Let's avoid getting hoodwinked again.

You don't necessarily write a resume. You build it.

You first find the perfect resume writing template. Then you arrange the sections together. Then, you write your content.

But what do you write? Do you only write where you worked at? Do you write what you were responsible for? Or, do you tailor each role in details? You only have a couple of pages to go.

So you approach a professional resume writing service. But there are so many. And you never know who double-crosses you.

So what do you do?

You may try online resume builders. We boast of ours for obvious reasons.

Further you could try writing a resume on your own. We have got you covered in whatever you choose.

Resume Writing

From the look of it, writing a resume involves a few simple steps:

  • Choosing a resume template
  • Writing your contact information and professional title
  • Filling in your career experiences
  • Writing your

However, we often miss the necessary highlights.

  • Choosing the industry specific template
  • Using resume keywords and action verbs
  • Bolding your important keywords and bucketing your broader skills
  • Matching your skills to the ones in the target job description
  • Tailoring your resume summary according to your target job
  • Selecting the right font and color scheme
  • Proofreading before sending your application

For a more comprehensive system on resume writing, you may visit our blog on resume writing.

You may also try our online resume builder for a comfortable resume writing experience.

Resume Writing Format

The format of your resume is just as important as the information you put in it.

Resume writing formats can determine the way a recruiter perceives you and how the ATS parses each section in your resume.

In fact, the resume writing format is the first professional impression of you.

There are three main modern resume formats.

The reverse-chronological resume:

  • emphasizes on your work history
  • shows what positions you’ve held and for how long
  • lists employment history in reverse-chronological order
  • begins at your most recent position

A functional resume:

  • is also referred to as skills-based resume
  • begins by highlighting your skills and work experiences
  • saves your work history till the end
  • does not include the period of time spent on each job

A combination resume:

  • is a hybrid of the chronological and functional resume formats
  • is for job seekers with a longer career history
  • can list an extensive list of skills and achievements

For a more comprehensive account of resume formats, you may refer to our blog on resume formats.

Resume Writing Templates

Professional resume writing services almost always come with pre-designed templates specific to your industry.

Resume experts at Hiration have created multiple kinds of templates to facilitate the resume wiritng process for users.

The Basic Resume Writing Templates employs some colors to highlight important keywords and headings and can be used in modern industries by:

  • students who are struggling to highlight their key achievements
  • professionals who are very fresh in the industry/job market

The Modern Resume Writing Templates highly increases your chances of getting shortlisted by ensuring the best experience by both ATS and human recruiters alike and has been designed for:

  • professionals who work in newer industries
  • those who need to showcase that they pay as much attention to design as they do to content
  • professionals in Software Development, Analytics, digital marketing, product management, and many other domains

The Professional Resume Writing Templates have been designed with a focus on bringing out your content in front of the recruiters' eyes.

Iconography and other design elements have been used in a very minimalistic manner in these templates. The colors in the entire document have mainly been restricted to two in order to give it a more professional look.

This pack fits all circumstances. These templates form the industry standard and have been used continuously over the years. Moreover, recruiters are very familiar with these templates and they go well with all Applicant Tracking Systems as well.

The Free Resume Writing Templates is free for everyone on our Online Resume Builder.

We have specifically created these for people who want a high quality and ATS optimized resume but can't afford to pay for the service.

Students can take advantage of these templates to create amazing resumes which will help them outshine the competition. You can start creating your resume within seconds!

The Simple Resume Writing Templates come with a clean and compact design.

These have been traditionally used in the industry and are sure to parse through even the most traditional Applicant Tracking Systems.

Most of these templates are in grayscale for people who like to keep it entirely simple. You can definitely try and use these templates for more traditional kind of jobs and industries inlcluding government jobs.

The Creative Resume Writing Templates is a set of fantastic resume templates that can spice up your resume writing experience.

They carry a variety of graphical and other novel elements to make your resume stand out from competition.

Our team of resume experts has conducted in-depth research to incorporate timelines, icons and colors into these templates to ensure that any recruiter who looks at a resume in one of these templates, is sure to keep reading it.

Guide to Writing a Resume

First, you must understand what a resume is.

It is not a comprehensive detail of your professional career. Rather, it is a concise document that corresponds your career highlights to your target job.

Let us guide through how professional resume writing services ennumerate your skills and achievements to ensure you get a close chance at your target job.

Resume Writing: Creating the Master CV

You must always start with making a master CV, which is an exhaustive list of your roles, responsibilities and career highlights - achievements and efforts alike.

