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How to write the top IT consultant resume?

The ivory towers of the Top IT Consulting Firms can be your new office.

You can make it as an IT Consultant in the top organization of your dreams.

But to get a coveted job in a top-tier company, your professional IT consultant resume needs to be bang-on.

If you are reading this, you need help with your information technology consultant resume. And we are here to help you make a fantastic IT consultant resume from scratch.

Before we begin, here's a summary of our IT Consultant Resume 2022 Blog:

  • Add details of education, certifications, training, projects, etc in your resume.
  • Follow the reverse-timeline order to arrange information in your IT consultant resume template.
  • Describe your roles and responsibilities using bullet points under suitable headings.
  • Include a resume summary only if you have a minimum of 3 years of active work experience.
  • Put your IT consulting skills under a distinct 'key skills' section of your resume.

That's not all.

By the end of this blog, you will also learn:

. . . All so you can get the IT consulting job of your dreams!

We have also given a sample IT consultant resume to show what your perfected resume should look like as a whole.

So let's get started.

IT Consultant Job Description

An IT consultant has the responsibility to take charge of the technological solutions and needs of an organization.

Some common job descriptions of an IT consultant can be seen below:

  • Analyzing the IT system and infrastructure of an organization.
  • Implementing the best technological solution to meet the needs of the business.
  • Monitoring and analyzing security threats while diagnosing issues of IT systems.
  • Collaborating with the in-house technical staff and providing strategic advice.
  • Implementing new or better IT systems to increase productivity

Understanding customer requirements and business objectives. Providing strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals. Managing IT initiatives and collaborating with in-house technical staff.

IT Consultant Salary

IT Consultant Salary

According to salary of an IT consultant is $79,377 per year. says the salary of an IT consultant is $87,704 per year.

According to the salary of an IT consultant is between $83,167 to $97,880 per year.

Why You Need an Optimized IT Consultant Resume

You need an optimized IT consulting resume because it holds the power to get you shortlisted for your target IT consulting jobs.

An optimized IT consulting resume means that your IT consultant resume format is:

  • ATS-compliant
  • Industry-relevant
  • Keyword-optimized
  • Customized according to your target job

We will proceed section by section to uncover how you can meet these resume standards.

So let's begin.

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IT Consultant Resume Sections

All optimized IT consulting resumes have one thing in common:

They are extremely well-organized and well presented. They have the right spacing and are extremely readable too.

Great readability is also a major hit with an ATS software as a resume that is poorly organized and cluttered has a lower chance of getting parsed.

There are sections for your IT consulting resume that you can include based on your need & discretion:


Moving on, we will now proceed with a section-wise explanation to help you make the best IT consulting resumes of all time!

IT Consultant Resume: Header

Its purpose is to communicate that the resume belongs to you.

This is why you should not use a generic 'CV' or 'resume' to label your resume. Instead, write your real full name at the top-most part of your IT consultant resume in the largest font size. Preferably anything between a 16-20 font-size would do.

Here's a sample IT consultant resume illustrating what your resume header should look like in your resume.


IT Consultant Resume: Personal Information

Next comes the personal information section.

It consists of important contact-specific details such as:

  • Updated mobile number
  • Professional email ID
  • Current Location

Hiration Pro Tip: You can also add links to your profiles on Kaggle, GitHub, LinkedIn, or any professional website wherein you have a well-maintained portfolio.


Here's an IT consultant resume sample illustrating the ideal personal information section:


The personal information section should ideally be located right below the resume header so it is easy for a recruiter to locate it.

IT Consultant Resume: Profile Title

Most IT consulting resumes that get rejected have one thing in common:

The profile title listed on the resume is flawed.

Why does this happen?

It's because most professionals tend to put a more senior title to qualify for a higher-ranking and higher-paying job.

You might be an IT Consultant applying for an IT Director's job. If you are, do yourself a favor and do not exaggerate your profile title. Doing so can lead to loss of credibility and it just isn't worth it.

Here are some resume tips for drafting the profile title for IT consulting resumes:

  • Your profile title is your most current-held job title.
  • Write it as it is in your IT consultant resume.
  • Draft it in the second-largest text size so it stands out.
  • You should ideally write it in the font range of 14-16 point size.

Here's an example of an IT consultant resume sample showing the profile title:


IT Consultant Resume Summary v/s IT Consultant Resume Objective

You should write an IT Consultant Resume Summary if you have over 3 years of work experience.

On the contrary, you should write an IT Consultant Resume Objective if you don't meet the minimum 3-year work requirement.

We will now discuss them both in detail.

IT Consultant Resume Summary

You will find multiple IT consulting resume examples online.

Most of them will tell you how to make the ideal summary section. Most of them might even have a different version of what the summary should ideally look like.

If you have been reading multiple resume guides, don't get confused.

Just make sure that the resume summary is short and effective. Don't flood it with too much information but strictly present your industry-relevant career highlights.

Doing this will do the simple trick of dazzling the recruiter and encouraging them to further evaluate your information technology consultant resume.

