How to write a camp counselor resume?

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Being a camp counselor for years, you know almost everything that there is to know about your job.

You have run successful camps over the years with noteworthy feedback.

Yet, now that you’re trying to relocate and find a similar job, you aren't getting any calls back.

You keep on asking ‘Where am I going wrong?’

Did you, for even a minute consider that the reason a person with your level of experience is getting rejected can be because of your summer camp counselor resume.

It probably is.

Well, throw all your worries out of the window now, for you have come to the right place and this blog will be your saving grace.

This blog will walk you through the nitty-gritty of writing a picture-perfect camp counselor resume.

Here is our blog summary-

  • The correct way to format your camp counselor resume to make it ATS friendly.
  • Hiration pro tips that will make you help formulate a stellar camp counselor resume.
  • How to put relevant professional skills on resume your camp counselor resume.
  • How to make your camp counselor resume shine better than the other applicants.
  • How to make the most of your education section.
  • The dos and don'ts of a summer camp counselor resume.

You can create a camp counselor resume right away, within minutes with our Online Resume Builder.

Here are the tips for writing an impeccable camp counselor resume:

Employ a suitable format to build your camp counselor resume

All your past achievements will go to waste if you don't know the correct way to format a camp counselor resume.

Your summer camp resume is a magical tool that will help you land the targeted job.

While you're preparing your counseling resume, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

Formatting comes first.

There are a number of ways to format your camp counselor resume, but the best way to do so is using the -

Reverse chronological format.

This format is generally the accepted standard format by most of the companies, but it is advisable to check out the company and country guidelines before applying.

Reverse chronological format is ATS friendly.

In case you aren't aware of ATS, let us break it down for you.

ATS(Application Tracking System), is a software used by a number of organizations to help the recruiters filter the resumes which are best suited for the job.

Basically it makes the job of a recruiter easier, but it makes your job difficult if you aren’t well versed in the ways of ATS.

You need to make sure that your summer camp resume gets parsed by the ATS, and for that, you need to tailor your camp counselor resume with utmost care and precision, you can always refer to the camp counselor resume sample provided in the blog.

There are a few points to keep in mind before you start working on your summer camp counselor resume-

  • Use reverse chronological format
  • Don't use fancy fonts, rather opt for the professional ones
  • Use the white space to guide the recruiter through your camp counselor resume
  • Keep it professional, avoid using any pictures or prints of any sort

HIRATION PRO TIP: Save your camp counselor resume in the form of a PDF. It has been noticed that a lot of times word documents don't fit into certain screens and you wouldn't want your camp counselor resume to be the unlucky one; hence always send your resume in the form of a PDF.

Reverse chronological order format isn't the only option available.

There are two more formats available but their use is limited to particular situations, to know more about them read our types of format blog to tailor your camp counselor resume to perfection.

Camp Counselor Sample Resume

Here is our camp counselor resume sample, created through Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

Elio Pearlman
Camp Counselor
Pediatric & Adult CPR certified Education Studies undergraduate adept at planning curriculum and brainstorming activities to make learning fun and interactive. Highly skilled in supervising campers to ensure their safety and responding quickly in emergency situations. Expert in managing the transportation of heavy supplies to set up the camp and ensure a memorable experience for everyone involved.
• Camper Interaction • Curriculum Planning • Behavior Management • Health & Safety • Activity Planning & Implementation • Holistic Development • Camping Setup • Pediatric & Adult CPR
University of Ashville
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Largest university in the state with 3.5k+ enrollments annually
    GPA: 3.5/4.0
    Professional Experience
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Oldest camp arena with a 350+ employee base
      Camper Interaction
      • Assisted in daily camper check-in and check-out procedures while interacting with 100+ parents and children
      • Communicated with campers and their families or peers to establish a feeling of community and belonging
      Curriculum Design
      • Planned 4 rotations of daily activities with varying themes as per group interests each week
      • Collaborated with the Camp Director to refine curriculum & added contributions to it to make activities more fun
      Behavior Management
      • Supervised the campers for their behavior and ensured that all the rules and regulations were followed
      • Handled the campers' safety and health and responded quickly to any emergency situations
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Largest company with more than 500 enrollers every fall
        Camping Setup
        • Organized the setting up of the technology classroom by hauling supplies of over 50lbs
        • Managed the classrooms and carried out all physical functions essential like working outdoors for more than 6 hours
        Activity Planning
        • Implemented the curriculum and built lesson plans and ensured all ~25 students followed them strictly Designed classroom activities to create an environment of learning fun, and holistic development
        • Virginia Camp and retreat leaders gathering at VA hosted by the American Camp Association (Dec '19)
        Languages: English (Native),
        Spanish (Intermediate),
        Vietnamese (Conversational)

        You can create a similar resume by making use of Hiration's services.

