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How to write a sales manager resume?

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-Walt Disney

As a sales manager, you have quite a few responsibilities like managing your co-workers and customers and keeping the revenue engine of an organization running smoothly through the sales representatives.

Now is the right time to walk the talk as you need to communicate your distinctive skills to the recruiters and raise your chance of being shortlisted for the targeted job.

Read on to understand why it is important to write a professional resume and find out how to write the best sales manager resume like a pro!

Here is what you will learn:

. . . All so you can get the job that you want!

What is a Sales Manager Resume & Why Do You Need it?

Your sales manager resume is a source of communication as it is the first meeting between you and the recruiters. It helps communicate your skills and potential to the recruiters.

Recruiters use the ATS or Applicant Tracking System to filter through hundreds of resumes and pick suitable resumes.

So you must create an ATS-targeted resume that contains keywords that recruiters use to describe the targeted job.

Sales Manager Resume Sections

Ideally, a resume is divided into different sections wherein you frame the details of your professional experience, educational qualification, contact information, and all the other additional or required information.

The standard sections that you need to include in your retail sales manager resumes at all times are listed below:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

However, if this standard list does not fit your career history, here is are a few additional sections you can include:

  • Certifications
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Additional Information

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How to Write Your Sales Manager Resume

To write a shortlist-worthy resume, you need to up your game and follow industry-standard tips. Only then will you be able to create a mark in your field.

The first thing you need to do is create a master resume wherein you gather all your details and pieces of information. All you have to do is gather all the information and details related to your professional experience, educational qualification, contact information, etc.

Save yourself the trouble of trying to gather scattered information from all over the place by creating a master resume as the first stage of resume writing.

Then you can move on to creating each section, read on to learn how you can!

Add a Sales Manager Resume Header

Your name has a unique individual identity, and you need to put that to use by writing your full name as the header of your sales manager resume.

Doing so can make it easier for the recruiters to keep track of your retail sales manager resumes.

Remember and follow the below-given points to frame the ideal header of your sales manager resume:

  • The topmost part of your resume should have your full real name.
  • Use the range of 16-20 font-size to write the header of your sales management resume.
  • In case you have a middle name, write only the initial of your middle name between your first and last name.
  • Example: Corey Faith Danton should be Corey F. Danton.

Look at one of our sales manager resumes samples given below showcasing the ideal resume header for your sales manager resumes:

Head Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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Include Personal Information in Your Sales Manager Resume

In case of a shortlist, the recruiters would need your contact information to get in touch with you.

The personal information section ideally contains the following details:

  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Current Location
Hiration pro tip:
Avoid giving details of your marital status, religious affiliation, or political inclination in your resume unless explicitly asked. Most countries forbid it by law to mention these things as it may lead to biased hiring.

Contact Number

There are chances when the recruiters may want to interview you over the phone or want your confirmation before scheduling any possible meeting. Hence you are required to provide your contact number.

You can frame your contact number in the format given below:

  • Use your country ISD code as a prefix before your phone number.
  • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code.
  • Eg: +1 37648 21511.

Email Address

Emails are another convenient source of communication between you and the recruiters.

Be careful while providing your email ID because some people tend to neglect how you should maintain a professional approach at all times.

Provide an official email ID with your real name. Create one if you do not have an email ID for official purposes.

Example: corey@xyz(dot)com or coreydanton@xyz(dot)com

Strictly avoid using email IDs with fancy and childish names as it can make the recruiters think you are too laid back with your career.

Example: coreyrules@xyz(dot)com or corythebest@xyz(dot)com

Current Location

The recruiters will not drop by your house for dinner, so you need not give your home address. Stick to providing only those details that tell recruiters where you live, such as your city name.

  • If you are looking for a job in your country, mention the city and state of your residence. On the contrary, if you are looking for a job outside the country, write your city and country of residence.
  • Avoid giving your house number, street number, and locality name as they are of no use to the recruiters.

Refer to our sales manager resume template to see what the personal information section should ideally look like in sales manager resumes:

Personal Information Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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Add a Profile Title to Your Sales Manager Resume

The profile title refers to the latest or present status you hold in your job.

