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Does an industrial engineer job seem too ambitious?

Not if you have a bomb resume!

Being one of the most coveted fields within engineering, it can be challenging to stand out in the first round of selection. Rightfully so, with such a wide range of skills, there are just that many industrial engineering jobs.

Let your resume be your wingman and impress your recruiter into considering you. Don’t worry, we have a bunch of tips, and a resume sample to act as a guide to build your industrial engineer resume.

Here’s a summary of the blog as an appetizer to the whole spread of expert tips we have for you:

  • Refrain from adding irrelevant information and tailor your industrial engineering skills to the job description
  • Use the reverse chronological format for your resume as it is easier to parse through
  • Exclusively use one-liners to explain your work experience as an industrial engineer
  • Separate your industrial engineering skills into key skills and technical skills to cover all bases
  • List your certifications in your industrial engineer resume as certifications | certifying authority | time period format
  • Group and highlight your work experience so that it is readable and easier to comprehend
  • You can include any volunteer experience by making a separate section for it

An industrial engineer's resume can be hard to nail. You might even be an aspiring industrial engineer. Whatever it may be, we took the liberty of answering the questions we know have been ringing in your head.

We’ll guide you through the tedious process of making an excellent industrial engineer resume. Or you could leave it to the experts at our Online Resume Builder and have a perfect industrial engineer resume tailored to the job you’ve been eyeing!

Is Industrial Engineering a Good Career?

It is a revered branch of engineering concerned with the development and improvement of engineering procedures by integrating systems of knowledge, equipment, energy, material, and process.

Industrial engineering aims to eliminate waste of time, money, energy, and materials by optimizing the existing processes.

For this reason, they are also known as production engineers, operations managers, or manufacturing engineers. With the world looking out to simplifying procedures and adopting technology to make it easier, industrial engineers are the pot of gold.

Industrial Engineering Salary

Though there are varying statistics, industrial engineering jobs can get paid differently based on talent, experience, and the place they work from.

  • However, Recruiter says that industrial engineering jobs get an average salary between USD 56,000 to USD 84,000 yearly
  • Forbes argues that industrial engineers can earn a yearly salary of USD 107,890
  • While Salary says that they get paid an average salary of USD 70,816 per year

Industrial Engineer Careers

Simply put, industrial engineers analyze how workers go about their jobs and devise ways to increase productivity and efficiency through the management of people and the procedures they adopt.

Industrial engineers also assist in cost analysis, production planning, and distribution of products and services.

They can work in almost all types of industries centering on production and management. Some of them are:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Consultancy firms
  • R&D firms
  • Construction
  • Teaching
  • Supply Chain

An industrial engineer job in any sector demands a well-crafted resume tailored to the needs of the company.

By following this guide, and with the added help of our Online Resume Builder, you can master creating the resume that can guarantee a shortlist.

Why Do You Need an ATS-Compliant Industrial Engineer Resume?

In an effort to minimize the humongous work that comes with recruiting that involves tracking thousands of applications, the software ATS or Applicant Tracking System is employed to do the first round of the selection process.

The ATS screens a load of applications by scanning the resume for certain keywords that appear in the job description.

Only if you pass the ATS can your resume reach the hiring manager.

So while it is crucial to include keywords in your resume, stuffing your resume with them will earn you a hard pass from the hiring manager due to low readability.

Stages of Resume Writing

To ensure that you are writing the perfect industrial engineer resume, you can divide your drafting process into stages so that the result is shortlist-worthy!


Stage 1: Master Industrial Engineer Resume

A resume will have a lot of information in one place. Categorizing is important, both physically and mentally.

For this reason, we recommend that in the first stage of writing an industrial engineer resume, you simply jot down everything that you want to add to your resume.
Don't worry, you can be as messy as you like!

However, do make sure that you include all information. Since the first draft will have all of your information, you can cherry-pick information and tailor resumes for each industrial engineering job.

