Who is a software tester engineer?

A software test engineer plays a vital role in software development and product life cycle.

In plain words, a software tester engineer is a part of an organization's quality assurance team who ensures that the programs or utilities are performing appropriately.

To advance your career in software testing you need to know the core roles and responsibilities that come with the stated profile while simultaneously upgrading your skills in the said field.

In this blog, you will get a clear understanding of the following FAQs around software tester engineer profiles:

Do note that a software tester can jump ship from testing profile to software development profiles with the right set of skills and professional work experience.

You simply need to ensure that you expand your skills and adapt to the development domain.

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Do Software Tester Write Code?

Let us first get a clear understanding of:

What does a software tester engineer do?

A software testing engineer plays a vital role in the software development process.

From designing to testing and ensuring that a software program works as intended it is a priority for every software tester engineer.

Testing in itself does not enhance the quality of the software right away.

It is the job of a tester to identify any issues that are stopping the product to perform according to its full potential.

Having said that, software testers are divided into two categories namely QA tester engineer and software design engineer in test (SDET).

To understand the software testing engineer roles and responsibilities, one has to understand the following job distinction between the two categories:

  • QA Tester Engineer: Testers under this category verify the functionality and completeness of software tests only after the development phase. One may not require coding under this profile as it is not as technical as a developer.
  • Software Design Engineer in Test(SDET): Testers under this category participate in the software development phase and consequently require coding knowledge. The role of an SDET is more challenging as it involves the job of both developer and a tester.

Hence, the requirement for testers to possess coding knowledge depends on the type of roles and responsibilities assigned to them under the relevant profiles.


Skills Required to Become a Software Tester

Every job profile requires a professional to possess a certain set of skills that can be implemented to execute the assigned tasks.

For a software tester engineer, one needs to possess both technical and non-technical skills.

Some software test engineer skills can be acquired through practical work experience over the years, while some can be obtained by pursuing extensive training or certification courses.

The following software test engineer skills are some of the important and common skills that every recruiter looks for in a software tester:

Technical Skills Non-Technical Skills
Oracle Software Testing
MySQL Product Requirement Analysis
Testlink Application Maintenance
Jira Manual/Automation Testing
JavaScript Database Management
C# Report Generation

Always try to keep yourself updated with the latest software test engineer skills that can make you stand out during job applications.

How to Pursue Software Testing Without a Computer Science Degree

How to become a software test engineer?

Having a degree in computer science or any relevant field is always a plus point in your career, but it is not a must-have qualification to land a software test engineer job.

You can pursue your career in software testing without a degree, but you need to ensure that you are armed with the right set of skills and experience in the stated domain.

Let us guide you on how to become a successful software test engineer without a degree.

Strategize Your Career Plan

To begin with, you need to design a plan that meets your interest in the software testing field.

Doing so can guide you move in the right direction and help you meet your goals and objectives.

Take Up Relevant Courses and Certifications

To solidify your professional status as a capable software tester you need to pursue the relevant courses and acquire certifications that can help you polish your testing skills.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Software Testing Certifications in 2021 that can help you land a software testing job without a degree:

  • CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)
  • CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst Certification)
  • International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certification
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
  • Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST)

Build your software tester qualifications by pursuing suitable certifications and courses.

Gain Experience

Gaining experience does not necessarily mean that you need to possess a solid background as a full-time software test engineer.

You can gain experience as a freelancer, an intern, or even as a volunteer by applying for any relatable software testing engineer job profiles.

A professional resume can take you a long way during job applications!

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Finding the Right Job Opportunities as a Software Test Engineer

Looking for the right job opportunity is a must while pursuing your career in the software testing domain.

As a software test engineer, you will need to look out for software tester jobs that allow you to play your part actively in the organization while also paying you handsomely for your contributions.

Most software development companies look for software testers to help them enhance their products by collaborating with software developers and other significant professionals.

While looking for a job opportunity in the stated domain you should also look out for average packages that different organizations provide.

Do keep in mind that salary packages for software test engineers differ according to the policies of different organizations, geographical areas, professional experience, skills, etc.

According to Glassdoor, a software test engineer makes an average salary of US$80,437 per year in New York, NY.

How to Prepare for a Software Testing Interview

An interview can either break you or help you land the targeted job profile!

Hence it is always a smart move to prepare beforehand to ensure that you are able to communicate your potential to the potential employer.

An interviewer is always on the lookout for the most capable candidate to fill the vacant job and will tend to ask questions that give an insight into the potential of the applicants.

Therefore you should always have a clear mind and be prepared to answer any question directed towards the targeted software test engineer job profile.

Communicate your expertise in the field by giving clear answers that are easy to understand and comprehend by the interviewer.

Some of the common interview questions that can be expected during an interview for a software test engineer job are listed below:

  • What Is the Importance of Testing in Software Development?
  • What Are the Different Types of Software Testing?
  • What Is Software Testing Life Cycle?
  • What Is Functional/Non-functional Testing?

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Key Takeaways

  • Arm yourself with the suitable and latest trending skills that can help you run successful software tests.
  • Obtain suitable certifications and pursue software test engineer training courses.
  • Conduct extensive research and look out for jobs that would allow you to exhibit your full potential as a software test engineer.
  • Be prepared beforehand to ace interviews for different types of jobs for software tester engineers.

Our career guides and professional resume experts are here to assist you through job applications.

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