Accomplished, determined, courageous and enterprising - these are some of the many attributes used for someone who has reached this reigning position of Marketing Head in the corporate world.

Roles in a Marketing Head resume should mainly reflect your skills at strategizing.

They analyze the data collected from marketing Managers around market conditions, customers, competitor trends and many such things to finalize the Marketing strategy aligned with the business goals.

Be it any industry, niche or generic, each company requires a Marketing head and there is a huge scope of job change and growth in this domain.

So if you are a Marketing Head who is on a job hunt, this article about Marketing Head resume will offer you valuable insights.

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The position of Marketing Head is attained after spending many years in the field of marketing, gaining expertise, observing nuances and finally learning to strategize the marketing function.

To create a resume of a marketing head, you have to capture all the duties performed in last few decades in a crisp and a precise manner.

This article will guide you on:

  1. Length of the Marketing Head Resume
  2. Different sections in the resume of a Marketing Head
  3. ATS compliance in the resume of marketing head

How to write a Marketing Head Resume?

Check out our marketing head resume to begin with.

Length of the Marketing Head Resume

The position of marketing Head is attained after good 12-14 years of work experience.

According to the industry standards, this position has an educational qualification criterion of Masters in Business Administration(M.B.A) or some other certificate related to marketing education.

Given the fact that the work experience is lengthy and you also have to showcase awards, educational qualifications, projects, etc. it is evident that length of the resume might consume many pages.

But the ideal length of the resume to catch recruiter's attention is not more than 2 pages.

Resume of more than 2 pages gives an impression of not being aware of the industry standards.

A 2-page resume should be made only if you have 10+ years of work experience and you possess certain technical skills which can be showcased only through a separate section for the same.

Resume can be extended to 3 pages only if you have a list of patents, training, several certifications and so on beside your exhaustive work experiences.

In all the case, it is safer to keep your Marketing head resume restricted to 2 pages.

This shall increase your chances of getting shortlisted with a glimpse of a recruiter.

For example:

We understand that it is difficult to incorporate so much information in such little space.
You can try our free template to solve this problem and prepare a concise marketing head resume.

Also, we have a Traditional Blue template.

This template is very useful for professionals with more than 10+ years of experience. So it suitable for a Sales & Marketing Head resume.

Go through our Guide on Resume Template Word for better ideas and useful tips around which template to be used.

Format of a Marketing Head Resume

Marketing Head is someone with a long list of accomplishments and has driven companies to achieve their goals and objectives within fixed budget.

It is evident that without a concrete solid upward -moving career journey, this position cannot be achieved.

For this fact, the best format for a resume of marketing head would be a reverse chronological resume.

This format establishes a clear structure of your work experiences stating dates alongside.

Recent job, recent awards and recent certifications are stated first followed by the previous ones.

For more information, visit our Guide on Chronological Resume.

Refer to the image below for Marketing Head reverse chronological order resume :


Sections of a Marketing Head Resume

After you have chosen the resume format, the next stage is to find out the

Personal Information in a Marketing Head Resume

Needless to say, first information on a resume is personal information.

We have observed many candidates showcase all kinds of details in this section.

candidates belonging to junior, mid and senior level management also write too much information in this section.

Apparently, they include details like spouse' name, passport availability, full address including the house number and street name, et cetera.

Albeit there is no explicit rule for this.

But according to research, minimalistic approach is suitable specifically in this section.

According to the recent trends in resume industry, 3 rules in the personal details section of a sales and marketing head resume is enough:-

  1. Do not write full address. Just the city and country is enough.
  2. Do not label the section as 'personal details'. It is redundant.
  3. Write your full name, mobile number, email id and skype id. That's it.

Your full name and contact details are the only things which are absolutely important with minimal space consumption.

Given the fact that a marketing head resume would have heavy content to enter, it is important to keep in mind the space constraint.

Refer the image below for the personal details section in a Marketing Head Resume:


Career Objective & Career Summary in a Marketing Head Resume

Out of 100 resumes we receive, 99 candidates tend to write a career objective in the resume.

Your resume is the summary of what you have pursued and what you have accomplished.

What is your career objective will be taken up once you reach the interview table?

Before that, everything is about what you can deliver.

Let us take an example:

Career Summary (Marketing Head)

Experienced & result oriented Marketing Leader with the ability to lead marketing teams and develop, execute & improve original marketing campaigns. Over a career of 21+ years, have worked with multiple organizations. Proficient at key brand building through market research, insight development, and consumer campaigns. Adept at creating resonating stories for consumers, ensuring double digit user growth. A devoted leader with the ability to motivate teams to deliver at peak performance.

Career Objective(Entry Level Marketing Professional)

Dynamic Management Professional armed with a practical approach for creative problem-solving & possessing a track record of liaising with key stakeholders to formulate & execute marketing strategies. Adept at deploying analytical tools to boost brand positioning & product marketing. A goal-seeking professional with an expertise in analyzing market trends to bolster customer acquisition & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Out of these 2, no candidate can be called wrong or right.