Stage 2: First Draft of Industrial Engineer Resume

In this stage, you will start dividing your resume into distinct sections. Here is where you start tailoring your industrial engineer resume for specific jobs.

You can start by writing:

  • Header
  • Profile Title
  • Contact Information
  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Additional experience

Do not draft your key skills section or summary just yet, as it is a compilation of your best skills. You can choose what to add after drafting the whole resume.

You can leave out sections like training and certifications if you do not think it'll add value to your industrial engineer resume for a specific job.

Stage 3: Final Draft of Industrial Engineer Resume

Once you are done with those sections, you can move onto drafting your key skills section for your industrial engineer resume.

Add soft skills, hard skills, and technical skills in this section. You can add industrial engineering skills on your own as well as take inspiration from job descriptions.

After drafting the key skills section, you can begin writing your resume summary. Compile all of your biggest achievements in a cause-effect methodology, not exceeding five lines.

Having done all that, check if your industrial engineer resume matches the job description enlisted by the industrial engineering job.

If this seems like a humongous task, you can count on us! Use our Online Resume Builder and get a perfect industrial engineer resume that checks all your boxes.

Which Resume Format Should You Use for Your Industrial Engineer Resume?

Resumes are more than just chunks of information. The key lies in categorizing it in a way that appeals to the recruiter

With a thousand industrial engineering jobs open and a thousand resumes being sent, there’s a method to do it right.

Broadly divided, there are three resume formats that you can use for your industrial engineer resume:


Reverse Chronological Format

In this format, you write your work experiences or any other experience in reverse chronological order.

The idea behind this is that your hiring manager will be more interested in your recent work than what you did as a fresh graduate.

So, if you’ve recently worked as an industrial engineer but your first experience was as a sales associate, you can add the most recent one first.

The benefits of reverse chronological format are:

  • It is ATS friendly and will make it easier for you to pass the first round of the selection process
  • As it is easier to parse through, it is recruiter friendly because the relevant experiences are written first

If this is the winner for your industrial engineering resume, you can check our blog on the Reverse Chronological Format to have a deeper understanding of the subject.

Functional Format

If you have gaps in your career that you can’t explain, or you are having a career change, the reverse chronological format will only highlight those gaps.

A functional resume format will ensure that your industrial engineering resume shines a light on your industrial engineer skills more than your work experience.

You can add certifications or training that shows your expertise to grab the industrial engineering job, and your lack of work experience won’t defeat you.

The only downside is that it is not ATS-friendly, but you can check our post on the Functional Format to know exactly how you should go about it.

Combination Format

If both the above-mentioned resume formats appeal to you for your industrial engineering resume, you can use the combination format for the best of both worlds.

In this format, the first half of your industrial engineering resume will be in the functional format, and the other half will be in the reverse chronological format.

However, this format is not the industry standard and may not be ATS-friendly.

If you still want to go ahead with it, you can check out a detailed blog on the Combination Format.

If you are at a loss of what to opt for, you can fall back on us at our Online Resume Builder, and we'll sort it out for you!

Sections in Your Industrial Engineering Resume

A good resume is divided into several relevant sections to make parsing through much easier for the recruiter.

The sections you can add to your industrial engineer resume are:

  • Header
  • Profile title
  • Contact information
  • Summary
  • Key skills
  • Technical skills
  • Professional experience
  • Training
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Additional experience


For a more comprehensive summary, you can check out our Guide to Resume Sections to know more.

We do understand that it can get overwhelming, you can use our Online Resume Builder, and we’ll give you all the assistance you need.

Add a Proper Header for Your Industrial Engineering Resume

The header is the very first thing that your hiring manager will see, so make sure that it is written significantly enough.

Instead of writing Resume as your header, add your name as it will help the hiring manager understand whose industrial engineer resume it is.

Make sure that your industrial engineer resume follows the points given below:

  • It must be within a size range of 16-20 points
  • Include your first and last name
  • If you have a middle name, only add its initial

For more clarity on the subject, you can check out our blog on perfecting your industrial engineer Resume Header.

