Are you looking for best resume templates?

The average recruiter gets more than 100 resumes to survey in a day.

Finding the best templates for your resume could be exhausting. Moreover, most resume disregard the universal standards while engaging textures and designed.

It is, therefore, very difficult to find the appropriate resume template for your professional profile.

Your resume is more often than not a selling tool for your work history and your skills to your potential employers. Choosing the best template is difficult for all cases.

If you are early in your professional career, or in your mid-career or late-career professions. It is even more challenging if you are looking to change careers or industries

We have heard Antoine de Saint's “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

We have handpicked few of the best resume to cater to your individual needs. So, let’s start by redefining the best and superscribe who they are best for.


Black Resume Template

Hiration's Professional Black Resume on the online resume builder.

Blue Colored Resume Template

Hiration's Signature Timeline Resume on the online resume builder.

  • The Signature Timeline Resume template depicts your entire resume with a visual timeline.
  • Moreover, it has icons and images which give a modern yet professional look to your resume.
  • This resume template has an actual timeline, your image and icons which define each section.

Both the resumes provide a modern and professional look to your resume. They use consistent branding along with a single phone number and email address.

This theme is most with freshers or applicants with a miniumum work experience.

The Professional Black template emmpahsizes on the skills while the Signature Resume expresses your history of employment and education together to provide a strong overview.


Teal Colored Resume Template

Hiration's Modern Teal Resume on the online resume builder.

  • The modern teal resume template employs a blend of colors such as teal and shades of grey to display a very modern look to your resume.
  • It features two column template highlighting your professional title with a special bar.

Modern Resume Template

Etsy's modern resume template available on their website.

The modern teal template compliments Etsy's interesting template which is the professional's favorite. It reflects grandeur along with style in collaborating the features of one's personality.

The Gemini theme is an attractive theme for professionals with an elaborate work history of up to 10 years.


The Sirius theme emphasizes on your sections to make sure the recruiter looks where he wants to.

  • Both Behance's Memphis and Hiration's Trendy design are loaded with modern design elements.
  • They include icons, vibrant colors and section borders to ensure that you get noticed by the recruiters.

Creative Resume Template

Find Behance's Memphis Resume Template here

Trendy Design Resume Template

Find Hiration's Trendy Resume Template on our online resume builder.

These modern-styled resumes are perfect for all jobs from the entertainment industry to the architecture industry to general business and even IT indstries.


Clean Resume Template

Behance's Clean Resume Template is available for download on this link.

Blue Colored Resume Template

Find Hiration's Traditional Blue Resume Template on our online resume builder.

  • Behance's Clean Template is ideal for people with a shorter work exprience as they spacing between the lines helps in keeping a neat approach.
  • Hiration's Traditional Blue Template is widely used by everyone, especially applicants with longer work history to ensure that they can fit all information with in the format.
  • Both Behance's Clean Resume Template and Hiration's Traitional Blue Template epitomizes simple, clean, professional, and basic qualities that recruiters appreciate.

They follow suit of the classic man that never goes out of style.


Behance provides two of the most favorite blend of design and content.

  • The color scheme is eminent in its choice and can easily attract the recruiter.
  • These resume are most acceptable for designers as they reflect good knowledge about the scope of design and typography.
  • However, they also amplify the ideal skills and professional experiences honestly yet boldly to conjure the best experience.

Resume Template

Find Vincenzo Castro's template on Behance's website.

Picture Resume Template

Find Krystian Kubicki's unique resume template on Behance's website.


Behance's Crystal Pastel and Inflorescence are our absolute favourites.

  • They express an exuberant design on a professional fore front.
  • The textured margins encapsulate the powerful message that your content can provide.
  • This theme is mostly preferred by the non-corporate professionals. They directly emphasize the target job.


Find the Crystal Pastel Resume Template on Behance's website.

Inflorescense Resume Template

Find the Inflorescence Resume Template on Behance's website.

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