Here’s a list of the top 5 resume summary tips for your IT consultant resume:

  • Your resume summary presents an overview of your career trajectory.
  • Write it at the end. Doing this will save you a lot of time. It will also help you write an effective summary copy that needs minimal revision.
    • The goal of your IT consultant resume summary is to communicate that you are the right fit for the job. You can prove this by quoting past achievements in the form of achievement figures. Example: 'Awarded the IT Consultant of the Year for retaining top 5 priority clients'.
  • Keep it short and crisp. Stick to the 5-line paragraph limit.
  • While you can drag your resume summary to over 5 lines, we don't recommend you to do so. That's what the professional section is for. So keep your resume summary limited for your career highlights and relevant achievements.

Here's a sample IT consultant resume showcasing the ideal professional resume summary for your IT consulting resumes:


IT Consultant Resume Objective

You should write an IT Consultant Resume Objective if you fall into the following category:

  • You have no relevant work experience in IT consulting.
  • You have less than 3 years of work experience.
  • You are a fresh IT graduate with no work experience.

While a resume summary is an overview of your career trajectory, a resume objective is an overview of your relevant skills.

Your IT consultant resume objective should talk about the utility of your functional skills in IT consulting and prove that you can be an asset to the organization.

A well-worded objective can be helpful because quite frankly, it's all about how you communicate information in the long run.

Even fresh graduates can get a job that experienced candidates don't if they are witty with the way they write their IT consulting resumes.

Our advice, keep it short, crisp, and effective.

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IT Consultant Resume: Key Skills

Right after the summary or objectives section comes the key skills section.

In this section, you have to simply compile all your core IT consulting & technical skills under a distinct section called 'the key skills section'.

But don't stop there.

You can use this section to your advantage by tailoring it for a particular job.

A great way to do this is by keyword-optimizing it.

All you have to do is scrutinize the job description of your target job vacancy and look for skill requirements.

For example, a given job advertisement might have the following skill requirements:

  • Should be excellent at client management and satisfaction
  • Must possess excellent report-making and project management skills.
  • Should be good at debugging, auditing, and data & network security.

The ones we have marked in bold are skill requirements outlined by a given hiring organization.

They are also known as keywords.

Scrutinize them and incorporate these keywords for an IT consultant resume as long as you have actual working knowledge of these skills.

By doing this, you are writing a job-targeted IT consultant resume. It also makes your resume ATS-optimized as the software is designed to look for these skill requirements in your resume.

Don't know how to incorporate them into your information technology consultant resume?

Don't worry.

Here's a sample IT consultant resume showcasing how to incorporate these keywords into the key skills section of your IT consulting resumes:


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IT Consultant Resume: Professional Experience

Your career trajectory in IT consulting matters.

What matters more is how you present your work experience details in your senior IT consultant resume.

Recruiters want to know where you worked, what your designation was, whether you got promoted, the duration of your work, and the work responsibilities assigned to you.

All this information put together will help a recruiter decide if you are worth hiring at all.

This means that you have to perfect the professional experience section at all costs.

Here are 3 resume tips to curating an effecting professional experience section for your IT consultant resume:

  • Use one-liner points to communicate your work details.
  • Begin each point with a power verb.
  • Use achievement figures or numbers wherever possible.
  • Group similar points under unique subheadings.
  • Highlight relevant words & career highlights by marking them in bold.


IT Consultant Resume Examples

Here are two IT consultant resume examples.

We want you to observe them closely and tell us what the better pick is:

IT Consultant Resume Example 1: Using Paragraphs

"As an IT Consultant at Company X, I was responsible for a number of functions such as consulting top clients and resolving their IT disputed. I was also responsible for executing important functions such as project management, generating reports, reducing IT & operation costs, and optimizing the overall IT process of the company. What I really liked about my job was diagnosing & resolving system errors and processes. I also developed new systems and software to reduce overall IT costs".

IT Consultant Resume Example 2: Using One-Liner Points and Grouping & Highlighting

Project Management & Report Generation

  • Collaborated with clients to define the scope of 5+ priority projects
  • Provided IT consulting to 10+ premium clients leading to 100% customer satisfaction
  • Prepared weekly reports on the efficacy & performance of our in-house IT solutions

Process Optimization & Cost Reduction

  • Trained & managed 10+ IT consultants to optimize the process by 50%
  • Reduced IT costs by 35% by developing & implementing highly efficient systems
  • Saved $500K in annual operating costs by troubleshooting the company's IT software
  • Diagnosed & resolved 5+ premium client's system problems and bugs with 100% accuracy

IT Consultant Resume Examples: Analysis

Here's the conclusion we can draw from both IT consulting resume examples we have presented above:

Poorly worded and hard to readEasy to read and comprehend
Not easy to notice the main pointsDemonstrates the quantifiable contribution
Less chance for recruiters to read
Divert the attention to important aspects

Conclusion: You should not use paragraphs to communicate your work experience details as it is not reader-friendly. You should use one-liner points and organize them using grouping. You should also use achievements figures wherever possible and mark important words and career highlights in bold.

