Creating a Server resume can be hard.

We know this because we have had hundreds of clients who had a lot of questions on what skills and achievements to showcase in their Server resume.

Thanks to our reasearch, our experts have finally nailed the art of creating the perfect server resume with details on resume sections including the objective, summary, experience, skills, achievements, etc.

Moreover, be it a fine dining server resume or a sushi server resume, we have collated all the answers in this in-depth guide along with real restaurant server resume examples.

In order to get more clarity on how to make a server resume and how it should ideally look like, see the restaurant server resume sample given below:

Dedicated and experienced professional who has worked as a restaurant server for 4+ years. Skilled in serving, waiting, providing F&B services to restaurant guests and looking after backend operations. Proficient in maintaining the highest standards of hospitality and serving guests with the highest level of customer service. Possess an in-depth knowledge of food and beverage options. Adept at making recommendations to guests as well as upselling alternatives.
• Customer Service • Order Processing • Knowledge of food & beverages • Up Selling • Customer Issue Resolution
• Training • Health & Safety Compliance • Backend Kitchen Operations
    Customer Servicing
    • Providing delightful food & beverage services to 100+ customers every day; Responsible for taking orders from multiple tables
    • Recommending alternatives for up selling; successfully up selling items worth an average of $ 1,000 per week
    • Adept at anticipating and delivering on the requirements of the customers
    • Gained a thorough knowledge of food and beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) menu
    • Ensuring that the highest quality of customer service is delivered and the customer experience is made memorable
    • Managing 150+ customer reservations and bookings every week
    • Working on versatile shifts including on holidays, weekends etc.
    • Training new junior servers who join the restaurant; trained a total of 15 servers till date
    • Ensuring 100% compliance with the health and safety procedures of the steakhouse chain
    • Assisting in backend kitchen operations including supply management, negotiations with vendors etc.
      Customer Service
      • Took orders from and served food, wines and beverages to 50+ customers every day
      • Gained a comprehensive understanding of the exquisite food and bar menu with 500+ options
      • Coordinated with the chefs to continuously improve the menu as per the feedback of the guests
      • Ensured the utmost cleanliness and hygiene of the dining area
        • CGPA: 3.5/4
        • Successfully completed IV levels of certification in Hospitality Management and Customer Service from the International Institute of Hotel Management, NYC, ’14 – ‘16

        After reading our 2020 Guide on Restaurant Server Resume, you'll be able to:

        • Identify the right skills to put in your food server resume key skills section
        • Write server resume objective section
        • Make server resume summary section
        • Write your resume points in S.T.A.R format

        All these will help you make a job winning restaurant server resume.

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        You can refer to the restaurant server resume examples below to create your own server resume.

        'We can serve humanity with our divine passions and gifted skills.'
        -Lailah Gifty Akita

        With the passion of serving customers and by the skills of taking orders and serving food is how the servers serve humanity. Customer service and serving food are an essential part of a server's job.

        According to, approximately 2.5 million job positions were occupied by servers, in which, part-time employment was common. Server jobs are predicted to grow of 3% in the next six years.

        Servers make sure that the customer service is on point by providing customers with a pleasing dining experience. Their broad level job is to take orders, serve food and beverages and take away dinnerware from the table after the customers leave.

        When it comes to qualification for this position, a degree is not required as the employees are taught in the training process itself about the nuances of this profile. However, those who want to pursue a degree for this field can opt for a degree program in food services or restaurant operations.

        Here is a list of all that you will learn in this blog.

        Server Job Description For Server Resume

        To create a professional server resume, you need to first understand the job description for a server. The server job description for the server resume includes the following:

        1. Answering the customer's questions related to the special item of the day, ingredients used, and food preparation in case of daily changing menus.
        2. Processing Payments
        3. Cleaning dining area and tables
        4. Greeting customers
        5. Setting tables
        6. Solving customers problems and complaints
        7. Keeping kitchen staff informed on meal progression by noting the time
        8. Refilling food and water glasses
        9. Being attentive towards special needs of the customers
        10. Give proper information about menu over phone orders and provide an accurate estimated delivery time

        Why Do You Need A Server Resume?

        A restaurant server resume showcases the efficiency and prowess of a person as a server.

        The resume embodies all the information related to your past achievements in an efficient way. Its goal is to maximize the chances of you getting a job as a Server.

        Having a server resume while you go job hunting is of utmost importance as it serves as the first point of contact between you and the recruiter.

        A restaurant server resume holds all of your professional information, along with the number of years you've worked. This information helps the recruiter in deciding your pay at the time of recruitment.

