How do I write my resume?

Resumes are one of the most crucial tools for job seekers as they determine your probability of receiving an interview callback, directly influencing the likelihood of you landing your dream job.

While you might be armed with the right skills and have ample experience in the industry, the only way to leverage them is by effectively showcasing them in your resume.

But when it comes to the resume writing process, it can be difficult to get it right without some professional help. Surveys show that 68% of job seekers who have professionally crafted resumes found jobs within 90 days.

And no, when we say professional help, we’re not talking about hiring a resume writer. There are plenty of online resume builders available in the market that offer free services to users.

And among them, Shri resume and Hiration are two of the best resume builders with advanced features. Continue reading as we explore and compare their features and help you make an informed decision while choosing between the two resume builders.

What are Resume Builders and What are the Benefits of Using One?

A resume builder is an online tool or software that helps job seekers build professional resumes with half the effort and time.

Most online resume builders include ready-made templates optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which are used by recruiters to filter resumes in their tools.

Given below are some benefits of using online resume builders to make a professional resume:

  • Saves time and effort: Since resume builders come with ready-made template options and pre-formatted layouts, you can save a lot of time and effort while creating a resume.

  • Adheres to best industry practices: Since most job seekers are unaware of the best practices for writing resumes, it becomes much easier for users to create a compelling resume without doing the research work.

  • You don’t have to start from scratch: Resume builders like Hiration come with profile-specific pre-written resume content so that users can simply edit and personalize it, without having to start from scratch.

  • Design elements are already sorted: Because most job seekers don’t have a design background, it can be very confusing to design a resume. This hassle is completely omitted when you use a resume builder.

  • Highly customizable: Depending on individual needs, requirements, and preferences, users can customize every section of their resumes with resume-building tools. It also becomes much easier to tailor your resume for every job posting you apply to.

  • Increases your chances of getting shortlisted: As stated earlier, a professional resume significantly increases your chances of getting shortlisted in a shorter time.

  • Ensures your resume’s ATS-friendliness: Given that 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS even before they get a chance to get reviewed by human eyes, it is crucial to make a resume that can be parsed and ranks high in these systems. Using online resume builders which are optimized for ATS will help you make an ATS-friendly resume.

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Hiration vs Shri Resume Builder Features

To reap all the benefits of using a resume builder, you must make the right choice when choosing online platforms with resume builders.

So, to make your decision easier, given below is a breakdown of the features offered by Hiration and Shri resume builders:

Hiration Resume Builder Features

Hiration is an AI-powered platform that comes with 24x7 chat support and advanced features even in its free version.

Apart from a resume builder, Hiration also offers a cover letter builder, LinkedIn profile optimizer, digital portfolio builder, and interview preparation tool.

Here are some of the standout features of Hiration’s resume builder:

AI Resume Reviewer

For those candidates who already have a resume and simply want to update their resume to meet the industry standards, they can upload their resume to the tool and get it reviewed by AI.

The AI assesses, scores, and provides a detailed analysis of your resume, along with insightful suggestions on how you can improve your resume score and update it.

The AI review is done section-wise so that users have more clarity about areas of improvement.

Hiration resume builder features

AI Assistant

Hiration’s resume-building tool offers users an AI assistant that guides and helps users through every step to create a perfect resume.

By simply clicking on the section you want to customize, you can get pre-written profile-specific content suggestions for every section like skills, summary, bullet points for professional experience, educational background, etc.

Job Matcher

Given that tailoring your resume to a specific job description significantly increases your chances of getting shortlisted, Hiration’s resume builder comes with a job matcher feature, wherein, you can copy-paste the job description of a specific profile and receive a skill gap analysis.

The AI assesses your resume for skills gaps against the job description and provides useful tips on how and what changes you need to make your resume highly relevant for the role you’re applying for.

30+ ATS-friendly Templates

Hiration’s resume builder gives users more than 30 template design options to choose from. And yes, the templates are suitable for any job profile and have a professional, sleek look.

Also, the templates are already optimized for ATS!

Plus, to make the process of selecting a template easier, users can switch between the template options with a single click, without making any changes to the content or leaving the page.

Hiration resume builder features 2

Shri Resume Builder Features

With Shri resume builder, users can create resumes without watermarks, advertisements, and other hassles.

Some of Shri resume builder’s notable features include:

  • 20 customizable template options: The platform offers 20 ATS-friendly templates that are suitable for candidates with any experience level and industry background.

  • Resume can be written in multiple Indian languages: Shri resume builder allows users to write their resumes in regional Indian languages like Hindi and Nepali as well.

  • Recommends you jobs based on your resume: The tool automatically analyses users’ resumes to recommend job vacancies in nearby locations, to simplify the job hunt process.

  • Creates QR code Vcards: Shri’s resume builder also allows users to create QR Code Vcards to make it easier for recruiters to contact you.

  • Let’s users choose a format: Before users even start the resume writing process, Shri’s resume builder allows them to choose a specific resume format - reverse chronological, functional, or combination resume format.

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Hiration vs Shri Resume Builder - Which is the Better Option?

While both resume builders offer various features to help users make a resume, Hiration without a doubt takes the title of the ‘best AI-powered resume builder’ in the market.

This is because although Shri resume builder offers unique features like the option to write resumes in regional languages, it is not very useful as the majority of recruiters only accept resumes written in English.

Besides, Hiration’s comprehensive and advanced AI-powered features like AI-assistant, job matcher, and resume reviewer significantly level up your resume’s content - which is what makes a standout resume.

So, if you want a free, feature-rich AI-powered resume builder, Hiration is the best option. And for those looking for a basic resume builder, Shri resume will suffice.

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Key Points from the Blog

  • A resume builder is an online tool or software that helps job seekers build professional resumes with half the effort and time.
  • Online resume builders help users save time and effort to make a professional resume at zero cost.
  • Some of the best features of Hiration’s resume builder include - AI-reviewer, AI- assistant, and job matcher.
  • Shri resume offers users features like job recommendations, grammar checks, and QR code Vcards.
  • Hiration’s comprehensive and advanced AI-powered features like AI-assistant, job matcher, and resume reviewer significantly levels up your resume’s content and makes it the better option than Shri resume builder.

So why the wait? Try Hiration’s AI-powered resume builder with 24x7 chat support today to build an impressive resume of your own. You can direct any questions you may have to

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