How to write a resume for a job?

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To make a job resume you need to know what it is and learn how to create one.

That being said, a job resume is a document of your accomplishments and skillful conduct on a professional level that can be used to apply for a specific job profile that you wish to land.

And it is something that everyone should have to get the attention of the right recruiters and potential employers.

Here is the summary of our Job Resume Blog:

  • Give out clear and correct personal details like your name, contact number, and your current location in a job resume.
  • Always provide precise details that reflect your professional status in a job resume.
  • Make the recruiters recognize you as a competent and deserving applicant by effectively describing your work history in a resume.
  • Include relevant details of your recognition in your field of work whenever required in a resume.

A resume can make your job application process easier as it is an effective way to market yourself to the hiring managers who can give you the required shortlist to the targeted job profiles.

Here are some resume tips that can help you write a flawless job resume:

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Pick a suitable job resume format at all times

When you start writing a resume make sure that you have an idea of how your resume will turn out in the final draft.

There are three well-known resume formats that you pick from to curate your job resume.

The Reverse-chronological format being the most commonly used job resume format can help you highlight your career trajectory efficiently.

In this format, you can first mention the most recent profiles that define your current professional status and the older profile can then follow in the reverse chronology.

Doing so can make the recruiters connect you to the relevant values that you can contribute to the targeted job profile.

Then we have the functional format but make sure that you use this job resume format only if you are someone looking for a change in your career or if you are a frequent job hopper.

It has its benefits in the form of helping you divert the recruiters' attention towards your skills set while keeping your work trajectory on the sidelines.

But it is not every day that the recruiters' are on the lookout for professionals with the right set of skills alone. They would be looking for someone who has a history of commitment and stability.

Now, we are left with the combination job resume format which is a fusion of the reverse-chronological format and functional format.

In this format, the spotlight is both on your smooth career trajectory and professional skills set.

While using this format make sure that your career timeline is consistent and mention all those skills that associate you with the targeted job profile.


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Job Sample Resume

Before we take you further into resume-writing take a look at the given job resume template:

4+ years experienced content marketing associate with a prolific track record in improving brand's online presence by utilizing search engine optimization, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and keyword research. Proficient in promoting brand awareness via email marketing campaigns and maximizing social media presence. Adept in generating leads and revenue by targeting the right prospects on various media channels.

Content Strategy
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Competitor Analysis
Email Marketing
Keyword Research
Blog Writing
Traffic Generation

Technical Skills: HootSuite, Google Analytics, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, WordPress, WooCommerce
Marketing Intern
Martin Clothes
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Martin Clothes is one of leading clothing manufactures and designers in the United States
    • Identified marketing opportunities and forged partnerships to promote the content and generate more backlinks
    • Optimize the website for SEO by conducting research and competitor analysis to find relevant keywords
    Online Marketing Associate
    Zenith Planner
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Headquartered in New York, Zenith Planner is one of the top 10 marketing agencies in the US with a client base of over 50k
      Content Strategy & Search Engine Optimization
      • Steered content marketing efforts by creating a content strategy for planning the SEO calendar and curating blogs
      • Bolstered the organic blog traffic by 90% in a span of 12 months which generated leads worth USD 100k
      • Enhanced the blog pages ranking on search engines for 20+ blogs and brought it among the top 3 search results
      • Authored 100+ blogs and guides for the company's website to improve the SEO practices and online presence

      Social Media Marketing & Management
      • Launched a marketing campaign on LinkedIn to target entry-level professionals that helped drive USD 50k in sales
      • Liaised with the editorial team to implement 3+ marketing strategies on Instagram and acquired 200+ customers in a month
      • Utilized Hootsuite to manage social media channels and built the company’s online presence from scratch
      • Oversaw data metrics on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to determine marketing tactics and improving content reach

      Email Marketing & Budgeting
      • Spearheaded 15+ email marketing campaigns to generate awareness for the company's of 3+ new products
      • Managed a budget of USD 150k to run ads on various social media platforms and websites
      • Generated 200k+ unique page views via the email campaigns and backlinks

      • Certified Content Marketer | Google Institute for Online Marketing Institute | Brooklyn, New York | Dec '15
      Stony Brook University
      BBA - Marketing
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Stony Brook University is amongst the top 10 public universities in the US
        • Top 15 percentile
        • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Professional)

        It is created from our Online Resume Builder.

        Every segment in the sample has been curated keeping in mind that the applicant's best features are on display for the recruiters to easily recognize.

        You can also visit Hiration's Online Resume Builder to curate the perfect resume that can get you shortlisted by recruiters.

        Organize your job resume in distinct sections

        A resume is broken down into distinct sections to enhance its effectiveness during your job application.

