How can you write a flawless automation tester resume?

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Resume writing may seem easy but unless it is written with perfection, one's chances of being shortlisted for the targeted job profile remain very low.

To write a flawless automation tester resume you need to learn what to include and how to frame them in your QA automation tester resume.

Here is the summary of our Automation Tester Resume Blog:

  • Let the recruiters know you by your name. Write your name as the resume header.
  • Take no chances of missing calls from the recruiters. Provide your correct contact details in your junior automation tester resume.
  • Leave no trace of doubt about your professional status. Give an accurate profile title that defines you in your jr automation tester resume.
  • Give a clear description of your work experience in your resume to make the recruiters acknowledge the positive work record that you hold.

Captivating the recruiter's attention with your best automation tester resume is in your hands but you must learn how to achieve the same.

Read the below-given resume tips to writing an impeccable Automation Tester resume:

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The list below is all that is included in this blog to help you build the best automation tester resume:

Build your Automation Tester resume by following the three stages of resume writing

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Always pick the right automation tester resume format and follow the three stages of resume writing to broaden your chances of being shortlisted by the recruiters.


Stage 1 of writing your automation tester resume: To begin with your QA automation tester resume writing, create a folder, and list down all your details and particulars.

Any information regarding your education, training, certification(s), professional experience, etc should be noted down in this master folder.

It can help you with your current resume as well as for any future updates of your resume. All you need to do is simply keep updating it with every notable achievement or growth in your career.

Stage 2 of writing your automation tester resume: With the master folder ready, you can start building the first draft of your automation tester resume.

Create a flawless outline of your software automation tester resume and start filling them with your details as per the requirements.

The details in your master folder can make it easier for you to build your resume without any hassle.

Stage 3 of writing your automation tester resume: Leave the key skills section and resume summary/objective section for the end.

Work on these two particular segments in the end because you will need to pick your core skills and professional achievements from the professional experience section.

Automation Tester Sample Resume

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Examine the below-given automation tester resume sample before you start writing your resume:

Judd Hosea
Automation Tester
5+ years experienced Automation testing professional with a proven track record of developing and executing automated test plans. Highly skilled in writing scripts and code as per the requirements and existing standards to meet the higher goals of the organization. Proficient at bug tracking and troubleshooting to implement smooth tests for the timely delivery of services to the clients.
• Test Plans • Test Design Automation • Automation Framework • Automation Scripts
• Coding • Test Reports • Debugging & Troubleshooting • System Testing
• Application Development • Web-Based Applications Development
• System Documentation • Software Application Development
  • Automation Tools: Selenium, Watir, QTP, SoapUI
  • Programming Languages: SQL, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS
  • Web Design: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, Redis
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Unix
Pluto Software Networks
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    An independent software testing and quality assurance company providing services across a range of verticals to 40+ countries
    Test Planning & Design
    • Formulated effective test plans to ensure that it adheres to the requirements of the clients and users
    • Implemented Test Design Automation to deliver high-quality applications for the clients within a given time frame
    • Designed the automation framework and implemented it as per the structure of 10+ projects

    Scripting & Coding
    • Executed component-based approach and developed automation scripts to reduce maintenance costs by 50%
    • Created 10+ automated test scripts in QuickTest Professional (QTP) for 5 projects
    • Maintained suitable coding standards for the entire project life cycle to avoid repetition of coding errors

    Test Report Review & Documentation
    • Coordinated with the 20 members functional team to review the test reports
    • Analyzed 50+ test reports on a daily basis and documented the details for further functionality checks

    Debugging & Troubleshooting
    • Identified and removed errors in the codes by debugging them after conducting a case study to avoid repetitious errors
    • Documented test report on a daily basis to analyze the existing errors and performed the necessary troubleshoot
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Application Development
      • Examined and implemented required changes to improve the functionality the existing software application
      • Developed 5+ web-based applications with a 30 member team for the company's largest client IBM