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        How To Write A Server Resume?

        Follow the steps given in the article below to excel in making the server resume.

        In addition to this, you can go for Hiration's Online Resume Builder which cuts your efforts of making restaurant server resumes right into half as there are pre-written server resume templates, which are ready to use. Select industry experts have used their resume making expertise in making these templates.

        By using them you can instantly boost the chances of your restaurant server resume getting shortlisted.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Include job specific keywords in the restaurant server resume to make it easier for the ATS to approve it.

        Server Resume Sections

        1. Header
        2. Personal Information
        3. Title
        4. Summary
        5. Key Skills
        6. Professional Experience
        7. Education
        8. Certifications
        9. Awards and Recognition
        10. Languages

        Writing Your Server Resume

        The process is broken down into four simplified stages. We will call the resume at each stage as:

        1. Compilation Server Resume
        2. Master Restaurant Server Resume
        3. First Draft Server Resume
        4. Final Restaurant Server Resume
        • Compilation Stage of you Server Resume: In this stage, dump all the information you have related to your restaurant server resume at one place. It will make it easier for you to tweak your server resume in the future as well, as a restaurant server resume keeps updating as long as you work as a Server.

        So, whenever next you'll need to update your server resume, you'll know where to exactly find it.

        • Master Restaurant Server Resume: In this second stage, you will sort, arrange and make your professional experience section. In this stage of server resume making, ensure you have the below-given information and then place them at their respective places in the restaurant server resume.
        1. Company Name
        2. Location
        3. Dates of Joining and Resigning/Completion of Tenure
        4. Designation
        5. Points in Terms of Importance

        When you're done assorting this section, save a copy of the master server resume. This will help you later in customizing your professional experience according to every job description.

        • First Draft for your Restaurant Server Resume: In this stage you will write the rest of your server resume sections.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Use the reverse chronological order to write your restaurant server resume. In this format of server resume making, the most recent information in terms of date is written first. Then the second most recent and so on.

        Three-fourth of your restaurant server resume will be complete by this stage.

        • Final Server Resume: The first thing that you will write in this section is the key skills section. Write the key skills section by scanning your professional experience section and your job description for keywords.

        The Second thing that you will write is the server resume summary/objective section.

        • To write the summary or server resume objective section, you will pick the highlights of your career from the professional experience section and then put them in the summary section by rephrasing them a little.

        • Mention in the summary section how you can use your server skills to benefit the company.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Write the summary/objective section in a paragraph form not exceeding 2-3 lines.

        The third thing to do in this stage is to bold all the important words and phrases throughout your restaurant server resume, except for the summary section.

        Writing Server Resume Header

        So, now you must be thinking: What is a restaurant server resume header?

        The header is the very first section in the server resume. This section consists of only one thing, and that is your name. Are you wondering what is so important about this section?

        It is important because it differentiates your restaurant server resume from other server resumes. The header should be the largest text in your resume. The ideal point size for writing the header is between 14-16 font size. And of the most important things in the header is the correct spacing in the name.

        People with a middle name tend to make the most errors while writing the header. So, here's the correct way to write it: 'Justin R. Timberlake'. Write only the first initial of your name and then put a full-stop after it.

        Refer to the below-given restaurant server resume example to get a clear idea of how to make the header.

        Server Resume: Header Restaurant Server Resume Example

        Also, you can instead go for Hiration's Online Resume Builder which is programmed to use a fixed font size according to the latest resume building trends.

        Personal Information Section In Your Server Resume

        The section of personal information comes second in the server resume. It includes your personal information like your personal mobile number, your personal e-mail ID along with the current location of residence.

        • Personal Mobile Number:

        If you use multiple phone numbers then do not write all of them in the restaurant server resume. Write only one number which you're available on 24x7. Writing multiple numbers creates confusion and takes up unnecessary extra space.

        When writing the mobile number, the first and the most important thing to write is the International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) code of your country followed by a plus sign (+). Give a single space after the ISD code and then write your mobile number. Then within the mobile number, give a single space after the first five digits.

        • Personal E-mail ID:

        The second thing to write in your include in this section is the e-mail ID.

        Do not write e-mail ID names like '' as they are taken to be very unprofessional. So, make sure you use an e-mail ID name that is professional and at the same time ideal for writing in a server resume.

        For example: '' looks professional and is suitable to be included in a restaurant server resume.

        You can also provide hyperlinks to other social media sites at this point, but only if they are relevant to your profile and are on the same page in terms of information.

