How to write a perfect restaurant manager resume?

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It is not an easy task to become a manager of a reputed restaurant. Unlike most industries, you do not need an MBA or an equal degree to become a general manager but an ability to put sweat, tears, and blood.

It takes time and years of work experience to meet the necessary skills. Even after that, there is a slim chance to get hired at a superior restaurant.

The struggle is real!

If you are someone who is struggling despite having the right experience and talent, you are in the right place.

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

Here is a restaurant manager resume sample template for you to refer:

Restaurant Manager with 6+ years of experience in managing premium restaurant chains. Ability to build an impeccable team to the highest standards of the foodservice industry and enhanced customer satisfaction. Adept at deploying automation to consolidate costs and accelerate sales.
• Automation Customer Service Communication Operations Leadership Restaurant Management

Technical Skills
• Zomato Base • inRestro • Square POS System • TouchBistro • Open Table
    • Built a team of 60+ members and trained them on the latest restaurant POS tech
    • Conserved man-power cost and efforts by 50% by enforcing cloud-based POS
    • Mentored the kitchen staff of 10 to complete ServSafe Certification and enhanced safety standards
    • Governed interior renovation and accelerated service capacity by 20%
    • Participated in National Restaurant Association Summit and the expansion in 10 locations
    • Social Media Marketing campaign and enhanced conversion by 20% by introducing reward programs
      • Attained a 25% increase in gross revenue by incorporating online ordering
      • Accelerated weekly orders by 30% by assimilating cloud telephony technology
      • Amplified customer retention rate by 15% by envisioning a comprehensive customer loyalty program
      • Conserved the inventory and food waste by 30% inducing a revised inventory system with Winnow AI Solution
        • Hired and trained a team of 3 members to oversee overall operations and report to the manager
        • Secured a 99% score from the Inspection Committee by overseeing the health and safety standards
        • Consolidated the cost by 15% by monitoring and anticipating the inventory needs
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          • Languages: English, Spanish

          Here's a summary of what you would find in this guide:

          • We will talk about the different resume formats you can use for the restaurant manager resume. You can decide which resume format suits the best for you to craft your resume.
          • What are the different resume sections you must add in your resume. While a few are optional but most sections are cruical for your resume.
          • How to write the perfect header for your resume and why is it important. We will also tell you what information you should put in the header section of your resume.
          • Why should you write your expereince in bullet points and not in paragraphs. We will talk about the approach to grab the recruiter's attention

          In this blog, we will address the most common problem on the part of an aspirant: the restaurant manager resume

          Also, we will explain in detail the solution to this problem.

          By the end of the article, you will have a fair idea of how:

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          What is a Restaurant Manager Resume?

          A restaurant manager is the face of a restaurant. He runs and maintains operations in the restaurant. He contributes from entry-level chores such as taking reservations to high-end tasks like marketing.

          He takes care of all aspects be it the interior decoration, customer service, sanitation, or kitchen handling.

          He is tech-savvy, a strong lead, a motivator, and can manage people and money.

          He is passionate about the food industry which is not to mention one of the most interesting industries in the world.

          Restaurant Manager Resume Categories

          There are several categories of managers in the restaurant industry. Each category requires a specific set of skills.

          Some of the popular categories are:

          General Manager: A general restaurant manager handles the operations in a restaurant. He is responsible for human and material resources and effective employment.

          He looks after different departments i.e. kitchen, bar, cafe, and food.
          It takes 7, 8 years of experience to gain cross-functional expertise.
          A general manager earns 60k to 70k yearly in the US.

          A restaurant GM resume should highlight all the necessary skills required for the role.

          Bar Manager: A Bar Manager is someone who manages the operations in a bar of a restaurant.

          Becoming a bar manager isn't all games and fun. The competition to become a bar manager is aggressive. There are millions of worthy bar and nightlife enthusiasts willing to showcase their expertise.

          A bar manager resume with relevant experience and skills can catch a recruiter's attention.

          Use Hiration online resume builder tool to customize your bar manager resume.

          Food and Beverage Manager: A food manager supervises food operations in a restaurant. He is responsible for training and administering the kitchen staff. He manages the order supplies and facilitates customer satisfaction.

          If you want to become a food manager, you should have all the mentioned skills. Some employers may also give preference to a hospitality management degree or certification from a culinary school.

