What makes a shortlist-worthy Developer Resume?

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A job-optimized react developer resume with all the important information would make for a shortlist-worthy react developer resume.

So, just having the skills of an amazing web developer won’t get you a job. Pairing them with an amazing react developer resume is your best bet!

Here's one of the best web developer resume samples for you to follow while you draft your resume:

5+ years experienced Web Developer and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer highly skilled in designing and developing a dynamic & intuitive website for the company as well as the company's key clients. Adept at debugging existing websites and implementing enhancements to improve web functionality & speed. Proficient in managing clients' projects and fulfilling their requirements with 100% quality assurance.
• Web Development
• Application Security
• UI Designing • UX Designing
• Website Debugging
• Project Management
• Client Relationship Management • Automation
• Customer Satisfaction
• Project Management
• Budgeting • Coding
• Cross-Platform Functionality
  • Markup and style sheet Languages: HTML, CSS
  • Programming languages JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails
  • Web development software: Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer | Microsoft | Mar '18
    Website Development & Security
    • Revamped the security applications for the company's main website to minimize hacker attacks from 3.2% to .75%
    • Maintained a dynamic & interactive website for the company to ensure high traffic, page views, and user experience
    • Increased the website traffic by 25% and increased sales revenue by 17%
    Website Debugging & Project Management
    • Debugged existing 30+ websites & implemented enhancements to bolster the overall functionality/speed by 15%
    • Orchestrated full lifecycle of website development for 3+ client projects with 100% on-time delivery
    • Managed a budget of $1mn and saved the company $15k
    Automation & Client Satisfaction
    • Developed 15+ websites for clients and made changes based on their feedback; achieved 100% client satisfaction
    • Conducted market research and design processes for website cleanup/improvement; minimized downtime by 17%
      Website Coding & Cross-Platform Functionality
      • Administered the embedment of document tags in web pages for visual appearance, images & linking to other pages
      • Created 5+ websites and ensured their functionality on different devices (desktop, phones) & browsers (Chrome, Safari)
      Website Update & Code Testing
      • Interacted with 10+ company's key clients to complete their projects in a timely manner and with 100% accuracy
      • Liaised with the website design team of 15 to create new websites and update 15+ existing websites
      • Tested background code to ensure the smooth working of 15+ websites and fix any problems that may arise

      Here's a summary of our Developer Resume 2021 Blog:

      • Use one-liner points instead of paragraphs to compose your developer resume.
      • Write an objective statement for developer resume with no experience and a developer resume summary for more experienced professionals.
      • Pick the right software developer resume format for your web developer resume.
      • Distinctly add your developer resume skills.

      In this guide, we will show you how you can take small steps to create an impactful react developer resume and stand apart from the crowd.

      So, without any further delay, here are the react developer resume tips we will be sharing with you to help you curate the perfect web developer resume:

      1. Choose the right Developer Resume Format
      2. Organize your Developer Resume in Sections
      3. Perfect your Developer Resume Header
      4. Optimize your Developer Resume Professional Experience Section
      5. Add the Educational details in your Developer Resume
      6. Write a Developer Resume Summary if you have 3+ years of experience
      7. Use Hiration’s Resume Services to craft the perfect Developer Resume Summary

      So, without hesitation jump into our quintessential guide to formulating the perfect developer resume where we have sprinkled section-wise instructions attached with software developer resume examples and resume for web developer samples to guide you throughout the process.

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      Here’s what we will be discussing in this blog:

      What is a Developer Job

      A developer is responsible for developing websites and maintaining websites security as per clients' specifications. The developers need to master both graphic design and website programming skills to become a developer.

      Responsibilities of a Developer:

      • Creating website using HTML or CSS as per clients' requirements
      • Mainatin the website and update content as part of SEO optimization
      • Monitor the websites and protect it from security threats
      • Implement back up plans when company website is offline

      Developer Salary Insights

      Resume Format for Developer Resume

      Professionals often face challenges when displaying their career trajectories on their UI developer resume.

      With every online resource telling them to follow a certain resume for software developer format. The professionals with out of the league career trajectory may encounter pitfalls.