Here is how the header should look like in your industrial engineering resume:


Enter a Relevant Profile Title in Your Industrial Engineer Resume

The profile title that you include in your industrial engineering resume is a signifier of your designation and seniority level.

Hence, make sure that you just add your occupation title. Some of the profile titles within industrial engineering jobs are:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Sr. industrial engineer
  • Associate industrial engineer

An industrial engineer resume sample for a proper profile title section is:


Include Your Contact Information in Your Industrial Engineering Resume

Even if you have a resume that’s worth shortlisting, it will be of no use if you give non-functional contact information.

The contact information section of your industrial engineering resume should include:

  • Personal phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Linkedin
  • Github
  • Kaggle


Personal Phone Number

Add a phone number that you keep with you all the time so that you don’t miss the much-awaited call.

The correct way to add it is by writing the country code and then including the phone number with proper space in between.

Email Address

Refrain from adding fancy email addresses as it is bound to look very unprofessional on a professional resume.

An email id should ideally have your full name and then a number if needed.


While some might suggest adding your address with your street number, postal code, and city name, you can get away with just entering your address in the city, state format.

However, if you live abroad, you can add your address in the city, country format.
You can also add any links to your personal website, LinkedIn, Kaggle, Github, or any other social handle that you deem necessary.

In your industrial engineering resume, an ideal personal information section should look like this:


How to Draft Your Industrial Engineer Resume Summary

The summary section of your industrial engineer resume is the first important section that the hiring manager will notice, so make it worthwhile.

Written in 4-5 lines, the summary for industrial engineer resume is a synopsis of your resume with concise sentences instead of wordy paragraphs.

Keep in mind that you should not overdo it with information and list only the most important ones.

The hiring manager can find the rest in your resume, so you don't have to flood your summary with other information.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the summary is concise
  • Begin your sentences with power verbs or action words
  • Maintain a cause-effect methodology with your work experience

You can check our blog on Power Verbs to get an exhaustive list that you can choose from!

For a detailed explanation, you can check our blog on perfecting a Resume Summary to get yours right!

Here’s a sample for a well-done summary for industrial engineer resume:


You can also use our Online Resume Builder and choose from a variety of templates and designs, along with suggestions to improve your industrial engineer resume. We will take care of it!

Ensure Your Industrial Engineering Resume Does Not Miss Any Skills

The skills section of your industrial engineering resume is what the hiring manager will look at to find more about your expertise.

As an industrial engineer, you can divide your industrial engineering skills into:

Key Skills

All of the soft and hard industrial engineer skills can go under this title of your industrial engineer resume. You can mention anything from engineering skills to managerial skills.

Use a readable font and be sure to only use two words, maximum of three words while mentioning your skills.

Some industrial engineering skills you can add are:

  • Operations Management
  • System Design
  • Process Improvement
  • Data Research
  • Technical Documentation

An example for a good key skills section for your industrial engineer resume is:


Technical Skills

It is a requisite to have technical or mechanical skills for an industrial engineering job. For such a tech-based job, it is important to have a separate section on technical skills to highlight them.

In this situation where you have a variety of industrial engineer skills or knowledge about a variety of software, you can categorize them into groups.

Don't know what skills to put? You can check our blog on choosing the Right Skills to get a fair idea!

To give you fair example, here is how you can make a technical skills section in your industrial engineering resume:


Add Your Work Experience to Your Industrial Engineer Resume

The professional experience section of your industrial engineering resume is undoubtedly the most important part, as it talks about your work ethic and the sort of contributions you made at your previous jobs.

It is of greatest relevance to the recruiter as it will speak more of how you can contribute to their company more than any other section in your resume.

Hence, while writing this section of your industrial engineer resume, keep these tips in mind:

Use Impactful One-Liners

Try not to write a wall of text in your professional experience section, instead segregate them into relevant points and make sure that they are short and not too wordy.

Providing a bunch of one-liners in bulletin points is much more appealing and readable to hiring managers than a complicated wall of text.