        Divide your camp counselor resume into distinct sections to organize your details

        It is important to organize your camp counselor resume meticulously.

        It gives the resume an orderly fashion and makes it easier for the recruiter to travel through it without any problems.

        There are a few sections that are mandatory in a camp counselor resume and cannot be skipped, they are-

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        While there are necessary sections, there are optional sections too, which you can add if they provide substantial information which can optimize your chances of getting shortlisted, they are-

        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Frame your header, contact details and profile title of your camp counselor resume

        The foremost thing any recruiter looks at in a summer camp counselor resume is the topmost segment of the resume called header

        Header for camp counselor resume

        The header is the top most segment of your camp counselor resume and consists of your contact details and profile title.

        Title your camp counselor resume header with your name.
        Keep the font size between 16-20.

        Labeling your camp counselor resume as resume or CV is a common mistake made by a lot of professionals. Refrain from doing so.

        If you want to know more about the importance of a resume header visit our Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header and learn how to perfectly label your camp counselor resume.

        Contact Details for camp counselor resume

        It might sound like a trivial portion of the resume which doesn't need much explaining or time for the formulation, but it is often the place where people commit the silliest of mistakes.

        The contact number that you mention on the camp counselor resume should always be working, take a note to check that it has a professional voice mail, anything too quirky might leave a bad impression.

        Mentioning a single phone number is enough, all you need to take care of is that it has a proper connection.

        The email id you mention, should ideally just have your name, refrain from using slang words.

        Do mention your location too, just the city and state will do, a complete address is not necessary.

        Our Contact Information Blog will guide you through the process of adding your personal information to your camp counselor resume in a detailed manner.

        Profile Title for camp counselor resume

        Mentioning the right profile title helps the recruiting in understanding your current designation and validates your experiences and achievements.

        Overstating your profile title is not advised, as it might land you in trouble later.

        Mentioning the profile title in your camp counselor resume is highly appreciated as it sets a premise for your counselor resume and makes the recruiter aware of what should be expected from your camp counselor resume.

        Here is a snapshot of a camp counselor resume header-


        Describe your professional experience in your camp counselor resume effectively

        Hitherto, we have discussed the basic structure of a camp counselor resume, now we need to dwell a little deeper to make your camp counselor resume shine brighter than the rest.

        To do that, you need to incorporate certain factors while constructing this section.

        One liners

        The use of one liners is highly effective.

        Creating small, concise points to put your point across is favored over long paragraphs which are tiresome.

        One liners are easy to understand and make your camp counselor resume look sharper.

        Power Verbs

        The use of significant power verbs at the beginning of the sentence catches the readers attention.

        It helps elevate your professional experience and highlight the same in a more acceptable way.

        Bucketing and Bolding

        Using one liners along with bucketing is what will give your camp counselor resume the much needed professional look.

        Compartmentalizing your camp counselor resume into heading and then writing one liner points under the same is the trick to give your camp counselor resume a polished look.
        It also makes it easier for the recruiter to read the resume and imbibe the information you're trying to impart.

        Bolding helps in highlighting the keywords and achievement figures so that the recruiter doesn't miss them.


        Length of the camp counselor resume

        Well, it is a highly debated topic.

        But to keep it short we’ll advise you to keep your camp counselor resume to the length of a single page if you’re a student, an entry-level professional, or someone with 3-5 years of experience.

        If you’re a working professional with more than 10 years of experience then you should make it two pages long.

        Compose a powerful camp counselor resume summary or camp counselor resume objective

        If you are also wondering about the above-mentioned question, then you have come to the right place.

        Your camp counselor resume summary or resume objective is the space where you can answer the question- how to describe camp counselor on resume?

        Since this section is actually the space to elaborate on the same.

        Before going on about how to write a camp counselor resume summary, camp counselor resume objective, you need to be sure of the difference between the two.

        A resume summary/objective is an important part of your camp counselor resume.