      Let’s take a look at the three software developer resume formats and the kind of trajectories they are best suited for:

      • Reverse-Chronological: Best suitable for developers with uninterrupted career trajectories and entry level java developer resume with no experience to mid-level professionals. This software developer resume format displays your most recent career information first, making it relevant for the recruiter. Through this software developer resume format, you can successfully showcase your seamless career trajectory.

      • Functional: This format is function-based, meaning your skills will be used as the defining metric to organize your senior .net full stack developer resume. Thus making it suitable for people with career gaps. So, if you are a job hopper or have unexplainable career gaps, use this format to hide this fact. However, tread with caution as this format is not ATS-friendly.

      • Combination: The combination resume format takes the best approaches from both the resume formats making it ideal for almost all professionals, but especially preferred by experienced professionals.

      Follow the tips laid out in this guide to end up with a similar result.

      If you wish to use the design and the content of this resume for web developer template, click on it.

      You will be redirected to Hiration’s Online Resume Builder where all you have to do is edit your information into the web developer resume template and voila, you will have the perfect senior .net full stack developer resume ready.

      You can use it to make your own python developer resume pdf.

      Organize Your Developer Resume in Sections

      To make your way into any well-paying developer job you have to make sure that your resume outshines everyone else’s. The first step you can take towards that is by composing a well-organized resume.

      Organize your information in the following must-have sections for your senior .net full stack developer resume:

      • Header
      • Personal Information
      • Profile Title
      • Summary/Objective
      • Key Skills
      • Professional Experience
      • Education


      In addition to this, you can also include the following sections if you have relevant information:

      • Certifications (if any)
      • Awards & Recognition (if any)
      • Additional Information (if any)

      You can learn all about these sections and their importance in our guide to resume sections.

      To make things easier, we have already drafted a web developer resume template on our Online Resume Builder.

      Check it out and make use of our resume builder to free yourself from the worry of which information to file under what section. Everything will be taken care of with our net developer resume template.

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      Perfect Your Developer Resume Header

      Three main elements fall under the header section:

      • Header
      • Personal Information
      • Profile Title

      Developer Resume: Header

      The resume header is the label you give to your resume.

      Here are a few tips that will help you to correctly write your resume label:

      • Many professionals make use of 'CV' or 'Resume' to label their resumes. This is a redundant activity and should be avoided at all costs.
      • Get into the practice of writing your real full name at the top-most part of your senior .net full stack developer resume.
      • Use the largest font size (16-20 points) for this. This is the biggest thing on your resume so will be the first thing to catch the recruiter’s eye.
      • People with middle names should initialize it while labeling their resumes. For example, someone named Thomas Henry Hardy should write it as Thomas H. Hardy.

      Here's a web developer resume sample showing what the perfect header of your resume should look like in your perfect resume:


      Leverage the software developer resume template and customize it to suit your career needs.

      Developer Resume: Personal Information

      This section is not for you to go into extreme detail about who you are.

      This section is just for the recruiters to gain information on how to contact you. Mentioning the basic contact details listed below should be your primary focus:

      • Updated mobile number
      • Professional email ID
      • Current Location

      However, if you keep an updated LinkedIn profile or have a well maintained online portfolio, adding a link to these will work in your favor.

      Hiration pro tip:
      Double-check the information you input here. Although your whole resume should be free of typos and any such errors you mustn’t make any such errors here.

      Our resume contact information guide has more information on what to include and what to leave off from the personal information section.

      Here's a web developer resume sample personal information section for your resume:


      If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, you can opt for a simpler route.

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      Developer Resume: Profile Title

      Coming to the third element of the header section, let’s now scrutinize the profile title of your resume.

      Through this you will be communicating the following information to the recruiter:

      • Your current/most recent job title
      • Your functional industry
      • Your seniority level

      Seeing how important the profile title is we advise that it be the second-largest text in your resume. A resume font size of 14-16 point sizes is apt.

      Hiration pro tip:
      Lying or exaggeration here is a strict no! Do not lose credibility and get off on the wrong foot with your recruiter by trying to deceive them.