IT Consultant Resume Sample for Professional Experience

Here's a sample IT consultant resume showcasing what an ideal professional experience section:


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IT Consultant Resume: Education

The education section is a must-have section of your IT consulting resume.

Make sure that you make an Education section with the following details:

  • School/university name(s).
  • Name of the courses you have taken.
  • School/university location.
  • Enrolment & Graduation Dates.

Hiration Pro Tip: You can avoid writing your percentile or GPA scores if you want to conceal this information. Endorse it only if you have graduated with flying colors.

For a better understanding of the education section, refer to our Guide to presenting education on resume.

Here's an IT consultant resume sample showcasing the ideal education section for your IT consulting resumes.


IT Consultant Resume: Certifications

Certifications help you stay updated and relevant. It also makes you a better hiring option as it helps you show your commitment to growth.

So make sure that you have a neat list of the certifications you have done in your IT consultant resumes.

Here's a list of the top certifications to include in your IT consultant resume:

  • Certification course name.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the institute of affiliation.
  • Enrolment and completion date of the course.

Present this information horizontally in the below format:

{Name of Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

Here's an IT consultant resume sample demonstrating the ideal certifications section for your resume:


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IT Consultant Resume Sample

Check out the IT consulant resume sample below to understand the how should a resume meeting current industry standards look like:

6+ years experienced IT Consultant & Microsoft Certified IT Specialist adept at interacting with clients, understanding their needs & implementing a technological solution to meet business needs. Proficient in supervising major IT projects, generating detailed reports, and skilled in identifying the company's potential clients to bolster customer acquisition.
• Client Relationship Management • Debugging • Project Management • Troubleshooting • Cost Reduction
• Report Generation • Client Satisfaction • System Testing & Maintenance • Budgeting • Training • Auditing
• Customer Acquisition • Network Security & Administration • Data Security • Windows Server Installation
• Process Optimization • Software & Hardware Installation • Technical Support • Cloud Management
Programming Languages: Java, Python, C#, C++, CSS, HTML
Database Management Software: MySQL, Microsoft Access
Client Relationship Management
  • Understood client's needs & implemented a technological solution to meet business needs; achieved 90% success rate
  • Interacted with clients (25+), traveled to customer sites & liaised with their staff at all levels to determine requirements
  • Clarified client's system specifications, understood their work practices and the nature of their business
Report Generation & Project Management
  • Monitored the success of the IT solutions and produced 3+ detailed reports in a week on the efficacy of the technology
  • Communicated with the management & clients to define the scope of a project and planned timescales & resources needed
  • Participated in 35+ major IT projects including helping clients with change-management; achieved 95% client satisfaction
Cost Reduction & Process Optimization
  • Analyzed the company's & client's IT system & infrastructure, and diagnosed system problems, inefficiencies & weaknesses
  • Diagnosed 3 major flaws in the company's IT system & software; saved the company $500K in annual operating costs
  • Developed solutions & implemented new systems to save the company's IT costs by 35% and increase productivity by 17%
  • Purchased systems (low-budget & high efficiency) where appropriate and assisted in designing & testing the new systems
Training & Client Acquisition
  • Trained in-house IT team of 100, freelancers, users, and other 5 consultants and advised them on technology best practices
  • Identified company's potential clients and built & maintained contacts; increased customer base by 50% in just 2 years
Software/Hardware Installation
  • Installed, maintained and configured hardware & software systems in 250+ systems according to company policies
  • Performed hardware & software upgrades in 150+ systems to achieve an optimum performance level
Network Maintenance
  • Troubleshot and repaired network, hardware and software components and updated software antivirus on a regular basis
  • Performed routine maintenance and inspection of network & server systems to improve efficiency by 25%
  • Analyzed & tested network & server systems to verify functionality & performance
Data Backup & Budgeting
  • Performed system back-up and database archiving processes to ensure 100% data recoverability
  • Maintained the IT inventory and ordered & stocked equipment and supplies when necessary
  • Monitored and controlled expenses within the allotted budget; saved the company over $1,000 per month
  • Microsoft Certified IT Specialist (MCITS) | Microsoft | Mar '17
  • GPA: 4/5
  • Languages: English, Spanish and German

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways of our IT consultant resume guide:

  • To make a reader-friendly resume, use resume sections.
  • A recruiter gets in touch with you based on the contact information details you provide in your resume. Be extremely careful when you write your mobile number and email information in your resume.
  • Read the resume guidelines before you apply for a job and update your information technology consultant resume accordingly.
  • Write a powerful summary or objective that outlines why you are the best fit for the IT consulting job you are after.
  • You can mention your key skills and technical skills are under two different headings or combine then under key skills.
  • Use bullet points to enhance readability. Use achievement figures to show your quantifiable contribution. Mark your key career highlight in bold and group similar points under unique headings.
  • Provide your education details. Skip providing your GPA information if it is too underwhelming to make an impact.
  • Provide details of relevant certifications. If you don't have any, it is better to get certified and present them in your IT consultant resumes.

By now, you will be able to write multiple IT consultant resumes from scratch.

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