But we are talking about a recruiter's perspective.

The recruiter is looking for a Marketing Head who can deliver what is there in the company's job description.

So an aspiring Marketing professional who writes a career summary in alignment with the job description shall win the game.

The company expects that if you are looking forward to utilizing your strengths as a creative workplace, then this obviousness shall not be stated.

Indeed what should be stated is what you have delivered in the past.

That way it will be easy for the recruiter to make a decision on the resume.

As we always say, our job is to make recruiter's work easy and do not leave him wondering what exactly the candidate can deliver.

We suggest that rather than writing a complete paragraph on your career objective, you could simply write your targeted designation just above the career summary.

This designation showcases a bit of what you are doing currently and what you are targeting in the future.

These 3 rules shall help you with the career summary section:-

  1. What: Career objectives are for freshers who are kick-starting their careers. For a senior position, like marketing head, write a career summary in not more than 3-4 lines.

  2. How: Write the career summary in alignment with the job description of your dream job. This shall immediately interest the recruiter in selecting your resume.

  3. Where: Give job title and career summary section just after the personal information section. This is because a quick snapshot will help the recruiter understand your career path without needing to scan the entire resume.

Let us see some examples of job title + career summary in a sales and marketing head resume:-



Key Skills in a Marketing Head Resume

Skills essentially mean the ability to do something well.

The definition itself is enough to explain the importance of this section in a marketing head's resume.

A candidate aspiring to become marketing head must possess certain skills to accomplish the tasks in the next job.

Recruiters are targeting certain skills in a marketing head's resume.

If you are able to showcase these skills, you would land your dream interview.

3 important rules shall be kept in mind while writing your key skills section:

  1. What: Go easy on soft skills like communication and presentation. Soft skills are assumed to be there and the recruiter is looking for a more job-relevant skill like strategy formulation, etc. Soft skills are judged more at the time of face to face interview. But before you go there, they will judge you strictly on the job-relevant skills and technical skills.

  2. How: Write small phrases like "Strategic Planning & Execution". This holds true because it would be easy for the recruiter to read small phrases rather than long sentences. Also, small phrases will help you clear the machine recruiter that is, ATS (More on this below).

  3. Where: Keep the section just below career summary. This positioning becomes important because a recruiter barely has 5-7 seconds and the recruiter do not want to scan through an entire resume to find out your skillset. Correct positioning is as important as correct skills relevant to the marketing industry.

Let us see some examples of key skills in a marketing head resume:




Get ready to land some fantastic interviews using the skills mentioned above. All these skills are relevant for a Marketing Head job profile.

Rest, the skills shall be modified according to the job description mentioned.

Work Experience in a Marketing Head Resume

Work experience, as they say, is the strongest section in the entire resume because this is what defines you. This is what would be discussed once you reach the interview table.

More importantly, this section will be scanned for important highlights to help recruiter make the decision.

Work-experience section includes all the information of the tasks performed in each profile along with important accomplishments.

Marketing head resume would showcase no less than 15+ years of experience.

Given the fact that, it is increasingly important to keep in mind 2 pages as the length of the resume, the question is how to incorporate so much of information.

Let us understand by reviewing a resume in that case:-

Our aspiring marketing head George Costanza has worked in 2 companies, 1 for 3 years and 1 for 8 years still continuing.

11 years of experience has to be incorporated in less than a page. Given the fact that rest 1 page shall be dedicated to other sections.

Let us see how:-


Referring to the image above, you will notice that we have used 1 liners to describe the work experience. That is to say, that any marketing head aspiring candidate should summarize the tasks performed in not more than 1 line each.

Sometimes 2 tasks shall be clubbed in 1 line to take care of the space constraint.

The important thing to remember is that each line should make complete sense in itself. That is to say, that each line should bring a cause-effect relationship.

Taking an example of a digital marketing manager:-


Referring to the image, you will see that our digital marketing manager has mentioned most of the points describing a cause-effect relationship.

This helps the recruiter in making a lot of sense as you clarity in what you did and what outcome was achieved.

Then another important rule of thumb while constructing this section is that put the related points in a bucket(sub-heading).

For example, in the image above, the recruiter would immediately scan the resume for say Search Engine Optimization. Because this is the skill that the recruiter necessarily wants in the candidate.

If the candidate makes buckets for different points, this makes recruiter's job very easy as the subheadings/buckets are nothing but key skills which recruiter is looking for.

So if the recruiter has mentioned in the job description that the candidate must have the experience of SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing then the above candidate will surely receive the interview call.

While you are making bucketing and constructing 1 liners out of the tasks you are performing each day in office, it is important to keep highlighting important points.