        It is a known fact that on average 6 seconds are spent on a single resume and in those 6 seconds your summary/objective is the first section to go through the recruiter’s gaze.

        So you need to make sure to keep the reader interested, by tailoring an impeccable camp counselor resume summary or camp counselor resume objective.

        Now to answer the question - ‘When to use a resume summary and When to use a resume objective?’

        If you're a camp counselor with a few years of experience then you should write a camp counselor resume summary, try formulating sentences with the help of quantifiable data, it gives the recruiter a better idea about your past achievements.

        If you're a fresher and you want to apply for the position of a camp counselor then you should opt for a resume objective, here you can leverage your interests and professional skills on resume into telling the recruiter how you will make the best fit for that job.

        Below are two snippets of a camp counselor resume summary sample and camp counselor resume objective sample as you can see that the difference between the two is conspicuous.

        While the former snippet does tell your work history but it isn't evocative enough. It doesn't draw the reader's attention and its monotone doesn't help either.

        Now if you read the latter snippet carefully, It puts across your experience in such a way that picks the reader's interests and elucidates on your past experience in the best possible fashion.

        After going through the two examples it would have become crystal clear that the use of the right words along with quantifiable data can do wonders and make your camp counselor resume shine bright like a diamond.


        If you feel that it’s too much work and a little overwhelming for you, don’t you worry, we got your back.
        Check out our Online Resume Builder and tailor your camp counselor resume samples for that dream job within minutes.

        Mention your academic and co-curricular achievements your camp counselor resume

        There’s always some sort of hesitation when it comes to the Education Section.

        It certainly becomes a little difficult to choose what should be put up on a camp counselor resume and what shouldn't, the camp counselor resume sample shows the same efficiently.

        This oscillation between what to do and what not to can be eased up if you follow our simple and concise guidelines for the same.

        First and foremost you need to write your education section in a reverse chronological order format, which in turn will highlight your highest degree first.

        To make the most of your education section -

        • Mention your highest degree first.
        • On the right end mention the name of the university along with the years spent at the university.
        • Mention one line about the university underneath it if it is a highly reputed one.
        • Mention coursework or minors if that will make you a better candidate for the job.


        There are a few more things to remember, if you just have a high-school diploma, then mention the coursework taken along with the extracurriculars.

        If you have a higher degree then don't mention the extracurriculars, it’s not a concluding yes and no.

        You have to be smart and decide whether putting that extra curricular or coursework will make your application look better?

        If yes, then type away!
        (insert an image)

        This image provides you a clear picture of how to mention your educational qualifications.

        We have multiple samples for you, you can click here to know more about the education section on your resume for a camp counselor.

        Present your camp counselor resume skills on distinct skills section

        This section of the camp counselor resume sample should be utilized to its maximum capacity. The camp counselor resume description mentions all the key skills you require for your camp counselor resume.

        As we already mentioned in the previous section of the blog about ATS, there’s one more thing you should know.

        There are certain keywords that ATS looks for in your resume and if you have those keywords then your camp counselor resume gets parsed by it.

        In this particular instance, camp counselor job description for resume becomes invaluable.

        The job description tells you how to put professional skills on resume, camp counselor duties on resume and so on.

        The skill set varies from job to job, supposedly the skills mentioned in a Basketball Camp Counselor resume will be different from a summer camp counselor resume.

        Like we always say, tailoring a resume for camp counselor is an art.
        You need to be conscious of every statement you write, every claim you make.

        There are a few points to take care of while writing this section.

        • Use power verbs to describe yourself, for example - spearheaded, maintained, led, etc.
        • List down your achievements.
        • Try using quantifiable data instead of simple words.

        While you're listing your achievements make sure that you’re not listing your responsibilities.

        The recruiter is not interested in reading a job description, s/he would like to know how you turned those responsibilities into achievements.

        We all know the never ending circle of 'I don’t have the experience hence I am not getting a job, I am not getting a job because I have no experience'

        Even if you don't have relevant experience, then list what you're passionate about, mention any sort of work you have previously done which will come in handy for the targeted job.

        For example, you have been a state-level basketball player, you’re good at river rafting and all sorts of outdoor sports.

        You need to add these to the list of achievements in your resume for camp counselor.

        If you have volunteered at a daycare facility or even an orphanage, you can boast about your easy-going personality that jells well with the kids of different ages.

        If you're multilingual, mention that! It boosts your chances as you become a more accessible candidate for people with different backgrounds.