It reflects the level of your professional status on your resume so that the recruiters can give you the most suitable shortlist that you deserve as per your requirement.

Your profile title can ideally communicate the following facts to the recruiter:

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

Write it with the second-largest text in the font range of 14-16 font size after the header in your sales manager resumes.

Avoid exaggerating your profile title, as it will pass off as intentionally trying to cheat the recruiters. Make sure to compose it by writing the exact profile title that you presently hold or held in your previous organization.

In addition to all the previous sales manager resume samples, here is a resume example showcasing the ideal profile title for your retail sales manager resumes:

Profile-Title Section in a Sales Manager Resume

Draft a Perfect Work Experience Section for Your Sales Manager Resume

A large portion of your resume is covered by your professional experience section, provided you possess work experience.

The following three important factors can help you in curating the perfect professional experience section like a pro:

  • STAR format
  • Framing Points
  • Grouping & Highlighting

STAR Format

You need to make use of the STAR format to create a cause-effect relation between your actions and their outcome.

STAR refers to the following facts:

  • S refers to the exact situation/backdrop/context of your contributions as an employee to an organization.
  • T stands for the real task assigned to you as part of your duties or responsibilities.
  • A stands for every action that you strategized to execute the assigned task.
  • R stands for the result/outcome of your action that you contributed to the higher goals of an organization.

Try to give achievement figures that can specify your contributions and achievements for an organization.

Framing Points

Let us discuss two sales manager resume examples to understand why framing points are essential and how you can implement them.

Avoid this:
"Negotiated with around 1150+ account holders by devising repayment plans and minimizing the collections receivables. Directed the coordination and litigation activities with the agency to manage the delinquency cycle and calls for overdue collection. Oversaw the daily functions of collection and effectively excelled in the Non-Spousal States. Investigated accounts with errors in balance by deploying software for accurate accounting. Successfully identified and analyzed the patterns of rejection along with partial and denials of the third party. Recruited and efficiently trained 10+ representatives for mentoring teams with high-performing potential. Simultaneously trained 300+ representatives and provided sufficient incentives to encourage the members to achieve higher production goals".
Practice this:

Sales Manager Resume Example 2

  • Negotiated with 1150+ account holders by devising plans of repayment & minimize collections receivables

  • Directed coordination & litigation activities with the agency to manage delinquency cycle & overdue collection calls

  • Oversaw daily functions of collection & excelled in the Non-Spousal States

  • Investigated accounts with errors in balance by deploying software for accounting

  • Identified and analyzed patterns of rejection, along with partial & third party denials

  • Recruited & trained 10+ representatives for mentoring high-performing teams

  • Trained 300+ representatives & incentivized members to achieve the goals of production

Writing lengthy paragraphs (example 1) can make your professional experience look bulky and your resume may end up getting ignored by the recruiters as it may fail to intrigue them to go through your resume.

However, writing concise points and splitting them into bullet points (example 2) makes it readable and easier to skim through.

Grouping & Highlighting

Let us discuss two sales manager resume examples to understand how grouping and highlighting can make a difference.

Avoid this:

Sales Manager Resume Example 1

  • Leading 25 Store Managers & a Manager to operate & launch new stores as per the triple constraint

  • Independently generating regional Sales by collaborating with Customer Service & departments of Marketing

  • Securing orders in bulk by initiating the delivery process for hotels & restaurants

  • Billing & Accounting along with forecasting profits for both quarterly & annual

  • Preparing & reviewing each the quarterly budget of USD 15 million by monitoring annual budget for all responsible areas

  • Identifying & supervising hiring needs by recruiting & training 100+ Sales Executive

  • Collaborating with family members of farmers to aid in maintenance & quality training

Practice this:

Sales Manager Resume Example 2

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

  • Leading 25 Store Managers & a Manager to operate & launch new stores as per the triple constraint

  • Independently generating regional Sales by collaborating with Customer Service & departments of Marketing

  • Securing orders in bulk by initiating the delivery process for hotels & restaurants

Account Management

  • Billing & Accounting along with forecasting profits both quarterly & annually

  • Preparing & reviewing the quarterly budget of USD 15 million by monitoring the annual budget for all responsible areas

Training & Team Management

  • Identifying & supervising hiring needs by recruiting & training 100+ Sales Executives

  • Collaborating with family members of farmers to aid in maintenance & quality training

Creating unique headings and listing similar one-liners below can make your professional experience section look more organized. Highlighting relevant phrases can draw the recruiters' attention to the highlights of your career.