A master CV can save you time and help you get organized by letting you tailor the resume in less than half an hour.

A master CV can be as long as you want it to be. In it, you list every summer, part-time and full-time jobs that you have done, along with internships and volunteer positions.

It provides you the space to fully list your responsibilities, assignments, projects and accomplishments. You can also include all the classes you have taken, the degrees and certificates you have earned and all the details around dates, grades and special awards.

You can place a complete copy of your resume in your portfolio to help you prepare for interviews and highlight skills not covered in the resume you submitted with your application.

Your master resume lets you:

  • streamline customizing your resume
  • simplify listing past jobs
  • explore different skill sets

Resume Writing: Tailoring your points

After preparing the Master CV, professional resume writing services generally prepare a resume outline tailored for each application. Before writing up a resume, it is important to ensue the following:

  • Read the target job description carefully and research the organization to identify the significant parameters and key skills
  • Use targeted headings which direct to the main requirements of the position
  • Include additional section for key achievements during your work profile
  • Make sure the order of your sections ensues the most important experiences to appear early

Resume writing starts once you have made your master CV and researched your target job profile.

Many professional resume making services pursue a few steps following the master CV:

  • Summarize your career to reflect how you shall benefit the organization
  • Highlight the work history which emphasizes the activities, experiences, people liaised with, tools used, managerial experiences, etc.
  • List your key skills from previous job profiles

Employers don't want to see your job description, they want to learn about the skills and assets you utilized to achieve results.

So do not write a single paragraph to explain all your duties. Rather, break your duties and contributions into bullet points and highlight your skills and achievements across your career.

Ensure that you include performance figures which will set your resume apart.

For a more comprehensive list on how to write your resume you may visit our blog on the same.

Resume Writing Services

You usually follow the few steps:

  1. Google "resume writing services near me"
  2. Look at the resume writing services reviews
  3. Find a local service who entertains your needs
  4. Analyze the resume writing cost
  5. Select a package to get started
  6. Follow the guidelines and receive your resume.

But how does the other resume writing services understand your personality over a chat or a phone call?

Two things define your personality, the way you manage things and the way you behave. Your personality is then complimented by the little details you pay attention to, how you dream, and what you dream. And how far you're willing to go.

How do resume writing companies understand how best to reflect your style. How do you stand out on their templates?

Hiration's resume experts have broken the process of writing a resume down for you.

To avail the best resume writing experience, we provide our clients with a hassle free online service. Hiration's

1. Keyword Extraction - We conduct an extensive background research on the skills that are required for the same & hence, should be brought out on your resume.

2. Information Extraction - We examine each point on your resumes & ask you 50-60 relevant questions to bring out the missing details from your professional life that will help you get shortlisted.

3. Rewrite - Your new resume is prepared using our background research, the extra details & your old resume.

While rewriting your resume, we align your information according to industry standards and insert action verbs at the beginning of each sentence.

We highlight the important points where you led a team or deployed industry specific methodologies. We quantify your contribution and structure your experience points in such a way that 2 things come out: what you did and what was the impact/result.

In the same process, we ensure that your key skills section is optimized according to your target job description and they are aptly used in your experiences.

Further, Hiration ensures that the candidate's summary is no more than 2-3 powerful sentences and is not generalized. It is tailored to meet the needs of the recruiter.

You may also get a free review by the experts at Hiration.

Resume Writing Examples

We have mainly boasted about our professional resume writing services. Well, it is time to actually show it.




Resume Writing Tips 2019

Mason Coole talks about how if you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.

Avoid descriptions of duties without reference to how you added value.

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Key Takeaways

Resume Writing follows a linear process.

  • First, you create a Master CV listing all your expereinces
  • Secondly, you tailor your points according to the target job requisite
  • Thirdly,
  • proofread it before sending your application

Resume writing services mainly ensure that your keywords are optimized according to your target job profile.

Hiration's resume writing services follow the steps:

  1. Keyword and Industry Research
  2. Information Extraction
  3. Point specific Interogation
  4. Aligning data to industry-standards
  5. Highlighting key skills and achievements
  6. Quantifying your contributions
  7. Drawing a cause-effect relationship
  8. Furnishing your key skills and summary section
  9. Proofread it
  10. Quality check by industry experts

Further, imagine reducing the hassle of resume writing companies by one resume writing software. A resume writing software that understands a machine recruiter.

Wouldn't that be great? Well, we have got you covered. Log in to Hiration's online resume builder today to have a flexible resume building experience.