Zeroed in on a perfect job advertisement?

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How to start a cover letter?

It looks daunting. But calm down. Take a chill pill.

We are here to help you with cover letter writing, especially the cover letter introduction.

But first, the cover letter hype needs to get done away with.

A cover letter is a highly customizable document. You can modify your cover letter according to the job requirements, the hiring manager, and your achievements.

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We have come across the fact that many resumes do not even get a glance from the hiring manager because of a poorly written cover letter.

Writing a cover letter is not an uphill struggle, it is all in your mind. All you need to have is a basic understanding of what you need to put in your cover letter. And especially how to start a cover letter.

Yes! It is true. The time that the hiring manager will be spending on your resume and cover letter is directly related to the opening of your cover letter.

In this blog, we will walk you through:
how to write a direct introduction
how to start a belief statement
how to show passion towards your work
how to express what you can offer a company
how to state an accomplishment
how to mention a contact in cover letter

Without wasting much of your time let us move to the answer of how to start a cover letter with some noteworthy cover letter examples.

Be Direct and Straightforward

See, the hiring manager already has a ton of resumes and cover letters, he/she would not even consider the resume of a cover letter that beats around the bush.

Here direct does not mean you have to be blatant. It means you have to mention certain things at the start of a cover letter that conveys the basic information to the hiring manager.

Mention the position you are applying for so that the hiring manager can discover the purpose of your cover letter. For example:

I am thrilled to be applying for the position of Web Developer in your company.

In the example above it is very clear that the above person is applying for the position of a web developer and at the same time it exhibits enthusiasm for the same.

This is a simple yet effective example of a cover letter introduction.

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Begin With a Belief Statement

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This is yet another way to answer how to begin a cover letter. Using a belief statement gives a sense of authority in your cover letter.

A hiring manager always looks for a person who can own responsibilities and can be accountable for his work. And a cover letter introduction ensuring these qualities is an appealing one.

It reflects that you give importance to ethics and principles. It is such a short statement but a very impactful statement that would put your cover letter in the spotlight. For example:

As a software developer, with an experience of 4+ years, I believe that I can make use of my best practices for back-end development and efficiently employ the Scrum methodology in the constantly evolving software world to deliver the highest value to the stakeholders.

You can also go through our blog on how to write a cover letter to get an in-depth view.

Show Passion for Your Work and Love Towards the Company

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When writing a cover letter, it is important to convey the passion you have for your work. Not only that, you have to convey the passion for working harder to achieve more in your career and for the company also.

Framing this correctly can turn your ordinary cover letter intro into a great cover letter intro.

The right beginning of a cover letter does much more than you think. So genuinely show your enthusiasm for working in the company. You can also talk about their product and services which motivated you to apply for the job in that company.

You may also mention the objective that the company has which inspired you to work for them. Trust us, showing reverence for the company will impact the hiring decision. This can be the best cover letter introduction.

The below cover letter example will give you a better understanding of a cover letter opening.

I have been passionate about writing since I was the editor of the annual magazine for my college. The XYZ Group’s commitment to delivering high-quality content to its readers has drawn me to apply for the position of Senior Editor in your company.

Elucidate What You Can Offer Them

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The hiring managers are there to hire you. You need to give them a reason for the same. And for that purpose, you need to tell them what you can offer, how having you would be beneficial for the company, and what sets you apart from other candidates.

Now, including this in a cover letter introduction is an art. You need to serve what they want. You might have many skills and accomplishments in your kitty but what if they are not even looking for them?

To sort this part out first go through the job description. Determine the qualifications and skills that are required for the job.

Start intricating the beginning of the cover letter around those skills. Indicate to them out loud that you have got what they want. For example:

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves. As a Data Analyst with an experience of 5+ years, I am adept at employing my data analytics capabilities to help a variety of initiatives taken by the company. I am thrilled to apply for the opening of a Senior Data Analyst position at XYZ Group.

If you think how to start a cover letter is a block of ice to break then trust us how to write a cover letter is a whole glacier. And you ought to know that you need to melt the glacier and not break it.

Don’t worry, our team is here to help you with creating your resume and a great cover letter from scratch with an amazing cover letter introduction.