Grouping and Highlighting

Even if you segregate your experience into specific points, you can enhance the readability and showcase your industrial engineering skills by organizing them into relevant sections.

You can achieve that by doing the following:

  • Group your work experience by the functions you have done and add relevant titles for them
  • Highlight the important points by typing them in bold so that it catches the attention of the hiring manager
  • Include a key achievement section as a way to summarize your feat at a particular job

Additionally, quantify your accomplishments wherever possible. By doing that, you can easily give your recruiter a solid figure that they can assess your expertise by.

Employ the STAR Format

By following this method, you can create a narrative wherein you can convey your contributions more efficiently.

The STAR format stands for:

  • The Situation in which you operated
  • The Tasks that were given to you
  • Actions that you adopted to execute the task
  • The Results that you achieved

Given below is a sample for a good professional experience section in an industrial engineering resume:


If it seems too complicated, you can use our Online Resume Builder, and we’ll make a bomb industrial engineer resume for you!

Add an Education Section to Your Industrial Engineer Resume

Though highlighting a degree is important, how much information you want to include is up to you.

If you have over three years of experience in your career, you can get away with adding just your GPA.

However, if you have under three years of experience, you can consider doing the following:

  • Include the name of the degree and name & location of the university
  • Enter it in the (mm/yy - mm/yy) date format
  • Add relevant course modules that link with your career
  • Attach the names of any clubs you have been involved in

Here is a industrial engineering resume sample of a well-rounded education section:


If you want a detailed explanation, you can check our blog on perfecting the Education Section in your resume

Make a Certifications Section in Your Industrial Engineering Resume

Apart from education, any kind of certification can help you build your expertise. You can add any certifications relevant to industrial engineering that you think is bound to create a positive image for your hiring manager in this section.

Before adding them, make sure that you follow this format:
Certification | Certifying Authority | Time Period

Here is an example for what a certification section can look like in an industrial engineer resume:


Include a Section for Training in Your Industrial Engineer Resume

Latest industry trends say that including training in tech-based profile resumes is becoming the norm, as it shows that the individual has some degree of thoroughly supervised knowledge-building experience.

If you have any training experiences you wanna include, add them the way you would add your professional experience.

Write in one-liners, begin with power verbs, categorize information, and bold the important points.

Here is an example for the training section in an industrial resume:


Create a Section for Any Other Additional Experiences in Your Industrial Engineer Resume

You can customize this section of your resume to fit your requirements.

An additional experience section can also be named volunteer experience, leadership, or community experience depending on what you want to highlight.

You can also add a section to list out the languages that you are fluent in or other clubs that you have been involved in.

Here is an example of a additional experience section in an industrial engineering resume:


You can use our Online Resume Builder, and we will give you all the tricks to capitalize on your experiences.

Pair Your Industrial Engineer Resume with an Equally Good Cover Letter

If you want to stand out from the rest of the applicants, drafting a customized industrial engineer cover letter is the way to go.

While writing your industrial engineer cover letter, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Do not complicate sentences and make them fairly easy to read
  • Instead of typing a wall of text, separate your cover letter into smaller paragraphs
  • Try not to mention any information that is absent in your resume
  • Exaggerating your achievements will earn you negative points
  • Focus more on explaining how you can contribute to the company and how they fit your career goals instead of talking solely about your achievements
  • Your hiring manager will not have time to spend on your cover letter so keep it short and readable


Does this feel like a risk you might be taking? Leave it to us at our Online Cover Letter Builder and choose from 10+ ready-to-use templates to build a perfect industrial engineer cover letter.