      System Testing & Documentation
      • Fabricated test plans for 15+ projects and performed test on various products for the company
      • Registered large records of data to create 100% accurate reports for the company as per the existing guidelines

      Bug Tracking & Troubleshooting
      • Investigated issues in 10+ applications and developed a solution to fix them on time
      • Managed bug tracking system and performed troubleshoot and resolved issues to improve performance by 20%
      • Test Automation Engineering Certification| ISTBQ | Sep '18
      • Certified Mobile Testing Professional | ASTBQ | Apr '15
      B. Sc. in Computer Science
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        One of the best colleges in the state with a total of 500+ teaching faculty providing top class education to 4k enrolled students
        • GPA: 4.0/5.0

        The given automation tester resume example has been built on our Online Resume Builder.

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        Organize your Automation Tester resume by including distinct sections

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        Here is a list of the complete standard sections that should always be included in your QA automation tester resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        Apart from the traditional sections listed above, you should also include the following optional sections in your jr automation tester resume whenever considered necessary:

        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Adding the optional sections can enhance your selenium automation tester resume and give the recruiters an insight into your extracurricular achievements and credits.

        Everything else you need to know about resume sections can be found in Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume. Make sure to go through it before you start writing your software automation tester resume.

        Optimize the header section of your Automation Tester Resume

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        The topmost section of your QA automation tester resume plays an important part in getting the attention of the resume because it is ideally where the recruiters' first glance falls upon.

        Every detail that goes on top of your resume should be optimized effectively so that your selenium automation tester resume gets noticed by potential employers and recruiters.

        Automation Tester Resume: Header

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        Before we get to the dos and don'ts of writing your resume header lets get one thing cleared and that is to never write "Resume" or "CV" as the resume header.

        It does not have any impact on your job application because you are stating the obvious and there is something better you can do with the precious space.

        By writing your name as the resume header you can not only give your resume a unique identity but make it easier for the recruiters to keep track of your software automation tester resume.

        It can be easier for the recruiters to monitor your resume when you write your name on top of it.

        Use the ideal 16-20 font size to make it stand out as the largest text in your resume.

        All you need to do is leave a single space between your first and the last name. It is simple and easy to follow so try to implement the same while framing your resume header.

        Make the most of your resume header by going through Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

        Here is a simple illustration of the ideal resume header for your resume:


        The snapshot provided above is a snapshot from our automation tester resume example created with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

        Automation Tester Resume: Personal Information

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        Imagine you are shortlisted for the targeted automation tester job profile.

        Now, how do you think the recruiters will get in touch with you?

        Call you or mail you right?

        So now you know that you do need to provide your contact details in your selenium automation tester resume so that the recruiters can reach you and update you for the same.

        Here is what the personal information section of your resume should ideally contain:

        • Contact Number
        • Email Address
        • Current Location

        Hiration Pro Tip: You can always include your Linkedin, Github, or any link that you think is suitable for the recruiters to connect with you.

        Contact Number: Always give out the right contact number. Cross-check if it is the right number that you have noted down before you send out your resume.

        Always keep in mind that other applicants are applying for the same job profile that you are targeting.

        You cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity just because you gave out the wrong contact details in your resume.

        Email Address: Just as the contact number is important your email address is an important contact detail you need to include in your software automation tester resume.

        Your email address should be official and professional at the same time.

        Do not use fancy names like "princess" or "prince" in your email address as it can make you seem like an unprofessional applicant.

        Current Location: In case you are interested in moving abroad for your job placement, mention your state and country else simply write your city and state.

        Never write your home address as your current location. There is no need to mention your house number, locality name, street number, etc. as they have no relevance to your job application.

        Keep in mind that some organizations or countries have strict rules when it comes to disclosing your personal details in your resume to avoid biased hiring.

        Hiration's Guide to listing your contact information can help you understand how to perfectly curate your personal information section in your resume.

        The below-given automation tester resume sample is how you should ideally frame the personal information section of your resume:


        Automation Tester Resume: Profile Title

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        The resume header is the identification of your resume and your profile title is your professional identification.

