than a decent blog. Hence, there is a demand for video editors.
Video editors edit reels, short video formats, or long videos.

They play with the theme of the brand and plug it in various ways into the video. They manage camera footage and produce a final film using special effects, sound, dialogues, and graphics.

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2. Content Strategist

Average Yearly Salary: $65,903

As the name suggests, a content strategist develops content strategies for clients, businesses, or freelance projects. They plan, create, and manage content for social media as per project objectives.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in subjects such as mass communication, journalism, etc is required to become a content strategist.

3. Brand Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $74,101

It is the highest-paid social media job. Brand managers analyze a brand’s image and how it appears to the customers, social media included. They are responsible for creating brand strategies as per the target audience while maintaining integrity across initiatives. They manage varied products in a company’s portfolio.

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4. Digital Marketing Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $62,449

A digital marketing manager develops digital strategies to promote the brand’s products. Handling and managing social media is one aspect of their job. They also manage marketing over email, Google Ads, website, etc.

They create strategies to enhance the social presence of the job and review the content being pushed through various social media channels to maintain the same designs across various platforms.

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Top Social Media Jobs

The top social media jobs of 2022 come with loads of responsibilities and hold an important position in the marketing departments. The top social media jobs are :

1. Digital Media Producer

Average Yearly Salary: $44,221

A digital media producer is a one-person army. They are responsible for guiding the digital media team on the best ways to get the work done. They design, implement and oversee creative projects while adhering to timelines.

They provide creative support to each member of the design team.

2. Social Media Marketing Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $55,117

As companies increase their budget for social media and website ads, social media marketing jobs have gained importance. Through various marketing initiatives, they deliver persuasive marketing messages to the audience and promote their products.

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Social Media Jobs for Freshers

Like any domain, social media has entry level roles that require limited skills and understanding of the work.

The entry level social media jobs are:

1. Social Media Copywriter

Average Yearly Salary: $54,619

Is ‘Dear Diary’ your favorite phrase? Do you have a knack for writing?

Then, you could write for a living as a copywriter! A copywriter is responsible for writing copies for advertisements, social media posts, websites, journals, etc. for the target audience.

Brands look for copywriters who can write concise but captivating content for their audience.

2. Graphic Designer

Average Yearly Salary: $50,227

Graphic designers understand the client’s vision and convey it visually. They are proficient in using software such as Adobe Creative Suite for creating social media posts, ads, and press releases.

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Social Media Jobs for Students

Students now know about their interests and liking. They look for jobs during college and begin working early. Part time social media jobs also do not interfere with their college.

1. Social Media Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $55,117

Social media manager jobs entail looking after the day-to-day running of social media platforms and implementing strategies created by other stakeholders. They are also responsible for initiating and executing brand partnerships with clients, businesses, or organizations.

2. Community Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $53,213

A community manager is similar to a social media manager. They are responsible for growing the brand’s community on social media and retaining the audience. Additionally, community managers also work to grow in-house communities on portals or websites owned by the brand.

They also interact with the digital community of a brand and during live events.

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Social Media Strategist

Average Yearly Salary: $60,498

Social media strategists are responsible for creating strategies for one or more social media platforms to increase brand awareness and outreach. They create targeted campaigns, produce content, review performance through metrics, and engage with key stakeholders.

Now that we have looked at the various jobs in social media, let’s look at ways to find these jobs online.

How to Find Social Media Jobs Online?

Finding jobs for social media online has become fairly easy in recent years. There are various ways to find such jobs:


The importance of LinkedIn can not be stressed enough. It serves as a community of professionals where you can build your network. Consistent engagement with the network gives you insight into the top companies that are hiring, their evaluating parameters, and how you can bridge gaps in your skill set.

LinkedIn provides an easy way to apply for job openings worldwide as well. It has a search tab where you can insert job titles and filters to find job openings.

Job Boards

Companies hire individuals from websites like Monster, Indeed, etc. You can search for relevant social media job titles and apply.

If you wish to find social media jobs in start-ups only, then AngelList is the best website to visit. It is fairly easy to set up your account and feed in details. Many exciting start-ups are signed up on the platform.

You could also work on freelance projects on social media. Many individuals look to hire professionals on a freelance or short-term basis on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Create a profile and display your portfolio. Reach out to people you would like to work with on LinkedIn. Build rapport so that they could let you in on job openings.

Specific Companies

Do you wish to join a specific company or have a favorite company?

Visit their website regularly and apply directly. If there are not many social media job vacancies at that moment, you could send requests to prospective hiring managers or professionals in the social media department on LinkedIn.

Build rapport and express your interests. They can let you know whenever there is a favorable opening for you.

Key Takeaways

Social media jobs are increasing in number as the influence of social media increases.

  • Content strategist, brand manager, and digital marketing manager are the top-paying jobs in social media.
  • Digital Media producers and social media marketing managers are the top jobs in social media.
  • Social media copywriter and graphic designer are ideal jobs for freshers.
  • Students can pick part-time roles like social media manager, community manager, and social media strategist roles.
  • Look for job openings on online portals such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Upwork, etc., and apply.
  • Visit various companies’ websites regularly to look for openings for social media jobs.

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