Given the fact that recruiter hardly has any time to read all the one-liners you have written, highlighting important words/figures will increase readability.

For example:

Work- experience with no bolding:-


Work- experience with enough bolding:-\


Which work-experience would you be interested in reading if you have just say 5 seconds?

The answer is clear, highlighted words give more accurate information and register more in the human mind.

That is why we learned in school, the value of highlighting which was done using underlines.

Another valuable stuff here which will make your resume stand out of the lot would be expressing information in numbers, quantities, and figures.

Numbers and numerals are registered in our memory faster and are able to make a much better impression on us.

Same hold for a marketing head who is dealing with numbers all the time.

The importance of numbers cannot be underestimated in case of a marketing head whose performance is often measured with numbers unlike in the field of teaching, history, etc.

Let us look at the same example of a digital marketing head wherein we have tried removing all numeral information:-


Do you see a difference in the way it comes across?

It now looks plain theory of a fiction novel without any impression to be made in terms of what real work is done by the candidate.

So the game is to include as much quantifiable information as possible to make the best impression on the recruiter.

Also, verbs play an extremely important role in expressing your work experience.

Look at this:-

"Handling a digital marketing team of 10 associates to create campaigns worth half a million dollar and manage SEO"

and look at this:-

"Spearheading a digital marketing team of 10 associates to create campaigns worth half a million dollar and manage SEO"

This is how it works.

A power verb gets it's name because of the power it lends to an information.

It drives more value out of the facts and present the data to the recruiters in a trail of .

For example,

✔ "Spearheading" is definitely a power verb
✘ "Handling" comes across as very casual vocabulary

✔ "Managed"
✘ "Responsible for"

✔ "Oversaw"
✘ "Conducted"

✔ "Bolstered"
✘ "Increased"

✔ "Identified"
✘ "Figured"

Usage of power verbs indicates how important you take your resume. It is not merely a casual document for you. Rather, it something that you value.

Start each point with a power verb and make a powerful impression on the recruiter.

Also, what plays a huge role in giving a lot of clarity in a work experience is the correct alignment of job profile, dates, and location to make it appear more be user-friendly and readable.



We would suggest you keep the job profile aligned to the left just under the company name and keep dates and city aligned to the right-hand side.

Such a display of information will surely be impressive to the recruiter.

And as mentioned in the example above, it is very important again to mention a one-liner description of the company you have worked in.

This again makes it for the recruiter to make a decision which is our end goal.

Now, last but not the least important point is that take care of tenses.

If you are in presently working in the company, start with verbs like "leading, managing, over-seeing, spearheading... and so on.."

Of course, if there is an accomplishment which has already happened in the current work experience, then it is always safe and better to club it in a separate heading like "Key Achievements".

Achievements section will also give a quick snapshot of what you achieved which is of great value from the perspective of the hiring manager.

When you are describing a previous job, use past tense verbs like "Led, Managed, Over-saw, Spearheaded... and so on.."

Snapshot on how to impress the recruiter with your marketing work-experience:-

  1. Use quantifiable information(ratios, percentages, and numbers) over words which describing services delivered.
  2. Bucket similar points in a sub-heading
  3. Bold the important information and numbers to make a quick impression
  4. Use present tense to convey information in the present work experience
  5. Start all the duties performed with a power verb and not a casual verb
  6. Use present tense for current work-experience and past-tense for all the previous jobs
  7. Bucket the accomplishments in each job as a separate sub-heading in each section as 'Key Achievements'

Education in a Marketing Head Resume

Marketing Head position normally requires a candidate to have acquired a masters degree apart from other certifications.

The best-observed trend which works here is that mention the education in the reverse chronological order.

Put the Masters in Business Administration degree first then followed by Bachelors degree.

As mentioned in the work-experience section, keep the college name and course name aligned to the left and keep the dates and location aligned to the right.

Like in this example:-


Referring to the image above, please note that it is important to mention both the date of enrollment and graduation in MM/YY format.

Again, each of the activity we do in resume making is to make it easy for the recruiter.

We have compared many resumes and used different formats. However, this particular alignment of dates comes across as the most reader-friendly and comprehensible.

Additionally, since your work experience is long, no recruiter is interested in looking at what subjects and projects you managed at college time. This section should not give too much information.

In fact, if there are some achievements which are relevant to your current profile, you can take it up as a separate section in the resume and club it there.

Let us look at the quick 3 rules for the education section:-

  1. What: Mention the degrees in reverse chronological order. In this section, you can just mention at max the CGPA achieved. ANy other information shall not be mentioned.
  2. How: Use dates and location aligned to the right while university/college name and course name aligned to the left.

Certifications & Training in a Marketing Head Resume

Certifications hold a lot of value at this junction of career.

As a marketing head, you are climbing the corporate ladder and taking up bigger roles and it is important for you to take an added advantage of the certifications pursued.