        They should be updated properly with the information regarding your professional experience, and this implies especially for professional social media sites like LinkedIn.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: When providing links to your social media handles, do not write the whole link. Just give the hyperlink for them.

        Also, if you have any portfolios and personal websites, then you can provide their hyperlink as well in the professional information section.

        • Current Location:

        The third thing to include in the personal information section is the current location.

        If you're living in a city that's not your home town, then write the current location where you're living and not the city which is your home town.

        Do not write the complete address as again, it will take up unnecessary space in the server resume and at the same time, it is of no use to the recruiter. Writing the city name along with the country pin is information enough for the recruiter to know whether you'll be relocating to work with that company or not.

        Take a brief look at the restaurant server resume sample given below to get a better idea of how to make the personal information section.

        Server Resume: Personal Information Section

        You can also opt for Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make your restaurant server resume in which you get to use different icons to put in your personal information section to make it more engaging for the recruiter.

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        Customizing Server Resume Profile Title

        To let the recruiter know for which profile you're applying for, adding a profile title is important.

        For example: Restaurant Server, Cocktail Server, Senior Restaurant Server, etc.

        It is of utmost importance to write the profile title so that as soon as the recruiter sees your server resume, he's able to make the decision of whether or not to read your restaurant server resume further.

        Take a glance at the server resume example below to get more clarity on how to make the profile title section.

        Restaurant Server Resume: Profile Title Server Resume Example

        You can also go for a review of the restaurant server resume done by select industry professionals at Hiration, to know how your server resume performance assessment is.

        Server Resume Professional Experience Section

        The server resume professional experience section exhibits the work experience that a professional has had as a server.

        This section is of utmost importance for those people who have an extensive work history as a server.

        Use the below given format to write this restaurant server resume section:

        {Company Name} | {Location of the Company} | {Dates of joining and resigning/completion of tenure}
        {Cause-Effect Points}

        Bucketing and cause-effect points are one of the major things that can increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Let us show you this through a server resume example.

        • Section with no bucketing and cause-effect points.
        • Providing delightful food & beverage and responsible for taking orders
        • Working on versatile shifts
        • Adept at anticipating and delivering
        • Managing customer reservations
        • Recommending alternatives and up selling items
        • Training new junior servers
        • Section with bucketing and cause-effect points.

        Customer Service

        • Providing delightful food & beverage services to 100+ customers every day and responsible for taking orders from multiple tables
        • Recommending alternatives for up selling while successfully up selling items worth an average of $ 1,000 per week
        • Adept at anticipating and delivering on the requirements of the customers


        • Managing 150+ customer reservations and bookings every week
        • Working on versatile shifts including on holidays, weekends etc.
        • Training new junior servers who join the restaurant and trained a total of 15 servers till date

        Now, if you've written 8-10 points in your professional experience section, it will look all cluttered up without bucketing. This will also make it quite difficult for the recruiter to read your server resume.

        As you can see in the server resume example below, bucketing and bolding will make it easier for the recruiter to read your restaurant server resume.

        The bucketing will majorly be made of the broad level duties that you perform and the points will elaborate on those duties in details further.

        Take a glimpse of the sample given below to get greater clarity on how to make the professional experience section.

        Server Resume: Professional Experience Sample

        Server Resume: No Experience?

        If you are a fresher in the field of serving then worry no more. We're here to tell you how to make the server resume for a fresher.

        In a restaurant server resume for freshers, the professional experience section will be replaced by the certifications section. They will write the certifications section instead of a professional experience section.

        Writing certifications in a fresher resume for server adds value to your server resume. These certifications can be in the area of food protection management, food handling or alcohol serving.

        The following needs to be mentioned in the certifications section:

        1. Certification Name
        2. Affiliating Institution
        3. Institution Location
        4. Dates of enrolling and competition of course

        Use the below given format to write this section:

        {Certification Name} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date (in mm/yy)}

        For those people who have prior experience as a server, the certification section will come after the education section.

        To get more clarity on how to write this section, look at the below-given restaurant server resume example.

        Server Resume: Certification Section Restaurant Server Resume Example

        Server Resume Education Section

        The education section contains all the details related to your qualification, like the courses you did, the name of the institutions, their locations, dates of enrollment and graduation and the CGPA acquired.

        Use the below given format to write this section:

        {Name of the University/School} | {Location} | {Dates (in mm/yy format)} |
        {Name of the Degree}

        All the information in this section needs to be true as the recruiter decides on the basis of this section whether you are qualified for the position you've applied for or not.

        The sample given below will provide you with a better understanding of how to make the education section.

