What is a Sous Chef?

After the executive chef, a sous chef is the second in command in a kitchen and the main function of a sous chef is to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen.

As a part of their roles and responsibilities, sous chefs must master the essential techniques to cook all types of food served in the restaurant.

Moreover, a sous chef should also ensure proper hygiene and have basic knowledge of equipment repairs in the kitchen.

According to a popular career platform named Indeed, you must have at least 10-12 years of cooking experience in a restaurant to become a sous chef.

To apply for a sous chef job in 2022, you need to understand the basics of analyzing an executive sous chef Job description. By analyzing the job description, you will be able to filter suitable positions at your convenience.

Considering the lack of information for the sous chef profile, we are answering the following questions here that will clear your doubts related to the sous chef career:

Apart from the experience, skills, and educational degree, you will need a job-winning sous chef resume to get your targeted job. To ease the resume-building process, you can have a glance at Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

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Sous Chef Job Description Sample

A sous chef job description includes all the responsibilities associated with your role as a sous chef at your targeted hotel or restaurant. Before applying for any sous chef position, we recommend you read the job description with a focused mind. It will help you analyze your eligibility for the role.

Apart from this, you can leverage the sous chef job description to pick profile-centric keywords for your sous chef resume. The job description consists of numerous keywords that can be used in your resume to make it ATS friendly and parse through the screening round without any hurdle.

Let us have a look at some real-time sous chef job description samples to know the basic sous chef duties in the real world. These sous chef job descriptions will give you an idea of ‘What does a sous chef do?’:

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Junior Sous Chef Job Description

Take a look at a real-time Junior Sous Chef job description showcased below:

We are seeking a sous chef who can assist the overall success of the food program and oversee culinary tasks. A perfect fit will assist in every phase of ordering, planning, food preparation, and inventory management.

The role includes responsibilities for addressing the Health Department’s regulations, client’s culture and guidelines, and the restaurant’s expectations & standards for food quality, presentation, and freshness. As a sous chef, you must also train, motivate, direct, and develop the associates cooking and preparing foods to address the operational objectives of client & customer satisfaction.

Take a look at the key responsibilities of a sous chef at our restaurant:

  • Coordinate & participate in the cooking and preparation of all the food items present in the restaurant’s menu
  • Assist with planning tasks and building food menus
  • Develop and execute new culinary programs in coordination with the culinary and marketing team
  • Assist with cost management and expenditure control within the restaurant
  • Perform small repairs on kitchen equipment

Senior Sous Chef Job Description

You can see a real-time senior Sous Chef job description below:

We are looking for an executive sous chef who can work directly with or without the Executive Chef to improve and maintain all the culinary operations in the restaurant.

A perfect fit for this role must be able to monitor the culinary department's daily tasks, including offering guidance and support to the culinary team, ending in a marvelous guest experience. We hope to develop the skills of Executive Sous Chef into the role of Executive Chef via the training of Grade Manager, Banquets, and Restaurants.

As an Executive Sous Chef, you will be responsible for:

  • Supporting seniors by assuming and developing essential management responsibilities
  • Assuming the liaison role between all the departments within the Culinary division and other hotel departments
  • Supervising departmental Link Chefs and Sous Chefs performance and council them to perform better
  • Building and executing creative menu items suitable to the restaurant’s conscious brand standards and cooking philosophy
  • Planning, coordination, and implementing functions and special events
  • Managing kitchen staff via scheduling, training, payroll, evaluating, coaching, and hiring
  • Coaching and leading the entire kitchen team towards achieving marvelous guest service as well as employee satisfaction outcomes
  • Monitoring orders, food production, quality, and cost consistently daily to ensure controlled financial performance
  • Ensuring proper sanitation and safety of every kitchen equipment and facility
  • Facilitating and organizing training, departmental meetings, and goals setting

Assistant Chef Job Description

Take a look at a real-time assistant chef job description example to know the fundamental duties and responsibilities before applying for an assistant chef job in 2022:

We seek an assistant chef capable of assisting with every aspect of food production to ensure high-quality recipes, food, and cleanliness at our resort. As an assistant chef, you will organize and maintain proper food handling, cooking techniques, and food storage. A perfect fit for this position will oversee kitchen staff and shift supervisors to ensure a precise working and cooking environment.