Try Out Hiration's Resume Review Service

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  • Global Compatibility
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Industrial Engineer Resume Sample

If you follow the tips enlisted in this blog, your industrial engineer resume will look something like this:

John Kotler
Industrial Engineer
Detail-oriented engineering professional with 4+ years of experience in championing manufacturing and production domains from planning to the successful delivery of goods. Adept at ideating & implementing numerous strategies & policies as part of slashing costs, streamlining processes, bolstering productivity, and mitigating safety incidents. Skillfully training new recruits, and suggesting tweaks to improve the quality of final products while complying with industry's standards.
• Production Planning & Management • Operations Management • System Design • Equipment Handling
• Data Research • Policy Formulation • Process Improvement • Cost Analysis • Project Management
• Technical Documentation • Automation • Team Management & Training • Vendor Management • Safety Compliance
  • Architecture Software: AutoCAD, SolidFace, SketchUp
  • Simulation Software: Simul8, FlexSim, AnyLogic
  • MS Office Suite
Industrial Engineer
Saphex Co.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    It is a manufacturing & production company with 1k_ employees and servicing thousands of clients across the nation
    Key Achievements:
    • Implemented new process controls via LEAN manufacturing methodology; slashed related expenses by USD 50k/year
    • Identified opportunities to streamline processes & created SOPs which increased yearly production output by 10%
    • Established & implemented safety processes that decreased workplace safety incidents by 15%

    Production Management & Site Visits
    • Oversaw day-to-day operations and determined efficient production processes as part of increasing productivity by 25%
    • Trained 20+ newly recruited engineers on the latest processes and provided instructions and manuals
    • Coordinated with 30+ contractors & suppliers to support installation, repair, and maintenance of production equipment
    • Conducted regular site visits to investigate engineering problems and deliver solutions for troubleshooting the same

    Process Improvement & System Design
    • Performed a pivotal role in reviewing production schedules, processes, specifications, and related information
    • Brainstormed & designed production processes for maximizing efficiency and reducing waste by 15%
    • Liaised with a team of 50 engineers to design control systems for slashing costs and mitigating production issues
    • Formulated design and production standards & policies in collaboration with the management and user personnel

    Market Research & Technical Documentation
    • Conducted market research for devising & implementing process improvements and technological upgrades
    • Generated material & equipment lists, purchase orders, cost analyses for the seniors, and estimated production costs
    • Managed process documentation and created 5+ production reports weekly with optimal accuracy
    Trainee Engineer
    Manufacturing Hub Inc.
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the top production companies in the US generating an annual revenue of USD 50bn.
      Quality Assurance & Data Collation
      • Gained hands-on experience in using computer simulation, discrete event simulation, for system analysis & evaluation
      • Assisted the seniors with improving the quality and suggesting tweaks while adhering to the industry's standards
      • Performed competitor analysis to gather & analyze industry-specific data and generated reports for the seniors
      • Visited different sites and gained practical experience in manufacturing domain w.r.t equipment, process, and execution
      • Attended meetings & workshops, and delivered presentations to staff members and other stakeholders
      B.S. in Industrial Engineering
      University of New York
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        One of the top-notch universities with over 3k students and 500+ staff members
        • Awards: Dean’s List for 3 semesters
        • Clubs & Organizations:
        • Captain of the Basketball team | Jun '13 - Jan '16
        • Member of the 'Care4Yo' Club | Helped 50+ children-at-risk by providing food and basic education to them | Jan '16
        • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt | 2018
        • Project Management Professional (PMP) | PMI | 2017
        • Volunteer at 'Feedthepoor' NGO | Jun '15 - Present
        • Collaborating with 50+ volunteers to arrange various extracurricular activities for residents over weekends
        • Organizing meetings and events to get more sponsors for the NGO; collected USD 100k to date

        Impressed? Use our Online Resume Builder to get an industrial engineer resume made exclusively for you!

        Key Takeaways

        • You can use the reverse chronological format for your industrial engineer resume as it is the industry standard
        • Include your Github or Kaggle profiles in your contact information so that it is easier for the hiring manager to know more about the person they are hiring
        • Make sure your industrial engineer resume summary is not wordy and is just 4-5 lines
        • Add certifications or training by making sections for it in your industrial engineering resume and list it in the format given above
        • Draft an outstanding cover letter to go with your industrial engineer resume to stand out to your hiring manager

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