        You must identify yourself in your resume so that the recruiters can acknowledge your suitability for the targeted job profile.

        They need to know where you stand professionally and your profile title can best describe your seniority level.

        Your profile title can communicate your current designation, your functional industry, and your level of seniority in the line of work that you practice.

        There is no excuse to exaggerate your profile title.

        It would be considered as lying and that is one thing you will not want to be identified as by the recruiters.

        Real success comes to those who work with honesty and hard work so you should always implement the same while writing your jr automation tester resume.

        Make your profile title stand out the second-largest text in your selenium automation tester resume after the resume header. You can frame it in 14-16 font size.

        Here is an automation tester resume example showing the ideal profile title section:


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        Perfect the professional experience section of your Automation Tester Resume

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        If you have any professional experience worth mentioning then the professional experience section is the right segment to list them.


        A well-framed resume should not only contain the right points but also be framed effectively.

        Framing Points: Be clear and specific while narrating your work history in your resume so that the recruiters can easily understand your statements.

        Write clear one-liners and list them in bullet points so that it is clear to read as well as easy to understand.

        Paragraphs can make your professional experience section look congested and the recruiters may not be interested nor have the time to go through lengthy paragraphs.

        Keep it short and crisp to communicate your work record to the recruiters.

        Power Verbs: Make an impression with your one-liners by using power verbs to start your points.

        The right power verb can help you express the kind of work that you are familiar with by reflecting on your professional roles and responsibilities.

        Use the most suitable power verb and make a positive impression on the recruiters with your professional experience statements.

        Achievement Figures: To effortlessly impress the recruiters you should mention your achievement figures in your selenium automation tester resume.

        The recruiters look for professionals who can contribute towards the higher goals of an organization.

        And the best way to present yourself as a suitable applicant is by mentioning the exact or average value in terms of achievement figures.

        Example: Designed and developed automation scripts to increase productivity by 20%.

        Bucketing And Bolding: Your points will be clear to read once they are framed in one-liner points but to make enhance them you can apply bucketing and bolding.

        Create distinct headings and list all the similar points under the fitting bucket. Once your one-liners are organized, pick suitable words or phrases, and bold them.

        Doing so will get the recruiters' attention towards the main points that can help you to communicate yourself as a suitable applicant.

        The above-discussed factors can help you in curating the perfect professional experience section and get you a step closer to the required shortlist.

        Want to learn more about the professional experience section in a resume?

        Go to Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

        Automation Tester Resume Sample for Professional Experience

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        Look at the automation tester resume sample attached below illustrating an ideal professional experience section:


        You can upload your existing automation tester resume on our Online Resume Builder to get it reviewed for free by our resume experts.

        Provide your educational background details in your Automation Tester resume

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        The education section need not be descriptive nor have a detailed narration of your scholastic projects and achievements.

        Your professional experience highlights your career achievements and your educational qualifications highlight the level of your scholastic knowledge.

        Your junior automation tester resume is incomplete without the education section so make sure to include your educational details.

        It is an important segment in your software automation tester resume hence you need to keep it brief and list only the required details.

        The education section of your resume should ideally consist of the following details:

        • Name your university.
        • Name of the pursued course(s).
        • Location of your university.
        • Enrollment and graduation dates.

        Get an in-depth understanding of the education section by going through Hiration's Guide on how to mention education details on your resume.

        Here is an automation tester resume example showcasing the ideal education section for your resume:


        Automation Tester Resume: Certifications

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        Always mention any certification that you have acquired as long as it is required for the applied job position.

        The recruiters may shortlist an applicant who is certified rather than the ones without any certification. Hence if you have any relevant certification to mention then do so in your junior automation tester resume.

        Provide the following details of your certification in your selenium automation tester resume:

        • Certification name.
        • Name of the institute of affiliation.
        • Location of the institute of affiliation.
        • Enrollment and completion date.

        Learn more about this section from Hiration's Guide to listing certifications on a resume.