        Now it is up to you for picking the right sections to include in your job resume templates to get it on the radar of the recruiters.

        Given below is a list of the distinct standard sections that a job resume outline should always consist of:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        If you feel like there is a need to enhance your standard sections then you can add the following sections:

        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        While every section is unique and important, you need to realize that you should add them only when you have something relevant to include in your first job resume, part time job resume, or experience job resume.

        For more information about the resume sections, you can read Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume.

        Professional job resume writing is just a click away on Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

        You will find pre-filled job resume templates and different job resume examples that can be easily modified to meet your job application needs.

        Optimize the topmost section of your job resume

        When you look at the newspaper your eyes tend to fall on the headlines.

        Likewise, the recruiters tend to look at the headings before they start going over your entire resume. Hence you need to capture their attention from the moment they lay eyes on your resume.

        Job Resume: Header

        The first thing that comes on a resume is the resume header. It refers to the topmost section of the resume wherein you should write your name.

        Keep yourself aware and follow the given guidelines to frame your resume header:

        • Simply frame your name as the resume header and avoid writing "CV" or "Resume".
        • Use 16-20 font size to make your resume header stand out as the largest text.
        • If you have a middle name, simply write your first name, followed by the initial of your middle name, and then your last name.

        We have compiled more information regarding resume headers on Hiration’s Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header so make sure to give it a read before you start writing your resume.

        Also, here is a resume sample to help you see what an ideal resume header should look like:


        The given snapshot is taken from a job resume that we have created with the help of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

        Job Resume: Personal Information

        The personal information section is where your contact number, email address, and current location should be included.

        Apart from the mentioned details, you can include your LinkedIn profile URL or any Link to your online portfolio which is optional.

        Hiration Pro Tip: Always make sure to research the resume guidelines related to the personal information section of the country of your employment as it will save you from including details that are not required in this section.

        Updated Contact Number: The main reason for giving out your contact number in a resume is for the obvious reason to let the recruiters get in touch with you.

        There is no point in writing a resume if there are no contact details through which the recruiters can reach out to you for any official updates.

        Hence make it a point to give out the correct contact number that you use actively in your resume.

        Professional Email Address: Another easy mode of contact is email. The recruiters will find it easier to reach out to you through an email so always give out one in your resume.

        While doing so make sure that it is an official email address that you give out in your resume. You need to maintain a professional approach at all times.

        Current Location: If you are on the lookout for a job outside your country then you can mention your state and country else simply mention your city and state.

        Avoid giving out details about your residential address like house number, street number, name of your locality, and so on.

        Stick to the guidelines of the targeted organization while giving out your details because some countries forbid you from giving out certain details that may cause biased hiring.

        Everything else and more you need to know about the personal information section on a resume is on Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information.

        An ideal personal information section on a resume should look like the one illustrated in the given sample:


        Job Resume: Profile Title

        While applying for a job you need to identify yourself as an applicant who is suitable for the targeted job profile.

        And to achieve the same you should frame your profile title for the recruiters to easily recognize you as a suitable applicant and relate you with the targeted profile.

        The profile title can help you communicate the following:

        • Your current designation.
        • Your functional industry.
        • Your seniority level in a line of work.

        Always mention the right profile title that rightfully indicates the level of your professional status.

        Overstating or magnifying your profile title is never a smart move because once you fail to validate your claim it will e considered as lying to the recruiters.

        Be honest with your profile title and get on the good books of the recruiters.

        Also, keep the following tips in mind while framing your profile title:

        • Write it as the second-largest text in your resume after the resume header.
        • You can frame it in the ideal range of 14-16 font size.

        Scan through the given resume sample to understand what an ideal profile title should look like on a job resume template:


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        Curate a captivating professional experience section of your job resume

        Despite having extensive work experience some professionals fail to land their dream job and the main reason for it is because they fail to recognized by recruiters.

        You need to know how to make a positive impact on hiring managers in order to be shortlisted for the job profile that you are on the lookout for.

        There are certain ways to list down your work experience on your resume to communicate your potential and relevant experience to the recruiters.


        The following factors can turn your resume for a job from "Blah!" to "Wow!".

        Frame one-liner points

        A resume is written so that it can help you communicate your professional skills and potential to the recruiters.

        Now, it will be meaningless if the recruiters are not able to make out what you are trying to communicate to them and despite you being qualified your resume may end up in the trash can.

        Avoid such a situation by framing clear one-liners to describe your work experience so that the recruiters can clearly understand what you have done or is doing as a professional.

        Use bullet points and state what all professional roles and responsibilities you are familiar with as per your experience to be recognized by the recruiters.

        Provide achievement figures

        Mentioning achievement figures in your resume is a surefire way of making the potential employers recognize you as a suitable applicant.

