Are you wondering how to write a cover letter enclosure?

Imagine this; you have created a perfect cover letter for your job application.

The hiring manager was also got impressed with your cover letter.

Still, you did not hear back from them!

Reason: There is no enclosure on the cover letter.

Most entry-level job seekers forget to enclose resumes and other important documents with their cover letters.

They often don’t have any idea about what is enclosures at the end of a cover letter.

However, a corporate job opening gets 250 job applications, these seemingly unharmful mistakes can lead to complete disqualification from the job application process.

In this article, we will tell you

What Are Enclosures in a Letter?

An enclosure on a cover letter refers to additional documents a candidate includes with the cover letter.

These documents can be anything from a resume to a letter of recommendation, assignments, certifications, or some document the job description explicitly asked for.

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Should You Include an Enclosure in Cover Letter?

Hiring managers and recruiters are busy people. Without an email with a cover letter and resume attached, they will not ask you for your additional documents by themselves.

The cover letter enclosures tell the hiring manager that you have included other documents with your cover letter. It also showcases the candidate’s professionalism.

Including an enclosure at the end of the cover letter is not that complicated task.

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How to Include an Enclosure in the Cover Letter?

Now that you know what does enclosure means in a cover letter, let’s see the cover letter enclosure format:

  • First, ensure to make a list of documents you will send to the hiring manager.
  • Find your name at the bottom of the closing salutation of the cover letter.
  • Leave two line-space after the salutation and write “Enclosure” for one document. If you have multiple documents to send, write “Enclosures.”
  • Give one line space after that and start listing the enclosures. Do not list the enclosures in the same line. Each document should get a single line.
  • Instead of “Enclosure” or “Enclosures,” you can use abbreviations such as “Encl.”
  • Proofread it to ensure the spellings are appropriate.

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Cover Letter Enclosure Notation Example:

Here are some examples of cover letter enclosure notation:

1. If you have only one enclosure:

John Doe

Enclosure: Resume

2. If you have multiple cover letter enclosures:

John Doe

Letter of Recommendation

What to avoid in the cover letter enclosure:

John Doe

Enclosures: Resume and letters of recommendation


John Doe

Enclosures: 3
letters of recommendation (2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Indicate Multiple Enclosures in a Cover Letter?

As we said earlier, for multiple enclosures in a cover letter, use the heading “Enclosures” and list the enclosures after that. For example:

Demi Moore,

Job Application Form
Letter of Recommendation

2. Difference Between Attachment and Enclosure in a Cover Letter?

For a business letter, the attachment means a document that is part of the letter. It adds to the information mentioned in the business letter.

Enclosures are standalone documents that are included with the business letter.

Enclosures do not need other documents to complement them.

It is impossible to differentiate between attachments or enclosures for an email cover letter for a job. Every document included in an email cover letter becomes an “Attachment.”

3. How to Include Enclosure in Email Cover Letter?

When you are applying online, the rules are a bit different.

If the job posting says “Send your resume to xyz@email[dot]com..”, then the email becomes a standalone cover letter.

Write the cover letter by following the cover letter writing guide.

In an email cover letter, it is not necessary to list “Enclosures.”

If the job posting asks for a resume and a cover letter,

follow the emailing a resume to the recruiter guide to craft a job application email and attach the resume and full cover letter with that email.

This job application should be a brief of the whole cover letter.

Note: Do not copy-paste from the entire cover letter.

Email cover letter sample with attached resume:

Dear Mr. Moore:

I am applying for Video Editor’s position at Lemon Media Ltd., which I saw in a job post on Anglelist. With 5+ years of experience as a video editor, I'm incredibly enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am the perfect fit for Lemon Media Ltd.

Attached for your consideration are my cover letter and resume. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

John Doe

4. What Is Enclosure Notation in Letter?

When you apply for a job, you add a resume and other documents with the cover letter. And the enclosure notation helps the reader to understand that you have included these documents with the cover letter. The enclosure notation is placed at the bottom of your cover letter or job application email.

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5. Should My Cover Letter and Resume Be In the Same Document?

Ans. No, ideally, you should send the cover letter and resume in different documents since these two documents serve entirely different purposes.

But, if the company asks explicitly to include the cover letter and resume in a single document, then you have to do it.

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Key Takeaways

Cover letter enclosures have the same importance in the job search as in business letters. It showcases the hiring manager the candidate’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Key points to remember when writing a cover letter enclosure:

  • Always include the enclosure at the end of the cover letter.
  • Leave two line-space between your name and enclosure.
  • Ensure to write “Enclosures:” for multiple documents and “Enclosure:” for a single document.
  • Write the document names in single lines.

We hope that we have cleared all of your doubts regarding an enclosure on a cover letter. Now, it’s time for you to go to Hiration Cover Letter Builder, choose between 20+ templates, and create a professional cover letter for yourself.

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