How much do web developers make?

Well, the salaries for web developers differ according to an individual's years of experience, skills, expertise, the existing company policies, regional salary trends, etc.

Hence, the salary packages are different for an entry level web developer, a mid-level web developer, and a senior web developer.

Now, for instance, the average salary for a web developer is $67,684 per year in the United States, while in Russia the average web developer salary is $53,122 per year.

This shows how different countries, states, and organizations maintain their salary packages according to salary trends for their employees.

Read on to get a broader understanding of factors that influence the salary trends of web developers and learn all about interview preparation and how to upskill to land a job that pays the best packages.

This is the right place to get a clear insight into some of the FAQs around web developer salary:

You may be interested or just starting as a web developer or may have already made a solid status in this said field, but with salary packages, one needs to be aware of what one deserves.

The Highest Paying States for Web Development Jobs

As mentioned earlier, salary packages for web developers depend on the location of the company and the salary policies that they adopt and follow.

In any case, do web developers get paid well?

Web developers are in high demand, so it can be rightly said that they get paid well.

Web developer salary is influenced by various factors that require the professionals in this field to possess specific years of work experience and be armed with skills that can help them meet organizational needs.

Having said that, let us look at some of the top-paying states (US) for web development profiles:

State Average Salary
Web Developer Salary Texas $79,308
Web Developer Salary California $80,164
Web Developer Salary Florida $68,473
Web Developer Salary NYC $88,713
Web Developer Salary Utah $75,768
Web Developer Salary Georgia $72,239
Web Developer Salary Michigan $70,577
Web Developer Salary Illinois $70,733
Web Developer Salary Maryland $81,631
Web Developer Salary Arizona $78,977


Keep in mind that there is a constant fluctuation in the web developer's salary, and it is wise to conduct one's own research during job applications to consider all the opportunities.

Top Companies Hiring for Web Development Profiles

Just as an individual's expertise in web development influences one's salary package, the demands of an organization play a significant role in the same way.

Some companies pay higher salaries to web developers as compared to those who pay the bare minimum.

The salary for developers also depends on the profiles as shown below:



As a professional, you need to ensure that you are applying for jobs in places where you are being rightly compensated for the services that you have to offer.

Some of the top companies that hire web developers are given as follows:

Top Companies Average Salary
Apple $1,17,511-$1,59,618 per year
Google $13,260 - $2,04,201 per year
LinkedIn $1,18,587 - $1,93,979 per year
Accenture $43,235 - $1,14,979 per year
IBM $46,973 - $1,52,347 per year

Now, these companies are just a few of those companies that require web developers to meet their business growth by developing their websites, writing efficient codes, creating and enhancing user interfaces, etc.

Once you do your research as per your interest and targeted location, you will come across many more organizations with a high demand for web developers.

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Web Development Career Path

Web development is a rewarding career where you get to choose if you want a full-time job or a freelance web developer job.

There is a lot of room to grow in web development because in this field, you can get to the top position as a senior web developer despite starting as a junior web developer, provided you put in your hard work and dedication.

The freelance web developer salary will differ from that of a full-time web developer. Likewise, the front end web developer salary will differ from the back end web developer salary or full stack web developer salary.

You simply need to opt for a profile that interests you and build your skills and experience accordingly to score the desired web developer salaries.



Types of Web Development Profiles

The three common types of web development profiles are listed below, along with their average web developer salaries:

Web Developer Profile Average Salary
Front End Developer $105,491 per year
Back End Developer $120,500 per year
Full Stack Developer $107,248 per year

There would be a difference between the full-time and freelance web developer salary, just as there would be a difference in the senior web developer salary and the junior web developer salary.

The following are some web developer profiles that one can opt for in this niche and the average salaries you can expect:

Web Developer Profile Average Salary
Mobile Web Developer $87,750 per year
WordPress Developer $70,000 per year
Web Security Developer/Cyber Security $1,08,967 per year

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Educational Requirements for Web Developers

Different companies and web development profiles require the candidate to possess different educational qualifications.