Additional responsibilities of an assistant chef at our rest will include:

  • Assisting with weekly schedule and maintaining appropriate staffing for all shifts
  • Reviewing and evaluating data for completeness and accuracy
  • Maintaining a productive environment and motivating employees to keep high-performance standards
  • Coaching and intervening to resolve problems with Employee Development conference forms
  • Manage performance appraisals, food & liquor cards, appraisals, and conflict resolutions for team members

What Skills are Needed to Become a Sous Chef?

To get a sous chef job in this highly competitive market, you need to be equipped with the required modern sous chef skills.

We are listing the ten most effective sous chef skills that will help you beat your competitors during the recruitment process:

Sous Chef Skills Sous Chef Skills
Cooking Food Provenance
Hygiene Management Workplace Health & Safety
Organizational Skills Leadership & Communication
Resilience Fine Dining
Neat & Professional Presentation Training

Sous Chef Salary in the United States

A recent report by Indeed says that the average sous chef salary in the US is USD 51,093. The sous chef salaries differ in different regions across the country.

Here you can see the list of top ten sous chef salary offering cities of the United States:

Job Location Average Sous Chef Salary
Los Angeles, CA USD 61,923
New York, NY USD 60,673
Washington, DC USD 57,491
Seattle, WA USD 57,445
Chicago, IL USD 57,393
Miami, FL USD 54,080
Atlanta, GA USD 52,476
Las Vegas, NV USD 52,459
Houston, TX USD 48,756

Top Colleges For Sous Chef Education

Getting a degree in hospitality or culinary arts is one of the easiest ways to become a sous chef. However, selecting a suitable college to complete your degree course can confuse you as numerous colleges offer culinary arts degrees.

Considering this, we have filtered the ten best colleges to kickstart your sous chef career:

Name of College Location
Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI
Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park, NY
University of Western States Portland, OR
The Art Institute of Houston Houston, TX
Sullivan University Louisville, KY
Kendall College Chicago, IL
Western Washington University Bellingham, WA
Schoolcraft College Livonia, MI
The Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA
The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College Philadelphia, PA

7 Best Universities For Sous Chef in the United States

To upgrade your educational level as a sous chef, you can enroll at any of these below-listed universities in the United States. These universities will offer you higher-level degrees to earn better as a sous chef.

Name of University Location
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
Cornell University Ithaca, NY
University of Texas Austin, TX
Boston University Boston, MA
Southwest Minnesota State University Marshall, MN
Inter American University of Puerto Rico Ponce Mercedita, PR

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Online Certifications to Boost Your Sous Chef Career

We have picked some online certifications that will boost your sous chef career. You can opt for any of these certifications based on your experience and skills. Adding any of these certificates to your resume will make it stronger than your competitors during the recruitment process.

Certification Name Certification Provider
Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA) ACF
Certified Food Manager (CFM) IFSEA, MCFE
Food Safety Manager Certification NRFSP, FSMC
ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification National Restaurant Association
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) BCNS
Certified Professional- Food Safety (CP-FS) NEHA
Certified Master Chef (CMC) ACF
Certified Executive Chef (CEC) ACF
Certified Restaurant Server AHLEI
Certified Sous Chef (CSC) ACF

Sous Chef Job Assistance at Hiration

You can get a sous chef job with the help of the above-given skills and a degree in hospitality or culinary arts. Additionally, you will need an impeccable sous chef resume to apply for your desired job.

Hiration has made resume-building easy via its AI-powered Online Resume Builder. This digital tool will help you build a highly professional resume in some easy steps. It comes with 24/7 chat support for a smooth resume-building experience.

Additional job assistance tools you will get at Hiration includes:

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this reference guide:

  • Analyze the sous chef job description to craft your sous chef resume accordingly
  • Pick profile-centric keywords from the banquet sous chef job description to make an ATS-friendly resume
  • Learn and add modern sous chef skills to your resume relevant to the requirements in the sous chef job description
  • Get online sous chef certificates to boost your career up to a new level and earn better

A job description is one of the key elements to analyze before applying for any job. Hence, we advise you to read the banquet sous chef job description with a focused mind before applying for your targeted job. For any additional sous chef job assistance, contact our experts at support@hiration.com.

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