Which place do you prefer for a convivial gathering, outside of your home and place of work? Yes, it is STARBUCKS!

Often referred to as the ‘third place’, Starbucks brings joy and warmth to many. The ‘customer delight’ is directly related to how well Starbucks treats its employees, often called ‘brand ambassadors’.

Starbucks is known for its ‘employee-first’ approach, which encourages people to work there. They are considered partners in the success of the largest coffeehouse chain in the world.

With an average salary of $13.83, it is a popular work destination for part-time and full-time workers.

Do you have an interview call from Starbucks? Read on to learn how you can ace your Starbucks interview!

General Starbucks Interview Questions

Interviews generally begin with generic questions to know more about you. The interviewer could ask questions about your personality, style of work, and motivation behind seeking work at Starbucks.

The commonly asked personal Starbucks interview questions are:

Tell Me About Yourself

This is a quick way to summarize your educational and/or professional background. This is often known as an elevator pitch considering the time you must devote to answering it. The answer needs to be short, professional, and compelling enough for the interviewer.

Sample Answer: I am a second-year Law student at Cornell University. I have worked hard to clear the competitive exams and made it to the scholarship list. I completed two internships in my last year with a law firm. I have also worked as a server at a café to cover personal expenses.

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Why Should We Hire You?

This question judges your motivation behind applying for this role. The answer must include the skills or lessons that you would gain at Starbucks.

Sample Answer: I am a regular at Starbucks and enjoy my time here. It is a ‘customer service expert’ institution in itself and it would elate me to represent Starbucks. I want to leverage the customer service knowledge that I gained during my 2-months part-time internship and challenge myself by working in a fast-paced learning environment.

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What Is Customer Service to You?

This question judges your opinion on one of the core values of Starbucks. The interviewer wishes to know how you would engage with the customers and whether it aligns with their expectations. An ideal candidate would always keep the customer above everything else.

Sample Answer: In my opinion, customer service is not just about taking care of the needs of the customers. It is also about supporting them. During my summer break, I was a server at a nearby café and helped with serving food, collecting dishes, and cleaning them.

I found a file lying on one of the tables while cleaning. I checked the name on the file and matched it with the names of customers that had visited. It was Mrs. Smith’s file that she had forgotten to take back with her.

I called her up and conveyed that I had the file with me. She was really happy and thanked me for the gesture.

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What Part of Our Core Values Do You Resonate With?

This question assesses if you have reserached about the company well. It also judges if the company values align with the candidate’s, thus signaling if you are a great fit.

Sample Answer: I believe in the customer-centric policies and performance-driven values of Starbucks. An inclusive place that gladly receives everyone while delivering the best services is the best place to work for me.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This question judges your clarity about life goals, how well this job fits within those goals, and how can this company prepare you to achieve them. An ideal candidate would answer each aspect of the question.

If you are a student, tell the interviewer about your plans after college. If you are a working professional, tell them about your career goals after 5 years.

Pro Tip: Check out the vacancies at Starbucks in the jobs section and see which job would suit you well according to your current plans.

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Situational Starbucks Interview Questions

Situational questions test behavior and work style. There may not be any right or wrong answers to these questions, but the answers would reveal your competency and behavior.

The common situational Starbucks interview questions are:

How Would You Deal with an Upset Customer?

This question judges how you would engage with customers who are unhappy with a service or a product. You can highlight any relevant instances where you dealt with an angry customer, and how you helped them.

An ideal candidate is an active listener who exhibits empathy. They try to solve problems rather than place blame.

Sample Answer: I would ask the customer to sit down and offer them some water. I would politely ask them to explain the concern and assure them of doing my best to resolve the issue.

How Would You Handle a Customer Who Received the Wrong Order?

This situation is likely to arise at Starbucks, so the employer wishes to understand how you would deal with the situation.

Sample Answer: I would ask the customer for details of the incident- what they requested initially or if they did not like the drink. I would take details of how they would like the new drink and make another drink for them right away.

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What Would You Do If a Customer Became Unhappy after Receiving Their Order but Didn’t Approach an Employee about It?

This could be another situation that comes up when you work at Starbucks. The interviewer wishes to know if you take proactive steps to solve an issue or not.

Sample Answer: If a customer seemed unhappy, I would approach them to ask if the order did not meet their expectations. I would then offer to take another drink order as per their directions to make them happy. I would also ask for their feedback and forward it to the Quality Assurance team.

Strength-based Starbucks Interview Questions

Strength-based questions are asked to understand the candidate’s skills, abilities, and interests. Such questions help in judging whether the candidate would be suitable for the role and the company.

The common strength-based Starbucks interview questions are:

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

An ideal candidate shares his strength as per the role he is applying for. Think of the skills that would be required when you face customers and include them in your answers.

Sample Answer: I believe patience is my biggest strength. I tend to put myself in the other person’s shoes and engage accordingly. When it comes to employees or customers, I am supportive and focused on helping them out in the best way. At times, when the best solutions do not work out, patience helps me to look for other viable options.

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Do You Have Any Weaknesses?

An ideal candidate shares a weakness that is genuine with the corrective steps taken to do better.

Sample Answer: Being a non-native, I find it difficult to speak English fluently. It would demotivate me and I would feel nervous when talking to people. So, I began watching spoken English lectures on YouTube and asked a friend to help me out. This has made me confident.

How Do You Ace the Starbucks Interview?

Starbucks is known for its warm and welcoming culture. It wishes to hire people who believe in these values. If you are a natural fit, you would take the right approach in answering questions and would be shortlisted.

Remember to practice well before your interview to ace the interview!

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Key Takeaways

Starbucks is a great place to work at. Prepare well for the interview to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Starbucks interview questions include questions of generic nature, situational questions, and strength-based questions.
  • Personal Starbucks interview questions are asked to know about the candidate, their motivation, and their style of work.
  • Situational interview questions judge the candidate’s response in unfavorable situations.
  • Strength-based questions are asked to know about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of the job description.

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