Why you need to write a controller resume?

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Being highly skilled in your job alone is not enough to get you a controller job. Writing a resume itself is a skill, and you need to learn it for creating a controller resume for yourself.

First, writing all of your previous experience in the controller resume will not work for the controller job you are applying for. You need to understand how exactly to personalize the resume to maximize the chances of getting an interview.

Secondly, after adding the information, your work is not over. You need to seperate the sections of controller resume to make it more readable and professional.

In this controller resume guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to create an impeccable controller resume.

Here is a small summary of the controller resume blog:

  • Highlight your top controller skills in the resume summary if you have over 3 years of experience.
  • Create a separate Key Skills section and cite all your skills there.
  • Use single-line bullet points to describe your experience in the controller resume.
  • If you are an entry-level professional, add additional information in the resume such as internships, volunteer work, certifications, training, etc.
  • Use month & year format for writing dates in your controller resume.

In today’s world, the controller job is high in demand. And everyone is trying their best to score an interview. We at Hiration can help you in your quest by helping you with our resume writing service.

From this blog, you will learn, how to create a professional controller resume that brings you closer to your dream job.

Here are the topics we will learn:

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Job Description for a Controller

A controller’s job is to manage the accounting and financial operations of a company/ It is a senior-level position that requires as extensive accounting experience.

In a small-scale organization, the controller is the head of financial department, and have to take crucial decision including budgeting, reporting, risk management, etc. But in large organizations, controllers collaborate with chief financial officers to make decisions.

A typical controller job description sample:

  • Overseeing, planning, and coordinating the financial operations of a company
  • Monitoring and analyzing the financial data to make informed decisions for bolstering growth
  • Developing external and internal financial statements
  • Coordinating with auditors for ensuring a smooth audit process
  • Playing a key role in creating a company budget
  • Analyzing financial operations and implementing a new process for improvement
  • Monitoring the business performance metrics
  • Identifying & introducing new accounting software for improving performance
  • Hiring accounting staff and training them by complying with company regulations

Controller Salary

According to the US Buerue of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a controller in the USA is $129,890 per year.

According to salary.com, it’s $221,690 per year.

According to indeed.com, the average salary of a controller in the USA is $96,477 per year.

What Is a Controller Resume?

If you think that your skills as a controller are enough to get a controller job, you are in a big misunderstanding.

Most recruiters don’t have any idea about how the job function. Thus they are incapable of gauging your skills and experience from your resume. However, they are highly knowledgeable on how a well-designed resume should look like. And they are most likely to select candidates who have a well-designed resume.

A tailored financial controller resume has all the essential information that a recruiter considers before shortlisting your resume.

However, you not only have to pass the recruiters. At first, you have to pass the ATS test just to get to the recruiter’s hands.

According to cio.com, 40% of employers uses ATS systems to sort resumes nowadays during their hiring process.

ATS systems sort the resumes based on keywords. If the resume contains specific keywords, the system passes the resume to the hiring manager.

So, when writing a financial controller resume, you also need to think about the ATS requirements as well.

Want to know how to create a professional resume in detail? Read the "Hiration's 2023 Guide on how to write a resume” for more information.

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Controller Resume Sample

Given below an ideal accounting controller resume sample showing you how the accounting controller resume must look like.