        Achievement figures are those numbers that indicate what you have achieved and how it contributed towards the higher goals of an organization.

        Once you mention these figures in your one-liners the recruiters will easily recognize what you are capable of in terms of values that you can contribute to the next organization.

        Apply bucketing and bolding

        Create different buckets and list down all the similar points under the relevant heading. Once you do that pick the most significant words or phrases from every one-liner and bold them.

        The whole point of applying bucketing and bolding is to make your one-liner points easier to read and well-organized.

        When you list your similar points under relevant buckets you can easily organize them and the bolding makes it easier for the recruiters to recognize the main points in your sentences.

        Job Resume Sample for Professional Experience

        There is a lot more compiled in our guide that can help you master the professional experience section in a resume.

        Hence, read Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume before you start farming your work experience.

        You can also refer to the given resume sample for a better understanding of what an ideal professional experience section should look like:


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        Provide your educational details an a job resume

        Let your education section speak about your academic achievements and accomplishments.

        But the above statement does not mean that you should literally list all the activities that you have been involved in during your school/college years.

        Ideally, you should mention the following details in the education section of your job resume:

        • Name of your school/university.
        • Name of the courses you pursued.
        • Location of your school/university.
        • Your admission and graduation dates in the format of month & year.

        Click on Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume to read more about the education section.

        We have attached an example to help you see what an ideal education section should look like in a resume:


        Job Resume: Certifications

        The certification section is an optional section that you can add to your resume if deemed necessary.

        It can help you communicate your additional expertise that is validated by a certification course.

        A recruiter may shortlist your resume rather than the one of an applicant without certification if it is relevant to the targeted job profile.

        Hence, properly check the job description to see if giving out the details of your certification can have an impact on your job application.

        Give out the following details of your certification(s):

        • Name of Certification.
        • Name of the institute of affiliation.
        • Location of the affiliated institute.
        • Dates of admission and completion.

        Hiration's Guide to listing certifications on a resume can give you more details on how to curate this section.

        Look at the given example to have a clear understanding of what an ideal certification section should look like on a job resume template:


        Our Online Resume Builder is the one-stop that can help you curate an impeccable resume.

        Highlight your job resume skills effectively

        The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is something that you should be aware of while applying for a job because most of the recruiters use it to filter resumes.

        It can read the right keywords that you include in your resume so make sure to include those keywords that are relevant to the job description.

        But avoid overdoing it because it may backfire instead of giving you the expected result.

        Endorse your Highlight your job resume skills effectively by including specific professionals skills that connect you with the targeted job profile.

        Also, create separate sections to list your functional skills as well as your technical skills as it can give the recruiters an insight into what you can broadly contribute to the next organization.

        For more information on this section, you can go through our guide to skills on resume.

        The skills section illustrated below in our example is an ideal representation of the job resume skills:


        Wrap up your job resume with an impeccable resume overview

        The last thing you need to add to your resume is a resume summary or an objective.

        It can help you communicate your work experience, skills, and more to the recruiters in just a few lines. But you need to make sure to include only those points and details that can make an impression on the recruiters.

        Job Resume Summary

        Here is a list of what you should ideally follow while composing your resume summary:

        • Work on this section at the end of resume-writing so that the need to edit it repeatedly does not arise.
        • Pick only those highlights of your career that have been validated in your work experience section.
        • Try not to exceed beyond 4 lines to write your resume summary.
        • Write a resume summary only if your work experience is over 3 years.

        Check out our resume summary guide and learn more about the summary section of a resume.

        The given example is an ideal representation of the perfect resume summary taken from our job resume template:


        With Hiration's Online Resume Builder you can do a lot more with your resume and raise your chances of being shortlisted.

        Job Resume Objective

        If you have no/limited years of work experience or writing an entry level resume as a fresher then you should include a resume objective.

        A resume objective should be included to make the recruiters acknowledge your worth as a professional despite your lack of work experience.

        Try to mention the values that you can contribute to the next organization and avoid listing only those things that you are interested in because the goal here is to make it up for your lack of experience.

        Get a thorough understanding of resume objectives from our guide on resume objectives.

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        Key Takeaways

        • Always pick the right resume format and organize your particulars in distinct sections that you include in your resume.
        • Provide your contact information for the recruiters to easily reach you.
        • Write one-liners to describe your work experience and list them under unique buckets and bold the main points.
        • Give out your educational background details and certification details.
        • List your skills and include suitable keywords to make your resume ATS-compliant.
        • Conclude your resume by including an overview of your resume.

        The job resume examples provided in this blog have been taken from our job resume template to help you understand how to write a resume for a job. Refer to each job resume examples to curate the perfect job-winning resumes.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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