What is a college resume?

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A college resume can be written for different reasons and purposes.

One is when you are seeking admission to reputed colleges or universities. Secondly, it is for when you are looking for a job with your college qualification.

For any reason, you need to curate a college resume that can help you land exactly where you are aiming to end up.

It is your document that contains the details that present you in a positive light and reflects your academic and functional potential.

In this blog we will talk about:

Why is a college resume required?

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It is not always a job seeker who needs to write a resume but also students who have completed high school and are seeking admission into reputed Universities and colleges.

A college resume can help you prepare yourself for college interviews so make it simple and precise at the same time.

Not every college or university needs you to write one but you should always prepare a college resume in case the college you are seeking admission requires you to submit one.

It is mostly required for you to present your academic achievements and details along with any part-time job or curriculum that reflects your productivity in a positive light.

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Also do check out the different resume templates for college students!

College Sample Resume

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Check out the below-given sample of our college resume template to get a clear picture of what this blog is all about.


Hiration's Online Resume Builder has all features that can help experienced professionals, fresh graduates, college students, and any individual seeking to create an impeccable resume.

How to write a college resume?

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Writing a college resume is simple and easy but you need to know what all should be included in your college resume.

Unlike the role-based resumes for specific job applications, your college resume will slightly different because the goal here is to get admission into colleges and not specifically to land a corporate job profile.

That being said, you should focus on how to make your most distinct achievements and qualifications stand out.

Try to incorporate those details that validate you as a deserving student to be admitted in the targeted college, part-time job, or internship roles.

You can also go to Hirations's blog and check out how to write an internship resume.

Start by picking the right college resume format

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What you include in your college resume is important but how you present them should also be put into consideration while framing your resume.

You need to pick a suitable college resume format to frame a resume whether you are writing a college application to get admitted to a targeted college or a college resume to land that part-time job to make some extra bucks.

Any detail you add on your college student resume should highlight something positive about you and in the right light.

Hence make sure that you work on the resume format before you start fabricating your college resume.

Give Hiration's blog on Resume Formats a thorough reading to learn all about resume formats.

Add distinct sections in your college resume

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The right content can get you the attention but how you organize them can get you the required result.

A college resume should always contain the following standard sections:

  • Header
  • Contact Details
  • Resume Objective
  • Education
  • Work Experience (Summer internship and/or Part-Time job only if you have any)
  • Skills

Apart from the above sections, you can include the following segments to back up your standard sections mentioned above:

  • Academic Honors and Awards
  • Certification(s) and Training(s)
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Extracurricular Activities (Summer Programs and/or Community Service)

Click on Hiration's Guide to Resume Sections to check out the distinct sections that are ideally included in a role-based resume.

Frame a header and provide your contact details on top of the college resume

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The header of your resume simply refers to the topmost section of your resume.

For the resume header, all you need to do is write your name.

Simple and easy!

But make sure that you use the largest text in your resume to write your resume header because it is an important part to identify your college application resume.

Do not write "Resume" or "CV" because it does not add any significant value to your resume like your name does to your college resume.

Provide your contact number, email address, current location, and your LinkedIn URL/Personal Website.

Always make sure that your contact number is correct and active while your email address should be professional.

Do not give out fancy email IDs that have your nickname or some made-up names like "princess@xyz.com" or "prince_charming@xyz.com" because it will reflect poorly on your professionalism.

Write your location in city/state or State/country format.

As for your LinkedIn URL/Personal Website, make sure that it is up-to-date and endorses your skills while also is a convenient means to contact you.

You can rely on our Online Resume Builder as it is not just a role-based resume builder but also a college resume builder.

Write a compelling resume objective for your college resume

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A short review of your resume can help the reader get an insight into what your college application resume is all about.

Use 2-3 line sentences to describe all about yourself and reflect on the important details that you have included in your resume.

It should be crisp and as a matter of fact, it should be regarded as something through which you should highlight your academic status and skills that you possess.

Doing so will help you present your skills and achievements effectively.

If you are writing a college application mention your academic activities and achievements so that your chances of being granted admission to the targeted college or university get higher.

But if you are writing a college resume to land a part-time, internship, or even a full-time job then provide more details on the value that you can offer to the targeted organization.

A college resume objective is an easy way to get the attention of the concerned person.

Read more about resume objectives and get an in-depth understanding of its usefulness and importance while also learn how to create a flawless resume objective fr your college resume.