Janice Bing
Financial Controller
7 years experienced finance professional highly skilled at managing the entire financial operation of an organization. Proficient in reconciling bank activities and managing payroll for the entire staff. Adept at preparing financial reports and conducting analyses for forecasting financial growth. Highly skills in brainstorming strategies for marketing campaigns aimed at bolstering business growth.
• Financial Planning & Analysis • Process Development & Improvement • Real Estate Lease Management
• Payroll Management • Risk Management • Industry Trend Analysis • Financial Forecasting • Stakeholder Management
ABC Finance Ltd.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Accounts Management & Process Improvement
    • Supervised the entire accounting operation for every department and managed USD 200mn.+ turnover
    • Oversaw the payroll operation for 500+ employees in compliance with the organizational policy & procedure
    • Managed the reconciliation of banking activities for 20 accounts while overseeing the treasury for ensuring accurate information
    • Identified and implemented various technologies at 27 branches for ensuring effective cost containment on a regular basis
    Financial Report & Stakeholder Management
    • Prepared financial reports, balance sheets, budgets, and financial forecasting reports on a quarterly & yearly basis for all branches
    • Corresponded with the key stakeholders for financial decisions & implemented new processes for bolstering business growth
    • Played a key role in managing financial proposals & contracts for 30+ real-estate lease agreements
    Controller | VP of Finance
    Hallmark Theater Pvt, Ltd.
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Client Servicing & Bank Negotiation
      • Optimized the guest experience by developing an employee training program in compliance with the Industry Standard
      • Corresponded with the banks to get effective lease terms and bank lone rates while saving USD 5mn in bank interest
      Revenue Generation & Marketing Campaign Management
      • Targeted various markets throughout the country and increased revenue by 20% within a span of 2 years
      • Prepared an annual budget of USD 1.8mn for renovating the movie theatre, purchasing films, and providing salaries to 150 employees
      • Coordinated with the marketing teams to brainstorm 10+ marketing campaigns for increasing guest attendance by 9%
      Master in Business Administration
      Hankamer School of Business
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.8/4.0
        Bachelor of Science in Psychology
        University of Texas
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          • CGPA: 3.7/4.0 | Dean's list for 4 semesters
          • Language: English (native) & Spanish (intermediate)

          Controller Resume Sections

          After you finish writing the master resume, you need to divide the resume into different sections for improving readability. Here are some of the essential critical areas of the resume.

          • Header
          • Personal Information
          • Profile Title
          • Summary / Objective
          • Key Skills
          • Technical Skills (if any)
          • Professional Experience
          • Education
          • Certifications (if any)
          • Awards & Recognition (if any)
          • Additional Information (if any)

          Want to know more about the key sections of the resume? Read the Hiraiton Resume Key Section guide for more information.

          If you want, visit the Hiration Resume Builder and select from 20+ resume controller resume templates to create a professional financial controller resume for yourself.

          How to Write a Controller Resume?

          If you have been wondering, how exactly to create a good controller resume? Here are the three stages for creating one. These stages are:

          • First Stage: Master Controller Resume
          • Second Stage: Controller Resume First Draft
          • Third Stage: Controller Resume Final Draft

          Master Controller Resume

          Creating a master controller resume is the best way to store information in one place. We suggest you not think about anything before you jot down all your previous experiences in the master resume.

          This helps in two ways:

          Resume writing for the present:
          A master resume will act as the base point for your controller resume. When you actually start creating your controller resume, you will have fewer chances of forgetting any important information in your resume.

          Resume writing for the future:
          If you ever need to update your resume for another job in the future, you will have all your information in one place. And creating different targeted resumes for applying for other jobs will become much easier.

          Now, as we understand why creating a master controller resume is so important, let’s look at the second stage of the controller resume.

          Controller Resume: First Draft

          In this step, we actually start dividing the information into the master data into different sections. These sections comprise of:

          • Header
          • Personal Information
          • Profile Title
          • Professional Experience
          • Education
          • Certification (if any)
          • Awards & Recognition (if any)
          • Additional Information (if any)
          Hiration pro tip:
          The professional summary and key skills sections must be created at the last stage to ensure all the key points are included in the resume.

          Controller Resume: Final Stage

          Now it’s time to create the key skills and the summary section.

          Key Skills Section: Key skills section consists of all the keywords required to get past the ATS system. It also helps the recruiters quickly gauge the candidate’s experience and skills easily. But it is challenging to create the key skills section without professional experience. That’s why we recommend you to make the key skills section after completing the professional experience section.

          Professional Summary: A professional summary is the first thing a potential employer reads in your resume. That means you need to make sure it perfectly hooks the reader to go through the entire resume. That’s why we recommend you create the resume professional summary section at the very last to have a much clearer understanding of the trajectory of your skills and experiences and effectively projects on the professional summary.

          Go to the Hiration Resume Builder tool if you wish to create a controller resume by yourself, and select from 20+ professional resume controller resume templates for easy resume creation.

