What is a good second career after retirement?

If you are considering working after your retirement, you are not alone.

Yes, it is quite common for people who are older than 55-60 to go back to work for various reasons and also for companies to hire them.

How so?

Well, many employers believe that senior workers have qualities like loyalty, richer work experience, and a strong work ethic that younger workers may lack.

According to studies, one in four workers will be older than 55 by the year 2024, which is double the stats compared to 1994.

Plus, in 2018 alone, almost half of the new job vacancies were filled by professionals of 55 years and older in the US.

So, what jobs are good for retirees?

Read on to learn more about the same and other related FAQs like the following:

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5 Best Retirement Jobs for Senior Citizens

Depending on your reasons for wanting to work after retirement, you can find plenty of job opportunities that are not constricted by a certain age limit.

So, before you decide on your choice, consider your reasons.

Do you want to continue working to stay occupied but wish to work from home? Or do you want to continue working to meet new people and travel?

Once you answer that for yourself, you can make a more suitable choice that meets your needs.

Meanwhile, the following are the top 5 jobs for retired people that not only pays well but also allows you to meet new people and travel:

ESL Teacher

Becoming an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher is not only a great way to meet new people from different walks of life, but is also a lucrative second career that pays the bills.

ESL teachers teach English to students and individuals who are learning English as a second language.

Although not mandatory, you can consider taking up Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification courses to improve your chances of getting hired.

ESL teachers have the option to travel and teach English overseas or to work in local institutions and even provide private tuition.

The average hourly wage earned by ESL teachers is around $28.36 in the US.

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Government Employee

Since more than 25% of federal workers are over 55, federal government jobs are a good option for retired people.

You can find job listings for various federal agencies through sites like USAJobs wherein certain programs are specifically designated for senior workers.

Federal government jobs offer competitive salaries and their requirements can vary widely based on different job profiles.


If you are good with numbers, becoming a bookkeeper is one of the best jobs for retired people, as it does not require manual labor.

Bookkeepers are responsible for tracking a company’s financial transactions, including managing invoices, paychecks, accounts payable & receivable, and other monetary data.

Their average hourly pay stands at $20.56 in the US.

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If you are an expert in a particular field and possess rich work experience in the industry, you can become a consultant.

Depending on the industry you choose, your duties can differ widely.

However, the general responsibility of a consultant is to provide expert data-backed recommendations and suggestions to companies for increasing revenue, streamlining operations, and the overall growth of the organization.

In the US, consultants earn an average hourly wage of $24.52.

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Got a master’s degree or a Ph.D. degree in hand? You can make use of the same and choose to become a lecturer or a professor as a retired professional.

In case you don’t want to commit to a full-time role as a professor, you can also work as a guest faculty and teach university and college students.

However, one of the other requirements to become a lecturer or a professor is that you must have teaching experience.

If you meet these criteria, you can earn about $33.86 per hour in the US as a professor.

Apart from these listed full-time jobs for retired people, there are also ample opportunities offering home-based and part-time jobs for seniors.

Take a look at the following list of best part-time jobs for retirees (which are also home-based):

Good Jobs for Retirees

best jobs for seniors over 60

Source: CentralBank

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Tips for Finding Good Jobs for Retirees

While there is no shortage of jobs for retired people, bagging one can be challenging if you're not prepared.

Plus, given the fact that there are no separate sections in job listing sites for “retired people” or “senior citizens”, you will be competing for jobs with people from all age groups.

With that being said, here are some tips that will streamline the process of finding and bagging the best jobs for retired people:

Use Your Connections and Start Networking

While most people apply for jobs through job listings, smart people use their networking skills and their connections to grab job vacancies before it even gets posted.

If you have been a working professional half of your life, leverage all the connections you’ve made and network for jobs.

Consider contacting past coworkers and working friends to see if they might have a reference for you.

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Polish or Acquire New Skills

Learning a new skill will always give you an edge while finding jobs for retired people and will let recruiters know that you can very well keep up with the current industry requirements.

Consider taking up certification courses to acquire new skills and get certified.

You can also listen to podcasts from industry experts or read informative books that will give you invaluable insight on the latest industry trends and standards.

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Update Your Resume

Yes, along with your skills, updating your resume is a vital factor that can determine your candidacy for retired people's jobs.

Since the majority of employers now use the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to filter the most suitable resumes for job vacancies, your resume needs to be ATS-friendly.

So, how can you ensure that your resume is ATS-friendly?

You can do so by including industry-related keywords throughout your resume.