      You can also check out our developer resume builder. It is an easy to use application where all you have to do is edit the pre-existing python developer resume template to your liking and be ready with the perfect web developer resume within minutes.

      Optimize Your Developer Resume Professional Experience

      Honing your skills is important to move ahead in your career and presenting the same in your python developer resume is the key to unlocking the potential to succeed in getting your desired jobs.

      So, perfect this section and see how your name appears in every shortlist of your dreams.

      You can take the following tips into account to make sure that your professional experience section is nothing short of perfect:

      • Frame points
      • Use the STAR format
      • Use Bucketing & Bolding


      Framing Points

      The first thing you have to ensure to make a shortlist-worthy python developer resume is that your python developer resume is readable.

      Every important point should jump out of the python developer resume without the recruiter having to go looking for it with a microscope.

      This means you have to make your SQL developer resume minimalistic while making sure that you are not leaving off any important information regarding your career.

      Here are two software developer resume examples that will show you what is the correct way to achieve that.

      Developer Resume Example 1:
      As a Developer, I was responsible for reviewing the security applications of the company’s main website to ensure security. I successfully minimized the hacker attacks while undertaking this responsibility by suggesting viable upgrades. I maintained the company website and formulated and applied strategies to increase website traffic and bolster sales revenue. Debugging the websites and pages was another duty I was entrusted with. I regularly made enhancements to the website that increased the overall speed as well. I also supervised the full lifecycle of website development for several projects while ensuring on-time delivery.
      Developer Resume Example 2:
      • Reviewed the company website’s security applications and suggested upgrades that resulted in minimization of hacker attacks from 3% to .5%

      • Maintained the company website and apply strategies to increase website traffic by 30% and sales revenue by 20%

      • Debugged websites and pages & made enhancements to increase the overall speed by 14%

      • Supervised the full lifecycle of website development for 6 projects and ensured on-time delivery

      Framing Points: Analysis

      Following are some key observations made after analyzing the above two resume for software developer examples:

      • Developer resume example 1 is a paragraph which most likely you did not read in its entirety.
      • While it communicates the roles and responsibilities of software developer in resume, nothing is said of how their actions made their stint a success.
      • Front end developer resume example 2 only uses one-line points to explain the same information as in the first front end developer resume example.
      • It is easier to read and gives a good insight into how the developer was a valuable member of his last job.
      • Using the approach used in the second front end developer resume example is more likely to get your SQL developer resume read and shortlisted.

      STAR Format

      While making a .net developer resume readable is sure to get you some brownie points with the recruiter but they will quickly move on if they find nothing of value in the points you have written.

      So what can you do to show the recruiter that you were indeed a kickass developer just through your .net developer resume?

      Simply following the STAR format to write your professional statements will help you showcase the impact you brought in your previous engagements and how you can be a valuable asset to the organization you are applying to.

      STAR stands for:

      • Situation
      • Task
      • Action
      • Result

      Using this format you can connect the dots for the recruiter and show them what and why you did the tasks and what you achieved by undertaking them.

      So, use the STAR format to optimize each one-liner point in your SQL developer resume.

      Bucketing & Bolding

      So, we have tacked the readability and the impactfulness factors of the front end developer resume. What about the presentability? What are you doing to draw in the recruiter and keep them engaged?

      Simple tricks like bolding the key information and grouping similar points and giving them a functional heading can help the recruiter soak in the most important information without having to extensively read the entire document.

      The recruiters are always short on time and have another front end developer resume to evaluate so making their jobs easier is sure to get you on their favorites list.

      Let us show you how with the help of these two software developer resume examples.

