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A chef is a magician who creates delicious dishes using different ingredients and cooking methods.

Usually, a chef oversees the kitchen inventory, manages other chefs, complies with restaurant safety regulations, designs food, and coordinates with management to determine menu prices.

According to BLS, the employment of chefs and head cooks is expected to grow by 25 percent from 2020 to 2030.

That doesn’t mean you will get your desired chef job without putting in much effort.

You need to cook a stellar chef cover letter and pair it with a chef resume to maximize your chances of getting a chef job.

Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to create a chef cover letter to stand out from your competitors.

This cover letter writing guide will discuss:

Chef Career Prospect

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chef and head cook jobs are expected to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2030. And the average salary of a chef will be around $53,380 in 2020.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this number will go down. And the career prospect of a chef in the hospitality industry is uncertain.

However, in 2022, as the Coronavirus pandemic has started to settle, the growth prospect of chefs will continue to rise. There are over 145,115 Chefs currently
, and this number is only going up.

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Why Should You Create A Chef Cover Letter?

From the job outlook, we already know that the competition of chef job is already fierce. Moreover, in this challenging job market, when you are asking for a job from someone, they are not going to give it to you as is.

You need to create a personal connection with the hiring manager to get an interview in the first place.

And a chef cover letter is the best way to connect with the hiring manager and the company.

A sous chef cover letter highlights your key accomplishments, explains why you’re the right fit for the company, why the company is the right fit for you, and much more.

According to a study conducted by Resumelabs, 77% of recruiters prefer candidates who share their cover letter.

So, unless there’s a strict restriction on sending a cover letter with your resume, always make sure to add a chef cover letter along with your chef resume.

How to Structure A Chef Cover Letter For Maximum Impact?

A chef cover letter should not exceed one page, and the word count should be between 200 -500 words.

Below are some of the elements you must add in the chef cover letter to maximize its effect:

  • Chef cover letter heading
  • Cover letter salutation
  • Introduction/Opening paragraph
  • Your Experiences and accomplishments/ Body
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Your Signature

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Chef Cover Letter Header

A cover letter header should be easy to understand and attractive. It’s the first thing the recruiter will really see. So, it should hook the recruiter to read the entire cover letter.

Below are the elements you must add to the chef cover letter header:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Email ID
  • Phone Number
  • Your Location
  • Your Job Role

Here’s one of the chef cover letter examples heading:


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Chef Cover Letter Salutation

This is the place to personalize your sous chef cover letter. Research the company’s hiring manager’s name and always address the cover letter to the hiring manager. For example:

  • Dear Mr. Graham,
  • Dear Ms. Monroe,

If you are unable to know the name of the hiring manager, then you can use:
Dear Hiring Manager,

Hiration pro tip:
Never use “To Whom It May Concern” to address the cover letter, as it is an older approach and so overused in the business letters that it has lost it’s charms.

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Chef Cover Letter Introduction

The introduction of the chef cover letter is the opportunity to get the recruiters to keep reading your cover letter.

To do this, start the introduction by stating the years of experience, licenses, or awards you’ve gained in your career. The second sentence in the introduction should say how you found out about the job vacancy. And the third sentence should describe why you’re the right candidate for the job.

The key to writing the perfect chef cover letter introduction is to research the company well and customize the introduction specifically to the organization you’re applying to. If you do this, you’ll increase your chances of getting shortlisted by 500%

Here’s one of the chef cover letter examples introduction:

“4 years experienced sous chef at the prestigious Cajun Nation in New Jersey, I have served 100+ VIP clients, including Elon Musk Jeff Bezos, and received James Beard Foundation Award in 2021. I’m elated to apply for the head chef position in The Capital Grille. I believe my experience along with my exposure to serve VIP clients would be valuable in your organization.”


Chef Cover Letter: Body

The middle two paragraphs of the cover letter is the body. It should explain all your professional experience, achievements, training, and skills for the job.

Don’t just say that you’ve worked with XYZ restaurant for five years. But use the action-result relationship to demonstrate how you did your job and how it affected the clients. Try to give stats and figures as much as possible.

Also, if the restaurant you’re applying for is looking for some specialization. You can demonstrate how you specialize in some areas.

For Example:

“ As part of my job as a continental chef at Cajun Nation, I have prepared 20+ continental dishes for high-value clients.”

Below is one of the chef cover letter examples of the body paragraph:


Chef Cover Letter- Closing Paragraph

In the closing paragraph of the sous chef cover letter, explain why you want to work in the organization and why you think this is the right organization for you.

After that, in your final paragraph, conclude the cover letter with a good call to action. Tell them your contact information upfront and encourage them to give you a call. Even better, take things in your own hand, and mention that you’re going to their restaurant to eat, and you’d be more than happy to introduce yourself to the owner if they have the time.