        Restaurant Server Resume: Education Section Sample

        Furthermore, you can opt for Hiration's Online Resume Builder where all the sections of the resume come pre-arranged for pleasant user experience.

        Server Resume Awards And Recognition Section

        In the awards and recognition section, you will write all the relevant and important awards that you got in your previous work engagements, college or school.

        Refrain from writing awards and recognition like 'Best Handwriting' and 'Best Student'. These are not value adding awards and recognition and at the same time, they do not fit well in a professional restaurant server resume.

        Use the below-given format to write the awards and recognition section.

        {Name of the award}| {Award giving Institution} | {Date of getting the award}

        Opt for Hiration's Resume Reviewing Service to check your design compatibility with the ATS.

        Server Resume Languages Section

        Language is another very important aspect of the working of a server. Many servers do language courses in order to cater to foreign customers.

        Knowing a second language always works as a benefit for the servers as by knowing how to speak a second language they can serve and provide a better customer experience to the customers who don't know the regional language of the place.

        In this section, mention all the languages that you speak and are fluent at. There is also a specific way to write this section. A bullet will come before each language name. For example:

        • English
        • French
        • Spanish

        All the languages should come in just one line and not more. This will help make your restaurant server resume stay within one page and won't take up unnecessary space.

        Server Resume Key Sections

        Server Skills To Put On A Resume

        This is the fourth section of the server resume but it is the second last section to be written.

        Writing it at this stage will give you more skills to include in your restaurant server resume key skills section than writing it at the starting of server resume making stages.

        To write this section, go through the professional experience section that is already done to look for skills. These skills will basically come from the bucketing that you did in the professional experience section and the points that you wrote under them. When making this section, ensure that your skills don't exceed more than three lines.

        After you're done making this section, bold the whole section and center align it.

        By doing so you ensure that the recruiter reads your key skills section first. So, if the recruiter doesn't have much time to read the whole of your restaurant server resume, he can decide to give you the chance to give the interview just by seeing your skills section.

        Bolding it will separate it from other sections and make it more clearly visible.

        To get a clear understanding of how to make this section, look at the below-given sample.

        Server Resume: Key Skills Sample

        In addition to this, you can use our California resume template at Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make your restaurant server resume where you can add bar graphs and pie charts to better illustrate your skills. So, go make that professional server resume now at Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

        Personalizing Server Resume Summary Section

        This section is written in the end. Writing it at the end is the best way to optimize your summary as you can go through the rest of your server resume to pick out the points that are the highlight of your career to put in the summary section.

        In the summary section, write what you can do for the company by utilizing your skills and not what you expect from the company.

        Look at the below-given sample to get an idea of how to optimize your summary section.

        Restaurant Server Resume: Summary Section Sample

        Server Resume Objective Section

        The server resume objective section is for the freshers whereas a summary section is for those professionals who already have experience in this field. Just like the summary section, you will also write this section at the very end, after you're done making the rest of your server resume.

        By doing so, you can scan the rest of your restaurant server resume to pick out valuable points to include in the server resume objective section. When writing these points in the server resume objective section don't write them as it is. Rephrase them a little and then write them. By doing so, your efforts of making a server resume will clearly reflect in the server resume objective section.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Your Summary/Objective section should be written in 3-4 lines and in a paragraph form. Not in bullet points.

        Server Resume PDF

        If you choose to make your restaurant server resume at Hiration's Online Resume Builder you will get the following server resume PDF options:

        • Unlimited PDF Downloads
        • Shareable Link

        You can download as many PDFs of your restaurant server resume as you want and also a sharable link for your server resume.

        Server Resume Tips

        1. Do not include full stops in your server resume except for the summary/objective section.

        2. Write “by deploying” or “via”, however applicable, instead of “using”.

        3. Make sure your restaurant server resume points don't exceed the limit of one line. All your points should be one-liner bullet points.

        4. In case any of your points exceed the limit of one line, split them into two points of make sub-points.

        5. Highlight all the important words, phrases and numbers throughout your server resume.

        6. Write all your points using the S-T-A-R format. Situation-Task-Action-Result, all your points should have these mentioned.

        7. Write a one-line description of all the restaurants where you've worked beneath the designation to give information about that restaurant to the recruiter as there are chances that the recruiter might not have heard of that restaurant before.

        8. Bold all the buckets that you make in your professional experience section.

        9. Dates should be written in mm/yy format throughout the restaurant server resume.

        10. Also, make sure that the font that you are using to make the server resume is consistent throughout the restaurant server resume.

        Have more queries around a server resume? Send them at and our resume experts will get back to you.