        Be specific with your proficiency level.
        Do not try to mislead the recruiter with false claims.

        This is how you should add your language skills, in case you have them-

        English: Native Proficiency
        Spanish: Intermediate Proficiency
        French: Basic Conversational

        No achievement or skill is too small. You just have to know the right way to display that.


        Here at Hiration, we do the same, we turn your average camp counselor resume samples into a stellar one with almost the same information but we furnish it with a new perspective.
        If you want to try out our services or head over to the Online Resume Builder to give your camp counselor resume the much needed makeover.

        Camp counselor job description

        Most of the keywords for your camp counselor resume can be picked from the camp counselor resume description.

        The correct use of keywords is what can make your camp counselor resume or can break your camp counselor resume.

        ATS works on Keywords, the recruiters add a list of keywords into the ATS and the resume with those specified Keywords get parsed by the ATS while the rest of them collect dust in the bin.

        These keywords can usually be found in the Job Description of the profile.

        Scan the camp counselor job description for resume diligently and add those keywords into your resume and see the magic happen.

        HIRATION PRO TIP: A lot of times the recruiters ban certain keywords, so check out the company you’re applying for and go through their guidelines before starting with your camp counselor resume.

        Now it’s on you how to make the most of it.
        We have curated a list of camp counselor responsibilities/duties that will aid you in understanding what exactly the camp counselors do:

        • Manage the kids and keep the camp space organized and free of litter.
        • Organize and lead daily fun activities.
        • Observe the behavior of the kids and implement changes in the schedule accordingly.
        • Make sure the kids follow the rules and review the daily checklist.
        • Safety of the kids is a top priority.
        • Teach them basic outdoor skills that will come in handy while they are on the trail.
        • Demonstrate organizational skills.
        • Be the leader to every individual group in the camp.

        Now that you know what a camp counselor's responsibilities look like, you should also be aware of some skillsets for the same.

        Soft skills for a camp counselor resume

        • Effective communication skills
        • Teamwork
        • Adaptability
        • Leadership
        • Conflict resolution
        • Problem-solving
        • Flexibility
        • Responsibility
        • Decisiveness

        Having these soft skills is necessary for a good camp counselor resume sample but along with these some specific skills are also a must since you’re with a bunch of kids who need recreational activities every now and then.

        Common skills for a camp counselor resume

        • Cooking
        • Rock climbing
        • River rafting
        • Wilderness survival
        • Building bonfires
        • Building camps
        • Hiking
        • Bouldering

        This list is not the ultimate list in any way, although it can help you in cherry-picking the responsibilities and skills you’d like to mention in your camp counselor resume.

        Even if there is an iota of doubt about putting skills on your resume, then go ahead and read our blog about it.

        How about a cover letter for camp counselor resume

        It isn't mandatory to send in a cover letter unless the company you're applying for has specified the need for it.

        However, a cover letter becomes a very important part of your job application.
        sending it in along with your camp counselor resume sends a message too, that you are interested in the job.

        It also gives you enough space to make up for lack of any timeline in the resume, here you can explain why you were absent from the professional field and so on.

        A over letter gives you an advantage over other candidates, as it gives more weight to your application.

        Just like your camp counselor resume, the cover letter should also be tailored differently for each job. you cannot use the same cover letter for different jobs.

        Start with an intriguing opening along with a powerful closing statement, it leaves an effect on the reader.

        explain how and why you want to join that company and how you can be an asset and optimize their value in the industry.

        If you still have any doubts or reservations about writing a cover letter, Hiration has multiple samples and examples for the same, head over there to find solutions to all your problems.

        Key Takeaways

        • The foremost thing is to format your camp counselor resume template in reverse chronological order to make it ATS friendly.
        • Make sure your camp counselor resume summary/objective is enthralling.
        • List all your previous Experiences in a reverse chronological order, use quantifiable data to help support your expertise.
        • Tailor your skillset in accordance with the job description.
        • Add your education section with relevant coursework.
        • Add other sections like certifications, hobbies, and language skills to enhance your camp counselor resume.
        • Do not hesitate to add a cover letter along with the camp counselor resume sample.

        Now that we are through with the blog, you can always reach out to Hiration’s Resume Building Services to tailor your camp counselor resume samples as per your choice.

        You can also refer to the camp counselor resume sample and examples provided in this blog or redirect to our Blog Section at Hiration for the same.

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