          In case, you do not have a degree, do not fret. Make a professional resume using the guidelines mentioned in the blog and there is a good chance to get an interview line-up.

          Kitchen Manager: A kitchen manager oversees the operations in a kitchen. He determines the demand for the supplies and orders the same. He trains and supervises kitchen staff. He directs the food preparation. He is thorough with the safety regulations in the kitchen. He also takes care of inventory assessment and cost reports.

          If you are adept at performing all these functions, you can pursue your dream of becoming a kitchen manager.

          Make sure to make an impressive kitchen manager resume to stand out amid the competition.

          To help you out, we have devised a user-friendly tool.

          Cafe Manager: A café manager is responsible for overseeing operations in a café. He plans menus, maintains the budgets, collaborates with vendors, and maintains all other aspects of running a café.

          A café manager resume should highlight all the diversified skills required to spearhead a premium café.

          Get your cafe manager resume reviewed by the experts at Hiration.

          Hotel Manager: A Hotel Manager ensures that the day-to-day running of hotel premises is smooth and effective. He superintends the entire staff across different departments in a hotel. He is responsible for budget and revenue. He guides everyone from the front desk to the kitchen.

          With relevant experience and a notable resume, you can land a hotel manager job at a reputed chain.

          Do you see yourself thriving in any of the above-mentioned categories? If yes, then this is the time to take the first step towards your dream job.

          Your resume will state all the necessary skills and achievements to separate you from a flux of aspirants.

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          Why do you need a Restaurant Manager Resume?

          Few Restaurant Industry Facts

          • There are 1 million locations in the US alone for restaurants
          • They employ 14.7 million people
          • Restaurant workforce accounts 10% of US workforce
          • Roughly 200 million customers visit a restaurant every year
          • 9 out of 10 managers start at entry-level jobs at a restaurant

          The crux is that the restaurant industry is growing exponentially. Anyone aspiring to be a manager whether a food chain or bar needs to toil for years.

          Most employers prefer to hire from within. Even professionals with the required qualifications struggle to grasp an opportunity.

          There is a zero to slim chance to get placed after college and internships.
          First, you need relevant experience and after that a resume that represents that experience the best.

          Since the competition is brutal and the hiring process is mostly internal, a restaurant manager resume is a key to make a respectable career.

          With the help of Hiration's online resume builder tool, you can curtail this process by making an impressive restaurant resume.

          How to Write a Restaurant Manager Resume?

          The given section covers in detail how to write a restaurant manager resume. Follow it section by section and you will have a resume nearly as good as made by the experts at Hiration.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Format

          There are three types of resume format for restaurant managers:

          1) Reverse Chronological Order Format

          Under reverse chronological format resume, you start with your current or latest work experience proceeded by the past work experiences.

          For more information on reverse chronological order format resume, refer to Chronological Resume: The 2020 Guide to Reverse Chronological Resumes

          2) Functional Format Resume

          This type of restaurant manager resume format focuses on skills rather than on work experience. Generally, the candidates who have gaps in employment opt for a functional format resume.

          Under this type of format, you can segregate the skills you gained working for different organizations and list the projects under each skill.

          You can more information regarding functional format resume in our blog 'Functional Resume - The 2020 Guide to Functional Resumes (Samples & Examples)'

          3) Combination Resume

          As the name suggests, this type of resume is a combination of reverse chronological and functional format resume. It comprises of two pages, the first page entails the functional format. The second page of the resume consists of reverse-chronological professional experience.

          Refer to our exhaustive guide on combination resume Combination Resume - The Complete 2020 Guide to Combination Resume with Examples & Samples

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Sections

          After you are sure about the format of the resume, you have to figure out the information for the following sections:

          • Headline
          • Personal Information
          • Title
          • Summary/Objective
          • Key Skills
          • Technical Skills
          • Professional Experience
          • Internship
          • Education
          • Certifications
          • Awards & Recognition

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Header

          It is the first thing that a recruiter looks at in a resume.

          The header for the restaurant manager resume contains your name. The font for the header is the largest. Keep the font size 14 to 16. Keep the spacing proper.

          Refer the restaurant manager resume sample for header section:

          Header section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          Then proceed with the contact information.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Personal information

          Personal information of the candidate appears first on the resume.