Clubbing certifications in the education section do not make sense as we have observed in many resumes we see every day.

This section holds so much of importance that it makes sense to showcase it separately.

While certifications give you added skills and gained knowledge, many times you undertake training sessions as well.

But not every training gives you a certificate.

This does not diminish the role of training in your career but it also does not mean that you put training as a certificate.

A better bet is to name the section as Training & Certifications and mention all your training and certifications in this section.

Again, it is of paramount importance to mention the month and year when you pursued the same.

Since all the certifications are taken up in a week or say few months, it is okay to just mention the month and year when you received the certification.

For example: let us look at this image below:-


As seen in the image above, the certifications and training programs are listed in the reverse chronological order.

A recruiter is interested in knowing your latest certification first and the previous certifications can be mentioned following that.

Latest certification is more valid as technologies and theories keep changing.

Specifically, the field of digital marketing is so dynamic that only the recent certifications will impress the recruiter.

Highlight the important information like name of the certification.

use separator for placement of date and certification name.

Make sure to use caps lock in each word mentioned in the section.

It is important to describe the certifying authority in this section as mentioned in the image above.

By giving the name of the certifying authority, you give a lot of weight to the otherwise generic certification.

Awards & Achievements in a Marketing Head Resume

This section in a marketing head resume shall showcase the awards which are not associated with any work experience.

There can be multiple ways out here.

Either you can mention the achievements of a particular job in that job section.

Or if you want to highlight the achievements in a separate section, this section can be constructed which would also include any awards received during college years

This section in a way showcases the extra-curricular achievements as well.

But the nomenclature can be different as no recruiter is interested in knowing your extra-curricular after so many years of work experience.

Just like the certifications section, this section shall also mention the recent awards first followed by previous awards.

Year of receiving the award shall suffice in this section.

If you mention the information like on what parameters the award was given and amongst how many nominees you were awarded, then it will have a better impact on the recruiter.

In all the case, we are interested in making a better impact on the recruiter and give more clarity for decision making to be easy and quick.

Compare these 2 examples:

Generic awards section:


Awards highlighting the nominations and parameters:


If you compare the latter would give more impact on the reader's mind.

3 tips while writing the awards section:-

  1. What: Mention the parameters on the basis f which you received the awards and nominations out of which you won the award.
  2. How: Mention the year of receiving the award separating it by a separator for clarity and readability
  3. Where: Put this section either below the Education section to make maximum impact.

ATS- The Machine Recruiter

ATS essentially is automatic tracking system which is a machine recruiter which many companies have deployed to do the first round elemintaion of resumes.

The moment you apply on job site, sometimes you get a rejection email within a few minutes.

Yes, it is most of the times ATS.

Now since you are at the mercy of ATS, it is important to understand the criteria on which an ATS selects or rejects you.

ATS is a proxy to human recruiter which is deployed to make work easy for the human recruiter.

There are 3 criteria

  1. Hiring manager of the companies stuffs the ATS algorithm with certain keywords matching with the job description. Idea is to eliminate the resumes which are not using the same words/figures/jargons as used in the job description.

Example: if the job description says that the candidate should be good in "Search Engine Optimization" then your key skills section shall mention the proper full form of the skill and not just "SEO".

On the safer side, it is good to mention both. that is put SEO in the bracket after mentioning the complete

  1. Research as much as possible for the current marketing team in the current organization. Probably researching them on linked in or other social media sites make sense.

The whole idea is to understand what kind of tasks are being performed by the team, what have they mentioned in their profiles.

You can take a hint of keywords from their profiles and put it on your resume. This would surely do a lot more than just matching the key skills with the job description.

  1. You might be great at giving presentations and have excellent interpersonal skills.

But the ATS is designed to look at those skills which are very relevant to the job profile. ATS is not stuffed with soft skills like a team player.

Rather it would search skills like 'Brand Management', 'Digital Marketing', 'Social media Marketing', etc.

  1. Look for tools which actually calculates an ATS score by comparing your resume and the corresponding job description.

These tools help you understand the keywords which shall be put in to improve the resume's chances of clearing the ATS test.

One of such tools which we often use in calculating ATS score for our clients is JOBSCAN.

Key Takeaways

  1. Use reverse chronological order to construct the marketing head resume
  2. The extra-curricular section is redundant in the marketing head resume. Rather use any such achievements in the section named Awards & Achievements.
  3. Career Summary section should be made in place of career objective and it should be aligned with your work history and job description.
  4. Use bulleting, bolding, bucketing, power verbs and correct alignment in the professional experience section.
  5. Key skills are important for the quick run through of your abilities and to clear the ATS test.
  6. Do your research for ATS clearance.
  7. Certifications & Training section should be made separately. It should mention the certifying authority and date of certification in MM/YY format.

For any queries, please comment below. We will be more than happy to help.