To identify these keywords, you must do ample research on the job profile you are targeting, and pick up keywords from the job listing.

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Know Where to Look

If you want to increase your chances of getting hired and not compete with a pool of younger job seekers, you must look for job listings that are specifically posted for senior citizens.

However, these listings are not posted on your regular job boards.

There are a couple of job listing websites that only post jobs for retired individuals and this is where exactly you should look.

Listed below are some of the top job boards for retirement jobs:

Retired Brains RetirementJobs.com
Rent A Grandma Seniors4Hire
Workforce50.com Retiree Workforce
National Older Worker Career Center AARP Job Board
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Snagajob

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Write a Compelling Cover Letter

While you cannot be sure if the recruiter will read your cover letter, it can definitely make a difference if they do read it.

That is if your cover letter is thoughtful and well-written.

To ensure that your cover letter hits the mark, you must personalize it with the hiring manager’s name and write it with a particular employer in mind.

Your cover letter must show the recruiters how your experiences and skills are aligned with the company’s requirements.

Cover letter guidelines

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Prepare for Interviews

Preparation is key when it comes to performing well and being confident during interviews.

Without proper preparation, you're likely to feel more nervous and even underperform, which is not an ideal scenario for a job seeker.

As a part of your preparation, you must research and learn about the company you're interviewing with.

Also, don't forget to review some common interview questions and their ideal answers for your job profile.

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Most Welcoming Industries with Jobs for Retired People

There are many industries that are welcoming to retirees who want to continue working and contribute their skills and experience.

Some of the most popular industries include:


The healthcare industry is always in need of skilled workers, and retirees can be a great fit for many roles.

From medical billing and coding to nursing assistants, there are many opportunities to work in healthcare without extensive training.

Additionally, healthcare is a fulfilling industry where you can make a positive impact on others' lives.


The hospitality industry is known for its flexible schedules and part-time employment opportunities.

Retirees can work as hotel desk clerks, tour guides, and more.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations rely heavily on volunteers, but they also have paid positions that can be a good fit for retirees.

Non-profits often need people with administrative skills, event planning experience, and fundraising expertise.

Retirees who are passionate about a particular cause can find rewarding employment opportunities in the non-profit sector.

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Factors to Assess Before Considering Second Careers for Retired Individuals

Now before you go ahead with your decision to opt for jobs after retirement, you must consider certain factors that may affect you when you go back to work.

Social Security Benefits and Taxes

Just like how people take professional help to sort out their finances before retirement, you need to seek help from a financial advisor to see how going back to work will affect your social security benefits, health coverage, pension, and taxes.

In 2022, you can earn about $19,560 without compromising your benefits before the full retirement age, which is 66+.

But if you surpass that amount, your social security check will go down $1 for every $2 earned.

However, when you reach your full retirement age, the cap on your income will cease and you will also be able to increase your social security benefits in some cases.

As for the taxes, you will still be liable to pay social security taxes on your paycheck for each additional year you work unless your overall individual income is less than $25,000.


In case you are receiving a pension check every month, your plan may be reduced when you go back to work because generally pension plans are based on the salary you received before your first retirement.

For instance, if your current retirement check is based on the full-time salary you were earning before retirement, but you go decide to go back to work part-time, this may drastically decrease your pension amount.

Having said that, different pension plans have different terms and conditions. Thus, it is best to consult a professional who manages pension for your previous employer.


Since senior citizens in the US are eligible for Medicare only after the age of 65, it's important to find a retirement job that covers your medical expenses.

If you don't have health insurance, you will be penalized by an annual excise tax which can increase every year.

Besides, having additional medical coverage either from your employer or individually will help you cover expenses that Medicare may not cover after 65.

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Key Points from the Blog

  • Studies show that one in four workers will be older than 55 by the year 2024 and in 2018 alone, almost half of the new job vacancies were filled by 55 and older workers in the US.
  • Depending on your motivation and reasons, you can find plenty of job opportunities that are not constricted by a certain age limit and suits your interests.
  • ESL teachers, federal government employees, bookkeepers, consultants, and lecturers are some of the best jobs for retired people.
  • Ensure to prepare well while applying for jobs after retirement by updating your skills, knowledge, and resume.
  • Leverage your connections and start networking to find the best jobs for retired people.
  • Include a compelling cover letter in your application to boost your chances of getting hired for jobs after retirement.

Should you require expert guidance to find and bag jobs for retired people, visit our career activator platform with 24x7 chat support and write to us at support@hiration.com.

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