Some web developers are required to possess a high school diploma, while some need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, programming, or a relevant field.

It is also important to earn certification in a wide range of web development specializations or particular tools and programs used in the industry, such as Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development, and AWS Certified Developer.

Skills Required for Web Developers

As a web developer, ensure that you have a good grasp of the latest trending skills that help you deliver the best services as and when required.

Given below is a list of some common skills that recruiters look for in a web developer:

  • Languages: HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Java, C#
  • Framework: React JS, Angular, Django, Ruby, Node JS
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

You need to keep yourself up to date with new tools or languages that you would need to effectively perform the tasks assigned to you such as:

  • Create user-friendly websites
  • Test applications for websites
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Maintain security and functionality standards of websites

How to Increase Your Income as a Web Developer?

Every professional's dream is to climb their career ladder and get compensated accordingly.

With more responsibilities, it is fair for professionals to expect higher salaries.

And it is inevitable for a senior web developer salary to be more than that of a junior web developer salary or entry level web developer salary.

So how do you increase your web developer salary?

Read on to find the answer to that and stay a step ahead of every other professional.

Gain Advanced Skills

To be recognized as a deserving candidate for a higher pay scale, you should be able to design and build user-friendly websites.

A candidate with a higher level of advanced skills can demand a higher salary as compared to someone with basic skills.

For example, a person with advanced HTML and CSS knowledge will have the upper hand in landing a higher web developer salary as compared to someone with only basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

Therefore, keep upgrading your skills and get a hold of all the latest and trending web development skills to have a better chance at earning more. And get certified in relevant web development courses while collaborating on projects with fellow developers on platforms such as GitHub.

Earn Extra by Freelancing

How much do web developers make per hour?

The average salary for a web developer is $27.39 per hour in the United States.

Web development is a booming career, and with the rise in technology, every organization is on the lookout for web developers that can contribute to their higher goals.

The average web developer salary for a freelancer is $29 per hour and can range from $13 - $82 per hour in the US.

So if you are interested in freelancing web developer jobs, you can opt for them and make some extra money.

Your salary would depend on your expertise and deliverables, so research the freelance web developer salary before applying for jobs.

Use Networking to Land Web Development Projects

One significant way to make more money as a web developer is by building your network and landing projects.

If you build a strong network in the web development field, you will have more exposure to opportunities that can help you increase your web developer salary.

Some ideas that can help you land web development projects are:

  • Create your own website
  • Reach out to potential clients
  • Visit freelancing websites
  • Conduct social media marketing
  • Reach out to professionals in the related industry

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Seek Salary Raise When Due

Seeking appraisals is a must for every professional, especially if you have been working for a good amount of time and the raise is due.

Some employers delay appraisals unless employees inquire about it, so it is wise to seek such opportunities when it is time, and requesting a raise in your salary is the right way to go about it.

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Web Developer Job Applications

To apply for a web developer job, you need to ensure that you have what it takes to handle the tasks that come with the profile.

Likewise, as a web developer, you need to ensure that you possess the right skills and experience to land the targeted job.

And to apply for a web developer job, you need to draft a customized resume that meets the status of your profile.

Your web developer resume should contain details that justify your involvement in the web development process.

Highlight points that give the recruiters an insight into your expertise in creating and maintaining websites. List your technical skills if you have used some specific coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and CSS.

Doing so will allow the recruiters to get an insight into your level of expertise as a web developer.

Given below are examples of some common profiles in the process of web developer job growth:

Apart from that, you need to prepare yourself with web developer interview questions to ensure that you make a good impression on the interviewer.


This is a compilation of all the data around web developer salaries and what you ought to do to land a job that compensates you suitably.

  • Always do your research before applying for a job to ensure that you get the right web developer salary.
  • Prepare yourself by upskilling and gaining hands-on experience to land the targeted web developer job.
  • Draft a shortlist-worthy resume that helps you communicate your web development skills to the recruiters.
  • Make the best first impression on interviewers by preparing yourself beforehand for technical rounds, tests, or any assessment rounds.

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