          Controller Resume: Header

          A resume header makes your resume recognizable from 100 other candidate’s resumes. So you need to ensure that your resume header is professional and unique.
          Here are some tips for creating a professional resume header for the financial controller resume:

          • Do not write “Resume” or “CV” at the top of your resume.
          • Write your own name as the resume header.
          • The font size of the resume header must be 16- 20 points.
          • Leave a single space between your first and last name. E.g. “Mark Wines”
          • If you have a middle name, only add the initial of the middle name in the header. For example, “Michael Lee Cooper” should be written in the resume header as “Michael L. Cooper.”

          If you want to create a perfect controller resume, use the Hiration Resume Builder Tool, as all these rules are implemented in the resume builder tool by default.

          Example of controller resume header:

          controller resume header

          Controller Resume: Personal Information

          Personal information is one of the most critical pieces of information to put on a resume. This information will help the employer contact you if you get selected for an interview. If you do not use correct personal data on your resume, it might cost you the job.

          Here is the information considered as personal information:

          • Updated mobile number
          • Professional email ID
          • Current Location
          Hiration pro tip:
          Do not include your date of birth, father’s name, ethnicity, etc. in the personal information section. Recruiters do not look for this resume information. Some countries even discard your resume if you have this information in your resume.

          Here is a format for writing the personal information section of the controller resume.

          {Personal Contact number} | {Professional E-mail Address} | {Current Location of Residence}

          Updated Mobile Number

          If recruiters select your resume for an interview, what way can they contact you?

          Via a phone call.

          Most recruiters like to get on a call with the potential candidate before a face-to-face interview.

          Here are some guidelines to write your contact information in the accounting controller resume:

          • Always mention the country ISD code before writing your phone number
          • Always add a plus(+) sign before writing the ISD code
          • For example: +1 (146) 254 1387

          Professional Email Address

          Email is the best way to communicate with the recruiters professionally.

          But if you are not careful and make typos when writing email id on your resume, it will become a catastrophe.

          Apart from that, if your email id is not professional and has a fancy name in it, it may turn off the recruiters and lose the chance to get an interview.

          Example of a professional email address:

          Practice this:

          Example of an unprofessional email address:

          Avoid this:


          The current location you provide will vary based on where you are applying for a job.

          • If you are applying for a job within the country, use the City, State code format to describe your location on the resume. For example, Fremont, CA.
          • Do not use irrelevant information such as house number, street address, locality, a landmark in your resume.

          If you are applying for a job outside your country, then use the city, country code format.

          Read the Hiration guide on location in a resume to get a clearer understanding.

          Here is an example of the personal information section of the accounting controller resume for you:

          controller resume personal information

          Use our Hiration Resume Builder tool if you want to create a professional controller resume for yourself. You can select from 20+ professional designs that you can easily adjust for creating a tailored resume for yourself.

          Controller Resume: Profile Title

          Each profile title represents the candidate’s professional identity to the recruiters. A recruiter can understand a lot of information from that profile title which helps them gauge the candidates’ skills.

          Here are the things a profile title conveys to the hiring manager:

          • Current designation
          • Functional industry
          • Experience

          Here are some tips for you to write your profile title in a professional manner:

          • The profile title is the second-largest text in the resume.
          • It should be located right under the resume header.
          • The typical resume profile title font size is between 14 -16 points.
          • The profile title must be specific. For example, if you are an entry-level controller, then write “Junior Controller” on the profile title section.

          If you land a job where you are not a suitable person, then it might get you into the recruiter’s blacklist and cause you problems in your future job search.

          Here is an accounting controller resume profile title example to let you know how to write the profile title correctly.

          controller resume profile title

          Controller resume: Professional Experience

          The professional experience section is the best place for professionals to showcase their skills and accomplishments.

          And effectively communicating your controller resume accomplishments will help you stand out in front of the recruiters and increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

          Here are some of the ways you can craft the professional experience section to stand out:

          • Frame points
          • STAR format
          • Bucketing & Bolding

          Framing Points

          Most recruiters do not have the time to read through a candidate’s resume whole. So, it’s the candidate’s job to highlight your experience in such a way that it hooks the recruiter and makes it impossible for them to ignore your resume.