Here is a sales manager resume sample for an ideal professional experience section:

Experience Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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Add Educational Qualifications to Your Sales Manager Resume

Recruiters can recognize you as an eligible applicant through your educational qualifications.

Almost every job profile requires applicants to possess a certain level of educational qualification, so you have to state them in your resume, provided you possess them.

Ideally, the education section of your resumes for sales managers should consist of the following details:

  • Name of the school/university you have attended.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Enrollment and graduation dates in mm/yy format.

Given below is another one of our sales manager resume samples to have an understanding of what an ideal education section looks like:

Education Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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Add Key Skills in Your Sales Manager Resume

The recruiters do not have the time to read through every resume for the targeted job. So, make your resume stand out amongst all other average resumes.

Create a Key Skills section and highlight all your core skills by choosing the right keywords. You can scan your sales manager resume to pick skills to include.

Try to use the keywords used by the recruiters to describe the job profile you are applying for, as it can help you rank high on the ATS while making the recruiters recognize your potential.

Look at the given sales manager resume template showcasing the perfect sales manager skills resume:

Skills Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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Create a Sales Manager Resume Summary

Curate the perfect sales manager resume summary statement to give the recruiters an insight into your contributions and professional achievements that you acquired with the skills you possess.

The following points can help you compose the perfect sales manager resume summary statement:

  • Write your sales manager resume summary at the end as it makes it easy to decide what to put in your summary.
  • Pick the most significant highlights of your career from your work experience section.
  • Try to include the keywords that recruiters include in the job description.
  • Try not to exceed 4 lines while writing a resume summary.
  • Write a summary of your sales manager resume only if you have worked for 3 years and above.

Attached below is a resume sample showcasing the ideal sales manager resume summary statement:

Summary Section in a Sales Manager Resume

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What if you are inexperienced?

Create a Sales Manager Resume Objective

You should write a sales manager resume objective only when you belong to any of the following categories:

  • You have no work experience.
  • You have limited work experience of fewer than 3 years.
  • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry-level resume.

A sales manager resume objective is to let the recruiters know what you can do for the targeted organizations and not what you expect them to do for you.

Your resume objective can sell your skills as an efficient sales manager and convince the recruiter to accept you as the perfect candidate for the targeted job profile.

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Sales Manager Resume Sample

Let us take a look at the ideal sales manager resume template for a visual understanding of how to frame the perfect resume for sales manager:

13+ years experienced Sales Leader & BPO Strategist armed with a track record of formulating growth strategies for bolstering sales and business development across geographically-dispersed territory. Proficient in leading teams and forging strategic alliances to effectively close mission-critical deals. Highly skilled in handling complex negotiations to secure organizational interests and deliver customer-centric solutions. Adept at building teams from scratch to execute high-value projects and deliver compelling business value to clients.
• Strategic Alliances & Partnerships • Solutions Delivery & Product Sales • Customer Relationship Management
• Team Management & Leadership • Process Optimization • Transition Management • Hiring & Mentoring
• Training & Development • Operations Management • Performance Management • Innovation & Growth Strategy
    Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
    • Leading 30 Store Managers & 1 Manager to direct daily operations & launch new stores as per cost-time constraints
    • Independently generating regional sales & collaborating with Marketing, Procurement & Customer Service departments
    • Examining & evaluating store performance and assessing individual performance metrics
    • Securing bulk orders for functions or festivals & initiating the process of delivery for hotels and restaurants
    Account Management
    • Managing billing and accounting in addition to forecasting quarterly and annual profits
    • Preparing & reviewing a quarterly budget of USD 25 million & monitoring the annual budget for all areas of responsibilities
    Training & Team Management
    • Identifying hiring needs & supervising recruitment and training to effectively onboard 120+ Sales Executives
    • Collaborating with family members of agriculturists & farmers to aid in quality training & maintenance
    • Initiating English language & computer classes for employees for boosting morale and enhancing overall performance
    Business Development & Sales
    • Designing reports on regional sales metrics to review business development to set quarterly targets & explore new markets
    • Preparing regional sales plans and analyzing market trends for expansion and acquisition
    • Addressing potential problems and recommending prompt solutions
    • Ideating and brainstorming new services/products & implementing innovative sales techniques to register an NPS of 80+
    Key Achievements
    • Accomplished the highest average revenue per month of USD 40,12,000
    • Launched an average of 14 mobile stores in 6 months & achieved an average revenue of USD 1000 per day per store
    • Achieved a cost reduction of ~USD 1,20,000 per month by liaising with ~50 local hawkers for reducing wastage
    • Introduced Lease Farming to decrease the purchasing cost from USD 3,08,000 to 1,40,000
      Customer Relationship Management
      • Ensured the premium level of client satisfaction by directing all Issue Resolution initiatives to bolster NPS
      • Effectively resolved ~25 queries per week to render requisite information for adhering to quality standards
      • Streamlined communication channels with clients to address concerns and perform troubleshooting as per requirements
      • Rendered assistance with the required knowledge of services & goods along with further recommendations and plans
      • Supervised unresolved complaints to ensure effective resolution in the given time frame
      • Processed bills & repairs, tracked potential customers & followed up on outbound calls to serve 15,000+ customers
      Training & Management
      • Appointed as the Seasonal Trainer for sales and product to train 250+ people and actively process OOPS calls
      • Administered a floor of 80+ staff as a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
      • Conducted on-the-job training (OJT) for new product launches and mentored 50+ BQs
      Key Achievements
      • Achieved 'Performer of the Year Award' consecutively for 4 years out of a headcount of 3500+ by maintaining excellent NPS
      • Recorded highest number of surveys (112) with an NPS of 83% along with a lateral movement of trainees in 1 year
      • Generated sales of ~USD 30,000 products and services & received a cash award of USD 3500 for Excellent Customer Service
      • Rewarded as a Fast Track Batch Trainer for products & received certification for Train the Trainer
        Debt Collection & Process Optimization
        • Negotiated with 1200+ account holders to devise repayment plans and minimize collection receivables
        • Directed agency coordination & litigation activities to manage delinquency cycle, overdue collection calls, skip tracing, etc.
        • Oversaw day-to-day collection functions and excelled in collections from the Non-Spousal States
        • Conducted investigation of accounts with balance errors by deploying accounting software
        • Identified and analyzed rejection patterns, in addition to partial and third party denials to optimize existing processes
        Recruitment & Training
        • Effectively recruited 20+ representatives for building, training and mentoring high-performing teams
        • Trained 500+ new collection representatives and incentivized team members to achieve production goals
        Key Achievements
        • Achieved FDCPA Certification to decrease the number of legal complaints & accomplished 130% least defect calls
        • Scrutinized overdue accounts with a delinquency average of 24 months to recover USD 120,000 per month
        • Awarded the 'Best Performing Team' out of 15+ teams on the parameters of amount of collections and defects count
          • Top 10 percentile of the class

          Key Takeaways

          • Use 16-20 font size to write your header and 14-16 font size to write your profile title.
          • Mention dates in the month & year format wherever you mention your education and working period.
          • Personal information should be specific without any unnecessary pieces of information.
          • Frame one-liner points and apply grouping & highlighting to state your roles & responsibilities along with the STAR format.
          • Begin every one-liner with a power verb in the past tense for past employments and action verbs in the present continuous tense for current employments.
          • Limit your sales manager resume objective/summary to 3-5 lines only to keep it specific and on point.

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