      Developer Resume Example 1:
      • Reviewed the company website’s security applications and suggested upgrades that resulted in minimization of hacker attacks from 3% to .5%

      • Maintained the company website and apply strategies to increase website traffic by 30% and sales revenue by 20%

      • Debugged websites and pages & made enhancements to increase the overall speed by 14%

      • Supervised the full lifecycle of website development for 6 projects and ensured on-time delivery

      Developer Resume Example 2:

      Website Development & Security

      • Reviewed the company website’s security applications and suggested upgrades that resulted in minimization of hacker attacks from 3% to .5%

      • Maintained the company website and apply strategies to increase website traffic by 30% and sales revenue by 20%

      Website Debugging & Project Management

      • Debugged websites and pages & made enhancements to increase the overall speed by 14%

      • Supervised the full lifecycle of website development for 6 projects and ensured on-time delivery

      Bucketing & Bolding : Analysis

      Observing the above two web developer resume examples we can say that:

      • Front end developer resume example 1 is high on the readability factor but does little to engage a recruiter.
      • Front end developer resume example 2 however uses bucketing & bolding to only make the resume readable but also presentable.
      • In the second of both web developer resume examples, your eyes are automatically carried to key phrases and bolded information making it easier to identify the key aspects of the candidate’s career.
      • So, group your points under relevant headings and highlight important information by bolding it when you frame your front end developer resume.

      Developer Resume Sample for Professional Experience

      We have compiled more actionable tips to perfecting the resume work experience section in this blog so take a look.

      Carry on with our guide to learn more about perfecting each section of your web developer resume with the help of the section-wise instructions and software developer resume examples we have laid out here.

      Here's a front end developer resume sample.


      How to Showcase Education Details in Your Developer Resume

      Do not skip mentioning your education details on your front end developer resume even if you didn’t attend an ivy league or weren’t a straight A’s student.

      Don't miss the following details:

      • Name of your graduation school/university.
      • Name of the pursued course.
      • Location of your graduation school/university.
      • Enrolment & graduation dates.

      There is more to correctly presenting education on resume. Check the details here.

      Here's a front end developer resume sample education section:


      In the meanwhile, use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

      Skills on Your Developer Resume

      A developer must possess several technical and non-technical skills to be successful, like:

      • Web Development
      • Application Security
      • Markup and style sheet Languages: HTML, CSS
      • UI Designing
      • UX Designing
      • Programming languages JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails
      • Website Debugging
      • Automation
      • Web development software: Dreamweaver

      Both these kinds of skills need their distinct section. So, draft a “key skills” section to lay down all your core skills and then make another subsection named, “technical skills” to write down your knowledge of technical tools and languages.

      Hiration pro tip:
      Match the skills you list on your front end developer resume to that given in the job description. The more they match, the more are your chances of getting shortlisted. You should also consider taking keywords from the JD and replicating them on your java developer resume. However, ensure that you only pick out the keywords that your career can justify.

      If you are confused and would like more knowledge on this topic, visit our blog on what skills to put on a resume.

      Here's a front end developer resume sample key skills section:


      Developer Resume Summary

      Although you are undertaking this section at the end, it is one of the first things that the recruiter lays eyes on. So, make sure you are giving the recruiter a taste of what to come impressively so they are tempted to go on reading.

      Here are a few tips for you to incorporate to make the perfect developer resume summary:

      • Draft your web developer resume summary in the end. It will save you from the trouble of having to repeatedly work on it. Not only will that save time but ensure you are only incorporating your career highlights here.
      • Keep your developer resume summary short & crisp. A 3-5 line paragraph web developer resume summary is ideal. Exceeding this limit ill create a drag that no one will read.
      • Write a java developer resume summary if you have 3+ years of experience. If you do not have this level of work experience, write a software developer resume objective instead.

      Attached below is a front end developer resume sample java developer resume summary for your resume.


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      Key Takeaways

      Here are the key takeaways of this guide:

      • Use the reverse-chronological resume format to structure your web developer resume if you have no career gaps.
      • Use one-liner points to present information in your professional experience section to enhance the readability of your full stack developer resume.
      • Use the STAR format and optimize each point by adding achievement figures to showcase your accomplishments.
      • Make the recruiters aware of your career highlights by bolding the key information in your full stack developer resume.
      • Draft a distinct section to write down the education details in your full stack developer resume.

      Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at support@hiration.com and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

      Give us feedback or anything you would like to see us do to help you with your recruitment journey.

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