No matter how good the contents of your resume are if your resume lacks a professional and organized format, the chances of the recruiters reading it is quite less.

And since 75% of recruiters use the Application Tracking System (ATS) to select the most qualified resumes, your resume template must be ATS-friendly and rank high in the ATS for it to get shortlisted.

Additionally, studies show that 55% of first impressions are made through visuals.

Therefore the importance of selecting a suitable template for your resume.

But, what makes a good resume template after all?

Read on to get insight into resume templates and get clarity on the following related FAQs:

You can directly go to our famed resume builder for trying out all these templates, and more! We provide a multitude of different designs which you can additionally customize as per your own requirements. Who knew making a resume was fun?

Additionally, our resume builder allows you to download resume templates into pdf - which means that the design aspect is taken care of so you can focus exclusively on the content.

Single-column & Double-column Resume Templates

Broadly speaking, a resume template can be either

  • Single-column: A standard resume template that can cater to diverse professionals, this resume template includes all your sections arranged in a single-column format. For people with extensive professional experience, this resume template can suffice since it allows greater space.

  • Double-column: For entry-level professionals or resumes for internships, you’d be better suited with a double-column resume. This resume template becomes even more relevant when the professional experience is minimal but there are additional sections pertaining to Extracurricular activities, Internships, Training, Languages, etc.

Let's take it a step further and discuss the various kinds of resume templates.

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Types of Resume Templates

The following can be the different kinds of resume templates as per the industry norms prevalent in 2020.

Simple Resume Templates

These simple resume templates come with a compact design and even the most traditional ATS can parse them.

These templates employ very few colors (mostly grayscale) and are suitable for jobs across wildly divergent industries, from internship vacancies to the government sector.

The best part is that they're completely free on our Resume Builder! Check it out!

Simple Black Resume Template

The Simple Black Template is a part of Simple Resume Templates and uses only shades of gray across the entire template.


It's ideal for professionals who are looking for a no-nonsense resume with minimal formatting, icons, or images.

Free Resume Templates

This resume template is specifically designed for people who want an ATS-optimized, high-quality resume but cannot afford to pay for the same.

It's ideal for students who can use this template to create a job-winning resume! It'll only take a few minutes and you're done! Check it out here.

Royal Blue


  • Free: You can create your resume on this template for free and have the option of downloading it an unlimited number of times.

  • Structure: The sections in this template are available in a single-column format for you to edit. The sections are - Professional Summary, Key Skills, Professional Experience, Education, Internships, and Miscellaneous

  • Design: This resume template employs a 3-color scheme with a professional shade of blue for the main header and sectional headings. It uses white color in the Resume header and gray for the descriptive text of the document.

  • Typography: Open Sans with just the right amount of white spaces to make even content-heavy resumes easy to read.

Basic Resume Templates

It's easy to scan for all the information on a basic resume template. They are ATS-friendly and are designed in a way that emphasizes content over anything else.

The only difference between basic resume templates & simple resume templates is that the former uses a few colors to highlight important keywords and headings.

It's more suited to modern industries and can be used by students & entry-level professionals who are trying to figure out a way to highlight their achievements.

Additionally, this template provides an option to use both single-column and double-column formats.

Global Citizen Red


Its key features are:

  • Premium: The Global Citizen Red Resume Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.

  • Structure: With a resume-wide header containing the name, job title, and contact details, the left column of this double-column resume occupies one-third of the width. This allows a user to highlight multiple aspects of the resume in addition to professional experience. You can use this template if you want to showcase numerous key things across multiple domains.

  • Design: Both the primary color and background color for this resume template is red, which is also used in the resume body to highlight headings and sub-headings. Additionally, headings have been underlined to make the beginning of each section more prominent to the reader.

  • Typography: Open Sans and high-line spacing make the text easy to read.

You can find the Global Citizen Red Basic Resume Template here and get started with making your resume within seconds!

Global Citizen Green


The features are:

  • Premium: The Global Citizen Green Resume Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.

  • Structure: The structure is similar to the Global Citizen Red template, with the exception of the primary color, which is green in this case.

  • Design: The background and primary color of this resume template use green, along with the resume body for highlighting headings & sub-headings. The underlined headings make the section beginnings more prominent.

  • Typography: Open Sans along with high line spacing has been employed to make the text easy to read.

You can find this template on our resume builder here.

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Modern Resume Templates

Modern Resume Templates have been designed for today's professionals who excel in up-and-coming industries and need to pay equal attention to both design & content.

Professionals across domains like Software Development, Analytics, digital marketing, product/project management, etc. can use our modern resume templates to completely revamp their resumes.

These templates will highly increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Modern templates work best for both ATS and human recruiters alike.

Some of the most popular modern resume templates on our online resume builder are:

California Design

The California resume template is one of our best sellers in the Modern Resume Templates pack.

It employs a gradient scheme between orange and pink colors to give your resume the modern look it deserves. Moreover, you have the option to change the primary and secondary colors as per your preferences.


The California resume template has an image and gradient backgrounds and borders to give your resume a clean and modern look.

