How do you rate a resume?

A resume is an important part of your job application process.

Sometimes even qualified professionals get rejected in their job applications.

And one of the many reasons why it happens is simply because they fail to present themselves as competent professionals in their resumes.

Now, if you are asking yourself ...

Is my resume job-worthy? Can I make a resume online for free?

Then this guide is definitely for you to check resume score online.

Read on to get an insight into the best resume score checker and get a high resume rating:

So without wasting any time let's get you started with all the whats and hows of getting your resumes professionally checked and help you see what your resume score is from the best resume score checker.

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What Is Hiration's Online Resume Builder

Hiration's online resume builder is an AI-powered resume builder that also consists of a professional resume scoring system.

It can help you check resume ATS score and curate the perfect job-winning resume with assistance from resume professionals.

Apart from resumes, Hiration can also help you curate flawless cover letters too.

There are three simple and easy steps for creating a resume or cover letter on our online resume builder:

  • Select a Design Template
  • Select a Job Profile
  • Create & Download your Resume/ Cover Letter

Look at the two examples to see the three easy steps on our tool that can help you create and download cover letters and resumes online:

Example 1:


Example 2:


Go to Hiration's online Resume Builder and check out all the features available on our tool:

How to Increase Resume Score Online?

Getting started with Hiration is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

And it is even easier to use our free resume review service.

Our tool is not just an online resume builder but also a resume score online checker.

You can either create a resume on our tool itself or simply upload your existing resume for a free resume score evaluation.

Upload Your Resume

How to check your resume score?

To make use of our resume review, you need to upload your existing resume on the tool.

Look at the snapshot to have a clear idea of the options that are made available:


From the example, you can see that both the options to create a resume as well as to upload your resume is present.

Tick on the upload existing resume option, choose your file and then click on the confirm button.


Your resume is uploaded on our tool and ready for the next step of resume check.

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Pick a Resume Template Design

Once your resume is uploaded to our tool you will be given the option to pick the resume template design of your choice.

Hiration has 25+ professional resume templates and 100+ resume examples written by resume professionals. So you can make the best use of them as per your preference.

Every design is unique and has unique features that can help you communicate your details and information in the most effective way.

Refer to the given complete resume sample created by using the Hiration online resume builder:


Make the best use of our free resume review service.

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The Main Features of Our Resume Score Checker

There are three important features of our tool that can effectively help in getting your resume reviewed with a professional approach.

Meanwhile, it will help you see in what areas you might need improvement by highlighting your resume score.

Every feature adds something unique to your resume and enhances it significantly during your resume check while helping you raise your resume score.

AI Assistant for Online Resume Score

One of the great features that we have on our tool is the AI Assistant.

Just as you have the text prediction feature on your phone, the AI Assistant works as a text or phrase prediction whenever you type in a word and it is based on the existing resume examples on our tool.

It is a resume checker that can help in refining your bullet points and make them more effective to have an impact on the recruiters.

The AI Assistant will automatically predict the next word or set of words that can significantly enhance your points.

Yet it is not necessary that you accept every predicted text.

Select only the ones that can make your points stronger and raise your resume score.

The whole point of using the AI Assistant is to assist you to compose effective sentences that highlight your professional experience.

You do have the option to turn it off if not required as it is on by default.

Live Review for Online Resume Score

The Live Review feature can be considered the most effective feature and resume checker on our tool that can help you raise your resume score.

Turn on the Live Review feature to check how well your resume is doing.

When you turn it on, the Hiration's Resume Scoreboard will pop up on the left side and you can see the overall resume score along with all the suggestions to enhance your points.

A red "X" mark will be shown against any criteria that are not met by your resume and a green "" mark will show if the criteria are met.

Here is a list of all the things that can be improved in your resume with the Live Review:

Resume Level for Resume Score

Your resume score will be based on the following factors:

  • The number of pages used by you to frame your resume
  • Your summary section
  • Your key skills section
  • Your professional experience section
  • Your education section

So make sure that your resume is in sync with the suggestions provided under Resume Level to improve your resume score.

Refer to the snapshot given below to get an insight into the type of suggestions you may come across under the resume level:


Contact for Resume Score

Add your phone number, email address, current location, and LinkedIn profile to your resume to maintain your resume score.

Once your contact details are filled in, this section will look as shown in the example given below:


To know more about contact details on a resume you can read Hiration's guide to contact information on a resume.

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Summary for Resume Score

Make sure to check if your resume summary is composed as per the required standards of an effective resume by clicking on the summary score section.

You can refer to your summary score to see how well your resume summary has been written and make the required changes as per the suggestion.

Look at the example given below to have a better understanding of what you might consider removing or adding:


Professional Experience for Resume Score

Click on this section to see what you can do to make your professional experience statement effective and communicate your work experience to the recruiters.

You must describe your work experience in the most effective way to be recognized as a potential applicant while maintaining a good resume score.

Here is an example for you to have a visual understanding:


Bullet Level for Resume Score

Line-by-line resume check is important because that way you can see exactly what you are missing and accordingly work on your professional experience points.

This feature on our resume checker will give you the chance to analyze every bullet point in detail.

Once you recognize the points that you are missing, make the required changes by omitting or adding certain things.

You will find suitable suggestions and recommendations to enhance your one-liners.

Look at the example provided below to see the possible suggestions to enhance your statements:


JD Match for Resume Score

Another great feature and resume checker on our tool is the Job Description Match (JD Match).

It is right beneath the AI Assistant and you need to turn it on to make use of it. Once you turn it on, a section will be shown on the left side just as when you turn on the AI Assistant.

All you have to do is simply cut and paste your job description on the space made available then click on the analyze button.

Here is an example of where you need to cut and paste your job description:


Once your job description is analyzed, you will be given a score to make you see how effective your matching skills and relevant experience score are from your resume check.

In case your job description does not match your existing resume, you need not worry because the JD Match will provide you with suggestions to add suitable skills that can help you increase your resume score.

Here is an example to help you see and understand it better:


Free Resume Review Online Service

Create or upload your resume on our tool and enjoy the free resume review feature with the assistance of our resume checker and resume experts at Hiration.

Your resume will be professionally reviewed in accordance with the parameters listed below:

  • Conversion Scope
  • Content Relevance
  • Global Compatibility
  • ATS-Friendly
  • Current industry norms
  • Performance Assessment
  • Design Compatibility
  • Recruiter Friendliness
  • Resume Formatting

Additionally, you will get 2 free online resume templates with our Resume Review Service and raise your resume score.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick the most suitable resume template design to create best looking resumes that can help you stand out amongst other applicants.
  • Turn the AI Assistant mode on to get the next text or set of words predicted and simply turn it off whenever it is not required.
  • The Live Review is an online grader that can give your resume a complete makeover if used in the most effective manner.
  • Conduct your resume check by making sure that every point is communicating your most significant skills to the recruiters.
  • Make use of the JD Match as it is an effective resume checker that can help you highlight your professional skills most effectively.

With this, you have reached the end of our resume checker guide.

We hope that the resume checker examples and resume checker tips provided in this blog help you write best looking resumes and highlight your best professional skills that make you stand out.

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