          Here are two financial controller resume examples to show you how it’s done:

          Avoid this:
          As a controller at FinanceWay group, I have corresponded with the stakeholders and management to implement innovative solutions for generating $3M in revenue while also saving an additional $1.3M in taxes. Planned and implemented an automated billing system for improving the process & slashed the billing time by 40%. Assisted the software programmers in developing a new payment system for reducing workforce and saving 10+ hours per week. Managed the corporate investment while generating a 20% return on investment in a year.
          Practice this:
          • Liaised with the stakeholders and implemented innovative solutions for generating $3M in revenue and an additional $1.3M in taxes

          • Implemented an automated billing system for process improvement & slashed the billing time by 40%

          • Assisted the software programmers to develop a new payment system for deducing manpower and saving 10+ hours per week

          • Managed the corporate investment fund while generating a 20% return on investment in a year

          Framing Point Analysis

          In the second example, the professional experience is nicely written in the one-liner bullet points. It improves the readability and highlights the statistics well.

          Recruiters will naturally go towards a resume that is nicely written and easy to read.

          Therefore, you need to write the accounting controller resume professional section in single-line bullet points to increase your chances of getting an interview.

          Grouping & Highlighting

          Another best way to make your professional experience section pop is by using the grouping and highlighting technique. Let us show you how.

          Example 1:
          • Liaised with the stakeholders and implemented innovative solutions for generating $3M in revenue and an additional $1.3M in taxes

          • Implemented automated billing systems for process improvement & slashed the billing time by 40%

          • Assisted the software programmers to develop a new payment system for deducing manpower and saving 10+ hours per week

          • Managed the corporate investment fund while generating a 20% return on investment in a year

          Example 2:

          Process Improvement & Revenue Generation

          • Liaised with the stakeholders and implemented innovative solutions for generating $3M in revenue and an additional $1.3M in taxes

          • Implemented automated billing systems for process improvement & slashed the
            billing time by 40%

          Program Development & Investment Management

          • Assisted the software programmers to develop a new payment system for deducing manpower and saving 10+ hours per week

          • Managed the corporate investment fund while generating a 20% return on investment in a year

          Grouping and highlighting: Analysis

          If you look closely, you can see that both the example shown above discusses the exact same points. But for example, 2 looks aesthetically more pleasing than example 1.

          Much like you, the recruiter will also find example 2 much more organized and easily readable.

          It’s because we have used only the framing point technique in example 1. But we have used the bucketing and bolding method in example 2, making it easier for the recruiter to understand the candidate’s accomplishments.

          And by bringing the one-liner points under brackets, it’s easier for the recruiters to get an idea of the candidate’s skills without even reading the whole professional experience section. It makes their job much easier.

          STAR Format

          If you want to make your resume more effective, you need to create a cause and effect relation in all the one-line bullet points. Here comes the STAR format.

          It will help you create a strong relationship between cause and effect and bring more credibility to your professional experience section.

          Here is a full form of STAR:

          S: Situation where you contributed
          T: Task you have performed
          A: Actions you have executed
          R: Result you have achieved

          Here is a perfect example of controller resume professional experience.

          controller resume professional experience

          Here is a detailed guide on creating the perfect professional experience section in your resume, which will help you create a better professional experience section.

          Go to Hiration Online Resume Builder and choose from 25+ professional controller resume templates to create a professional controller resume for yourself.

          If you already have a resume, get it reviewed by Hiration Resume experts quickly.

          Controller Resume: Education

          Providing your education information in the controller resume can be a tricky job. However, as a controller is a senior position, it is necessary to showcase your higher-level education information in the controller resume. It can improve your credibility in front of recruiters and makes you an appealing candidate for the job.

          The education section of the controller resume must contain the following elements:

          • University Name
          • Name of the course
          • Location of University
          • Enrollment & Graduation Date

          Here is the format you can apply to write the education section in the resume:

          {School/university Name} | {Name of the degree} | {CGPA} | {Location} & {Dates} (in month & year format)

          If you want to learn more about the education section on your resume, read the Hiraiton Education Section 2023 Guide for detailed information.