Check out this template on our resume builder to revamp your resume within minutes!

Diamond Timeline

The Diamond Timeline resume template showcases the resume in the form of a timeline with diamond-shaped milestones. Revamp your resume right now!


Check out this template on our resume builder to access it within minutes!

Boxed Navy

The Boxed Navy Resume template utilizes boxes to separate the sections on your resume. There's also a provision for incorporating an image to your resume to add a touch of that modern look.


Check out this resume template on our resume builder to get done with your resume before you can even blink!

Modern Teal

This resume template provides a very modern look to your resume by employing a blend of colors such as teal and shades of grey. It is a two-column template with a special bar highlighting the professional title in the resume.


Check out this resume template on our resume builder to revamp your resume now!

Signature Timeline

The signature timeline resume template depicts your entire resume with a visual timeline. Moreover, it has icons and images which give a modern yet professional look to your resume.


Check out this resume template on our resume builder to add a touch of madness to your resume!

Round Timeline

This resume template depicts a timeline with your actual accomplishments as various milestones on the timeline. It is certainly a novel way to get noticed and presents a clear professional picture to recruiters and hiring managers in a visual manner.


Check out this resume template on our resume builder now!

Professional Resume Templates

Our Professional Resume Templates have been designed with a focus to bring out your achievements in front of the recruiter.

Iconography and other design elements have been used in a very minimalistic manner, whereas the colors are restricted to 2 in order to add a more professional look.

The best thing about these Professional Resume Templates is that they are suitable for all professionals across all industries, as they are designed on the basis of industry standards used over the years.

Hiration pro tip:
Since recruiters are quite familiar with these templates and even the Applicant Tracking Systems are able to parse through resumes prepared using these templates, it makes them ideal templates options.

Some of our popular Professional Resume Templates are:

Traditional Blue

A single-column resume template and a best seller in the Professional Resume Templates pack, this template is suitable for mid-senior level professionals with a lot of information in their resumes.

While the primary color of the template is blue, you can go ahead and customize the same by choosing primary/secondary colors of your choice.


Key features of this template are:

  • Premium Template: The Traditional Blue template is one of the highest-rated templates on Hiration's Resume Builder. This template is highly ATS compliant and also receives an amazing response from human recruiters. No wonder it's one of our best sellers!

  • Structure: This resume template has been created for professionals who have a lot to present in terms of their experience and achievements. Hence, it is a single-column template that can carry a lot of text and information.

    This template is ideal for mid-senior level executives who need that extra bit of professionalism in their resume, without compromising the look and feel of modern resume templates.

  • Design: As the name suggests, the template plays on very professional and sober shades of blue, with different versions being used to highlight various aspects such as headings, names, designations, titles, etc. A darker shade of gray has been used for the descriptive text of the document.

  • Typography: Since this template is for professionals with a lot of valuable content to write, the use of white spacing has been done very cleverly to give a spacious feel to the resume.

The great thing is that you'll be able to write all your content in the resume, without cramping it! The text/line spacing option allows you to uniformly increase or decrease the margins across the entire document. Formatting a resume will be a breeze!

You can check out this template on our resume builder here.

Traditional Maroon

Ideal for professionals in traditional industries at mid-senior levels, it's a single-column template that has consistently delivered stupendous results for its users.


Similar to Traditional Blue with the exception of the primary color, the key features of this template are:

  • Premium: An analog of the traditional blue template, with the primary color being maroon. This template performs extremely well with all Applicant Tracking Systems and is a Hiration Best Seller!

  • Structure: A single-column template, this has solid maroon lines as separators for different sections and is able to carry a lot of text. This resume template will present your resume as a highly professional document in front of the recruiters.
    Senior professionals from traditional industries like Sales, Marketing, and Operations can use this template to really bring out their achievements.

  • Design: This resume template primarily uses maroon and lighter shades to provide a highly professional resume. A darker shade of gray has been used for the descriptive text of the document.

  • Typography: The typography has been set to include ample white space in the resume to facilitate readability for the recruiter. The headings specifically become the highlight of this resume and help you to convey specific messages to the recruiters.
    The font of choice is Open Sans, but you have the option to only change the font and primary color, but also uniformly increase/decrease the margin across the document.

Check out this resume template here!

Uniform Brown

This resume template is a double-column template with uniform width. It is appropriate for fresh graduates or early-mid-level professionals who want to highlight their overall achievements in addition to their professional experience.


Key features of this template are:

  • Premium: The Uniform Brown Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.

  • Structure: This resume template is a 2-column template with each column occupying equal width in the document. Consequently, it's highly suitable for early to mid-level professionals who have as much experience to show for in their jobs as they have in other aspects of their life.
    Each column can accommodate a lot of information- Professional Experience, Internships, Education, Key Skills, Summary, etc.

  • Design: The Brown color and the dotted borders and separator are the highlights of this resume. This gives the resume a very contemporary feel while keeping the document highly professional.

  • Typography: Everything in this template, ranging from the header to the summary and the resume body itself, has a uniform spacing and look. Icons have been used in various places to highlight dates and contact information.