Add details of your educational qualification in your college resume

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The most important section that is a must-have in your college resume.

To apply for admission to reputed colleges and universities you need to provide your education details.

Likewise, you need to mention your educational qualification details to communicate yourself as a qualified applicant for any targeted job profile.

With less or no professional experience you will need to rely on your educational qualification to land a job whether it is a part-time job, internship, or a full-time job.

For college application or job application, all you need to do is provide the details of the following:

  • School name
  • Location of your school/college
  • Courses you have studied
  • Date of admission and completion

Do mention your GPA in your college resume but only if it is above 3.0.

Remember that the goal is to make an impression on the concerned authority to whom your college resume is directed towards.

Hiration's Guide, "How to list education on resume", has all the details you need to help you create the perfect education section fr your college resume.

Add your work experience and skills in your college resume

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How to write a resume for college?

You may or may not have work experience to highlight in your resume but if you do make sure that you do it in the right format.

Apart from highlighting your work experience you need to highlight the skills that you have acquired from a job, training, course, or any relevant activity.

Work experience on a college resume

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For instance, if you have a mention-worthy experience in a part-time job then make sure to mention what your role was and how you executed the responsibilities assigned to you.

A college application will also require you to mention any relevant or note-worthy job profile as it can help you stand out as a suitable applicant.

Whether your college resume is for a job application or a college application, you need to make sure that it throws light on your efficiency and productivity.

You can mention any relevant volunteer experience on a college student resume or resume for college application as it can reflect positively on your social impact.

Always make sure that the work experience or volunteer experience you mention in your college resume is framed in crisp one-liners so that it is easy to read and comprehend.

Learn about the professional section son a resume in detail from our guide to writing resume work experience section on a resume.

Skills on a college resume

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First of all, you need to understand what skills to put on a resume, how to list skills on a resume, and where to list your skills on resume.

Now, your skills can be functional or technical but it should be something that you are familiar with and which you can utilize to be productive.

In a resume for college application, you can mention any languages you are fluent in speaking and/or writing, computer/software skills, and any leadership or communication skills.

It will give you a higher chance of getting accepted to the targeted college or university.

On the other hand, you can mention your functional skills and technical skills that are related to management, operations, or any relevant field.

But in any way, your skills should show that you are capable of handling or executing certain roles and responsibilities.

Still, wondering how to write a college resume?

You can go through [Hiration's guide to skills on a resume](how to write a college resume) and learn everything you need to know about this section.

Highlight your mention-worthy credentials in your college resume

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There are many other things that you can mention in your resume to highlight your credentials.

Write down all those details that are worth mentioning in your college application resume to get admission to the preferred college or land a targeted job profile.

Mention Awards and achievements in your college resume

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What awards to put on a resume?

Mentioning awards that you received in your academic period on your resume can benefit you especially while writing a college application resume.

It can validate your productivity and make you stand out.

If you have been awarded anything in particular like, "Student of the year", or "Best student of the class", or anything that reflects on your academic achievements then you can mention them in your college application.

Mention your awards, recognition, and achievements in your college resume if you are applying for a job only when it is relevant.

Add details of relevant Co-curricular/Extracurricular activities on a college resume

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To emphasize your diverse background on your college resume, you can mention any relevant co-curricular or extracurricular activities in your resume.

You can include those activities that occurred outside the classroom but contributed towards your learning process.

For instance, if you have been a part of the student council, math club, drama club, or has participated in a writing competition, spelling bee, debates, etc. then you can mention them on your college application resume.

For those who are seeking new admission in reputed colleges, make sure to first check if the targeted college requires you to provide a college resume and send one only when requested.

As for those looking for a job, you have to send your resume because that is the official and professional mode of communication between you and the potential employer.

Read through our Student Resume guide before you start writing your college resumes.

You can also check out the college resume templates and college resume examples from our Online Resume Builder.

Key Takeaways

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Here is a list of all the important points that you should keep in mind and follow while curating your college resume:

  • Always choose the right college resume format/college resume template to make sure that it gets the right attention.
  • Add only those segments that can help you communicate your distinct particulars in your college.
  • Advertise yourself through your college resume by composing a compelling resume objective.
  • Mention your educational qualification details in your resume for college application and resume for college student at all times.
  • Highlight any relevant or mention-worthy work experience in your college resumes.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at support@hiration.com and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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