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Are you on the lookout for simple cover letter templates?

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But, before we delve into the making of simple cover letter templates, we’d like you to know the importance of a cover letter.

Cover letters help you showcase details about your career trajectory that can't add to your resume.

A well-written cover letter aligns your skills and achievements with the recruiter's requirements, thereby, allowing the recruiters to see how you're the perfect fit for the job.

Besides, studies show that 56% of recruiters want candidates to attach a cover letter along with their resumes when they apply for jobs.

So, how can you create a simple cover letter that hits the mark?

This blog will answer just that along with other related FAQs like the following:

Software Developer Simple Cover Letter Template

Take a look at the below-given sample cover letter that shows what a good cover letter should look like:

Tips & Guides
Kevin Brown
Software Developer
Covering Letter
15th May 2022

Donna Gem
Hiring Manager
ABC Solutions
57, Brooks Lane,
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Ms. Gem:

It is with much anticipation that I am submitting my application at ABC Solutions for the post of Software Engineer in response to the job opening posted on LinkedIn. I am exceptionally interested in joining your technical team which is known for its innovative use of advanced technology to deliver state-of-the-art results. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from IUPUI and thorough experience in software engineering, web development, and programming, I believe that I will be an asset to your esteemed team.

As a Software Engineering Intern at Multi Learn Technologies, I collaborated with the technical team to design 5+ new programs every week while identifying issues and preparing bug reports. At Secure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Programming Intern, I deployed C++ and Python to write elaborate code for 5+ applications and developed models and flowcharts for designing applications. As a member of the university Computer Science Club, I conducted a 24-hour hackathon for students by coordinating with faculty. Volunteering at Big Brothers Association of Indianapolis, I collaborated with volunteers to teach English and Mathematics to children at-risk while conducting fundraising events to raise money for getting them food and clothes.

As part of diligently attending workshops by the company, I have developed an unfeigned interest in joining ABC Solutions to build my knowledge and provide my input as a budding professional. The projects undertaken for the client roster are nothing short of excellent and I am confident that I will be able to contribute significantly to the growth of the company through my passion for technology and exploring new concepts. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in detail with you in an interview at your convenience. Thank you for considering my application and I ardently look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Brown

Enclosures: Resume

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What Does a Simple Cover Letter Mean?

In a bid to make their cover letters stand out, many candidates experiment use various designer templates, fancy language, and different typographies.

However, what they fail to realize is that by doing so, they risk deviating from the primary objective i.e. to create a compelling cover letter body that showcases their suitability for the job.

A simple cover letter template has basic characteristics like the following:

  • A traditional design with minimal usage of color
  • Use of professional and easy to read fonts with no special characters like Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri among others
  • Concise and yet impactful content
  • Not longer than 3-4 paragraphs
  • A customized salutation

Here's another example of a simple cover letter template in a traditional marooon accent:


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Professional Resume Cover Letter Building Tips

Making a simple yet impressive resume cover letter can be a piece of cake if you get the fundamentals right.

First things first, your resume cover letter must be concise and must be addressed with the hiring manager's name.

Given below are some other tips that will help you build an impressive cover letter with a simple design:

Personalize the Salutation

The worst thing you can do while addressing your cover letter is to write "to whom it may concern."

The chances of the hiring manager reading a cover letter addressed in this generic manner is very less.

Therefore, to ensure that you grab the recruiter's attention with your simple cover letter, you must personalize the salutation.

Take the time to research and find the name of the company's hiring manager and address your cover letter in the following manner:

Simple cover letter salutation

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Begin with an Engaging Introduction

The first paragraph of your simple cover letter must highlight the years of experience you have, your most notable achievements, and your interest in the role you're applying for.

Ensure to quantify your achievements to make them more impactful and make sure that they demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements of the company.

When the recruiters see your potential to fulfill their work expectations, they will be interested read further, and give you a call back for an interview.