Check it out if you wish to use this template for your own resume!

Professional Blue

A 2-column resume template with complementary colors in each column will go a long way if you want to impress the recruiter by sending a digital copy. And as with all of our templates, this is also ATS compliant.


Key features of this template are:

  • Premium: The Professional Blue Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.

  • Structure: This resume template is a 2-column template, with one column occupying roughly one-third of the resume width on the left and the other occupying two-thirds. The left column highlights the smaller resume sections such as key skills, summary, small projects, and additional information.
    This provides an opportunity to highlight multiple things apart from your professional experience. This resume template should be used by anyone who wants to exhibit multiple facets of their career on their resume.

  • Design: The left column of this resume template is a darker shade of blue with the overlaying text in white. The exact complementary arrangement has been used in the right column. Dashed separators have been used in time-dependent sections (Education, Professional Experience, etc.) to separate sub-sections.

  • Typography: Open Sans has been used along with uniform line spacing to provide a highly professional look to the document.\

To build your resume using this template, check it out!

Material Color

This single-column template uses the blue from Google's Material color theme. It has a signature section in the resume header which you can sign with your initials! The template also has ample white spaces to ensure easy readability.


Key features of this template are:

  • Premium: The Material Color Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.

  • Structure: A single-column resume template with a ton of contemporary features to provide a professional as well as a modern look, it also carries a resume signature in the header, which you can use to sign the resume with your initials.
    The intersection spacing is a bit high to enhance the readability of the document. Bars in the resume header and footer give it a signature look, and the focus on headings is sure to get you noticed!
    This resume template is for somebody who is struggling to find content in their resume - a fresh graduate, an entry-level professional, an experienced professional entering a new industry, etc.

  • Design: A contemporary blue from Google's Material template is used for the resume headings. The sub-headings in the dated resume sections are arranged in two lines with the company and dates in the first line and the designation and location in the second line. This professional template is aesthetically pleasing and is ATS compliant.

  • Typography: Open Sans along with high line spacing has been employed to make the text easy to read.

Check it out if you want your resume in this template!

Professional Black
This 2-column Professional black template allows you to deliver a stellar resume. It's ideal for professionals who want to balance their professional experience with complementary information without cluttering their resume too much.


Key features of this template are:

  • Premium: The Professional Black Template is one of our oldest and most trusted templates. It is a premium template on our Resume Builder - check it out and you'll find out why!

  • Structure: This 2-column resume template allows you to highlight multiple aspects of your resume. The dated sections such as Professional Experience and Education are present on the right and are wider. The miscellaneous sections along with the Summary and Key Skills sections are in the smaller, left column which helps you highlight multiple aspects of your resume at the same time.

  • Design: This resume design comprises various shades of gray including black and white to clearly highlight different parts of your resume. Moreover, the use of dashed borders has been done to highlight intra-section separation

  • Typography: Only a single font, i.e. Open Sans has been used in the resume with just the right amount of white spaces to make even content-heavy resumes easy to read.

Check it out here! You won't regret it!

Creative Resume Templates

The Creative Resume Templates pack is a set of amazing resume templates that you can use to jazz up your resume. They carry a variety of graphical and other novel elements to make your resume stand out from the competition.

Our team has conducted in-depth research to incorporate timelines, icons, and colors into these templates to ensure that any recruiter looking at a resume in one of these templates, is sure to continue reading it.

Some of our popular Creative Resume Templates are:

Gradient Green

This template employs a gradient color scheme to help you deliver an outstanding resume. Every recruiter will read your resume if this is in their inbox. Get ready to receive a lot of interview calls!


Trendy Design

This resume template, loaded with all modern design elements such as icons, vibrant colors, and section borders, is sure to get you noticed by Hiring Managers and recruiters.


The Trendy Design Resume Template employs various design aspects such as the intensive use of Icons and colors to deliver the resume that will make you stand out from the rest.

New York

Just like New York, this resume template has everything - your image, icons, boxes to separate sections, and a highly professional color theme.


The New York Resume Template is a single-column template that makes use of boxes to separate sections. It is the perfect combination of creativity and professionalism.

Want to see your name on this template? Check it out here!

Orange Twist

This resume template might come in handy if you're applying to a position that requires you to differentiate from the crowd. This uses a bold color with prominent design elements to make sure that you stand out from the competition.


The Orange Twist resume template from the Creative Resume Templates pack uses a bright color along with other unique design elements.

Build your resume using this template!

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Key Takeaways

Can’t figure out which one would be the best resume template for someone with your professional experience?

Don't worry! Hiration's Resume Builder allows you to try out multiple designs while retaining the content in its entirety. Why wrack your brains to zero in on one template when can try out all our designs and see the final outcome for yourself?

Do remember to go through the industry requirements and specific clauses around your target profile (you'll find them in the relevant Job Description) before zeroing in on a resume template.

Still have more doubts about resume templates or resume writing? Give us a shout-out in the comments and our Resume Experts will come to your aid within 24 hours!

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