Example of Closing Paragraph of Chef Cover Letter:


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Chef cover letter - Sign-off

Finally, close the cover letter with a formal sign-off. Some formal sign-offs are:

  • Thanking You
  • Thanks and Regards
  • Best Regards
  • Sincerely
  • Thank You
Hiration pro tip:
You can also add a digital signature if you send the cover letter via email.

What are some design tips to Write a Chef Cover Letter?

Below are some tips for designing the chef cover letter professionally:

1. Fonts

Use easy-to-read and straightforward fonts. It improves readability and attracts the reader’s attention easily. Some fonts are:

  • Ariel
  • Calibri
  • Times New Roman
  • Vandana

2. Font Size

Do not use too large or too small fonts. Try to keep the font size between 10 -12 points. If the letter seems too big, you can go for 10 point font. But no more than that.

3. Margin

Keep a 1-inch margin on all sides of the cover letter. Don’t go below it.

4. Text Alignment

Make sure the letter is left-aligned since it’s the most natural way to read a letter in English.

5. Paragraph

Divide the cover letter into paragraphs. And keep visible spaces between paragraphs. Also, make sure the paragraphs are not too long.

6. Cover Letter Length

Keep the cover letter within one page. And make sure to wrap it up within 200- 500 words—no more than that.

7. Save as PDF

Save the cover letter in PDF form when you’re sending it to the recruiter. It preserves the formatting of the cover letter.

8. Use a Professional Template

To ensure proper formatting, use professionally designed cover letter templates as you will find on the Hiration Cover Letter builder tool. You just have to focus on the content. And the design part will be taken care of by the tool.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Chef Cover Letter

Given below are some of the common mistakes people make while creating a chef cover letter:

1. Grammatical Errors

Seeing typos and grammatical errors are major turn off for recruiters. It shows that you are reckless and have very little attention to detail.

2. Bad Design

Nobody likes to see a poorly-formatted cover letter with weird fonts. Your chef cover letter should be easily readable and easy on the eye for the recruiter to choose your cover letter. Also, you need to ensure that the cover letter design syncs with the resume design.

3. Not Customizing Cover Letter

Using a standard chef cover letter to apply for all jobs will do more harm than good. The requirement of each job is different. So you need to customize the chef cover letter based on the need of each job.

4. Writing More than 1 Page

No recruiter has time to read through log 2-3 page long cover letter. They will immediately reject your cover letter if they see one. So, wrap up the chef cover letter within 1 page.

Executive Chef Cover Letter Sample

John Carter
Executive Chef
Covering Letter
15th June 2022

Mark Lewis
Hiring Manager
Cajun Nation
157, Brooks Lane
San Francisco, CA 94016

Re: Suitability for Executive Chef at Cajun Nation

Dear Mr. Mark,

With 5+ years of experience as an executive chef, I am exhilarated to apply for the post of senior executive chef at Cajun Nation in response to the job opening listed in your LinkedIn post. With my innovative approach in dish designing and expertise towards providing fine dining experiences, I believe I'm the perfect candidate for the job.

In my last stint at Faux Nom, I oversaw and optimized the inventory management process to reduce food preparation time by 11% and increased profit by 13%. Additionally, I hired and trained new chefs and conducted team-building activities as part of optimizing team coordination. My new invention in continental dishes has increased the Faux Nom's guest attendance and revenue by $1,000/ week. It also made Faux Nom, one of the top restaurants in San Francisco.

I have visited Cajun Nation a couple of times and it has been my favorite dining spot in San Francisco, especially with friends. I was extremely excited when I saw that you are looking for a head executive chef. With my experience in optimizing menu expenses and bringing innovation to dishes, I believe I can make Cajun Nation the go-to restaurant for youths in San Francisco.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications
with you on call or in person. You can reach out to me at or (111) 222 3333.

Sincerely, John Carter Enclosure: Resume

Key Takeaways

Now you can quickly write a chef cover letter. You just have to keep in mind some points:

  • The career prospect for a chef job is extremely bright. However, it will be challenging in this post-pandemic world in the competitive job market.
  • You need to create a stellar chef cover letter, even if the recruiter does not ask for it. It’s to demonstrate your interest to the recruiter.
  • How you present the cover letter matters a lot. So make sure you follow chef cover letter formatting tips.
  • Try to research the person you’re writing to. And try to personalize the cover letter based on that.
  • Use a professional cover letter format to create the cover letter.

If you want to create a sous chef cover letter, go to the Hiration Cover Letter Builder tool and pick from 20+ professional cover letter templates to make an excellent one for yourself.

Reach out to us at if you have further questions.

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