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Slash Out Vague Words

Using unnecessary words in your cover letters such as ‘self-starter’ or ‘detail-oriented’ will make it look inexpedient.

Avoid writing anything that you can not substantiate with relevant examples.

For example, you can describe yourself as “self-motivated” by exemplifying it with points like, "researched and implemented new marketing strategies to improve sales by 54%."

Adding such statements with soft skills and figures will validate your mentioned skills.

Tailor Your Cover Letter According to the Job Description

Sending out the same cover letter for multiple job listings is the same as not sending a cover letter.

This is because if your cover letter is not tailored according to the job description of the role, it will not have any impact on the recruiters.

You must analyze the job description provided in the job listing to understand the company's priorities and requirements.

When you're clear about the same, you will know which skills and experiences you must talk about in your cover letter to impress the recruiters.

For instance, if the job description focuses on marketing skills, you must prioritize talking about experiences wherein you've achieved good results using your marketing skills.

Keep it Concise

Keeping your resume cover letter concise is a must.

Recruiters don't have the time nor are they interested to go through pages of bulky paragraphs about why you think you're the ideal candidate.

Thus, you need to keep your cover letter to the point and break your content into 3-4 paragraphs with not more than 3 sentences to enhance readability.

We recommend proofreading your cover letter to reduce fluff.

Given below are some long words people use in their cover letters along with their better and shorter alternatives to keep your letter crisp:

Avoid Practice
I am able to I can
In order to To
With respect to Concerning
Due to the fact that Because

Keep the Company in Loop

When you're writing your cover letter, you must always keep the company in the loop whilst talking about yourself and your potential.

This will help show your enthusiasm to join their company and allows the recruiters to constantly be reminded why you'll be a good fit in their company.

In the last paragraph of your cover letter, you must state your reasons for wanting to join the company.

For instance, if you're inspired by the company's vision or their commitment to providing the best services to their clients, align this with your desire to contribute to the same.

End with a CTA

The whole purpose of writing a cover letter is to make the recruiters want to give you a call back for an interview.

And that's exactly how you must end your cover letter - with a strong Call to Action (CTA).

Here's a snapshot of a cover letter's CTA:

simple cover letter cta

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Simple Cover Letter Examples

Given below are three samples of cover letters featuring simple cover letter templates:






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Cover Letter FAQs

Take a look at some of the common FAQs about simple resume cover letter:

1. What is the format of a simple resume cover letter?

A simple cover letter template must have the following format:

  • Your name as the cover letter heading
  • Personal information including contact number, email id, and location
  • Profile title you are applying for
  • Name of the hiring manager and company address
  • A subject line
  • Short 2-3 body paragraphs
  • A CTA followed by a closing salutation

2. How do I write a simple cover letter?

To write a simple resume cover letter, you can follow these guidelines:

  • Do not write more than 3 short paragraphs in your cover letter
  • Address your cover letter with the hiring manager's name
  • Customize the cover letter according to the job description
  • Start the cover letter by highlighting the years of experience you have and your most notable achievements with respect to the job description
  • Align your skills and experiences with the role's requirements
  • Keep the company in the loop

3. How do you write a 5-minute cover letter?

You can use a premade template to build your resume cover letter as there are multiple options available online.

Apart from this, you can also check out Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder that can help you in building your resume cover letter in no time.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use a minimal amount of color and choose reader-friendly fonts like Ariel, Times New Roman, and Calibri for a simple cover letter
  • Address the recruiter by name instead of sir/ma'am to connect better
  • Start your introduction with a catchy line to hook the recruiter
  • Do not use vague words and write straight to the point without fluff
  • Mention your achievements and capabilities to prove your worth for the role
  • Sign off with an appealing statement and CTA to take things forward
  • Keep your cover letter concise and crisp
  • Tailor your simple cover letter according to the job description to make it impactful
  • Proofread your cover letter to remove fluff and avoid grammatical errors/spelling mistakes

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