          Here is a controller resume example showcasing an ideal resume education section.

          controller resume education

          Controller Resume: Certifications

          If you have a relevant certification essential for the job you are applying for, do not forget to include it in the resume.

          Here are the essential elements that you must add to your accounting controller resume:

          • Certificate Name
          • Name of the affiliated body
          • Institute Location
          • Date of certification

          We have written a Hiration's 2023 certification guide to help you get more information about resume certification.

          Certification format for controller resume:
          {Name of the Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (in month & year format)

          Meanwhile, write a controller resume with our guide in the Hiration Resume Builder tool and improve your chance of getting shortlisted for an interview.

          Controller Resume: Key Skills Section

          Before going to the hands of the recruiters, your resume must pass through the ATS screening process.

          And the key skills section is the most keyword-rich part of your resume, which will help you get past the ATS screening test. Here, not only your functional skills but also your technical skills are highlighted.

          Are you wondering how to find out the key skills that are perfect for the professional experience section?

          • Scan the job description and identify the key skills that are required for the job.
          • Go through your own work experience section and pick the key skills relevant to the job.
          • Now add those key skills on the resume “key skills” section and arrange them by their relevance.
          • Do not stack irrelevant information on the Key Skills section. Ensure to add the skills that are highly relevant to the job you are applying for.

          Read the Hiration guide for writing an effective Key Skills section to get more information about how the “Key Skill” section works and how to create an effective Key Skills section for your resume.

          Here is an ideal Key Skills section for the controller resume:

          controller resume key skills

          Controller Resume Summary/ Objective:

          A summary or objective is the first paragraph in your controller resume. So you need to make sure that you write the section more carefully so that recruiters can not skip over your resume.

          Controller Resume Summary

          A perfect controller resume needs to follow some basic rules:

          • Write the resume summary at the end of your resume writing process to avoid leaving out any information at the end.
          • Do not write a long resume summary. Focus on writing the resume in just 3-4 lines. Pick the most critical accomplishments from your work experience and include them in the summary section.
          • Write the resume summary only if you have work experience which is greater than three years.

          Want to learn how to write a resume summary? Here is the Hiration Resume Summary Guide for your reference.

          Here is an example of a controller resume summary showcasing how an ideal resume summary should look like:

          controller resume summary

          Hiration resume builder can assist you in writing a professional shortlist-worthy controller resume.

          Controller Resume Objective

          If you have less than 3 years of experience, you should refrain from writing a resume summary instead of writing a resume objective.

          A resume objective is the best choice for the controller resume if:

          • If you don’t have any work experience
          • If you are a fresher
          • If you are an entry-level professional with less than 3 years of experience

          The primary objective of a controller resume objective section is to convey what you can contribute to the organization rather than what you want to get from the potential employer.

          Here you need to convey your soft skills and project yourself as an individual who is willing to learn and grow in the organization.

          Want to learn more about resume objectives: Read the Hiration Resume Objective Guide for more information.

          Hiration Resume Review Service

          If you want to get your resume professionally reviewed by an expert, here is your chance.

          Hiraiton resume experts will review your resume by following the below-mentioned rules:

          • Compliance with industry norms
          • Content Relevance
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          • Compatible Design
          • Conversion Scope
          • ATS Compliance
          • Compatible Globally
          • Assessment of Performance
          • Resume Formats

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          Hiration Online Resume Builder

          You will find the following features in the online resume builder:

          • LIVE resume editor
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          Key Takeaways

          Here are some key points you can takeaway from this blog:

          • Always write your own name as the resume header to make it easily recognizable by the hiring manager.
          • Double-check your contact details in the resume to make sure you are providing the correct information. Else, all your work will go to waste.
          • Create separate sections for each of the important elements of the resume to make it more readable.
          • Create the professional experience section in single-line bullet points. Do not use paragraph format in the professional experience section.
          • Make sure to include relevant keywords in the resume wherever possible. It will help you get past the ATS systems.

          Use all the tips mentioned above to create a perfect controller resume for yourself. We have provided appropriate financial controller resume samples and examples for your reference as well.

          Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at support@hiration.com and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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