          Most people make the mistake of listing all kinds of details under this section. They go about writing their entire address from street lane to floor number. They list their spouse name, passport availability, and so on.

          Though there is no hard and fast rule for this, it is advisable to keep this field as limited as possible.

          You do not have to mention your entire address; city and country codes are sufficed. Also, avoid mentioning labels such as ‘contact details’ ‘address’ or ‘email’.

          The information you include under this section is:

          1. Phone Number (without the label)
          2. Email Address (without any label)
          3. City Code and Country Code

          It does not take up much space and appears professional on your resume for a restaurant manager.

          Here is a restaurant manager resume sample for personal information section:

          Personal Information section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Summary and Career Objective

          Most candidates tend to write a career objective in the restaurant manager resume.
          The resume is about your endeavors and achievements.

          A recruiter is more interested in what you have done rather than what you want to do.
          Thus, you should only include your career summary in your resume.

          The career summary should be to-the-point and present your work experience in the best manner. Though there is no defined rule for this, try limiting your summary to 3 to 4 lines.

          A recruiter should have a clear idea about what you are capable of doing. The closer your summary matches the job description, the higher your chances are to get an interview line-up.

          In conclusion, this is what you need to do while writing a career summary section

          1. Career objectives are for freshmen. For a managerial position, like a restaurant manager, write a crisp summary not exceeding more than 3-4 lines.

          2. Draft the summary as per the job description of a restaurant resume for a manager. This will sway the decision of the recruiter to shortlist you.

          3. Add a summary after the personal information section. This will help the recruiter to understand the career without having to go through the entire resume.

          Refer the restaurant manager resume sample for summary:

          Summary section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          To know whether your restaurant manager summary is impactful, get it reviewed by the experts.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Professional Experience

          This is the core of your resume for a restaurant manager. Once you end up on the interview table, most of the questions will pertain to the professional experience part.

          The recruiters scan this section thoroughly and look for inconsistencies. If you craft this section prudently, there is a good chance to make an everlasting impression on the recruiter.

          Reverse Chronological Experience

          For your professional experience, begin with your current or latest workplace. List your designation. Add dates of joining and leaving an organization. Mention the location where it is located.

          After that, list what you did in each workplace.

          Star Format Resume for Restaurant Manager

          There is a professional way of doing it. Describe your work experience in the STAR format.

          STAR is the Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

          For each project or responsibility, you have to mention:

          • The situation you faced at a workplace.
          • The task you took or were assigned to assuage that situation.
          • What action you did find a resolution
          • And what was the net result

          The STAR format restaurant resume is the most recommended way of describing work experience for a management position.

          Power Verbs for Restaurant Manager Resume

          Make sure that every sentence begins with a Power Verb. A few examples of power verbs are: strategize, maintain, hire, refine, facilitate, and so on.

          Here is how you can make your resume more impactful by beginning every sentence with an action verb and power verb.

          • Generic Verb
            Improving customer satisfaction and retaining customer
            Increasing staff functionality by training them

          • Power verb
            Expedited customer retention rate by 15%....
            Furthered staff functionality by conducting training sessions

          Highlighting words in Restaurant Manager Resume

          Given a recruiter needs to go through hundreds of resumes at a time, highlighting the important words goes a long way.

          Here is a restaurant manager resume sample with plain text

          • Built a team of 60+members and trained them on latest restaurant POS tech

          • Consolidated man-power cost by 50% by inducing a cloud-based POS

          • Facilitated the kitchen staff to complete ServSafe Certification and enhanced safety standards

          Here is a restaurant manager resume sample with bolding

          • Built a team of 60+members and trained them on latest restaurant POS tech

          • Consolidated man-power cost by 50% by introducing a cloud-based POS

          • Facilitated the kitchen staff to complete ServSafe Certification and enhanced safety standards

          There are no points for guessing which one grabs the attention at first glance. The sample with bolded text.

          It will draw a recruiter’s attention towards your expertise.

          Thus, make sure that you highlight the important words to make your resume stand out.


          “Facilitated an increase in revenue”
          “Furthered staff functionality”
          “Consolidated cost of a project”

          These are some of the examples of non-quantified work experience. These samples constitute a majority of the restaurant manager resumes that we receive at Hiration.

          When you do not quantify your resume, it appears to be untrue let alone vague.
          Therefore, the experts at Hiration highly recommend quantifying resumes. Have a look at a sample with quantified work experience.