State an Accomplishment

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Stating an accomplishment, in the beginning, would add up to your relevance for the job.

If you ask what is the thing you should not be avoiding while writing your cover letter, it is your accomplishments. It can make your cover letter from an ordinary cover letter to a great cover letter.

This is the best answer to how to start a cover letter in one sentence.

You can have a look at the cover letter opening example below:

Currently working as Sales Associate at XYZ Retail Stores with 2+ years of experience in supervising store activities and aiding customers. Increased sales by 7% in the last quarter by employing effective customer management techniques which led to an increase of 11% increase in the quarterly revenue.

This is the best way to start a cover letter, no doubt.

Exhibit Excitement

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It is true if your cover letter is bland and is lacking the power to appeal to the hiring manager, then sadly your cover letter is of no use.

Of course, the hiring manager wants someone onboard who seems excited to be in the company.

A very simple statement, at the beginning of the cover letter, can make a huge difference in the impactfulness of the cover letter. See the example below:

I am thrilled to see that Company XYZ is hiring a Digital Marketing Manager skilled at increasing brand awareness by managing digital campaigns on various social media platforms— since I’ve been attending several of your company’s seminars. With my 4+ years of experience executing successful campaigns in the digital space, I am confident I’m a great fit for the role.

Isn’t this cover letter intro exciting? And an apt answer to how to start a cover letter. You can also visit our cover letter dedicated blog to know how to address a cover letter and more.


Mention a Contact or a Mutual Connection

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Having a contact in that company or a mutual connection can upscale the whole game of the cover letter.

Getting referred by a connection can play a key element in securing an interview with the hiring manager. They would be keen to know why someone in their company or their contact has recommended you.

Or you can also mention the mutual clients you are serving.

Mentioning a contact can add up to your trustworthiness and accountability.

Here is an example to show you how to mention a reference on the resume:

I was excited to learn of this job opportunity of an Event Manager from my client, Thomas Ray. I have worked for him on many big and small projects, most recently for the management of a fundraising event. He suggested I contact you about the job, as he feels my skills and work experience would be a good fit for the position.

This cover letter introduction will sway the hiring manager to take action for sure. Having problems with building a resume? Try Hiration’s Resume Builder or get it built by us.

Use Keywords

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This is the most basic thing to do. To use certain keywords that match the job description of the post.

Again this is not something that requires brainstorming. Just read the job description carefully and at least twice to grab a hold of the requirements.

Do mention those keywords so that your cover letter opening looks more applicable and on point.

But do not go overboard.

Let us look at the cover letter intro below:

As a Project Manager, with an experience of 5+ years and a track history of efficient planning, budgeting projects, managing teams, and delivering projects on time makes me an apt fit for this position.

Refer to Recent Projects or Events

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You can also mention your capabilities and experiences from the past that can help the company to achieve its upcoming goals.

This would highlight your attentiveness. You will look updated and well-aware of the company this way.

Refer to the example below:

When I came across the feature of XYZ Groups in the Business Magazine last week for its commitment to reducing the use of plastic in packaging—I was inspired—I am looking forward to getting associated with the company and applying my eco-friendly packaging methods to fulfill the company’s commitment.

Put in Some Creativity or Humour

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The hiring managers are humans as well, they are already fatigued reading several formal cover letters.

No, they do not want a whole stand-up session on your cover letter. But a creative line or two. A bit of humor would draw their attention.

But before going this route always research the company’s work culture. And never cross the professional limit while doing so.

We have decoded this for you. Have a look at the introduction of a sample cover letter below:

As a Bartender with an experience of 3+ years, serving customers in a busy bar setting efficiently and creating over 50 different cocktail recipes people fight over. Possess amazing juggling skills and the art of suggesting snack pairings to increase revenue.

Again, research the company's work culture before trying this advice.

Always Personalize

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Avoid using a generic cover letter for all the jobs you are applying for. Trust us they just do not allure the hiring manager.

Using a generic cover letter does not exhibit your efforts. Worst case, it might make you look uninterested.

You need to personalize the cover letter according to the job and the company.

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