        Refer to the automation tester resume sample illustrating the certifications section on a resume:


        Online Resume Builder is a professionally designed resume builder that can help you curate the perfect job-winning resume.

        Present your Automation Tester resume skills on distinct skills section

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        The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is something that you should keep in mind while applying for a job.

        It is a software that is used by recruiters to make the hiring process easier.

        Include suitable keywords in your key skills section but make sure that your skills are justified in the professional experience statements.

        Doing so will make your resume ATS-compliant and make the recruiters recognize you as an applicant with the right set of skills suitable for the targeted job profile.

        But make sure to highlight only those keywords that are relevant to the job description.

        Create separate sections for your functional skills and technical skills as it can make it easier for the recruiters to recognize your potential.

        Read our guide to skills on resume for a better understanding on efficiently curating this section.

        Try to frame your skills section as shown in the below-given automation tester resume sample:


        Include an impeccable overview of your Automation Tester resume

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        Before you proofread and send out your resume to the recruiters compose an overview of your software automation tester resume.

        Since the recruiters have very little time to read through resume, providing an overview of your resume is an ideal way of getting their attention.

        Include a suitable automation tester resume summary or automation tester resume objective.

        Automation Tester Resume Summary

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        An automation tester resume summary should be included if you have worked for a notable period of more than there years.

        It is to compile the main highlights of your work history and your core skills as a resume overview so that the recruiters can get an insight into what is fabricated in your resume.

        Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to write your automation tester resume summary:

        • Write your summary at the end to avoid unnecessary editing.
        • Pick the highlights of your career from the work experience points.
        • Write a resume summary in 3-4 lines.
        • Write a resume summary only if you have worked for over 3 years.

        The right automation tester resume summary can give an overall interpretation of your selenium automation tester resume effectively.

        Read Hiration's guide to resume summary and get more tips and tricks to curate the resume overview.

        The given automation tester resume example is an ideal representation of a flawless automation tester resume summary:


        You can create your resume with Hiration's Online Resume Builder and raise your chances of being recognized by recruiters.

        Automation Tester Resume Objective

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        In case you lack any work experience, have very limited work experience, or you are writing an entry level resume as a fresher, you can include an automation tester resume objective.

        The goal is to make the recruiters recognize the value you have to offer to the next organization that hires you.

        Hence avoid highlighting your wish list.

        Try and sell your skills as a potential employee and make the recruiters shortlist you for the targeted job profile.

        Before you go ahead with your resume overview go through Hiration's guide on resume objectives.

        Resume Review Service

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        Want professional feedback on your existing resume?

        Look no further because Hiration is here to provide you with the required Resume Review Service for free.

        The below-mentioned parameters will be kept in check while reviewing your resume:

        • Compliance with industry norms
        • Content Relevance
        • Recruiter Friendly
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • ATS Compliance
        • Global Compatibility
        • Performance Assessment
        • Resume Formatting

        Online Resume Builder

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        Here is a list of the resources that come with Hiration's Online Resume Builder:

        • Option to save unlimited resumes
        • Intuitive next text suggestion
        • Auto bold feature
        • 25+ resume designs
        • LIVE resume score
        • JD-resume matcher
        • Full rich-text editor
        • Unlimited PDF downloads
        • 100+ pre-filled resume templates
        • 1-click design change
        • A sharable link
        • LIVE resume editor

        Key Takeaways

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        • Always write your name on top of your resume and include your correct contact details.
        • Frame the right profile title that defines your professional status and seniority level in your resume.
        • Describe your work record in crisp one-liners to give a clear description of the professional roles and responsibilities shouldered by you in your previous or current organization.
        • List your points under relevant headers and bold suitable words and phrases in your one-liners.
        • Use suitable keywords as per the job description to make your resume get past the Applicant Tracking System.
        • Give an overview of your resume by including a suitable automation tester resume summary.

        The section-wise automation tester resume samples provided in the blog is to help you get a clear understanding of how to create the best automation tester resume.

        You can also write to us at to resolve any queries or questions.

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