          • Facilitated a 25% increase in gross revenue by incorporating online ordering

          • Accelerated weekly orders by 30% by assimilating cloud telephony technology

          • Expedited by introducing a comprehensive customer loyalty program customer retention rate by 15%

          It gives an idea to the recruiter that not only you are effective at your role but also have clarity about results.

          Follow the same process for each section under professional experience.

          Refer to the restaurant manager sample for professional experience in reverse chronological order:

          Professional Experience section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          Let the experts at Hiration review your professional experience section for the best results.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Key Skills

          A competent restaurant manager has a plethora of skills. The same is reflected in his resume.

          You can divide the skill section in the restaurant manager resume into two parts: soft skills and technical skills.

          An adept manager has skills such as communication, customer service, public relations, automation, leadership, and accounting & budget.

          Refer to restaurant manager resume for soft skills section:

          Key Skill section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          He is proficient at using and implementing restaurant industry tools such as Zomato Base and Square POS System.

          You can mention all these tools under the ‘technical skills’ section.

          Most recruiters run a keyword search for the candidates abled at using these tools. It is your chance to get noticed during an automated search.

          Make sure that you are honest and list the technical skills that you own. Mentioning more than you know gives out a negative impression during the interview.

          Refer to restaurant manager sample for technical skills sections:

          Technical Skills in a Restaurant Manager resume

          To know whether the skills in your restaurant manager resume are relevant or not, opt for Hiration's Free Resume Review Service.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Education

          Ideally, a candidate pursuing a management career in the restaurant industry should have a degree in hospitality and management.

          For the education section of the restaurant resume, start with the highest degree and then proceed in reverse chronological order.

          For instance, if you have a Master’s degree, mention it first, followed by a Bachelor’s degree.

          List the name of the colleges you attended on the left and dates and location on the right.

          Refer to the image given below:

          Education section in a Restaurant Manager resume

          The date should be in MM/YY format for both joining and leaving the institute.
          The idea is to make a restaurant general manager resume readable.

          Most recruiters are more interested in your professional experience and training rather than educational qualifications. Therefore, do not mention projects or subjects you undertook in your graduation and post-graduation.

          At most, you can mention CGPA for each degree.

          You can also add a one-line description of your college or university to highlight prominence.

          In general, you mention the following under the education section in a resume for a restaurant manager.

          • Degrees in reverse chronological order.
          • University/College names in left alignment, dates, and location in the right alignment.

          Restaurant Manager Resume: Certifications and Internships

          Certification and internships can add a lot of weight to your candidature while applying for a restaurant manager job.

          As a manager, you supervise and oversee different departments. You hire and train cross-functional staff. The certification courses in various sections of a restaurant help to gain the required expertise to manage each section namely, hotel, bar, kitchen, food, and service.

          Thus, mention this section separately to present your cross-functional knowledge and expertise.

          It is essential to mention the time-frame in which you pursued these certifications and internships.

          Most of the certifications are completed within a few months or weeks. Thus, you should mention the dates and months during which you pursued the certification.

          You can send your restaurant manager resume for an expert review at Hiration

          Automated Tracking System for Restaurant Manager Resume

          Many employers use a machine recruiter called Automated Tracking System to eliminate resumes in the first round of the interview.

          Most of the time, your resume does not even reach the human recruiter, it gets rejected by the machine. Since ATS plays an important role in shortlisting the resumes, it is necessary to understand how it works.

          The recruiter inputs the keywords in the ATS algorithm matching the job description. For instance, some of the keywords for the restaurant manager resume are restaurant POS software, restaurant marketing, accounting & budget, customer service, reservations, complaints & inquiries.

          Make sure to research about restaurant manager job description and profile as much as possible and inculcate the relevant keywords in your resume.

          To know whether your resume for a restaurant manager is ATS optimized, get it reviewed.

          Key Pointers

          1. Make the restaurant manager resume in reverse chronological order.
          2. Write a career summary section instead of a restaurant manager resume career objective. Target the job description while crafting it.
          3. Use power verbs, quantification, and bolding in the work experience section.
          4. Key skills are necessary to highlight your abilities and clear ATS shortlisting.
          5. Mention certifications separately. Include all the dates in MM/YY format during which you pursued your certifications.

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